USA VLOG total eclipse, spring on the east coast, kurt meets a corgi lol, san diego trip

USA VLOG  total eclipse, spring on the east coast, kurt meets a corgi lol, san diego trip

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And hello everyone, hello, where  you going? So welcome to Pennsylvania, we are   here mainly for the eclipse that is happening  tomorrow. Our flight here was incredible because   I happened to look out the window and over like we had just passed Alaska going into Canada and   we saw the northern lights for a long time. It  was probably like 30 minutes to 45 minutes of   just endless constantly changing Northern Lights  which was I've never seen them before and so   that was such a treat. Anyway thank you for  tuning in and we're also going to San Diego   on this trip which is amazing, going to see some  friends. And yeah I will see you guys wherever   we end up tomorrow. Okay so see you! Ready for adventure! Greetings from a Panera parking lot. We are in our Eclipse gear and we've been driving for  

about 3 hours right outside of Albany. It's  cold, getting some snacks. Where's Louie? There's Louie! We' made it to the rest stop. We're   at Valcour somewhere in Upstate New York.  Perfectly blue skies, hoping that holds. There

are - ALIENS - no there are many people.  We're here 5 hours early! How are you doing Louie? The problem is you just have you   have to look directly at the sun and  that means that your face is really hot.   It is really hot today but there there's  a wind, there's wind. Ready?! You can take it off! That's crazy! I'm never going to be able to   capture this perfectly but yeah stunning - it is 3pm. I apologize for my shaking hands, it's so cold. Coming  

out! Oh oh oh glass is back on. Woo! How fast  it comes back out. That was really fast! Does someone have fireworks? And we're back! How you doing Louie? Not really normal Shadows - yeah because the  lights are so fractured. Okay good morning from Kingston  New York - question mark. We just stopped  

by because on our way home, there  was a bookstore that we wanted to hit   and now we have a 3-hour, 3-hour  ride home so I will catch you guys then. Hi everyone welcome back. I just need to say  for the people who travel to Korea and Japan, I get   it, I fully get it, but if you are from Pennsylvania  New Jersey New York which is where we were on this   trip, if you are from one of those three places  and you are not obsessed with your own trees....I   have seen the most beautiful cherry blossom and  like all other blossom trees on this trip than I   have in Korea. I think that like Korea and Japan  it's just the sheer amount of them in like one   place, like the fact that there are streets lined  with them like I fully understand it but like   Pennsylvania! Look at this weeping gorgeous  weeping hot pink cherry thing. There's a ton   of them, they're huge also the biggest just  like the most wonderful shaped trees I've ever   seen. I'm having a ball on this trip. This is  my first real spring in Pennsylvania. I lived in  

this like New York City but the trees are like  very strategic there, this is like every single   yard - stunning. So if you are from a place that has blossoms, I hope that you are still really   loving them even though it's like common  place for you in your own town. But anyway   yeah we're back - so far on this trip we've been  to three states, we're going to tack on another   one, we're still heading to California and that  leads me to thanking the sponsor of this video   which is Surfshark VPN so vpn's are a virtual  private network where basically you can take your   computer and do things like changing its location  in case you are in places where you can't access   certain things so like if you need a certain  Netflix library - if you do not have Young Royals   available in your country on Netflix, please use  the VPN and watch it. I binged it before we left. So yeah you can change your location, you can also secure your network if you are like using   a lot of public Wi-Fi which we have been -  so much sketchy public Wi-Fi on this trip. So  

if you access like a sensitive website, people  can't get in there and steal your information.   There's also a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it, and if you realize you don't use it...I   used Surfshark for years, love them very much  so I have a code down below you can use   cari cakes and there's a link down there as well which includes a really great discount including   three extra months free of Surfshark VPN, so  definitely check them out. All that information   will be in the description box but thank you  so much to Surfshark for sponsoring this. So   I will catch you guys in a bit. Oh just this tree,  this tree I can't get over it. I feel bad for my   neighbors, I keep taking pictures of their house.  Yeah I'm just, it was a really wonderful trip.  

