Vibrant NEW YORK: Manhattan Walk, Sahadi's New Store, Wines of Lebanon, Edy Massih, Sugarfish Sushi

Vibrant NEW YORK: Manhattan Walk, Sahadi's New Store, Wines of Lebanon, Edy Massih, Sugarfish Sushi

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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Good morning! Good morning! Good morning, New York! This time, we decided to sit outside the central New York Old Times Square so that we can enjoy it from here. From the Brooklyn Bridge, all the way up. All the way up to Central Park. Let me tell you something before we start. Yesterday, we passed by Newark airport.

As you know, we are sitting in Tribeca. From Newark to here, it takes 30 minutes. From here to JFK, which is the regular airport that everyone will book because it is in New York airport, it takes 45 minutes. This is without the crowd. Before anyone books in any other airport, whether it is JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia, look where you are sitting to book the best thing. Yesterday, we came by car, not by plane.

We are leaving from here. After 4 days by plane, we are going to Florida from JFK. New York, New York, New York! Maybe this is the 10th time, or the 11th or 12th time that I love its crowd, its rush, its buildings, its chaos, the crowd on top of each other. This is the first time I see it like this, from above. A beautiful view from the hotel. On top of the roof, the view is very beautiful.

We will walk, we will walk, we will take the car, we will tour, we will eat, we will discover, we will meet Lebanese people and others. We have ideas about what we want to eat. New York, a city of food, action, trends, and everything in between.

A person can't come to America and stay in New York. 4 days is not enough. But, as much as we can.

A new day, or the first day in New York. Day 15 of our tour in America. Wow, how time flies. It starts now. When we arrived, I told you about Tap Tap Sand.

When we arrived, I told you about a sponsor. He was one of the people who made us be in America today. I told you about him and he asked you to download an application.

What does it cost you? See it and you will enjoy it. You can send money to Lebanon and many other countries in 3 steps. One is to download the application. One is to fill it.

One is to send the money. Those who receive it, especially in Lebanon, with wish money, they don't take anything from it. These are the details. There are many other questions that you asked us about.

So we said, ok. Let the expert tell us about it. Which countries? Maybe more than 23. How much time does it take? Debit or credit card? How easy is it? How much money can you send in a day? How? How do you put NGNO? You send 1,000 and you get 1,020? And many other questions.

Thank you so much for coming. Let's start from the beginning. How did the application start? What is the application? What does it do? Hi Anthony. First of all, welcome to New York City. It's a bit cold today but it's fine. Ok, so TapTapSend.

The app is about 3 years old. We are a startup. So a bunch of investors pulled in some money in the hope to lower remittance cost for immigrants. Not only Lebanese but all people around the world to send it to their countries.

So Lebanon was country number 24. We launched Lebanon a year and a bit ago. It's been a success so far. Unfortunately, it came to the bottom of an economic crisis. But the good thing we see now is that Lebanese immigrants leave and come back. They don't forget and support.

Now we can talk about all the ways that immigrants support. For the application, you download it from the App Store, Play Store. It's for free. You sign up. Everything is for free. You, as an immigrant, put your name and legal name and you put the debit card.

It has to be a debit card. The debit card must match the name. So please don't put my wife's debit card. You put the recipient's information in Lebanese. The recipient's name as written on the card and his Lebanese number. So a very simple process.

And NGNO promo code. It's coming. NGNO promo code will give you, on the first transfer, $20 extra.

The recipient will receive it in Lebanon. When you add whatever amount you're sending, you click send. They will receive an SMS with a pick-up code.

They take this pick-up code to Wish Money. You know how it is in Lebanon now. Wish Money is taking care of them.

They are buying in an unusual way. They take their ID with them. So the name matches the ID.

It's that simple. No receipts. We get cash from the bank and put it in the agency.

Most importantly, and this is something people hate, there is no percentage on withdrawals. If you're sending $500, you're sending someone $500, or in this case $550. $20, sorry. Wish Money doesn't take a cut at all. What else? That's really it.

Very simple, as easy as it is. Today we're telling you that anyone who wants to support Lebanon can do so. If you want to send money to the municipality to build a village, if you want to send money to your family, if you want to send money to an organization, and they don't want to have an account in the bank in Lebanon, but they can send a picture to your bank account, or give you your name, phone number, or your friend's.

