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Welcome, everyone! In today’s video, apropos of the Ukrainian-war, I’m going to show you – and I’m going to prove to you -, that while we, living in the EU and within that in Hungary, are thinking that we are entitled to the freedom of opinion, and that fact-finding and the search for truth is allowed, in reality those who would like to reveal the truth are chased and harassed. Come with me! I welcome everyone from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, from one of my favourite cities – its ancient Hungarian name used to be Nándorfehérvár -, where my ancestor, Mihály Szilágyi was the captain of the castle back in the Middle Ages. Now I want to talk about what is happening here in Serbia, primarily in terms of democracy, freedom of opinion and world politics, as the Serbian government has been talking for weeks now about the fact that outer forces are trying the destroy Serbia – and specially the tourism which is already operating at low speed – with bomb alarms, since in the department stores, in the clubs and nearly everywhere bomb alarms are almost continuous. According to the Serbian government this is a kind of terrorism, since this whole story is about the oppression of opinion, it’s about Serbia being punished for not being willing to impose sanctions against Russia, for not joining this madness, which primarily is about trying to suffocate Russia because of the Ukrainian-war and Serbia is not willing to take part in this, and this is why Serbia is being severely attacked right now. So here we are in Belgrade, where there was a huge debate concerning this mural painting behind me, which depicts Putin and the Serbian and the Russion flag next to each other, and we can see the word BRAT which means brother, so this is about the brotherhood of these two nations and it stirred huge conflicts in Belgrade, and we can also see that some people who are not taking Russia’s side in this, are trying to ’redo’ this painting. Still, the vast majority of the Serbians are supporting the Russians and Serbia does not support the sanctions, but as we can see that here too, there are a number of people who are more on the side of NATO or the Ukrainians.

Here you can see the building of Ministry of Defence in Belgrade, in the city centre, and here is that complex of buildings that was bombed by NATO, and since then the building itself is in the same ruined state as it was bombed by NATO. Just as it didn't seem to disturb the world back then, it does not disturb it now either, so NATO is allowed to do what others are not allowed to. The Serbs are in a very difficult situation when we ask them about the war in Ukraine not only because they are bound by a historical, fraternal alliance with the Russians, but also because of the NATO bombing in 1999. No one in the world talks about this today, while everyone is condemning Russia. Of course, a world-power can be rightly condemned for aggression, for war, but that is only fair if we add that the United States, another world-power, has regularly done in the past what Russia is doing now. For example, in 1999, when, completely arbitrarily, based on its very own decision, NATO attacked Serbia, mainly with US fighter jets, and bombed that country for 78 days.

There were also many civilian casualties in this war, according to Human Rights Watch, there may have been about 500 civilian casualties, while estimates in Serbia are rather about 1500 to 2000 civilian casualties. But if we agree on an average value of, let's say, 1000 civilian casualties, that’s also a lot. All the more so because here the monument behind me is about the fact that many children died in the 1999 bombings. Regardless of politics, since I was here in Serbia myself at the time, I personally experienced those bombings ...

No matter what we think about politics, I hope that we can all agree on that we need to talk about innocent victims, and innocent child victims in particular, and we have to stand up for the innocent and not just in Ukraine - while of course it is a terrible thing that children have also died in that war too -, but it must be acknowledged that the American fighter jets, the American army, also killed children, for example here in Serbia, and in their memory this monument was erected here in one of the central parks of Belgrade. Regardless of what we think of Serbia and the Serbs, everyone in all parts of the world - in Hungary or even in the European Union - must ask how it is possible that what one world power is allowed to do, the other is not? Why are they not talking about the whole truth anywhere, neither in the countries under the jurisdiction of Brussels, nor in those under the authority of the USA? Allied Force Operation NATO's attack against Jugoslavia (Serbia) 24 March - 11 June 1999. (78 days) 500-2500 civilian casualities (the former is a HRW, the later is a Serbian estimate) /+3 Chinese citizens died when NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade/ More than 90 children among the victims (data of the Serbian government) Special military operation in Ukraine Russia's attack against Ukraine 24. February 2022 - (up until now: 90 days) So far min. 3000-4000 civilian casualities (UN estimate) 223 children among the victims (data from the Ukrainian Supreme Court in May) So there are many parallels between NATO's operation against Yugoslavia (Serbia) and Russia's so-called operation. Both were launched without the approval of the UN Security Council, both were aimed at a sovereign country and in both cases they claimed to protect a minority in that country.

