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Visit the city’s attractions

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Coming out of the Ceramics and Glaze Museum It only takes about 30 minutes on foot. Just arrived at Haidai Tower It is actually a citizen park Can we see Xiaohe showing her tip? The sharp corners have emerged He is more like a check-in place The video shooting area? Then many internet celebrities came to check in Haidai Tower and the ancient city of Zhoucun Are they all in the city? Then get relatively close It's only half an hour's walk downstairs, right? Come out of the ceramics and glaze shop I went there on foot I looked at the time Only about 30 minutes Zhoucun Ancient Town takes a little longer Just take a taxi The taxi ride takes about 20 minutes and then from that If you go to Haidai Tower Then let’s talk about kelp building first Haidailou is one When I got there, it especially reminded me of a man named It feels like the Cultural Palace in the past As soon as I saw the most beautiful academy written about it There is a bookstore like this below In fact, it’s like an internet celebrity checking in a place There's coffee on it There is such a place for leisure It’s like if we were at home Built a special A lot of these have been built in the past few years. This kind of antique building This is the kind of ancient city Then I saw something I saw those ones again that look like wishing walls Posted a lot like wishes between lovers Like that kind of concentric knot Speaking of which I I have a personal experience that I want to share with you. I just went there again some time ago Xitang (tourist attraction) There is also a large wishing wall in Xitang Scenic Area.

For example, between lovers Write some blessing words to each other and so on Then many people left messages on it. Then I went to uh this time Since the last time I went It's been ten years 10 years ago I followed This girlfriend at that time Then I also wrote I will look for (the handwriting from back then) when I go back this time. Result It's your signature on this The date left? Don’t we all have time? The dates left are all It was two months before I went there this time. time And that wall behind that? You saw that the wall was painted a special white Just look at it, it's freshly painted Only then did I understand It's in this kind of attraction The so-called wishing wall It’s all a tourist attraction gimmick You don’t have to say what happened ten years ago or one year ago Just half a year ago None, it’s just that you’ve written it all Others just paint the walls white This um So as soon as I arrived at this Kelp Building Saw a lot of people taking photos and checking in There are many people who write this kind of thing I just want to It's in a scenic spot like this in China Or this I won’t write anymore I just watch other people take pictures I think this is quite joyful Just treat it like this Just treat it as a small attraction.

That's it in It's very similar to other small businesses. Because there’s not much space Then let me ask him Only straight stairs Can go straight up and down Well, there is no such escalator Because the space is small Below are the citizens who mainly take photos and check in. Tourists passing by Just for them to take pictures Someone is selling souvenirs That's it There is a cafe upstairs Then what about climbing higher? Can I take photos when I climb high? That's it The people around here are quite happy. In fact, it is mainly a It’s equivalent to matching A cultural park built for this kind of city All around I saw this kind of newly built commercial housing all around. Then these owners can work You can go for a walk outside after get off work Just strolling around And then it’s especially like the Children’s Palace I saw people crawling around inside.

Those young children And this is what parents hold Come hang out with the baby in your arms Check in, especially what you said about this Children’s Palace Many of my younger friends don’t know Maybe you haven't heard of it Just at my age Is this statement more than 20 years ago? The Children’s Palace at that time evolved later Evolved to Xinhua Bookstore Later, just like when we were in the north, Rarely heard of again That is to say, maybe go to every city I saw that there is such a thing as a children’s palace. I said it might be iterated now. It’s also turned into that kind of science and technology museum. later Most of the Xinhua Bookstores in these counties It will become like this Presented to the outside world So when I see this, He wrote about the most beautiful bookstore As soon as I entered, I felt like I was in a trance. It's like reaching the Internet It was our Children's Palace at that time.

Ah, the kids can go and play. entertainment one Let's go. The kid's mother said this is all we have. Can't you go, kid? Next I went to Zhousun Ancient City I've never heard of this before This ancient city in Zibo Well, actually after that To be honest, I'm not disgusted Because there are too many new cities like this The old city is also good These are all antique buildings man-made so-called ancient city Basically, after you go there You will find that those are all old-fashioned Are the bricks or the ones on the inside? That is to say, private housing.

All are old-fashioned I actually arrived at the ancient city of Zhoucun After going in and walking around How does it make me feel What you saw is also quite new. It's hard for you to believe that he is also a That is to say, there is a certain historical connection source of such a place I didn’t pay too much attention to this. I'm just talking about the layout of this street. Have you actually stepped into this place? First impression on you But you are not disgusted He doesn't seem special How to sell pancakes 10 yuan a pack If you don't want to eat, let's eat a bunch of them for the three of us.

With small strawberries The kind with many Commercialization of the ancient city It's a special kind of business The feeling of an ancient city All kinds of messy things Vendors from all over the place That kind of commercial atmosphere is very strong First of all, it's not big either. His place is really not big You look like me when you walk around The eight games in my first period Just like that feeling It’s not even a few hundred meters long And the commercial atmosphere is not particularly strong either. Just when we got here, there was one You can see this local feature For example, this Zhoucun Shaobing I went here specifically to record a section uh he has a little statue This place is like a small exhibition hall After entering You find a particularly big one down there a glass can be seen It's what you see from top to bottom That is to say, their employees are making it here The whole process of making sesame cakes The process is clearly demonstrated After he came down, he can be sold directly to external parties Then you see them processing the whole thing The whole process of making Then I ended up watching a show out of nowhere It's still a free show Very funny After coming in I didn't pay attention at first There's a big speaker Just say there is a theatrical performance. It's about to start I saw a lot of people going in and going in. Then I said let me go in too There happens to be one Then I told the buddy next to me I just sat down The result really is that it’s not like that. It doesn’t matter what kind of health products it is.

Or something like that that specializes in sales? Not really It may be the local kind Do this kind of cultural performance? They have this kind of folk dance It's quite interesting vivid Ten minutes or so But what is the last link? I just went to a lot of scenic spots. Especially with a free show like this Just one master Maybe he also has a name and a surname Do they have a special introduction to this kind of brush calligraphy? then this like at home There are famous artists who especially understand this kind of calligraphy and painting. How much does it cost per square foot? But say he Maybe it’s because it feels like doing crafts It's just a polishing fee Just one, one, two hundred yuan a piece As a result, after the master finished writing, As I write, the crowd starts to disperse.

Start to disperse and start walking out Later they closed the two doors As a result, people pushed open a small door from another one. Go out and out Later, after collecting the retouching fee, Let me tell you if there is such a thing as raising your hands I saw he was gone Hahaha, very embarrassing this matter Actually, I can understand this very well. For example, you You are originally a charity worker There is no other income in it Then for example, there are dancers There is a host They all need funds inside, right? Maybe everyone (tourists) wants to have fun with this kind of thing Happy thoughts I didn’t say I was running over here. Buy the works of a famous calligraphy and painting artist and consume them I, I, I am in many cities like this Or such attractions in many areas Have all encountered this scenario For example, I went to the Songshan Shaolin Temple before. It is also the last master to write After I started writing calligraphy, this (the tourists have finished walking)...

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