You can send a gift to anyone. It's happening a lot, Anthony. I know from time to time, if I want to get a gift, and the business in Lebanon doesn't have a credit card, or some business page that makes it easy, I take the name of the business owner and send him a transfer. Right now, specifically from the US, the transfer, the maximum transfer is $1,000. The fee is any amount. Per transfer, per day, I think you can send two transfers.

Per month, I think you can send up to $7,000 or $7,500. Right now, the transfer only costs $10. It's a fixed fee. You can send $500 or $1,000. You can send from the US, almost everywhere in the US. Recently, we launched in Texas.

A couple of months ago, Hi, Texas Lebanese! What are the countries that supported you? The countries that you can send from are America and Canada, and 10 European countries. Please don't let me count them. It's important to know the Euro. Recently, we launched from the UAE, so you can send from the UAE. Also, the prices, for Europe, Canada, and the UAE, the prices are not fixed at all.

You can send for free. The difference is the transaction fee. One can't send from Lebanon. You can't send from Lebanon.

So Lebanon can only receive. If someone has an UAE debit card, and he is in Lebanon, can he use it? He can, and he can also send it to himself. You were confused, you downloaded it in the summer, if you already have the app, if you downloaded the app outside, and downloaded it down, you can send to yourself. This is a story. If you are American, Canadian, European, or UAE, and you came to Lebanon, and you reached the end of the world, you said, the cash is gone, I spent all of them, because Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world, and there are many places to spend and eat in. You send money to yourself, you go to a wish, and you say give me 1,000.

Amazing, I love it. We say thank you. Thank you so very much for the support. We have a challenge. 300 people should use NGNO. He downloaded the app, and he put the hashtag NGNO.

If we reach 300, he will sponsor us for the next trip. So you should stand with us on this topic. Another thing, what are the statistics, who sent to whom, not people, but people sent to associations, what are the statistics about Lebanon in the last year? Actually, there is a diaspora center in America, called Khairallah Center for Diaspora Studies, strictly for the Lebanese diaspora. They did a study last year, I believe I read, that Lebanese Americans are sending more than ever, that was strictly for the Lebanese American diaspora, from the time of the crisis until now. Those who used to send to their parents, now they have to send to their parents, cousins, and friends. It is happening.

Realistically, we all have to support the families. There are a lot of development projects in Lebanon, fully funded by Lebanese Americans. What we are seeing, which is unprecedented, from the time of the crisis until now, is that the third generation Lebanese, who never left, who don't know anything about their heritage, except for Hummus and Tabbouleh. Nancy Ajram, they are sending money to Lebanese villages to fund these agricultural projects, which is really heartwarming, Anthony, if you think about it, you've been around the world, meeting Lebanese people, this is very unique to us.

People will remember from this interview that Nancy Ajram said that we're crazy. Now, Iziz will send us 1,000$ to go down and eat a cheeseburger, and eat in New York, and eat ice cream, and eat all these things. And the tour of New York starts now from this rooftop, and down to food. It's 10.30 a.m., and we haven't had breakfast yet. It's 10.30 a.m., and we haven't had breakfast yet.

It's 10.30 a.m., and we haven't had breakfast yet. It's 10.30 a.m., and we haven't had breakfast yet. It's 10.30 a.m., and we haven't had breakfast yet. I'm Edouard Massih, people call me Eddie, from Lebanon, from Anfeh, and I've been in New York for 9 years, and I've been in America for 19 years, and I opened Eddie's Grocery during COVID.

I used to have a catering company, and it was a Lebanese catering company. Of course, COVID happened, I had to close the catering company. I live around the corner, but this became my new place, Eddie's Grocery. I sell Lebanese food, Lebanese food, produce, spices, dips, mezza, sandwich, whatever you name it, we have it here. We're the first Lebanese place in North Brooklyn, which is why I'm very excited about it. I'm wearing something different, full of vegetables and fruits.

As you can tell, part of my logo is fruits and vegetables, so I'm always trying to stay zesty, as I say. At the end of the day, we're Lebanese. We stay fun and joyful, and trying to stay alive, and as I always say, trying to keep it zesty, and stay zesty.

When I started in New York, I was nobody. I started by cooking in people's houses, and trying to grow my name. Slowly, I started doing these dinners in my backyard.

I started inviting people in, and doing these private dinners. I started meeting the community, I started meeting people, and that's how the grocer kind of happened. It's all about communicating, meeting the community.

