Untouched Nature - Chakrata Uttarakhand - A Beautiful Hill Station - Sawai Danda Resort Chakrata

Untouched Nature - Chakrata Uttarakhand -  A Beautiful Hill Station - Sawai Danda Resort Chakrata

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I wish I keep looking and talking to these flowers while sitting with them. from this point you can take 360 degree view. we were not expecting this much cold in the month of May. But this is Chakrata, whoever is coming here please bring your heavy jackets along with you. Hello Everyone, welcome back to OTA EXPERT, we welcome you to Devbhoomi. Very lovely weather, rainy season means travel season As soon as it starts raining we head out to show you the beautiful places.

We are talking about the most beautiful hill station of Uttarakhand near Dehradun is Chakrata. We are taking you there, and it is 7500ft high from Dehradun. It is known for its peaceful and pollution free environment. so it's beautiful too, people rarely visit here because it falls under cantonment zone. We have shown you some area of it before but we will show some different area today, so lets go. In this whole way, you will not only see beautiful views but also hear the sound of water flowing in the river. We started our journey from Dehradun and by crossing Vikas Nagar we reached Kalsi In Kalsi, if you are coming with kids because last time when we came here we took kids there.

You will get to see the Ashok's rock edicts And we will get more articles from ancient times that you can show to children Just after crossing the Kalsi there is temple of Goddess Kaali. After visiting there, we will move forward what a lovely place this is, and it's so peaceful here This zig zag road is very beautiful, and see, we are also getting darshan of Maa Yamuna river from here. we've come a long way from the Goddess Kaali temple.

but i want to tell you that after crossing the temple there will be two roads. one way goes to the Main Chakrata straight where you don't have to go. the other one goes downwards from the same point towards Yamunotri Dham that way you have to take. On the way at different point You will get the signage of Sawai Danda Resort. Here we are taking you. and these natural flowers wow.

as soon as we came here we entered into the room and changed because everyone was feeling cold. But it's just a little sunny, here the weather is always changing frequently. This is a very beautiful location. We will start from the reception first.

Very cozy reception, and a lovely fragrance is coming of wood from here. The name of this place is Sawai Danda Resort, Sawai is the name of the village here, due to which it was named as Sawai. it is not big but it is beautiful. There are total 12 cottages in different style in this cottage that we will show you.

A lot of parking space is available. While coming here we saw Oak and Pine trees on the way. but this property is surrounded by Deodar trees. so lets come i will show you some cottages now.

This is the restaurant area, we will show you at the time of lunch. rooms are downstairs. as you will come climbing down the stairs you will a big ground in which sitting area is given.

Tables and chairs are available for separate sitting for different guests of different rooms. The wings are given here. and my eyes are falling on these tyres, so you will get these types of activities here. there are bamboo cottages in front in which we are staying and we will show you from inside later.

a new construction is going on here out of which one room is ready that also we will show you. This side there are some cottages named as Deodar cottages. reaching to the room is difficult because before that if you will see this place you will stuck here. see these beautiful and lovely flowers here. they are looking beautiful and the Deodar Trees in the front. this types of the flowers that are grown itself are generally found in the Gulmarg I am feeling like i am in Gulmarg.

i didn't know that but my husband told me that these flowers are found in Gulmarg. I have seen this type of place in Chakrata only. Beautiful view and selfie point. So you click lots of pictures here. We have already clicked pictures here.

You will get good picture on instagram. My ID is otaexpert, you will keep getting our good pictures there. Local dogs are found on the offbeat location like this. this is pet friendly property so you can bring your pets here. Let me show you some rooms of this resort.

And we have Tia and Komal with us. Komal is our new team member of OTA EXPERT. and they are busy with their dance practise. the clips of their dance will available on Instagram. so in this lane there are 8 rooms, so if you are coming with group here you can book all the rooms.

There is a lot of sitting space is given in front of the room and the stones used here are shinning a lot, looking beautiful. this is giving a complete look of cottage with this contrast with wood. Rooms is simple and spacious with comfortable bedding. All the basic amenities are given here.

