Vietnam Keeps Surprising Us First Day in Da Lat

Vietnam Keeps Surprising Us  First Day in Da Lat

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Come on Come on B go ahead don't know what numbers we are  seven and eight or something seven and eight yeah okay 78 yeah good morning from nran uh we are just on our way  to d right now and uh check this beautiful bus out   we actually booked one of the VIP buses we didn't  really know what to expect and it's a perfect   setup look Luke even fits into the seat he even  has a little bit of wiggle room in the front I   have room that's crazy not used to that at all and  uh yeah apparently you do have um sort of power   plug in down here and you get water and uh AC and  everything is really comfortable in here so we're   super super happy and very stoked to be going to  delat because tomorrow actually is going to be my   birthday so we booked a really nice hotel and uh  we're obviously going to show you all of the ins   and outs of uh where we are going to be staying  in delot and what the journey is like and so on so this bus here has decent amount of space 1 2  3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 around maybe 12 people can fit   inside of here and uh yeah last glimpses now of  n Trang uh we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here   it was fantastic actually it was uh to be honest  I think it's very underrated uh I never really   heard much about this part of Vietnam until we  came here uh we literally just randomly picked   it off of Google Maps and decided to come down  for some good weather and well we would happily   stay here for a month or two if we had the chance  to um we were very happy with the apartment that   we had very happy with how this whole area is  and the weather is amazing people are amazing   and there's plenty of incredible food to be had  pretty much on every street of this area so big   big thumbs up for n TR and now we're going  to give you guys obviously first impressions   of dalat which is a pretty well-known touristy  place but not for us it's brand new for us and   uh we think we have a bit of a windy journey  in front of us they actually told us we need   to bring nausea medication which we do not have  all right guys the elevation is slowly starting   to increase as you might be able to see um the  streets are sort of carved in between um The   Hills here in the area and uh also the streets  are slowly starting to get a little more windy   which I find very very cool um to see and uh yeah  all of the area is starting to look a little more   sort of greenish because obviously down in Yan  where we came from uh it's a little bit more dry   and hot and like more of the ocean type of weather  of course because that's our it is since at the   ocean and um we're slowly starting to increase in  elevation and things are starting to look a little   bit Greener which is really really cool to see and  uh my God so excited I'm really looking forward to the wow guys so we have a little bit of a pit stop  for around 10 minutes or a toilet toilet break   and I don't think there's any more of a  perfect setting for that break I'm just   currently stretching my legs and uh taking in  this absolutely gorgeous view now I have no   idea what this particular river is but it looks  very very very beautiful and uh the water is   actually quite low at the moment because of how  dry the weather is here beautiful green rolling   uh Hills over there too and this whole area seems  to be uh a restaurant of some sort so very nice   but uh we're about 90 km now away from dallat and  we're very excited to check it out we're going to   be arriving relatively early on in the day it's  only a 3-hour drive between that Trang to the   lat so we will be arriving quite early on so we  have plenty of time to explore the lat and then   we're going to be there for 3 days so yeah new  place this is always the stuff that we enjoy the most oh you guys the views are getting vaster  and vaster as we continue further up um it's   always so interesting because you sort of have  uh Greenery on both sides of the street like   this and then every now and then it sort of  just breaks up and uh get a nice view and   it's like oh my God you don't even know that  you have been so high up this entire time uh   but really cool yeah I really enjoy this ride  even though I don't know if you can hear that   the driver keeps honking at the people but  the honk the horn is not like it's more like a we're now at the part of our journey where we  are basically basically in the clouds we're so   high up an elevation that uh cloud is just there  basically just there and uh yeah there's uh not   100 m of straight road it's just left right  left right left right and also sometimes you   have uh like here um all the way down on the left  side and then like 2 minutes later you have it on   the right side so it's very interesting