Vanlife stories - Advanntures week 3 from a parking lot in Etne to citytripping in Stavanger Norway

Vanlife stories - Advanntures week 3 from a parking lot in Etne to citytripping in Stavanger Norway

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Hey there welcome inside our camper. This week it's raining outside so we decided to stay inside. We drove all the way from Herand to Sagvåg.

And we've seen a lot this week so let's start! After waking up early and  having a delicious breakfast.   We made some beautiful pictures and movies first.   And yeah then we left Etne early and hit the road.  Our first stop was at Sandsfjorden, we  stopped at the viewpoint it's called Ostasteidn.   and yeah it was a really beautiful place  where we had a great view on the fjord. At this viewpoint Ostasteidn, we had our lunch break.

It was also really hot I remember, it was around 20 degrees. So that was a really nice temperature. Then we hit the road again. This viewpoint was also part of the scenic route Ryfylke. And I'm quite glad we chose to follow this route.

Yeah it's really pretty we drove next to some amazing fjords and lakes. You have to see it. It was typical Norwegian  landscape. it was beautiful. A very common thing to do in norway is to take the ferry  from spot a to b. Because there are many islands, not always islands but there's water in between the places. So you have to go to another place fast.

And there's not always a bridge. So we see a lot of ferries in Norway. The first ferry we had to take to go to the other side of the water was from Narvik to Hjelmeland. And stephanie made some delicious coffee for us while  I was making some movies of the ferry trip to Hjelmeland.

The weather was really lovely that day so we decided to stay at a campsite. It is called Wathne. We were quite lucky when we arrived at the campsite. Because we could choose where we wanted to park  we could choose between a big grass area with   electricity or a non-electricity spot close to  the water. So for us choice was made quite easy We choose for the water. And Sam enjoyed the water  he went for a swim and we walked around a little  

bit robin had to study, so he was studying  in his chair outside in the sun very long. That's the life right? yeah we also had to upload some  stuff and download some movies   because our data of our phone goes by really  fast so we have to use wi-fi at some moments   And for a client I had to edit some images. So that day went by very fast. We wanted to make a campfire that evening but the weather  was too bad so we just waited for another day.

We like to balance between staying  in nature and don't having too much   but also enjoying the services that we need  sometimes like internet or wi-fi on the campsite. We stayed two nights at the campsite  so the next day it was quite bad weather   and we still had to do a lot of stuff for work  study so we took it easy and we also had to do   our laundry again this time we didn't do it  as before so no laundry in the lake this week   but just the laundry machine like this one. Yeah luxury. It still took eight hours I guess because I choose the wrong program and I first put the laundry in the dryer. Finally we had clean clothes. So and also what we did was having the luxury of a shower a really hot shower.

Well we have a hot shower here in the  camper and it works well really. Very well. Very well but you know you just know that when you go to the shower on the camping you can do it for a longer time. When I normally take a shower I take a shower from five to ten  minutes. And I really enjoy the shower and when I do it in the camper...

I have to do it within 30 seconds or something so I put shampoo in my hair turn the shower off turn it on again to get the shampoo out of my hair. You're rinsing it off. That's also because we can only have  100 liters of water in our camper   and when you take a really long shower   you use 100 liters for five minutes normally so  you can't do it that long, you just have shorten it It was only 10 to 15 minutes to a spot  in the middle of nature close to a lake   There was a small forest. A really quiet place And when we arrived we saw this nice hiking  trails and decided to go for a run with Sam.   and Sam definitely has the best condition of  the three of us so Sam was running like crazy.  

and we really enjoy making food on fire on the  bbq so this place was the perfect spot to do it. Robin took a little hike to get some wood for the fire. To get it going again right. He came back with... I think it was wood with a length of three  meters. Two and a half meters or so.

Three meters and he was just walking over the water and... Then we had to chop it in little pieces. Almost falling in the water.

No not falling in the water. But then I chopped it in little pieces to throw it on the fire. Afterwards Robin also had to study  he had to follow his class online   and decided to do it next to the campfire  so he was sitting there. I was listening to the teacher while i was enjoying the fire as  well. Yeah it was really good. But then at one point it started raining too hard so we had to run  inside with the laptop and we continued inside.

