VENEZUELAN visits ALGERIA for the first time! ALGIERS

VENEZUELAN visits ALGERIA for the first time!  ALGIERS

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you know what does me I like like Algeria right where are you from I am from Venezuela  Venezuela hello guys and welcome to a new video   and a new destination today I am so happy because  I am in Africa specifically at the biggest country   in this continent and that country is Algeria  so I am very happy to be here right now I am an   it capital algers and look at this the city is so  beautiful it's surrounded by a lot of uh buildings   on French style but we are right now starting  this first day here in alers and of course I am   with Chris what's up guys we are making this trip  together and we are very excited to hang out in   the city for the very first time man this place  is beautiful I didn't know what to expect I was   expecting like to be honest dry desert climates  but man this city is so green it's so fresh it's   man I feel like I'm in I'm in Europe but better  because here everybody's so nice people it's been   so welcoming everybody is like oh welcome and  when they ask me where are you from and I say   I am from Venezuela the reaction is Venezuela oh  everybody knows my country and that amazed me also   look at this a cat I've seen a lot of cats here  but not one dog so the cats are the uh pets of   Al deers nice yeah no dogs no dogs just cats no  dogs only cats bye Mimi enjoy your day okay well   this is one of the streets around downtown and as  I was telling you most of the buildings are French   architecture and that is because French colonized  Algeria uh from 1,800 something to 1,00 962 I   think it was the independence of Algeria but you  please correct me on the comment section because   I am not a historian expert or history expert so  you can please um share the knowledge here with   me but French people were here for so many years  and yes they built a lot of these buildings that   are very very nice but this country is also known  for the C ASAS or medinas in several cities that   were built by the Ottomans and they were here uh  before France so it's like a mix a combination and   I wasn't expecting stuff like this The Terraces  this is so cool like there's restaurants with the   chairs here outside for you to enjoy the weather  the Sun and of course the foods like food here it   smells so good this is a place where I think they  sell shawarmas look at that we got to come here   yeah smells good and figure this out because  yes it smells super good there's there's also   jewelry chops and I love a lot of movements on  the streets don't you think there is like a lot of   people today it's um well it's a week day and yes  people it's uh like outs and abouts walking around   out and about yeah exactly something I really like  also about the city are those how do you say that   in English oh the lamps the lamps I love the lamps  like you can tell they are very old and some of   them have clocks for example this one here on the  middle it has a clock with three faces and it's   funny because we were actually looking up things  to do in alers and like one of the recommendations   is like go find the three clocks which is like  that yeah yeah but you there's like several   there's many yeah yeah there's many and that is  so cool is that actually working it's at the time   yeah wow working it is working wow it's working  every clock in my city that's like on a building   on the city hall on the courthouse none of them  work they're just like there but that clock   is actually working and there are cities like  Los Angeles for example where CIS is from that   this kind of lamps they remove it um in La lat  there's a few around downtown like if you I'm   noticing something actually if you are very  if you're really observant if you're really   observant you can look you can see them but here  they're everywhere but I'm noticing something   different let us know down in the comment section  are these the original lights or have they been   modified because they look like they might have  like LEDs in there yeah they probably have like   a new type of light but I it's the same light  it's the original fixture I think so that's   what I think I don't know I mean they look very  old I don't think they could remake that like   that it looks incredible yeah and the bridge also  looks incredible that is something like I don't   know it's it's boom yeah it's it's it's beautiful  it's impressive yeah it's impressive because this   streets are h a little bit small so small in like  they have two canals so the bridge is like boom   but you know what I am very excited to go to  Constantine let's see if we can make it happen   in the street because Constantine it's the city  known for its bridges so I cannot wait to be there   but yes here in all years there's also a bridge  bless you and look at the square people are just   uh chilling here is a who Rec bin a recycle bin  nice one thing I've noticed right off the bat is   that the city is so clean and it doesn't matter  where you go there's always like guys like this   like the cleaning guys um earlier today we saw  a guy walking like this with a vacuum and like   a machine behind and he was like literally picking  up the trash he was very meticulous like a leaf by   Leaf it was picking up and also the street sweeper  we saw the street sweeper yeah the street sweeper   uh yeah the city looks um to me very clean like I  wasn't expecting this to be fair and there's also   public transportation like these buses and of  course of course