how  we sort of swap positions but yeah it's very   windy and as you can see the locals are using uh  motorcycles to get around this area because I do   believe it's probably relatively difficult to get  around if you're living at this high altitude and   it still seems like we are going higher guys  I think we're finally high enough that we're   actually in the clouds right now which is crazy to  say Tea Point wow there's a lot of tea plantations   actually all surrounding this area so I'm sure you  can get some pretty incredible tea with an amazing view well well well so 3-hour Drive later dropped  off to our hotel which actually looks like a very   nice nice hotel very excited welcome to theat in  uh the central South Central Highlands of Vietnam   brand new place Let's Go and show you guys our  accommodation legs are stiffer than ever yeah   let's go and check it out I feel like I have no  legs at all so we're checked in being brought   to our room now check out this fully golden uh  elevator very very cool here's Vincent Vincent oh Vincent shoes on come on take the shoes off of course wow it's very nice yeah beautiful I'm  so excited you guys you cannot imagine wow   check out this beautiful bed and the  back wall I'm in complete a here wow   really nice thank you so much for  your come on byebye I want to open this hello the lot welcome to the lot wow that's  so cool beautiful balcony what a nice place we   never really stay in places this nice but because  it's Naomi spy we figured we would Splash out a   little bit and it's not even really like crazy  expensive it's uh reasonable if you think about   like hotels in general um I think the nightly cost  for this is coming into just under like 50 Euro so   like 47 48 per night just for three nights so  it's going to be a luxury luxury three nights   for the first time in a long time yeah it's so  beautiful though and I'm so happy because I'm   going to hit the big 33 tomorrow so by the time  the video goes live I'm already 33 and uh that's   a crazy thought to have but let's have a look at  the bathroom wow everything is so fency mans fym   I'm really scared to touch things wow our shower  oh I can I can see you oh you can close the okay   uh the the shower is golden you have a gold  shower all of the accessories are like golden   all of the metal things so fancy really cute I  love it here wow and the whole reason is really   why we came to the lot why we decided to go to  the lot is um because all of the produce are architecture here is totally different so the  buildings the way that this place is constructed   very very different to everything that we've seen  so far right now we're kind of just wandering in   the back alleys of the lot and the way that this  is built is basically seems to be wow wow look   at that that's really cool uh everywhere I look  actually I want to take pictures that's another   thing but the way that this is built it seems  to be like a town situated in the middle of   hills and mountains and you have unbelievably  fresh air like I really do feel like I can take   a nice big deep breath and it feels fantastic  so that's something that we definitely uh we   were missing while we were in Hanoi that's for  sure uh we found it when we were in niat Trang   and now I think it's a whole different level of  fresh air and the climate as well it has gotten   just slightly less hot it is still beautiful  and sunny and uh the people here already seem   to be very nice and very very uh welcoming  too and this place has come highly highly   recommended to us and that's one of the biggest  reasons why we came here in the first place very   interesting actually to walk around this area  because Google Maps sort of just tells you to   walk down this these tiny Alleyways and it's  like it looks like you need to go left but you   don't actually need to go left so and uh I don't  know it's a little bit conf confusing because um   you have like so many sort of back roads and  back alleys that are connecting each other and   if you're a pedestrian it's obviously faster to  go this way than it would be to go that way so   yeah uh that's what we did got lost immediately  a lady said no no go this way but she helped us   which was really helpful and uh now we're on  one of the main roads trying to find a place   for food and also get a first feeling of the vibe  of theat guys we made our way now into a place for   some food and they have quite a expansive menu  there's plenty to choose from this is the name   of the place just so you guys know where it is  that we are they actually have some beer on the   menu they have uh soft drinks and stuff like that  too coffee tea juice all that good stuff and then   they have a whole selection of different types  of meats fried grilled everything salads soups   um spring rolls stuff like that and everything  they literally have a seafood they also have   an extensive