Sitting space is given here. Washrooms are also spacious. The best thing of these rooms is that you will get a full beautiful mountain view from bed. You can say these are the base categories rooms so the tariff is just INR 3000 for two people including breakfast. and if you want to book it with breakfast and dinner the tariff will be INR 4000 now lets go towards bamboo cottages where we are staying.

this area is totally separate, if you want to come with big family or friends you can book these cottages separately and you are getting this landscaping and these natural flowers for free. a very beautiful bedding. wardrobe, TV, sitting. the whole cottage is made with bamboo, some people color it with paint but here it it is kept natural. the effects of these lights is also looking good.

we always expect the good view from bed, here you will get a good view from your bed. we won't call it luxurious but all the basic things that we need are available here. Electric kettle and intercom also is given here through which you can easily connect with staff. A lot of snow falls here in the months of December and January. you can visit here at that time too. If i talk about the neat and cleanness then everything seems to be neat and clean to me.

specially we focus more on washroom's cleanliness. Let's see what Komal and Tia are doing inside? this cottage is also exactly the same. Hello, These two have been on the phone ever since they arrived, clicking picture and making reels. How is your cottage? Very Nice. rooms are spacious, if there are extra people in group then extra bedding can also be done here. washroom is also exactly the same.

a long mirror is given in all the wardrobe, and inside the wardrobe lots of blankets. A dish Tv is also given in the cottage. Wi-Fi is available you can connect the internet for easy connectivity with office and collogues.

I pledge, that I will make the possible changes in my daily life to protect the environment. I really liked taking this pledge and you should take this pledge. Our officers and their colleagues have come from the Forest Department here. we took pledge with them, and with us you also take pledge. this is such type of initiative that we should apply this in our daily life, we should not depend on government. Do not litter and if you see it spreading somewhere, keep it at a safe place.

We have taken a pledge and we will definitely apply this in our daily life. we are feeling hungry now, let's eat our lunch is ready now. kids have already arrived, and today we will eat Chinese. full Chinese, fried rice, gravy Manchurian, and this is chilly paneer with less gravy. semi gravy, yes. And we are most happy because we have got these plates.

we can put everything in just one plate and eat easily. Looks very nice and delicious. Tia bring the plate forward, Tia will eat first and will tell how is it. Enough with Manchurian see the chilled cold coffee, both of them are going to have cold coffee. both of them have tasted and their expressions are telling that the food is delicious.

we really liked the food , generally good Chinese is not available everywhere. Chinese is light food and it should feel light also. some people make it very heavy but it was light and we really liked it. I am showing you one more set up, the new huts are being constructed here, so sitting space is given outside. these are two huts, out of which one is complete. Even outside of the huts you will get this space for sitting and for pets extra pet bed is given here.

The concept of other cottages is not wooden, but this cottage is completely wooden. wow View is awesome. The whole cottage is looking very beautiful from inside. and the bedding with color contrast & rugs is giving a premium look. from going here, there is a loft area upward but before that let me show you the washroom.

If you are coming with family or friends, four to six people can easily accommodate here. for kids this loft area is the best they really have fun. the best part is that you are getting a proper height here. the space in this is equal to a room. this room is just completed, no one stayed here yet so few things are still pending like TV. You will get it complete when you will come.

For four people the tariff of this room is INR 7500 with breakfast and dinner. I think this is the fair price for whole hut. See the weather has changed completely, it is raining lightly These trees of Deodar are enhancing the beauty of this whole property. The best part in this location is view and the weather. In such locations if you will go here and there you definitely get something good to see we were told that there is a temple of lord Shiva at approx. 2km from here and 4 wheeler can easily go

There is a top from where you will get 360 degree view. so let's go there. Shilgur Mahadev Maharaj Ki Jai, Har Har Mahadev. See what a beautiful place Lord Mahadev is sitting at. What a beautiful place.

weather is not clear today if it was you could have seen the 360 degree view and snow peaks are also clearly visible from here. car has reached from here we have to trek just till there. It will be better if you will come here by SUV The road is paved but you can reach the property by trekking for 2 km Weather has changed and it has become completely black There is a temple in front but in Chakrata mostly people come to see Tiger fall. We have also seen the tiger fall but everyone must visit this temple for sure You get a valley view on both sides and in center it seems like we are standing on an island.

