Unfiltered by Samdish ft. BJP's Temjen Imna Along | Nagaland's Minister of Higher Education, Tourism

Unfiltered by Samdish ft. BJP's Temjen Imna Along | Nagaland's Minister of Higher Education, Tourism

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Ka-BOOM! Oh my god, I made a mistake. Come on, 1, 2, 3, start. No, no. Do you know what the headline will be tomorrow? The minister broke the YouTuber's hand. No, no, it's not like that.

What do you say to yourself in the mirror? How cute I am. You can also fish? Yeah. But when I go, the fish keep laughing. Why do they laugh? I can't catch them.

Honorable... Home Minister? He doesn't laugh. Why though? It's not possible if the Home Minister laughs. Would anyone believe him? They eat a lot of paan and spit a lot. Do something about this culture. I'll tell them not to spit, put it back. Tell us a funny political story.

Is political funny? Didn't you watch the interview with Chhattisgarh CM? I did. Didn't you find it funny? Poor guy. Is it why you are so serious today? After watching that, I lost my cool. I was going from one place to another.

Usually I was going to the washroom. I had to cross that place. There was a nice lady dancing. And the flakes were in my hands. Confetti. I danced and did it.

And then I left. Whoever took that photo? Like unfiltered by Samdish. Look at his. It's too long. We've chosen a location from where one can see the whole city. It should be clear that we have come all the way to Nagalaaaand! This is the church.

The Church plays a very important part in the politics here, tribe also plays a very important part. Prohibition was enacted in the 80s. Alcohol is illegal here.

You all know what happens wherever there is prohibition. So there is prohibition, there is tribalism, there is considerable corruption in the system, Church has a major role. #Showoff Did you know every tribe has its own language? Each tribe has its own language, its own food.

There is no written script. There is still an active demand for a different constitution, a different flag. Nagas developed a language to ease communication amongst the tribes and with people of the surrounding areas. It is called Nagamese. To discover more such fascinating stuff... #BJPinNagaland Obviously pata tha! The BJP is a member of the ruling alliance here.

He's famous for his Hindi, his self-deprecating humour etc etc... Temjen Imna Alooooong!!! #Overacting You know what I was about to do? We can take it again. If you can walk again, I will be sleeping.

And you wake me up. Sorry Samdish, I was late, but wake up. Do it once. I'll be sleeping. I'll be acting. I'm sorry I'm late.

You're here? Come sit. I acted so bad. Chalega na. How are you? I'm doing good.

I saw your video. The one with the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister. How did you like it? It was wonderful.

But then I saw your walk with Rahul also. How did you like it? It was good. You made him forcefully say something. #kyabulwaaya #Subscribekaro You will also have to say it. I wanted to ask him so much more stuff, I thought he'll give me a sit-down interview for 2 hours. They gave me only 15 minutes.

So I covered it. But they were not very happy with my video. They thought I was too critical of the Congress party.

Where did you get the kurta stitched from? I didn't get it stitched, I bought it. Where did you get it from? Plus. You look like Akshay Kumar from Namastey London. He wears exactly the same kurta. Namastey London? When his car breaks down, Gughi paaji is talking on the phone. He says, should I direct this? Should I direct that? Please whatsapp the name of the film to me.

I'll watch it. Namastey London. You must, every patriotic Indian should watch Namastey London. There's Katrina in it, Akshay.

That's fine then, it will be pleasing to watch. Vicky took Katrina away. There's no other way. Tell me more. What did you have for breakfast? What do you call it? Suji. Suji ka halwa.

Suji ka halwa? Your breakfast is really good. I'm coming here for the fourth time and I haven't seen any breakfast tradition. There's brunch here. A lot of people leave at 6-7 in the morning after having their food.

You talk at this speed? Yes. Or do you talk a little fast too? You tell me. I have to think before I talk. No, think before you talk.

But when you're having fun, have fun. When it's about policy, you can think all you want. Bhavesh bhai, is the audio okay? There's some noise, right? This is a kind of bug. What is its name? I don't know. How did you meet this person? They are working in our team.

They are youth from here. They asked to question you. Do you know them? Angami? Angami and Ao mix. There is a character to each village. Like? If you send him to catch fish, he will catch fish from where none of us will be able to. Every village has its own character. You can also fish? Yeah.

