UNSEEN TURKEY | Sandikli, Kaklik Caves (Underground Pamukkale) [Eng Subtitles]

UNSEEN TURKEY | Sandikli, Kaklik Caves (Underground Pamukkale) [Eng Subtitles]

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Merhaba He is saying that this is underground Pamukkale He is asking me to take off my glasses He wants to beat me Hello! Hi! He is joking This is our next ride I don't think any of you will ever come to this area I had bought Baklava from a bakery in Istanbul This is much better than that I have told you how to catch them They have their own cafe What is your cafe's name? A new day has begun I am in the city of Denizli Its Sehir In Turkish, its Sehir He is Emrah I met him through, Gökhan whom I met yesterday who came to receive me at the train station He is his cousin We are going to Pamukkale from Denizli We will go to Gokhan's house After that we are going to a village It is a Turkish village It is called Otluk It is Gokhan's village His parents live there Let's see how is the culture there One thing I have noticed is... There is a lack of driving skills There is no lane discipline They don't do a lot of things I am sitting here wow! He is able to understand my language! Hindi? No, I don't speak Hindi Then how did he understand? All Turkey's best Turkish dessert food Haci Şerif All Turkey's beautiful Only Haci Şerif Haci Şerif Is it? Yes, it is only beautiful Baklava... Künefe... Kadayıf This is a recommendation from a local he said, you can find it all over Turkey its probably a chain where you can buy sweets and take back home This is our Haldiram This is Baklava I bought Baklava from a bakery in Istanbul This is much better than that Actually, it is good But it is too sweet This is all Baklava There are different types of Baklava Baklava is a famous sweet in Turkey like Agra is famous for its Petha Mathura for Peda This is Turkey's Baklava It starts from 120 Lira You can get 1 Lira for 4.25 INR It starts from 120 Lira and goes up to 280 Lira What I just had was 280 Lira I am not endorsing the brand They have not paid me anything I actually liked it This is for Helva And Ice cream We have reached Pamukkale I can see the Pamukkale mountain It is right in front of me It is not that big This was the entry point of Pamukkale Now we are going to meet Gokhan This is Gokhan's Cafe Let me tell you. He is Gokhan She is his wife I was in Bishkek for a month 3 months in Kyrgyzstan.

It was a pleasure to meet her It's 2.30 PM We are about to leave We are going to a place called Otluk Otluk is in which province? Afyonkarahisar... Yes, it is in Afyonkarahisar Currently, we are in Denizli province We are going to a village called Otluk His parents live in there This is the place There is an attraction called Kaklik Caves which is not visited by many people when they visit Pamukkale This is a problem You need a car to get here or you need to contact him I have told you how to catch him He owns a cafe What is your cafe's name? Coffee Inn Once you reach Pamukkale, you can talk to him He will help you This is underground Pamukkale Gokhan told me a good thing He told me that this is underground Pamukkale Do you feel the smell? Here, it has sulphur That's why it smells Because of sulphur, this is so smelly Yes, so smelly and I remember, during my school days, I used to smell something like this outside the chemistry lab. The place is good, the only thing is how to reach here. There is no public transport, and if they like, want to come.. we can help and bring them here.

Okay, that's a nice thing. You can talk to them. This is Sandikli Sandikl... is the pronunciation we going to see a farmer's market with Gokhan and now we are going to meet someone special We're going to meet Gokhan's dad Gokhan comes from Otluk his parents still live there but he lives in a city this is the real countryside you can experience the real Turkish culture at places like this So noisy! like any Indian Market Here are dry fruits... No.. Baked things

So, this is the name of the bazaar. Sandikli.... The short name is Sandikli Bazaar. Sandikli Pazaar. Starts with P But sounds like our 'bazaar' Farmers can sell their produce directly Okay, okay.

That is a permanent/daily market, this side is a weekly one Olive When I came to Turkey for the first time, I saw how many olives they eat. It's a part of the culture. Hello.

Merhaba. What do you call this? This is Zeytin. What? Zeytin. Olive. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you, it's okay. Thank you.

It's okay, it's okay. Zeytin. Where are you from? From India.

India? Yes. Yes. I am Turkey. I know. I know.

Afghan. Okay. Hello, hi. Hello. He is joking. So this is the car? Yes.

Okay. This is our next ride. We will sit in this and go to his village, Putluk.

Yeah. Where, in Pamukkale? Yeah, in Pamukkale. Also in general.

But do you think people here, they also lock their house? Of course. They lock? They lock. Okay, okay.

We were just talking like this. It's a common neighborhood. I don't think any of you will ever come to this area. I just came because I had to go to the village. So this was the nearest big place 'Big' means in comparison to the village.

Otherwise... But yes, this is a typical Turkish neighborhood. So we were talking about whether this is safe. Because his father...

So this is very old design architecture? No, this is old house. Old house, yeah. Yeah, I know.

Before, yeah, they preserve. Because people cannot come inside. His father's truck, which he brings from the village to sell things, he didn't lock it. I asked them, How do you manage then? He said, we don't lock. its safe here This is a nice old house. Yeah, people still live inside.

Still live inside, okay. its broken But this region has no earthquake. No earthquake? No. But other regions have earthquake? Yeah, Pamukkale also. Pamukkale also? Okay.

Not always. Once a... Merhaba Me and Gokhan we are going to do something very important. We are going to find a salon for my hair cut It's a big problem, really. I don't know if they will understand or not. Although I don't want to change my hairstyle.

But still, I don't want to ruin it. Like what happened to me once in Serbia. Berber. Berber? Berber.

Barber? Berber. Potatoes and tomatoes have the same name. Potatoes? Potatoes. Potatoes is? Potatoes. Potatoes.

Tomatoes is? Tomatoes. Tomatoes. It's easy.

It's not like 'kartoshka' (Russian). Potatoes. Is this Berber? Yes. Finally, I found Berber. I asked him to search on Google. He said, I don't think people use Google here.

Half an hour later? Yes. Do you want a haircut? Yes. Okay. Are you available? Anyone waiting? This reminds me of Narwana It is a town in the North of Haryana, bordering Punjab As kids, we used to go there to meet our grandparents Those streets were like this only the 'railway Road' there used to be a bit congested But it was something in the middle of a city and village.

I'm not sure how is my haircut going to be today? Explaining the Barber in a foreign country is not an easy task This is a challenge of getting a haircut in a foreign country I will get sick if I travel with wet hairs this smells good he is checking my channel Wow, that truck is really loaded up! Village farmers brought something to sell in this market They are now going back with the things they purchased. The authentic Turkish Village experience has started now He is Gokhan's Dad He's taking us to his village in this truck.

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