I feel like I'm in Anfeh, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I know the neighbors, and they come here to drink coffee. We try to keep it as Lebanese as possible. We have more than 30 tables here, and that's our biggest seller. On top of the table, there's a sandwich, salad, and we also make soup in the winter.

Of course, you have to taste the piradilla, which is bread and cheese. We also have manoucheh, spicy cheese manoucheh, with honey on top. It's really good. We have a chicken shawarma sandwich.

For me, it's the best. We also make more than that. We make dinners here, and I also do catering. I cater all over the city.

I make these huge brown paper boards, is what I call them. I recently trademarked it. It's basically like a big meze board.

We got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes from the bottom of New York all the way up. We got to Brooklyn, and it's worth it because we came to meet Eddie. I followed Eddie on Instagram about a year ago.

I liked his vibes, his pictures, fresh, colorful, full of passion and life. He came from Anfeh, Lebanon. He's been here for a long time.

I did some catering, and then I went to his account and saw that yesterday he celebrated 3 years. Today, he celebrated 3 years of Eddie's Grocery. You enter, and as soon as you get to the corner of the street, it's beautiful.

We'll meet him. I feel like I'm opening the door, and I feel like there's a storm in front of me. Welcome to the kitchen.

Here we have Mila, she's my best friend. She came with me to Lebanon this week, and this year she came with me. She comes with me every year to Lebanon. Let's cook. 3 years! Thank you, thank you. Really, 3 years went by very fast.

God bless you. Thank you, thank you. Really, it's like it's my birthday. It's not like it's my birthday. It's my 3rd anniversary.

Now, we're going to make a quesadilla. We made it before. Inside, there's cheese that's been chilled for a few days. My grandmother used to call it that. And inside, you can see here, there's grated cheese. Then, there's nigella seeds.

What do you call nigella seeds? A piece of blessing. A piece of blessing. And inside, there's also thyme. And tomato jam. We take tomato sauce and we reduce it in the oven for about 8 hours, so it becomes very flavorful.

We make very delicious chicken rice here, but now, in the summer, we don't have chicken rice. We start in November, December, and then we cut it after Easter in April. So, it's normally November to April, but it's one of my favorite dishes to make. Chicken rice is the best thing to make chicken rice. The smell and the taste of the chicken rice.

People love to come and eat chicken rice. We add labneh, we add fried nuts, all the nuts that you can think of on top. It's very good. Also, we make very delicious labneh here. Labneh with garlic. I love labneh with garlic.

I know you don't like garlic. Also, for me, we make very delicious branzino. It's not in the restaurant. It's not in the place.

We make it for dinners and such things, but the fish is very delicious here, and the shrimp. We make the Aleppo pepper shrimp. It's really very delicious.

It's a must. And this is the place. I told you. Colors, colors, colors, colors. It takes you to Lebanon and the Eastern Mediterranean.

You enter. As soon as you enter, the smell of onions, garlic, the kitchen is open, and you're smelling all the scents. You start looking for where to start. Here, here, here, here. Very nice coats. The things are beautiful.

The old wood. It's a bit like you're sitting in Grandma's Pantry. Books from Lebanon.

This catches the eye. A Lebanese mezza. Beirut Jardiniere.

Everything you want. It's only for 35, so I can take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, for 35 dollars. And me and my friends are eating authentic Lebanese food. Definitely. The guys' passion is exceptional.

They told me they like garlic. They told me they like garlic. A lot, a lot, a lot. The packaging is nice, anyway. I love yogurt. They're the same color.

Are you moving? I don't know how to pull. To show you all the pull, now before I put it on your plate, well, you'll do it. Who taught you how to cook? My grandma and also, I went to culinary school. Both taught me. But the Lebanese, of course, my grandma. My grandmothers, not just my grandma.

Did you learn anything in Lebanon? No. She taught me business. She had a salon in Lebanon.

She taught me business, but not cooking, no. I want spicy cheese. The tastiest cheese. It's chicken shawarma. Unconventional, first of all, thick, big, generous, definitely for America.

How do you think, how do you say, today I want to invent something new, or I want to leave the Lebanese spirit but give it an American touch. Our kitchen is pretty small, we can't do everything, lighting, we don't have a cutting board to cut from. I do everything able to make it ahead of time, like a catering mindset.