It's a thunderstorm and anyway it was predicted today that's why this storm is going on It looks just like a tornado, the clouds are going all the way down we have seen this type of weather in the movies but today we are seeing this in real What a beautiful weather it was today and what a sight we saw, enjoyed a lot today But somewhere there was fear in my opinion, what fear did you people feel? no not at all Sometimes such a weather attracts as much as it becomes a problem. sometimes we need to get out of these things that's why we came running and because we were wet too so we have ordered hot tea and with that we have got great cookies and mixture with cashew, now lets have tea also there are few chocolate's, I will take kitkat Look, as soon as the rain stopped, the entire weather was washed away and the visibility became clear and also we can see clear snow peaks We haven't brought our jackets this time, that's why we were waiting for the bonfire and its about to start Let the fire burn quickly, let us have fun and feel a little warm with hot snacks Now feeling bit comfortable and since Tia has been burnt, she stay away from fire and that's why she is standing bit far from fire but I am feeling good Let's start with our healthy food, Tia will start with papaya first. Komal had to eat papaya It is the turn of snacks, coffee now we have peanut chaat, pakoras, Eating peanuts in winter brings some warmth and hot coffee, and how is the coffee. we've been sitting in front of the bonfire for the last two hours But now that dinner is ready, I had to get up and come. Tia went to the room she didn't come. it's feeling warm in here Looks great inside the restaurant We will send Tia's food in her room.

Hot food is ready for us and the smell reaching our nose. and this is the usual food that we always eat and you know it. Daal Makhani, Paneer, Rice Chapatti & Salad. See the salad, the preparation was something different, and this is done by Mr. Sharma.

and see the specially written S in Dal, S for Sapna. I will send Tia's dinner plate in her room and we will eat here. I have already praised the food, Tea, coffee, and snacks were all good and the lunch that we had was also delicious. Most of people comment me asking why you always praise food? If I will get good food then it is obvious I will praise the food. so if you go in resort with our reference after watching our video, you will get the same food if you will tell them that i have praised their food.

100% you will get the same food. the food was really delicious. We called the chef, and in front of you we are saying it to the chef. chef told us that he made this type of food daily. Five star is failed in front of your food chef.

And I want if our viewers will come here the same taste of food should be delivered to them. sweet is left now, we will eat dessert. we will eat Custurd in the dessert. In winter add more fun to the cold, Komal likes Custered very much, she has fed us many times at home too. let's have a taste hmm it is actually tasty.

thank you chef awesome food awesome weather, seriously we had too much fun on this trip it was amazing. It is late night now now but we have planned to visit the temple in the morning if the weather will be fine. It is all depend on the weather tomorrow, we will woke up at 6 in the morning and then we will decide where we will go for walk.

We will give you all the details, that all for now good night. See you in the morning. Good morning, see how beautiful voice is coming of birds here. What a beautiful view of snow peaks in front. The sun rises at exactly 05:15 AM in the morning. we didn't come out of the room because of the cold weather so we looked from here only. and i was feeling lazy too.

but we came outside and are going towards temple now. because the weather is looking clear now so we will get clear 360 degree angle view. finally we have reached to the temple to do darshan of Lord Shiva. and it's such a lovely place seriously the weather is clear at this time you can take 360 degree view from this point. Yesterday we had darshan in a hurry but today we have had very good darshan it is very ancient you can take idea by seeing at Shiva Linga. The tall Shiva Linga is very rare to see.

You will feel positivity and peace after coming here. Lord Bhole Nath keep his grace on all of us It is the time for breakfast, the cold Curd, Poha, and hot Parathas. The place is tremendous, if the food is also good in such a great place, then the fun of living becomes more. camping Our stay was very comfortable, the food was also very good, when you will come, I am sure you will get good food only.

There is an ample space for groups specially for schools/colleges good option for camping as well and whenever you come do visit the temple rooms categories which we have shown includes basic amenities which is definitely in everyone's budget chaini churani is the name of this place which is a part of chakrata and you can easily find when you are on the way from mussoorie to yamunotri we have already shown you the way from where we have reach here from vikas nagar side so we have shown you a budget friendly property which includes basic amenities and other things as well and location is ultimate and those who are seeing for the first time please subscribe the channel and also like the videos to see these types of option keep travelling with OTA Expert. Jai Maa Gange Har Har Gange

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