It is true that in both countries, in Serbia and Russia, those minorities (the Albanian and the Russian) has taken up arms against the official government. The only real big difference between the attack of NATO and the attack of Russia is that NATO did not deploy ground forces. At the same time, the US-led coalition has not only attacked Yugoslavia, but several countries around the world in a similar way, and in these countries it has already deployed ground troops during the attacks. Including Iraq.

The war between the US-led military coalition began in 2003 and lasted for 8 years, overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s government and causing a chaotic situation in the country. An estimated 151.000 to 600.000 Iraqis could have died in the first three to four years of the conflict. The official reason for British allied participation in the war at the time was that Saddam Hussein had not complied with UN resolutions requiring the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, and was therefore a threat to the international community. However, no such weapons were found by the allied forces in Iraq.

An earlier British investigation after the war also found that the Iraqi regime had almost certainly no weapons of mass destruction in a deployable condition before the invasion. There are so many parallels between the Russian and American invasions that just a few days ago, G. W. Bush, the former American president under whose leadership America invaded Iraq, made a little mistake. We can safely call this a Freudian slip, while he tried to condemn Putin for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. After all, because of his Freudian slip, he condemned himself for America’s invasion of Iraq.

The point, however, is that if I tell this truth about the new bipolar world order, I will immediately be censored. Everyone knows that there is censorship in Russia, the media has written about it countless times in Hungary as well. There, those could face up to fifteen years in prison who, as Russian law puts it, provide false information about the Russian army or spread dissenting views on "special military operations" in Ukraine, or call Russia's invasion of Ukraine a war. But what about the so-called West, that is, the European Union and the United States? War propaganda and censorship work here too, only here much more cunning methods are used. For example, there is a good chance that this video will be restricted by YouTube, if I don't use Western propaganda, and I want to be more objective. If I want to reveal the truth, if I want to listen to and present both sides of an argument, they can either delete my video without justification or warning, as Facebook does, or "put it in the shadows" so that it doesn't reach a lot of people, with the excuse of: "content that is objectionable or offensive to some audiences", as they did with my video called Hidden Truth about the War in Ukraine.

In fact, however, the global and globalist corporations that are holding the world in their hands do not like hearing the truth, they are the ones who are holding the governments and the European Commission itself in their hands, or at least influencing their operations. This is why they have just established a so-called thought-police. This new thought police was launched in the USA, but in this year the so-called fact-checkers appeared in Hungary as well.

They call themselves fact-checkers. But I'll show you how they really work. As if they were an authority, with very tight deadlines they interrogate those who they targeted for telling the truth.

So let's see how this fact-checking, how this sort of thought police arrived to Hungary from America. In January 2022, a fact-checking portal called Lakmus was established in Hungary. They spotted me right away, and one of their co-workers, Eszter Neuberger was on to me already in February. She wrote to our press officer on February 7th. I'm going to show you the letter she wrote. It says: I would like to ask you questions about the video shared on 13 January in which you claim that armed border crossing attempts have been regular for weeks at Ásotthalom, on the southern border region: migrants attack police officers with firearms and stones and field guards employed by the municipality.

She didn’t give me much time, they usually only give a few days to respond. I did accordingly and a few days later I sent a reply to Eszter Neuberger, which said: Here are my answers to your questions. On one hand I am sending you the link you asked for, on the other hand the internet is full of videos and evidence about the members of the Hungarian law enforcement being thrown stones at in the border-zone. I'll paste a YouTube video here. Police.hu (the official page of the Hungarian police) is full of such videos. So the recordings of the police show migrants attacking the policemen who are protecting the border, with stones and lately even with firearms.

An evidence that is more accurate and authentic than the police itself would be hard to find. Nevertheless, I even wrote to Eszter Neuberger that it is a very big problem that if someone who calls herself a fact-checker makes an untruthful claim in her question. They are the ones who want to falsify reality and facts. She immediately makes a mis-statement when she states that: "in which you claim that armed attempts to cross the border have been regular for weeks at Ásotthalom, on the southern border region: migrants attack police with firearms and stones" Instead, this is the accurate quote, that’s how I put it in this Youtube video that they started scrutinizing....

I said the following: "They regularly attack the police with stones, violently, but this one case is the first time we've seen a firearm in their hands." It is another matter, by the way, that I will probably be able to report on more of these incidents in the future. So what kind of fact-checker is the one who even in her question uses mis-statements and even her question is inaccurate? By the way, after I sent this letter, Eszter Neuberger - so the Lakmusz- did not even bother to respond and no article was published on this matter.