taxis um yeah here it's a taxi   Metro stations probably here there's a Metro close  to us yeah I think there is because I forgot where   where we it's our first day guys so I forget  which where we came from but I saw a Metro sign   somewhere like I saw one somewhere on Google Maps  maybe on Google Maps yeah probably well this area   it's uh looks very cool to sit in a Terrace and  eat now glattus now glattus is going to be posting   this in real time if you guys know the price of  the metro and the buses and the taxis please tell   us in the comments because well every Taxi Driver  most of them don't even want to charge us for the   ride everybody's so nice I don't understand  is this the metro station oh no oh the house   of artificial intelligence are like AI wow that's  crazy look guys this is orito it's like the place   to buy the steam C it's one of the best companies  according to a lady is that the one you yeah that   the one I bought it's I bought 50 gigas for 2000  and dinner right yeah hello okay so if we're   talking about the money let me share with you this  oh look books on the street this is so cool okay   they are in French because here people speak  French also Arabic you seen these too look he   has like little quotes from Albert Einstein like  w L let look I'm going to try to read French let the read you guys to see if I read it okay and here these are cool we should buy one oh  look this one's in English oh sorry look   this is Christmas books Christmas books wow  it's in French right it's Ry who uh to buy   one to practi this one's in English oh in  English it's an English book I want one   in French yeah you want to buy a book maybe yeah  we can buy a book of course let's see I've never   thought we were finding a hello when you fine uh  there's like a book you recommend me in French a   recommendation to buy a book in English French so  I can practice okay that's cool I study French at   school but I already C on so maybe something  um something easy something easy yeah okay okay it's a novel novel no no okay uh okay how  much is this one um 500 dinner 500 dinner okay   perfect wow super so you're here every day  every day every day wow okay do you like uh   do you like it yes I love it I like libraries I  think it's very important to read yeah yeah like   very important yeah yeah yeah I agree I agree with  you yeah where are you from I am from Venezuela   Venezuela and you I'm from the United States okay  okay but I love your country so far arilia it's   so beautiful and people is so nice yeah yeah thank  you thank you yeah thank you so much have you read   all of these books that you sell no I can't  do you have a favorite book favorite book uh yeah book here do you have letit Prince  what letit Prince no no I don't I have   it uh in my house in your house okay  yeah that's a mod okay thank you how   how many books do you have at home a lot  a lot l a lot and why you started why you   started selling book here here because  uh here uh there is the the University oh okay oh there's a customer here so are are French huh you are studying French  uh no I studied French at school at school okay   yeah but I already forgot want to practice I want  to practice exactly prti that's good that's good   and you what about you espol in English no French  I need to learn it's very important French yeah   it's a good language it's beautiful language too  yeah yeah I like it I like very beautiful you   know I really love Arabic too I think Arabic is so  so unique I think it's so hard to it's very hard   learn for us I think yeah here people speak French  and Arabic Arabic English and uh we have Spanish   too not Spanish uh not the not so much but some  people much not so much some some people speak   but a lot of people speak English as well because  it have been a long time that I don't practice my   English I because no tourist huh yeah yeah why in  Algeria there's no tourist I I don't know I don't   know but you should come here because arilia is  so beautiful hey your shop is beautiful I love I   love all thank you so much the cloes yeah super  you chose the qu the quotes yeah and I will uh   make uh someone in in English yeah please do that  way next time we come visit you again you what is   your name Tommy Tommy thank you so much mer glavis  glav glap Gra Grace okay I have a brother uh he's   living in uh Peru Lima Peru Latin America wow  there's Algerian people in Peru wow wow you know   Peru is his favorite country no no no I think it  changed now I love Algeria now only one day but   everybody's so welcoming so welcome no I'm just  kidding we have a lot of favorite countries yeah   and did you visit the another uh City no it  just got here not yet okay not yet we want to   go to Constantine and Oran Constantine or I uh I  recommend the T I want to go to J yeah the Roman   city thank you sir Tommy nice meeting you Tommy  we'll be back to okay thank you so much thank you   so have a good day wow I really love that a lot of  people are buying books so many people are buying   book you see that wow that is so cool and I guess  this is the entrance to the to the university or   the college wow no amazing can you tell like do  you see what we uh tell you our jillians are so   welcoming like those are cakes oh look H root  66 cake cars cake lightning the Green Oh light   um in Spanish we say um R McQueen R McQueen oh  we can we can come here and drink coffee later   yeah looks like a place where you got to sit and  enjoy a coffee look The Terraces are everything   I I I I love them the problem is I think we put  ourselves in a serious problem