salad menu and a whole bunch of  like special dishes too so going to have to   choose something give you guys a taste of our  lunch here as well in theat and then go out and   check out what theat is all about too right guys  the first part of our food just came out which   is the spring roll NM I believe it's called in  Vietnamese and uh they look absolutely fabulous   they smell amazing as well I'm not too sure now  what they're what they're actually filled with   um I just saw spring rolls and went with it so I  usually enjoy these especially since we came to   Vietnam they uh have nearly with every meal I will  order like a portion of these and uh they're kind   of like my my downfall because they're fried  so like they definitely have quite a bit of   calories going on inside I'm going to try and get  these Chopsticks out I can't really get this one out there you go magic magic Chopstick so we have  Red Chopsticks interesting color Choice um and I'm   going to give these a try here they're probably  pretty hot right now W slippy as well going to go   straight into some of the soy sauce here and just  yeah see what it is see what's going on inside here oh thank you come on this is amazing so it's full  of um I think vegetables basically kind of tastes   like almost like a pickled vegetable and um it's  really delicious nice and crunchy texture as well   here and um yeah fantastic very small though  it's the only thing but I think portion wise   they're really good oh thank you so much and then  uh what did we order I don't even remember what   we ordered ordered I believe beef and black pepper  sauce beef and black pepper sauce yeah and I went   with the pork and Chinese cabbage so I believe  it's pork and probably kind of bok choy type of   a situation oh no maybe not does look different  than the bok choy I thought uh because the bok   choy in German is called Hina cool so it's  like Chinese cabbage in German so that's why   I thought it would be B choy but this one looks  also really nice let me give a try to the spring [Music] rolls that tastes really nice  they're really good yeah very good wow   I also felt like Luke and I we were both  kind of a little bit hungry so y we just   really needed some calories yeah I think  these are going to be my little addiction   here for the rest of our trip in Vietnam I  keep like I said these are like my default setting they're the perfect snack too  got nice big white bowl of rice as well   thei looks incredible I'm going to give  this a quick try here as well so I've got   beef beautiful cuts of beef from what it  looks like some onions we have some nice   chunky bits of pepper and then it's coated  in a black pepper sauce as well so here you go wo it's really hot that's incredible how good is that sauce is  really nice yeah very peppery very peppery yeah   Del and I just um also just by smelling  it uh everything on top here is all um   Ginger so it actually smells very gingery uh  spicy kind of in that way but it smells very   very nice I'm just going to basically  take my white rice some pork on top mix it this is where you can really  taste the ginger that's really   good super nice pork is tender very tender not Che no cage also perfect nice washing it down here I  have a Pepsi which is probably the coolest Pepsi   can that I've ever seen in my life have a look  at this so this is like a t uh Lunar New Year   Pepsi C I really want to keep this and like store  it somewhere it's like really cool I haven't seen   that yet and Naomi has the LA water standard  boring and obviously all of the um other stuff   we have the usual chilies and soy sauce and fish  sauce wow really perfect meal guys and um yeah   the service here is very fast they were very  very quick like we literally just ordered our   food maybe 2 or 3 minutes ago and everything is  here so big big thumbs up and uh I'm excited to   go for a little bit of a wander as well but yeah  this food is incredible have a look at this guys   so I made myself uh I guess you could call it if  you were if you want to talk um Japanese you can   say I made a bulgogi bowl or it's bulgogi Korean  bog is Korean if you want to Korean I made a beef   Bogi Bowl also good enough can believe that  you said that have a look at these so these   are usually uh very very red hot but I really  enjoy them very very much so I'm going to add   a few of these in here I'm actually I usually  between both of us we usually go through pretty   much all of these me and Naomi really really  love spicy food and Vietnam definitely caters   to that and I love how you can customize mix and  mash everything together and now look at this so   there's a pop of color with the chilies in there  with the black pepper beef and you also have the   beautiful white rice bell peppers and everything  in there perfect perfect perfect bite right here   I'm going to try to get some beef and some bell  pepper and of