Then Lakmusz, Eszter Neuberger again to be exact, recently, on 12 May sent another letter to our press office. Once again, it was me and my Youtube channel whom they scrutinized. Basically, I got 3 days to answer her questions. This was impossible. I am showing the letter sent to me by Eszter Neuberger, the so-called fact-checker or Lakmusz.

I printed it, it's 7 pages long. In her 7 pages long letter Eszter Neuberger is examing my video about the Ukrainian-war and she is asking quite baffling questions. Due to the time constraints of the video, I won’t tell you all of her questions, let’s just state it again that just as in her previous letter, she is trying to distort my sentences. I should look back at every minute of my previous video called The Hidden Truth about the War in Ukraine, and refute her claims one by one.

This is impossible, because Eszter Neuberger gave me 3 days only to respond to this insane amount of questions. I have other things to do than answer the questions of the so-called fact-checkers who act as authorities. I have my evidence and YouTube would immediately ban me if I published fake-news, because YouTube itself is monitoring me, this video of my has been put in shadows as well, so it's access is restricted. Obviously, what Eszter Neuberger and Lakmusz is doing, has only one aim: to make me and others whom they have targeted unreliable and to make me wasting my energy on answering their questions. So, Eszter Neuberger didn't even wait for me trying to defend myself, on 17 May the article was publised with the following title: Our Homeland Movement is bringing Putin's propaganda into the Parliament. And, of course, the globalist media quickly takes over the article, it appeared on 24.hu on the same day,

but also appeared on the tabloid portal of Jobbik, showing clearly how Jobbik joined the ranks of the globalists. But who are these so-called fact-checkers, what is the very weird, authority-like formation? Now let us examine them as meticulously as they examine us, who are searching for the truth. It's not a coincidence that I am standing here, in front of the Embassy of the United States of America.

The work of Lakmusz is assisted by an advisory board, whose members belong exclusively to the same globalist circle. Let's look at some names: Stefánia Kapronczay, Managing Director of TASZ Róbert Kotroczó, news director of RTL Hungary Marius Dragomir, CEU (one of the directors of Central European University, of Soros' University) József Péter Martin, Managing Director of Transparency International (party funded by George Soros) in Hungary Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Helsinki Committee. The Helsinki Committee, in addition to George Soros's foundation and university, is funded by the Oak Foundation in Switzerland. The OAK Foundation's funding is being guided by a body that - alongside OAK Foundation President Douglas Griffiths - includes Barbara Rotschild as well – so the Rothschild family is here with us this time again. And since RTL is also included in the list, it should be noted that the operator of the channel is RTL Group from Luxembourg, which is owned by Bertelsmann. Bertelsmann is a private multinational, globalist conglomerate based in Germany.

Bertelsmann also owns a company that censors Facebook, which is brutally biased. After all this, it is not surprising that the main sponsor (and presumably the initiator) of Lakmusz is in fact the European Commission, which typically eats out of the global corporations' hands. With their support, it operates as part of the Hungarian Digital Media Observatory. This is the project of the French news agency AFP, Magyar Jeti Zrt.,which publishes 444, the Media Universalis Foundation at ELTE and the globalist ePressPack based in France.

The team of lakmusz.hu currently consists of three permanent employees. The editor-in-chief of the portal is Blanka Zöldi, formerly known from Direkt36. Nóra Diószegi-Horváth, editor-in-chief of the extreme-liberal Mérce.hu until last May, is also a member of the team. The third collaborator is Eszter Neuberger, who used to write for the left-liberal 444. The employees of Direkt36 and 444 were previously linked by Magyar Nemzet to the US secret services. The newspaper wrote about Direkt36's Szabolcs Panyi that as a journalist he is connected to American secret service groups, groups that have good relations with the American Democratic Party.

Szabolcs Panyi travelled remarkably often to America, and like many journalists currently working at 444.hu, he went on a so-called "overseas study trips". We can see that the leading military forces of both world-powers, the two sides of the bipolar world order – Russia and the USA both use censorship, but while Russia uses this kind of war propaganda and, of course, censorship in a very harsh and very direct way (anyone who formulates something against the official position might receive a 15-year prison sentence), in the West, which, of course, is dominated by the US and the global corporations behind it, they use much more cunning tools, but they also hide the truth in the same way, they also hunt the fact-finders. If we say that the Americans have done virtually the same thing that Russia is doing now, then we can expect fact-checkers, as a kind of authority, to appear and try to discredit us, to attack us. While it turns out that these fact-checkers are the ones who like to change and falsify the facts and everything can be said about them, except for that they would be independent. That is why the Our Homeland Movement says that we need neutrality, we need the truth, we are not taking either side, we stand up for truth.

2022-05-28 21:33

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