That's why we made this shawarma, we make the chicken beforehand, then we roll it and put it in the oven to get really crunchy. Now you're eating cheese manoucheh, I want to eat cheese manoucheh all my life, but here we added a bit of hotness, and honey on top to make it sweet and spicy. Wow, honey and hotness together. The tastiest thing.

Amazing. This is a big deal. Yes. What is this? This is what we call piradilla, when I came to America we used to eat quesadilla all the time. Okay.

So I took the cold cheese, cheese and bread, my grandmother used to make it in Syria, we took it and made it on bread and cheese here, with the tortilla on the outside. So it became like a quesadilla but we add thyme and oil. This one is super good.

Thank you. I just want to tell you the mix is great, first of all there's tomato, thyme, there's cheese, all kinds of cheese, acidity, sweetness, all in all, and the dough is very thin. This is award winning, this is top top.

Thank you. Salad? This is couscous salad, Americans like pasta salad, I made them something Mediterranean, couscous, we change it, now it has tomato, corn, because it's summer, but we change it all the time, we add squash and these things, and lemon and oil. Very simple.

Does the menu change? Yes, it changes, once a month we change the menu, when we started we used to change all the menu every month, but now we have staples that people like, and we change it every month, we change 2 things here and there. Do you have catering at home? Yes, of course, that's our top notch. Catering, we do most of it, we do brown paper boards, we do dinners, weddings, this Saturday before I leave for Lebanon, I have a wedding for 150 people. Wow, thank you. If I have a big kitchen, do you come and cook for me? Yes, of course.

If I have a big kitchen in New York, I don't want to cook here. So you have money to pay to be a chef and cook for you. Exactly. I am very happy to meet you.

I am really enjoying it. Thank you. I heard a lot about you. I did follow you before we met. Yes, you did.

I hope you keep this smile, this energy, this enthusiasm, this support. Thank you. And that's it, cheers.

Thank you, cheers. And thank you to you as well, for everything you are doing for Lebanese people around the world. Thank you.

It's a very cool thing to do. I would like to take you and tour you in Lebanon but I won't be here. I hope so. I will take care of the shop and come back to Lebanon. Yes, next year, next year.

The idea is amazing. Sesame, tahini, double chocolate and chocolate chip, brownie. The idea is amazing. Oh my God. Madam, this is for you. Thank you.

Uncle, peace. Man. Are you talking about yourself? Unbelievable. Super moist, very intensely chocolate. Very tasty, the taste of tahini in the end, a bit of sesame, it doesn't stick between the teeth. Oh my God.

No, he wants to teach me the recipe. No, I won't pass from here. Close the door.

I will get the recipe and continue the tour. Ready? One more. Before you leave, we have to show you our oil. The oil is from Koura. We have a refill club here. You get your bottle and we refill it for you.

You buy the bottle for 30 dollars and we refill it for 15 dollars. All our spices, we do that too. You can shop all this stuff online at Thank you.

Thank you. This area is nice. We are still in Brooklyn.

We went down a bit. Brooklyn. We are just looking at these cars and thinking how to drive for an hour and a half to come back. It is not a good idea to have a car but you get it in the AC.

Especially in the heat and humidity which is unbelievable. So. Looking at things positively. We will continue our tour. We will continue our tour.

We will continue our tour. We will continue our tour. We will continue our tour.

We will continue our tour. We will continue our tour. We will continue our tour. We are going to meet Saadi.

This area is very nice. It is called Industry City. There are a lot of restaurants and nice things. Maybe we will spend a few hours here to pass the rush hour and then we will come back. What does Saadi have? We will discover it with you. Talk to us on Instagram and contact us.

Tell them that they love you a lot. They watch you a lot. They follow you and want to meet you. Tell them to come to us. Now. We saw this list from yesterday to today in New York.

They are saying that there is good feedback about this place. It is very nice. Oh my God, it is there.

We reached it. Wow. Since 1948. Saadi. I have known them for a long time. They are known as one of the biggest importers of Lebanese goods and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern goods to America.

All people know them. Their branch is not here. Now they will tell us where.

Now they opened something very trendy, classy, and high end. What is your story? Hi, I'm Christine Saadi Well. I'm a fourth-generation Lebanese and I do business in New York City.

My great uncle started in 1895 in Lower Manhattan. He imported goods from Lebanon for the community that could not get them locally. My grandfather came in 1919. And in 1948, he moved his shop to Atlantic Avenue, which is our flagship shop downtown. And so he did the same thing. A lot of Middle Eastern customers.