But when I go, the fish keep laughing. Why do they laugh? I can't catch them. When did you realise that self-deprecating humour was working for you? I found out one thing. If I say something which is originally and naturally about somebody, people don't take it well, you know.

The world has almost lost humour. That's true. Too serious, man. That's true. #bahutzyaadaserious And people think that being serious is the only thing that's sexy. Because instead of feeling bad about anybody saying anything, what do we do? As we are, we are.

But it's tough in your profession. Especially like your party leaders. Some of the central leaders are too serious. Don't you think so? I think so. Right? Whose name? I don't say names.

At least tell us a little. I don't say names. If you've seen my videos, you know I want names. Are you scared of anyone in the Central BJP leadership? No, I'm not scared of anyone. But there are very serious people.

Our Honourable Home Minister. Yes, that's true. He doesn't laugh. Why though? He doesn't laugh because he's the Home Minister. Would anyone believe in him? He's a serious man. He means business.

Do you know what happened with Baghel ji, which I have also done with you? I went to the CM's house in Chhattisgarh wearing shorts. And I didn't know that the protocol was that you can't go to the CM house in shorts. I didn't know. No, there in Chhattisgarh. I don't know about here. So they had to change protocol to let me in.

So I can wear this, right? With you. What can I call you? Call me Along. Along.

I find that very fascinating about some people. Who live out their whole lives in a small geographical area. When we used to talk about Dimapur in our childhood, it felt like we were in Europe. What are you saying? Obviously. Did you have any relatives who were from Delhi, Mumbai or even abroad? Did you know anyone? No.

There must have been some villagers. This is a fascinating thing, I didn't think it would come here. How much information did you have? Did you have TV in your house? Were there active newspapers in Nagaland like Morung Express and Nagaland Post? I think Nagaland Post, Nagaland Page are one of the oldest newspapers. Morung and all are quite new.

So those old ones were there when you were growing up? Yes. Television, yes, it was there from early 80s. #nostalgia So was it available in Mokokchung or did you have to go to Dimapur to buy it? No, you either had to go to Jorhat or come down to Dimapur. Jorhat? You had to go to Assam? Yes. So, the information about Delhi, like the assassination of Indira Gandhi, or anything else, there was so much happening in the mid 80s. Did that information used to come here? Did it have an impact? There were very few leaders from the state who were so adept to Delhi.

Except for a few like Dr. S.C. Jamir. Otherwise, most were confined to the state and to the state issues. issues that was more relevant and suddenly we have opened up and people are getting to know the intricacies slowly. I am enjoying it. I really enjoy coming here. Look, there is one thing, if you see Nagaland, modernity is increasing, greenery is there, weather is good. Yeah.

All these things are one thing. But Nagaland is a very mystic and mysterious cultural and traditional state. Our people did not have a written script. The narrative somewhere almost lost. The stories of folklore and then what is actually happening and what actually were practiced and happened in Nagaland is something to be found out. Now I as a Naga why would I say it? in Nagaland is something to be found out. Now I as a Naga why would I say it? Okay, if you were to give me one thing of what fascinates you most about Naga history or this folklore.

In tradition, there was order. In tradition, there was culture. And in all this, there were unknown mysticisms which moved the community and the people.

We are afraid that if this all opens up a little more, then it will end. then it will end. This mysticism will go away. We are not very populous. We are hardly 20-22 lakhs. Actually, Nagas tribes are endangered species. Don't you think so?

I do feel it's very fascinating when I've interacted and when I've gotten to know about the tribal culture and how Nagaland still lives in villages You know, it's a state which really is living in its villages. That I find very fascinating. When I did the trek from Nagaland, Kohima to Wokha, it was very fascinating to see the landscape and then to interact in different villages. It's not only fascinating because of the viewpoint of seeing a very different kind of a village. Once you try to know the way we lived our life, once you try to know, in every folklore, in every song, there is something.

We don't just create some kind of song and then sing it, you know. If one needs to know Nagaland, go and sit in the village, speak with the old people. and if you can win their heart and their trust, they may tell you many things. Absolutely and respect the local culture, not bombard you with obnoxious tourism like we've done with North Indian Hill Stations.