coming to Algeria   guys you want to know why YouTube channel  yes course give are you from Alger I'm I'm   Algerian and you oh I am from Venezuela ah okay  welcome to Algeria thank you so much I love this   city very Beau okay look here I'll screenshot  there's there's hers and then here's mine okay   I have two to YouTube channel different yeah  we're different yeah but we're both publishing   videos from Algeria okay and that's translate  no it's all in English but French and Arabic   as well oh okay yeah thank you yeah take care  guys so have a good day everybody's so nice in   Algeria yeah so nice and people is so beautiful  like you know you know what the I was just about   to say we really messed up with our Algeria trip  like we really messed up we should have stayed   here 30 days I cannot believe it's day one and  I'm we're leaving in 12 days I cannot believe   it I don't know how I'm going to be able to  board a plane and feel comfortable leading   and you know what it's the sad part guys my Visa  it's only for one month one entrance mine's two   years but it sucks because I wish glattus had  the same one because man I I would like to come   here as as many times I've been to Morocco this  place is gorgeous and you know um I was actually   talking to somebody what's up bro how are you  hello doing good doing good so we're going to   see each other tomorrow right yeah how are  you fine how are you see you tomorrow we   I'll see you tomorrow 9:00 right you're going  to send me a location uh there is someone with communication the radio send you message and cool  we met him in the hotel yesterday and turns out   that this man is a radio host and a comedian so  um we're going to we're going to participate with   him meeting was cool and tomorrow just come with  a good vibes talk about Aleria about the reality   of Algeria and people of Algeria of course thank  you so see you tomorrow thank you yes what are   the odds of that we met him last night at the  hotel as soon as we arrived and he's like what   why you in Algeria yeah we talked well Chris  talked to him and he invited him to his radio   show so yeah I I guess we're going tomorrow yeah  yeah yeah super I love radio shows I was a radio   host before I started YouTube channel actually I  started I started YouTube while I was um working   as a radio host and at the radio they said okay  you got to choose the radio or your YouTube   channel and I say it with my YouTube channel thank  God because now I am here in a country like this   thanks to my YouTube channel yes do you have some  change uh I have no small money right now let me [Music] see I have here a 500 and look at this I wonder what the name of  that instrument is called it's   beautiful and I also wonder what  kind of music traditional argerian music wow [Music] super I don't know yes glce is going to  take a picture real quick mer wow super please let us know what the name  what the name of that instrument is it's not a   guitar it's something special yes beautiful  and what is the melody it's traditional from   Aleria sounds sounds like it yeah sounds  like traditional music very beautiful bye-bye okay guys well I wanted to to show you  um the bills can you help me please here yeah   and here the uh money you use it's called dinner  and look at this this is 500 dinner bill um the   change it's like $1 130 or 200 depends on the  market if it's the um a currency change that   the bank use it will be 130 or 120 but if it's  the blood Market I think it's 200 dinner so yeah   here they use dinners and a lot of coins in my  country we don't use coins no more we have a lot   of similarities between argelia and Venezuela  we are both um countries that live live from   rent economy which is basically oil and gas and  look at this I love the signs with all the names   this is a kiosk for you to buy the um journals  wow yes this is a metro station look oh yeah this   is how a metro station looks like in Algeria  look at the sign the symbol and here it says   benro this is taura station here at down town  I wonder how the Metro looks like and how much   is it oh look Chris it says Grand pooste  oh yeah so we're close to the post office   right the post office yes it's one of the  buildings I think you got to visit here I   like to read online before I come to a to a  country you hello and yeah the street looks   very busy oh maybe this is why the traffic all  the traffic because it's under construction or renovation we have of course Boutique to make   some emergency topping oh my God  more charma ooh so good Beauty tops and see another entrance to the  metro station oh there's one on each   side of the street where wow there is  a lot of construction going on yeah and   noise wow well it's um understandable that  they renovate the streets because they're   very very old and also the buildings they  probably renov them because they look alike new I also love very much the tree there's a lot  of trees and palm trees all around the city when   we were coming from the airport to hear the  city um I was able to see a lot of palm trees   and they are so beautiful they are everywhere I  think this country is famous for the dates so a   lot of palm trees that I think produce dates  that's [Music] why this is definitely a busy   day oh wow look at that building wow that is so  beautiful Beau look at the mosque on the corner   that is beautiful oh yes a mosque man this city  is gorgeous wow okay this I wasn't expecting this   here in alers like no way I feel like I am in  Europe and look at the um the coast you can see   the Mediterranean can see the