As the neighborhood changed, so did he change. We love to bring Lebanese hospitality to the American community. So in 2019, we opened our Mediterranean wine bar and our cafe, as well as another store, so that we could share it with a lot more people. And we like the whole hospitality end.

So the great part of having a cafe is people can sit and linger, enjoy our foods, ask questions, and hopefully learn to recreate some of this beautiful heritage on their own. My family is originally from Zahle, Lebanon. We still have very many family members there.

I was so delighted. Ten years ago, we took our kids there, my adult children, actually, to see and enjoy some of the wonderful foods that were there. But we have been here. We brought a lot of great ideas that we saw there back here. Lebanon has changed drastically since I had been there. And some of the more modernized things, we tried to bring here as part of our cafe here.

So in this store, we went back to the old style. We roll all of our sage by hand. We roll all of our pita by hand.

No machinery. We make almost everything here. We make twisted cheese.

We make all those type of things in-house, which is not something that was typical here. But it was important to us to bring that part of our heritage back to the traditional. In some ways, you want to be modern. Sure.

We love to do new things, new things with spices and new things with quicker things for a younger community. But we also like to make sure that all of our cultural background is embedded in all the dishes, whether they're new or old. So I think as a whole store, I mean, you have to evolve, and things have changed over the years. But I want to say that you could probably find almost anything you needed to make a traditional Lebanese dinner here, including new products. So pomegranate molasses versus all-natural pomegranate molasses. As things have evolved in Lebanon, things have also evolved in New York.

We've tried to bring in the best of what we consider products. We get tons of samples, and then we sift through them and decide what's best for us and what fits into both communities, both the Lebanese community and the New York or the U.S. market, before we make a decision on importing.

But a lot of, I mean, I want to say we try to do things as much as we can. Same with the wineries. We try to find smaller wineries, warm and sustained. Same thing in the grocery store. I mean, we bring in some snack products. We try to work with people that are not big companies.

We try to work with, you know, family-owned. because some of these families I've been doing business with personally actually my father's been doing business with personally for a long time and I think going forward there's something to be said for relationships as well as food. Impressed, really really really impressed. When you enter the shop, what do they welcome you with? They welcome you with Lebanese products. You keep walking from shop to shop.

Definitely, there's a bit of everything to fill your stomach but most of them are Lebanese. What do you want? The chips, the drinks, oh they're filled to the brim. And we still continue, we continue from here to here to here. Grape leaves, Frikeh, Hummus, spices, cardamom.

Oh my God. They even have live Saj making. They have live cheese being made. They have all the spices.

There are Lebanese shops, and there are many. It's time, like this shop, to organize them. To work them properly, to be clean. The floor is clean, the display is clean. You look at someone and say, wow.

And in the end, we want to show our culture to all people, not just to us. So the Lebanese should buy, and the foreigners should buy. And I think here they worked properly to do a super well done job. From the sign, the entrance, and everything in between. We're still in the beginning, we're still walking in Rfouf.

I'll show you behind the scenes. In the end, we'll sit and have dinner. In the end, we'll sit and have dinner. In the end, we'll sit and have dinner. 4 hours till the opening Lamb.

I saw Saj, fresh bread. I immediately had greed for Labneh and a bit of vegetables. A rolled Caro erukanian, they didn't differ.

but they don't say that it has vegetables, olives, labneh, and everything. You miss it. How long has it been? 15 days. Wow. I will finish half of it. I will leave half of it for you.

You will understand me and enjoy. We still added some thyme and mint. But we were in a hurry. Oh my God. The labneh is weird. The fastest and cheapest passport in the country.

The camera is showing how happy the employees are. They are happy and smiling. They are throwing a nice energy. The camera is showing. This is the ambiance here. Everyone who works here, even if they have never traveled to Lebanon in their life, but they understand the situation, have a nice smile, are happy, and are serving with all love and from the heart. This is what we call a place of passion.

They are doing it without knowing how. The place is very nice. It starts from the logo. The place is really nice. He speaks American but he is an

Arab. He speaks American but he is from here. Inside, the ladies are amazing.

From here, we will go to the same place but we will enter from outside. Now open, Zahady's Spirits. How many brands do they have in Lebanon? Hi, I am Caitlin Whalen. I am Christine, Zahady Whalen's daughter. I am a fifth generation Zahady.