We really want people to come to Nagaland but we want the people to respect our tradition, the way of life. Our traditions and culture are rooted in our villages, not in cities. Every village in and around has traditional history. You go to Kohima village, the different Khels, they have their own way of doing things.

It's very fascinating. There is no written history but still that tradition is going on. We are very old people. But we didn't write down our stories. Should I ask a controversial question? Go ahead. Go ahead. Which tribe has the best food? Or am I not supposed to ask this? I don't know.

Is it okay if I ask this? No, no, no. It's not controversial. Every tribe has its own taste. But which one do you like the most? I like the food of the Sema tribe.

Okay. Akhuni and dried pork. Is Akhuni their food? Yes. If you befriend the Sema tribe, and shake hands, then you will have to keep friendship atleast till Delhi. The smell of Akhuni, it is so conductive to where you have touched. That's why they say, if you do friendships with Sema, you have to maintain it that for a long time.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how corrupt is Nagaland politics? Say 4. Okay. Do you ever have to deal with people who you know are corrupt and you still have to deal with them? Corruption is not just about taking money. Corruption is lack of being able to do the right thing in the right place at the right time. Corruption can also be looking selfish of working only for me and mine than working for people.

But in the last 7-8 years, there has been a lot of change. The policies have changed. You didn't answer the second part of my corruption question. Do you ever have to deal with people who you know are corrupt? I'll be very honest.

I gave you 4 points out of 10 because of a lot of negligence or ignorance. But there are talks of favoritism here as well. In relation to tribes. It's in the human soul.

I'm not saying that it's especially in Nagaland. I'm not saying that at all. But since you are the Nagaland's minister, I will talk about Nagaland only. Can I ask you a very honest question? Tell me. Temjen, you are talking very honestly so, Oh, I have to say Along, not Temjen.

It's an honest question, please. Can you cross your heart and say that you don't ever do favouritism, you don't indulge in what could be slightly problematic practices because to win elections, to run a party in a state, obviously you can't accept it on camera, I get that. No.

Why not? There are obviously some things you have to do, no? Favoritism in the sense... I mean, like... I do. Like distributing alcohol during elections. Okay. I was there in the elections this time.

I was... On one day, I was... I don't distribute. You don't distribute? People do. Yes. People do.

People drink. And it's a fact. In Nagaland, it's a fact. They've set up a dry area for the name.

It's no more dry. Everywhere wet. So, do you think prohibition should move away? Because in your civil society, some people say that due to prohibition Black marketers have become stronger.

And whoever wants to drink, will drink. This is what I hear in Nagaland. Look, there's one thing.

Today, times have changed. Now, the drinker drinks. Now, either you hypocritically... show off that we don't drink alcohol in Nagaland... and keep it shut. Or you, with the help of the government...

open proper wine stores. Have sales above the age. give limited licenses if this happens, it will be fine many people are drinking fake liquor hanging and dying It's so dangerous. Obviously and giving revenue to other states see we have got economic problems in our state I am not saying that sell liquor openly and increase revenue. I am not saying that.

but to live in hypocrisy instead of living in hypocrisy we should live in truth Have you voiced this in cabinet meetings? I have told this repeatedly. I have told our Chief Minister as well. That it should be opened. Is there no acceptance of that? Or will it have too much political outcry? It's not like that. Our church bodies think positively. They think that no one should drink alcohol.

That there should be no violence at home. That there should be no fights between husband and wife. Children, don't become drunkards. These things, they also think well. But, nowadays, the world has opened up.

No matter how much you force a non-drinker to drink, he won't drink. Even if you don't give alcohol to those who drink, you will find them drunk, wherever they are. This is how it is. So why not make it available in the right way? Give them good alcohol.

Absolutely. You said a good thing. What is the craziest party experience that you've had? I went to a party with a friend in Delhi. In Delhi? Yes, in Delhi. That video went viral. When did this happen? 2-3 years ago. When you were dancing? That one? Yes.

I was going from one place to another. Usually I was going to the washroom. I had to cross that place. A nice lady was dancing.

And the flakes in the party were on my hands. Confetti. While dancing, I did like this. And then I left Now some scoundrel took that photo to trap me. Where do you party in Delhi? No, I don't go there now.

You've become too serious about your politics now. You don't talk so chill. Is it like that? It's not like that. There are many people who want to trap you.