The next morning we wanted to hike the Preikekestolen. So our alarm went at seven in the morning   and we were looking at each  other and we heard the rain   and we saw the bad weather forecast so we  both said no let's not do this. This is too dangerous the road must be really slippery  right now and we're traveling with our dog.  

It was not a good idea. No it's not safe. And we've done the Preikestolen before it was two years ago. Yeah. And we really loved the views back then.

So we said let's move on let's continue the trip. So our next stop was filling up the gas bottle  again we drove to a place near to stavanger.  and it was a campsite store so we asked them to  fill it up but they said sorry we can't help you   because not every store can fill up german gas in  norway so there are a few points where you can but   not today you're too late and tomorrow the  nearest store is also closed so you have to wait   and yeah that was a little bummer so we  were almost without gas. But on the good side the camp store also said you can stay here for a night and you can put your camper on electricity. So then our fridge works on electricity instead  of gas and that was really nice. They also helped us removing a sticker from the front of our camper.

Oh yeah. It was a sticker used for transport. We decided to camp at the parking  lot of the camper store that night.   and we just used to wi-fi again, went  relaxing a little bit... watching movies   I started to try to find some collaborations for  photography in norway again. So I took some time trying to connect with comanies.

And also modeling agencies. So if you're also looking for a photographer and videographer we  can make some cool content for you as well.   Just let us know in comments or email to The next morning there was a little  event or something at the parking lot.   They were celebrating the day off.  

So they were all together and we were  still sitting in our camper working a bit. Look at this place.... Beautiful! This week's challenge pick the most ugly place to sleep. We also found a plant store. The plantstore is called Plantasjen.

Something like this... Your Norwegion is getting really good. Yeah they're really common in Norway. So we decided to go further on the road. Stopped at a place near Ålgård.

It was a free spot near the fjord. So that evening we were sitting on a rock on the hill. It wasn't really a mountain... and we were just enjoying the sunset. It was so pretty.

The colors on the lake... Yeah. I also met some sheeps it was fun.

It was really fun. That night it rained very hard so we woke up a few times. But that didn't spoil the fun because the area was so beautiful. And the next morning we had a little hike. To the highest point... above the fjord.

And Sam was in his element. He was really having fun he enjoyed himself. He was getting crazy, at one point he even looked like  a pig.

Yeah he really was. A pig having a mudbath. So that was really funny as well. And again Sam was doing 10 times the distance we did. Oh he is so energetic.

And after having lunch we packed our things   and we drove to a place where they sell German gas  because German gas is really hard to find in Norway.   The holiday was over so they were open again. The store was open and they filled up our 5kg gas bottle. But we also wanted to extend  the capacity of gas in the camper. 

So we asked the seller if he had a bigger bottle. Extra bottle. An extra. so an extra bottle would be fit and luckily he had a bottle of 11 kilos. 11 yes. Yes 11 kilos. So now we can well approximately... Do one month with one bottle.

About 30 days, one month. Then we hit the road again and we went to Stavanger. We parked the camper at a really quiet parking lot in the central  area of Stavanger. And then we had to walk well... five minutes to the Clarion hotel in Stavanger.

We checked in and we had to upgrade our room because we had to bring Sam as well. Yeah we had to upgrade it to a superior room. We had to upgrade from room with carpets to a room without carpet.

Without carpet. That was the difference. That was the difference and yeah well we enjoyed our stay at the Clarion hotel.

But we mostly enjoyed the city. We enjoyed the city because we decided the first day to go out. Yeah. To have a great night and go on the dance floor. We first had dinner at an italian restaurant  and then we ended up in an irish pub or something.

So we're about to go sightseeing in Stavanger. And on a very special way  because we're not going to walk.   That's so 2021! We we go by an electric step. It's very popular here. Everyone does it so we can do it as well.

So later in the afternoon when we stopped our  city trip we were so sleepy so we cancelled   our restaurant appointment and just  stayed in our hotel room watching movies   and it was really nice to recharge a bit. So the next day we had to continue our journey again. We checked out at the hotel and looked if our  camper was still at the parking lot. And it was! Lucky us. And then we drove to halfway Bergen. So we are going to continue our Advanntures in Bergen.

and also the famous fjord of Norway  the Geiranger fjord. And we have much more favorite places that we would  like to explore this week. We hope you like this video. We really appreciate that you have the  time to follow us on our journey, on our Ad Vann ture and don't forget to subscribe. Hit the like button... and we'll see you next week

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