This is our liquor store. We opened officially in April of this year. We sell mostly Middle Eastern wines or Mediterranean.

We have Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese of course. We are doing tastings every day just to teach everyone about these wines. Zahady's Spirits Zahady's Spirits The price is good. I am thinking. First, I want to talk about something very important. Fourth generation. Fourth generation.

My father, his grandfather, his grandmother. Lebanese, happy, Zahady. Still, Lebanese is walking in the streets.

Still, they are connected. How nice. They did a very nice thing in America. They did a very nice thing in New York. I saw a brand like Reem, Zajed, Saifen. We reach here.

We talked about Lebanese olive oil. We have a lot of oils and we don't know what to do with them. This is for 9$. I found a very good price.

It came 2 months ago from Lebanon. You can buy Zajed. You can buy Saifen. You can buy any brand of olive oil. You can use Lebanese olive oil. If you want to use olive oil, you can buy it from anywhere.

Or from Italians who are in fashion. You can decide to buy Lebanese pickles. I don't care if it is one of the most important pickles in the world. You can decide to buy whatever you want.

If you want to support Lebanon, buy from Lebanon. You can also watch a football match. You are eating Egyptian chips. It is normal. Be proud of your Lebanese and eat Lebanese. That's it.

What more can I say? Hi Anthony. Welcome to Zahady's. We are very happy that you came here. Zahady's is a Lebanese Mediterranean grocery store. We have our restaurant. We have our full bar.

We recently opened our liquor and wine store in Industry City in Brooklyn. We have all Lebanese products and Mediterranean products. We import our products from Lebanon. We have a special brand like Zajed. We have olive oil.

These products are ours. You can find it in our grocery store anytime. Zahady's is made from the bulk department where you can buy your nuts and dried fruits. Everything is roasted in the Lebanese way. Everything is based on the original Lebanese flavor. We have the cheese department where you can find your halloumi cheese, string cheese.

You can find Syrian cheese that you can't find anywhere else. Plus, we make fresh Saj bread. Handmade, house made, no preservatives. Everything is made by hand.

We bake it on the Saj bread. It's amazing. There's nothing better than that. We make wraps on the Saj, chicken shawarma, falafel. You name it, we have it.

We make fresh pita. We make the pita bread from scratch. There's no oil in it.

There's no preservatives in it. We care a lot about this. The food should have its original flavor in the Lebanese way. Plus, we have the deli department where you can find tabbouleh, baba ghanouj, spanish pies, kibbeh, original Lebanese kibbeh in the way of my grandmother and grandfather.

The recipes are inherited from each other until today. We are over 100 years old business. We kept the recipes over 100 years old. Plus, we have a liquor store where you can find all the Lebanese wines and liquors.

You can find Masaya, Ksara, Brand, the most important Lebanese wine, any Lebanese wine, Arak. Any Arak you want is available here. Any Lebanese wine, Lebanese liquors, and Mediterranean as well. In the restaurant, we have a full Lebanese menu.

Appetizers, main course, mashawi, hummus, mtabbal, grape leaves, kibbeh, falafel, toshka, mixed grill, amazing, all authentic, all Lebanese recipes. We do catering. We do a lot of catering. We do catering, to-go catering, parties, and events. We do weddings, we do birthday parties in our restaurant.

We do all those kinds of parties and events. You can always check our website to book an event at our restaurant. Can you imagine that I am drinking mountain water from Lebanon? Can you imagine that here, I am in America, how long does it take? 16 hours by plane. I am drinking water from the mountain of Lebanon. It's my own, I quit. You can sit here on the balcony.

Next to the place, let's call it a grocery store or a supermarket. You can drink a bottle of Lebanese sparkling wine. Mercel has amazing wine. It's not allowed to call it champagne or prosecco because they are controlled operations. But Lebanese fizzy sparkling white wine. What a smell and aromas.

Bravo. I will take this from here and show you the table. The table is Lebanese and American, which is normal. We will see crackers with minted labneh. We will see hummus.

A fork, a knife, a plate, the order. Let's continue with the rest. Also crackers. Hummus, did you see the hummus that was being boiled live in front of us? It's not a can.

Minted tahini. With cauliflower. You can come here. Live a clean and neat atmosphere.

Close to Lebanon. Lebanese wine, Lebanese hummus. Buy your stuff and go home. If you have kids here, come and show them or buy stuff that they will remember in their history. Have a nice meal.