Who will trap you? Your society is so liberal. Your dressing sense is so good. You guys look so beautiful. That's one thing I really...

I mean, there will be some conservatism. But in terms of dressing and going out, But in terms of dressing and going out, I do feel this is a more liberal society Here, they don't see things from a different perspective Yes, I mean. School children are openly dating here and stuff like that Which is fine Maybe #NoComments No, I did not say no comment You said maybe Every young boy or a girl They may have infatuations and all It's natural If a boy sees a girl He shouldn't see her as an endangered species Not at all Right? or a girl or a boy See, in many places in our country because of not being able to assimilate this men and women to grow together in many societies the problem is happening Correct But here in Nagaland, we are so used to What do you do at night on your phone at 12 or 1 or 2? No, before going to sleep I check the party groups Yes At last, I watch Blackpink Very nice For how much time? For 10-15 minutes, till I'm asleep.

Thinking that they will be in my dream. They have not come in my dreams till now. They must have come.

What is going on in the name of Sanatan Dharma? I want to talk to you about this. You are a BJP member. I want to talk to you about this. Human beings are created to seek God.

Okay, that's your belief. That's good. Created by God. Men cannot deviate from seeking God. But while seeking God, we should also remember to be inclusive. We should also remember that every one of us are brothers and sisters.

In the name of religion, many battles have been fought, but it has come to only annihilation of each other. Let faith be personal and let us all grow together. We should not bring harm to each other.

Very good. Not everyone in the BJP believes this. I think so. Democracy is there. In a democracy, you can't think about harming others.

You can't think about harming the other. That's not what a democracy is. Obviously.

I don't think in BJP there are people who want to harm others. Okay. As far as I've seen. Okay. And everyone who screams and says wrong things ,can't be only from BJP. Yes, yes.

Every party has minority haters. I've seen it myself. There are minorities also who hate the majority. Absolutely right.

So I think we need to be inclusive people. And Bageshwar Baba, I'm also a great fan of him. But are you seriously saying one can write a chit and this is a supernatural thing? You believe in that? In every person, God blesses them in some way or the other. But you talked about the constitution, Along. The constitution says to increase the scientific temper. Things will only progress with scientific temper.

How long will we live in this irrationality? The constitution has been written, with the best of intentions, ...in the interest of the nation. And we should all keep (respect) it. I am saying this because there is mysticism in Nagaland. And it is relevant. If they search for it in the constitution, they won't find it. But the 6th schedule of the constitution has also said that the local tradition should be kept alive.

So I am saying this obviously. If I tell you that there are some special people here... There are people in different, old villages who have a tiger spirit. How do you deal with them? How can we tell you? If it was a small local tradition, then it's one thing. But if you propagate such an irrational thing on a news channel, then I think it becomes problematic. Either we don't want to accept the truth, or we don't want to listen to anyone's opinion.

That's wrong. That's the problem. How hungry are you? Are you hungry? You are the guest and the host at the same time.

So you tell. Let's go downstairs. The lights will go down here. Let's go. Let's go.

Who is your favorite actor? Old time, Amitabh Bachchan. New time, Dabangg, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Tell me some political funny stories? Is 'Political' funny? Haven't you seen my interview with Chhattisgarh CM? I have seen it.

Wasn't it funny? Poor guy. I watched how you you made fun of him. That's why you are so serious today.

After watching that, I lost my cool. After that only, you are sitting so seriously, like NO! He won't be able to make fun of me. No, no.

No, I'm not here to make fun, I talk about policy. I'm a small minister. He is a big Chief Minister. Don't be so humble, bro. You're the Nagaland BJP Chief. That's today, it won't be tomorrow, someone else day after tomorrow.

He's also got a post, he has an election in December. And you've told him one thing. What? The Chief Ministers who gives you an interview, they won't come back to power. You've seen it all. If he doesn't come, you won't be at fault.

Don't worry. I'm thinking of interviewing Yogi Ji. Yogi Ji won't give you an interview. He won't. He'll win and come.

He'll win and come. I hope everyone wins the elections. I want there to be only one election.

Congress and BJP both win. I want no one to lose. If that happens, you'll have to become the Prime Minister. Okay, I'll become if you want me to. But I can't see anyone other than Modi Ji.