course one of these chilies as well fantastic really unbelievable beautifully  tender beef there's absolutely no even chew to   the beef almost the rice as well is cooked  perfectly and uh I love this I love just   being able to take bits and pieces put it in a  bowl and make your own flavor experience this   is so good as you can see we also gave up on the  Chopsticks we were so impatient we just wanted   to eat really fast so we were just like let's eat  with this food but we are feeling less hungry now   so we're we're doing okay as always we ordered  just a little bit to much I don't know how we   do it but we just have the talent of ordering too  much we need to learn to order just like one dish   and one portion of rice and I think it would be  fine for the two of us and uh the ladies were so   kind as well they gave us uh bananas for dessert  they were really Smiley and really happy about   it and uh we're going to enjoy our banana while  walking towards the lake on our way up here we   drove past the lake and it looked like really  idyllic and cute so we're just going to have   a look around there and uh maybe even get a nice  coffee or something like this on the way I don't   know I feel like we are in Paradise right now in  complete vacation mode which is super nice and   I really enjoy the lot already wow wow wow wow  look at this this is exactly what we were sort   of expecting in our minds anyways when we came  to the lot beautiful absolutely beautiful and   we're kind kind of in the main I guess area over  here it's kind of the main central part of the   lot and then this gorgeous Lake now I have no idea  what the lake is actually called but it is quite   literally a sprawling Lake here surrounded by a  beautiful Greenery and uh I'm sure there's plenty   of different activities that you can actually do  on the lake there's actually some people out there   on some type of um boats pedal boats Swan Boats  really just a gorgeous scene to come here a lot   of people are actually just sitting along the  lake and enjoying their time here yeah the lake   is called H Swan h i mean means I think means lake  lake um but yeah the the paddle boat out there all   of the swans and that looks really cute I would  love to do that maybe tomorrow for my birthday   yeah for sure it doesn't get much better than this  guys uh really really just spotlessly uh clean all   surrounding here too and even the Lake itself  is beautiful and clean as well so yeah this is gorgeous down the cafe guys that's actually  overlooking the lake we just came up here and uh   we think it's probably the perfect place to grab  ourselves our coffee so let's see we've got some   espressos here juices chocolate mint Frappuccino  Jesus some teas strawberry yogurt wow okay so very   random menu I think what I'm going to go for  is espresso sua espresso with milk and I have   to wait for Naomi cuz she left me she's gone to  the toilet see what she wants thank you so much   thank you ooh looks very good so nice ES espresso  espresso and then I don't know what that is maybe   jasmine tea usually it's Jasmine tea in Vietnam  yeah you always get one sort of or you always get 80 this one is also jmy very nice I love  the judment yeah it's nice to like nearly   every time we go to a cafe you get like  one of these just to a company whatever   else you're doing or whatever you're  drinking so it's always really nice oh my God it's like rockage fu yeah guys very  excited to be here in the lat so far for me   first impressions of this place very very uh  relaxed quite touristy so we are seeing quite   a lot of westerners but um it's understandable  when it's such a beautiful place it does seem   to be very very uh calm in a lot of places where  we are right now obviously is the main sort of   around the lake area so there is quite a bit of  traffic but the more that you move up into the   hillside of the lot and the outskirts of the area  like where we're staying where our hotel is it's   beautiful quiet we're going to sleep very very  well I think over the next couple nights here   because we have a nice bed and we have plenty of  Amazing Days of Adventure ahead of us we also are   going to have one more video coming to you from  here obviously we want to show you what there   is to explore around here and not just travel here  and that's it but yeah hope you guys enjoy today's   video I really love the Hotel Beds that's like  the number one thing that I'm looking forward   to is those beds because in a lot of airbnbs uh  around Asia you have these like really hard Beds   which we are not used to as westerners so I'm  like really looking forward to enjoying the Ved   tonight down there is somebody who just waved  huh really friendly nice looking lady super   friendly she was looking at us and she's like  you have a nice view I think she's from the UK probably

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