ocean the the sea  the Mediterranean Sea the buildings are just so beautiful wow and that building is spectacular there's more Terraces there oh yeah  more places to sit down and look this building   here on the top it says 1 1901 like 1901 I guess  if that means the year of construction maybe I   don't know but if you guys know please let me know  in the comments section I think I am on people's way Chris is over there but let's see this  looks like a theater I don't know something for meetings and look at these tiles in these   with Landscapes from the country  I guess see more lamps here Cafe Pizzeria hello are you how are you how are you  I'm fine where are you from where from I am from   Venezuela and the you like Algeria I love Algeria  beautiful can I ask you the people the buildings   the food like you everybody so you don't need  anything huh no like you are good yes huh what   do you do now a vlog Vlog Vlog Vlog Shan or  what yes YouTube give me give me of course check Tik Tok Tik Tok no TI how are you  from Tik Tok Venezuela how are you from   are how are you from where are you from  I understood don't worry at least you   speak a little I don't speak French  you speak just English English and Spanish I like I like I like  it's mean it means I like Al you know what I like it's right I like  Algeria it's right it's right okay that a picture just another team say say ftic ftic l  l it's the best in Algeria what is that it's me club team it's no no it's  they are supporter of the team nice to meet you okay nice to meet you  anything no I'm just walking around thank   you so much you're so nice bye-bye thank you  they were so nice like can you can you tell   how people is here like they just approach you to  see if you're okay if you need something and they   are all very impressed because well foreigners  are not comeing here they were so nice I I saw   that I was I was like wow they stopped you huh  yes they were like but do you need something are   you sure you don't need nothing like can help  you I'm impressed by these buildings look at   this wow is that a hotel I don't know it's says  restaurant right here oh Hotel Albert Albert yeah   the buildings are very impressive also the mosque  super okay should we cross the street that looks   promising yeah let's cross let's check let's  check but I think I got to replace my battery   let me cut here before we um cross the  street and be with you in a few [Applause] minutes okay I'm ready to cross the street  now let's go I like that here look you have   the hea the cross walking the cross walking  okay guys sorry about my English it's not my   first language my first language is Spanish is  what we speak in my country Venezuela okay so   I learn English in a school and it's ratata  yeah but also let you guys know because she   has it plugged it in if you speak Spanish her  Spanish is easier she has a Spanish Channel and   she's making videos here in Algeria as well and  they're a little bit more like more informative   more of like a guide style but they're awesome  so check them out too yeah my funny channel it's   Gladis Sara that's my name and last name Sara  is my last name I know a lot of you think it's   my name but it's actually my last name okay I'm  ready to see this beautiful I don't know if it's   a square oh I think it says Garden I think  it's a garden okay I think here are Julian   sty you just cross we just cross yeah and they St  look they're very nice they stop okay so yes look flal okay let's check the garden the public  spaces in this city are very are first of   all are everywhere and second I think they take  care of them because people love to be hanging   out huh yeah hanging out just drinking coffee I  think cuz I tell you what every every Park in my   neighborhood where I live it looks looks terrible  yeah in my country it's also not common people   we Seated on public spaces but yeah this is very  nice and also I have a question like what people   in alers like the most coffee or tea because I  am a little bit confused because when I asked   for my Visa in Venezuela one day at the embassy  they talked to me about the arilan tea but here   I see more people interested in coffee so I don't  know maybe I'm I'm grown but let me know in the   comment section guys please oh look at this I love  all years and the a is the famous monument that   you got to see if you ever come to this city it  is a monument huh I wonder what the hands behind   oh they have a chain and the chain is broken  maybe it's like the in Independence right   another Independence Memorial yeah commemorating  the independence wow this is the place to take a   picture if you're in our I mean that sign  represent my feeling right now I love Al   and look at this view a lot of green a lot of  beautiful buildings the ocean over there at   the bottom it's a great mosque I think that  is the roof of the buildings are also very beautiful do you like it it's beautiful  beautiful so beautiful yes well I think   from here it's time to say goodbye for  this very first video first impressions now   I'm going to continue walking the city and just  discovering it for me and for you as well so   thank you Chris for being with me here in this  video mer to all of you people from Algeria or   should I say chukam and anyways thank you  so much for watching all the new people   all the people that been supporting me in this  channel since I started my English videos and   and yes see you guys in the next video of course  it's going to be from here Algeria bye-bye [Music]

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