VLOG: Crete Greece baecation Vlog #2 | can't believe my husband came all the way for this | Bwwm

VLOG: Crete Greece baecation Vlog #2 | can't believe my husband came all the way for this  | Bwwm

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foreign [Music] it's looking good [Music] Mr lava lover s I chose one I chose it [Music] I don't know so tell me Miss Joyce here you can't see your head he's pretty pretty good so what do you like about this um holiday it's the weather which weather it's cloudy well it's still a beautiful weather and what about what do you think about the food I enjoyed it um the company I agree what do you think about the noisy neighbors it's like 20 people in one small room I think they have two families in there and like as noisy as jokes here I'm joking when they're together you see like this is when I need my earphones as old enjoys in his lunch foreign hey guys good morning it is our first morning in Greece and yeah right now we do not really have anything planned but we're planning to go out and go to one of these tourist tourist places where you can book treats and events or stuff to do and we'll get brochures and see where we want to go to or what we want to do we don't have anything planned to do today I think we're just going to let today be arresting days and also Andy is watching football today imagine we came on a vacation to watch football it says Manchester United is playing whatever so yeah that's all we're doing today so I'm just waiting to get showered we'll walk around the city center or whatever ice treats I don't know if it's called the ice streets but it's really easy let me show you my view this morning so beautiful so blue so clean this is you can see the mountains on my side you guys this restaurant is paid off until like people went here it seem to about foreign okay let me go get ready to head out hey guys good evening it is 8 56 p.m and I just woke up from sleep so tired I slept really late last night because I was trying to edit my um iPhone unboxing for Ambassador and we actually already agreed not to do anything today and start everything we need to do tomorrow so it's fine so right now we are going out for dinner earlier we went out because I only wanted to watch is watch Manchester Manchester United players who went out and after that we came back because I was tired I was literally almost sleeping at the pub so we had to come back or probably restaurant it was a restaurant yeah so we had to come back come back home so I could get a few stops I really wanted to sleep for one hour but unfortunately I slept for longer I was supposed to go get my portrait done today but I'm not sure I'll be able to so maybe tomorrow because it's quite late now so yeah but now we're going to we're about to step out to go look forward to have dinner and yeah I just thought to keep you guys updated with what's been happening on our first day in Greece crits so Crete is a Greek Island yeah we'll see you much later and I'll let you guys know if there's anything or if anything goes on if anything happens okay all right guys see you later [Music] strong [Music] you know on the last pages you find also some mocktails thank you okay thank you virgin pina colada okay we're good how can I get a alcohol-free beer yes please yes please sir thank you do you know the food as well yes please okay excellent starters number 25 here so the number 25 the Black Angus beef yeah so we're having that between us sorry we're having this one between us want to share no problem yeah and for main course and we have she loves that one please so the pork Tomahawk this place and can I have this one please oh she liked your cycling culture um made in place medium would you like to have a social on the side peppercorn barbecue yeah okay so we have a virgin pina colada and an alcohol-free beer where the Black Angus beef uh as a starter between you then the tomahawk for the lady and the suckling golf how we spoke with yep can you make it this spot it is do you add paper in this do you make it look we Greeks we don't eat spicy food I can bring you some sauce on the side and you can add it by yourself because the Greek cuisine is not based on spices all right you know perfect thank you no problem but this is salt and salt and pepper hi baby hey my love see I told you I love you I fell for you earlier [Laughter] [Music] you know I'm really paid for that whole thing thank you thank you [Music] thank you this is for you I brought you here some spiciness this is a chili flakes with some olive oil so you cannot buy yourself to make it more spicy it's very nice traditional calorics enjoy it thank you [Music] beginning to seem like every restaurant and creates his face even in the UK when I go to restaurants sometimes I don't even when we're renting Vanessa place I didn't like the food but here every food we've had I just said okay I'm not sure I said let me just try and come back I really like this and you love as well or not [Music] the Moment of Truth your approach thank you oh this is large hey it's right right I won't be able to see this I won't be able to finish this oh my God the mission will help also of course of course enjoy your meal thank you thank you don't forget what you are you are in the land of God so now imagine you're sitting on the olive you know Jewish and here you know you might be filming you what do you mind me putting the camera on you I don't mind okay so imagine how much you are in their limp and you have a face Zeus and header with the 12 gods around you have this small portion of food small Portugues so enough talking enjoy your milk thank you guys so what are we doing today what woman um well today we don't really know what we're doing yeah we are supposed to book um like a tall package thing we'll probably get that done today and see what we can do if not it means it'll be tomorrow because most times this tour things are usually early in the morning that's when they go there's nothing really and yo I didn't end the Vlog yesterday man that food yesterday was was the eats it was really nice really really nice we enjoyed it yeah I just thought to come here and say good morning there's nothing and I'm wearing these glasses from Longchamp baby long show no it is it's not long shot it's not long jump French long shot okay whatever but it's champ it's not Sean s-h-c-h-a-m-p -shong in French long shot long shot let me go there let's do your outfits of the day please now so baby what are you wearing I'm wearing um Marco Polo baby it's Adidas by Gucci bye this is Adidas by uh the glasses uh Hugo Boss okay I'm very dirty and the shoes are handmade from a special um person in Nigeria known as Isaac and the socks are from George Asda and the smile is from me no the smile is from me no it's with me I make you smile like I'm falling for you I make you smile like that you do every time you say something about that baby you know that's an English Champions English that's a French word baby it's a French designer you don't say channel it's Chanel conquer you know where's this Pride from baby leave my bride alone from Primark oh my God sorry do I have my headphones you have yours you guys so we are about to book four um and then from iraqia we take the fast ferry boat which takes two hours and when you arrive to Santorini then start our tour with the bus and with the guide because somebody needs high so first they go to oh yeah the white Village so it's this place famous with the white and blue yeah we have a tour guide and about one hour free time and then we go to theater the capital of the island and again here we have a tour guide and then we have about two trucks and after that again we go to the port for the 30 and we are coming back so you actually get like two and a half hours yes but all together were six hours of the island Santorini but you have also four guides and then the three types yeah so there's time to take pictures of course yes it's 6 30. um yes but I will toggle with 36 25 or 6 35 this is to say this up and down so the nice places you go this direction right yes but here before I guess if allows you need to turn like for the old old roads so they are nice places then you have also like malias you can go you can go to agyapalagiha it's also very nice place so that's like from this part the nice places and then you think of also the mojos to the mountain last City that's nice place foreign yesterday night we saw two black girls and now we saw we've seen one black guy and that's a black lady there I'm so happy I don't like being the only black person in a place oh baby oh yeah sorry hello if we want to go to the big side is it together with this restaurant yeah ah there's another black man there searching for my people sorry maybe you should see another song take some song you don't want to get tanned foreign [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys tell my neighbor Hood breakfast the beach area that people could sit on to about the same size as enjoying a backyard Malia it's not too far away I'll be 13 14 miles away um I've been there before this is nice really nice Village or small town beautiful restaurants is [Music] maybe value it was slightly different it's a bigger result so I think we'll be able to see a bit of Life there so if it is we may even stay out of it later vlogging Champion for today [Music] falling down yeah the sky is falling down [Music]

2022-11-14 06:23

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