Good food. Simple, healthy, non complicated. We will finish. God willing, I will meet them again. Every time I come here, to see what new products they have, what new wine they have, and I hope I can get them all Lebanese wines.

Everyone from Lebanon who has wine and exports already, call them. They might be able to get wine. I hope that 85 wineries in Lebanon, will be here on the shelf.

I hope. What can we ask for more than that? Watch the next episode. Subscribe to the channel. Click on the bell. And watch the next episode. Subscribe to the channel.

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Subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the channel.

Subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the channel. Subscribe to the channel. 5 minutes, but the crowd will take with us at least an hour. The return journey, while enjoying sunset, wow, what a New York.

It's the best, but like us, when you have work, you go to the car, you put music, and you spend time from one place to another. I understand that the person who lives here can't handle the crowd, but we're fine. New York City, NYC 5 minutes, but the crowd will take with us at least an hour. The return journey, while enjoying sunset, wow, what a New York.

It's the best, but like us, when you have work, you go to the car, you put music, and you spend time from one place to another. The return journey, while enjoying sunset, wow, what a New York. It's 7 a.m. and where are we sitting? We are sitting down, down, down, in Tribeca.

We will take 6th Avenue and keep going. What do we discover on the road? The restaurants, the vibes, the sunset, and it will start to get dark, as much as these thorns will take us. We will show you the vibes of New York and the crowd at night.

Day 3 at night. Day 4 at night. Day 5 at night. Day 6 at night. Day 6 at night. We diverted a bit.

We went this way and that way. I wanted to see Union Square. I remember all the places I went to from here and from here. The hunger started to hit a lot.

We will go back to the north. Now we are going to Madison. We will go to the north on the 5th and then the 6th. We will go to Union Square and then Times Square. Definitely, we should show you the colors. We will start to open our eyes to something delicious to eat.

We will start to open our eyes to something delicious to eat. What is this Times Square, what is this Times Square, you start to ask where were these people, where are these people hiding, a crowd, people above each other, all nationalities, all people, everything, all colors, from all of them, what is this Times Square, 10 minutes before you can feel the oxygen filling all of you. Do you want a picture with Mickey Mouse? No, we are in a hurry. First time, what are your impressions? Not the first time, the third time. The third time? I came here before and you brought me here again? You told me to show you, we still walk with you everyday.

But the main thing is that you didn't go to the bathroom today. I don't know what happened with you today. I didn't open my mouth in the morning. Not a word, not a word, I will not say a word today.

I am waiting for you to feed me. If I wasn't with you, I would sit and look at you. Catch shoes. I looked on Google Maps and saw a place that has 16,500 reviews.

Ellen Stardust Diner, look at the crowd behind me. All of them are waiting in line to enter and eat a burger. I thought that we will pass by a clean and light diner at the end of the night. Let's skip. Wow, look at the crowd and the people.

Ok, let's search. What is still open because all places are closed or are closing. 9.30 a.m. Done. Next search. 10.00 a.m. Done. 11.00 p.m. Done.

12.00 p.m. Done. 13.00 a.m. Done. 14.00 p.m. Done. ... ... ... ... ... I read a bit of what I wrote. One of the few places on earth where the rice is warm, not sticky, not sticky, not sugary, it doesn't have rice vinegar, not made in advance, warm.

And then comes the fish, very thin, cold, it came out of the fridge, a drop, a drop, a drop of wasabi under a cover. Why is it called sugar fish? Because it melts in the mouth. It's like a lollipop for a small kid. Sugar.

Oh my God, what an experience. It's the first time I eat a sushi that has rice in it. So good. 4 pieces, in all classiness, no soy sauce, no mayonnaise, no bullshit sauces, just rice and the ingredients.

Very high end premium ingredients. Inside, it's dark, there's no music, no noise. Nice sake.

Sugar fish, beautiful way to end our day. We really wanted to eat street food, burgers, and raisin cane, and we're still here. This is an amazing, amazing end of the night. We drank 3 sakes, we ate, I think, half of the menu. All in all, everything you saw in the pictures a while ago, with 3 sakes, $200, which is very very very good.

I said the price because people ask me to tell them the price, not because I told you to pay for it. Very good price. Very good quality. Very good quality in the middle of New York. Okay, we took a long time. Thank you for a great day. Love you, enjoying it.

See you tomorrow. New York is amazing and we love it. USA tour continues.

2023-08-22 12:38

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