The eclipse was stunning, so I hope a lot of you guys also got to see it and if not, I hope that   my footage helped you have a little taste but yeah I'm going to, I'm going to head   inside it's like 60 - no it's like 75° outside.  I'm going to actually get out of the sun, it's   a little bit hot but we have one more day  and then I will see you guys in San Diego.   So okay goodbye from me and my favorite tree  on Earth at the moment. See you later!

Oh baby, never a dull day. Hello, we are back home, back  in San Diego after a wild night of   cancelled flights, over sold flights, we made  it here. Oh no leaf blower, that's my sign   to focus on walking down these stairs. But  welcome to Oceanside, my place of birth. I  

love it very much. The smells, the fact that my  skin is already sticky with the salt water.   So happy to be here. And we're going to go  find some morning coffee, see some friends. Good morning, another day in Oceanside. Oceanside Pier. Very happy to be here even though it is the  overcast weather. This is the weather in which my family and I always went to the beach for so it   feels very natural to be here on like a gloomier  day. I just like forgot all the smells - like Kurt   and I went for a walk yesterday morning as well  and just smelling like certain, there's a lot of   very heavily scented plants in San Diego  and I just forgot them so I was on my walk and I   was just like smelling everything but yeah it's  been it's been really great and I'm happy I was   able to be home and I'll see you guys at the  airport probably as the next time I'll check in so :) Okay and we've made it back home. Welcome  back to Seoul. It's been a while. We got in last  

night about an hour early, it was quite a short  flight considering. It was also an empty flight   so it felt very cozy, like it didn't really  feel like a - I don't know, we hit a lot of   turbulence but I felt no anxiety. It was very nice. So yeah just a great trip. A very hectic one   that was definitely like not a trip I would do  again but I'm just happy that I got to see my   family, my friends. I got to see all the new babies  even though they were like hiccups in the schedule  I got to see everyone at least for a couple  seconds and yeah, was also wonderful to   leave, I mean right when cherry blossoms were out  but other than that like nothing else was really   getting green but to come back to a rainy spring day and everything is green. I feel alive, I feel so  

happy. So for today I'm still kind of jetlagged,  I woke up at 4:00 a.m. so I'm just going to be   editing this video for you today and then we're going to dive right into packing and moving and   then yeah. The next couple videos are going  to be in the new apartment which is pretty   exciting so yeah I feel like people got  a little bit confused, we signed the papers, we   signed the contract for the house but we are not  moving in until the end of April so in now 10   days so we've got like a week and a half to  get our lives together and move. So that's our   next adventure and yeah thank you again to Surfshark for sponsoring this. There will be a link  

down below but you can use the code cari cakes to get a discount and then also 3 months free of surf   shark VPN so definitely check out the description  box but yeah I will catch you guys later. Thank you   as always for being along on the ride. I just did  like a mini run through of editing this and it's   funny that this was such a long trip but I ended up, just because I was seeing friends and family,   I didn't film as much so it's just so funny  how like what I decided to film. Yeah it felt   truly surreal to be back in San Diego, to just  be like in my hometown again but there was no   family there. So yeah the trip was truly just, I  think overall surreal and a little bit of a rush   and ended up meeting like a lot of nice people  in the airport. I, Kurt hates it how much I  

when I'm in America how much I small talk -  but to be fair I never start the conversations   I just don't know how to end them and I like  talking to people so I tend to get like roped   into these long conversations. Kurt was dying  because for the trip from New York to San Diego   it's a 6-hour flight and I talked to the guy next  to me for four of those hours until I completely   passed out. And again like in the airports and things like that I just ended   up having cute conversations with strangers  and I always love that that always kind of   like recharges me and reminds me that there are  interesting and lovely people everywhere you go. So yeah I feel like even though the trip was  definitely exhausting, I'm really happy we   we got to do it so yeah I will catch you guys  next week in whatever state we're in. We're kind   of, I mean the house is a mess but it's sort  of like do I clean it? I don't know, so just be   prepared but yeah just love to you always,  hope you're doing well. See you next week bye!

2024-04-25 16:30

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