You said the wrong thing, I just wanted to say it. Oh wow! You're trying to trick me now. What do you say to yourself in the mirror? How cute I am.

You know you're very cute, right? Look, if you guys take a photo. if you take it from the front, you'll see a different pose. If you take it from the side. This time it happened in the assembly as well. We were all new MLAs.

We did full arrangements, like you guys. with lights and everything. Photos are needed for calendars or for government work. From the old to young, all took great pictures. Some did front profile, some side or some posed.

I can take from any angle and it will still come out as round only. Yours will be a multi faceted photo. My pictures don't come out great. Mine are also not good.

You look so cute. God didn't made me handsome like you guys, so he made me cute. you are handsome also. He gave me all the extra things left from you guys.

You are a humble man. I try. How much arrogance is there inside? Tell me the truth. How much? I drink it.

Which brand? Which brand are you asking? Absent time. I don't drink. Which time? Which one do you drink? I like beer right now. You should drink the rice beer here. Of course, of course.

That's legal? That's a traditional drink. Okay, so that can be consumed? Yes. Okay, that's good then. How was Nagaland during your childhood? Let's indulge on this for 2 minutes.

The situation in Nagaland during my childhood was very serious. At that time, there were a lot of problems with the extremist people. In the evening, at 2-3 pm, all the shops would close. About an hour and a half after school, everything would be closed. The situation is very different now. Tell us a lovely memory.

With friends or with parents. I remember going fishing with my father. That could be the happiest moment of our lives. We call it bulchi.

He would tie a hook in a bamboo rope. And we would walk from home to the river. I think those are memories that you can't buy with money. Correct. Nor with power or position. Those are things that are inside your soul. Even when he used to catch a small fish, I used to feel so happy.

It was like a prize catch. That also to be with the papa. And then to be there. So those are memories that... Sounds wonderful.

Many a times I think, today we forget that. I forget that. Many families forget that. What is your biggest weakness? If I answer this question, you will think that this is a more diplomatic answer.

No, no, you tell me. I have to learn all my life. Of course you have to learn. There are a lot of weaknesses. I can't count them one by one.

Tell me one. One, listen to me carefully. Yes, tell me. I don't trust anyone very quickly. So this is a strength.

But it takes a hell lot of time, right? But what are the things that make you trust someone? Tell me, now honestly. How do you trust someone? What qualities should that person have? If you look in my eyes and don't understand what's in my heart. Then how will you understand even if I say it? But talking about it can bridge some gap there.

I understand everything only when you say it out loud, is not important. You need to understand that. You are a Poet. I am not a Poet, It's reality. Do you write? No, I don't write. What is the one thing about BJP that you think can be improved? What is the one thing about your party that you don't like? We should listen and evaluate the voice of the grassroots.

There are different issues in different places at the grassroot. We should also understand and listen to the local dynamics. You have said a lot about this. It's a huge thing.

In politics, you cannot deprive a person something on the basis of caste or a place. Correct. Look at the trajectory of Manipur. I am not saying anything bad. Everything was going well.

There was no riot for many years. The legal system was working well for many years. The Chief Minister was doing a great job. He won the elections with majority. But such a thing happened. Such a small issue made the situation so bad.

Who do we consider guilty? So the regional pulse there is a little different. Congress did not understand the regional pulse, so it lost the Northeast. It may seem bad to say the name, but it is a reality. You said well. Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, there are a lot of confusing things.

It is necessary to understand that. There are a lot of complexities. Hmm? What ball is this? Crazy. Why is it crazy? Because it can do anything. It doesn't have a predictable trajectory.

Which political party do you think the ball is? Yes, I was thinking the same. That's what I was thinking. Which leader do you think it is? I think this represents all of Indian politics. And that's the vibrancy of Indian politics also.

That's right. You can romanticize it, you can criticize it. Humans have only represent.....

Ideologically, along, how are NDPP and BJP different? Ideologically. And when you talk about only Nagaland. Bharatiya Janta Party, Nagaland has no other different ideology than the ideology which Delhi carries.

So, we are one. And inclusive. Our leaders, our JP Nadda ji, our Modi ji, our Amit Shah ji, they listen to us.

They give us the time to say our grievances, our thoughts, our works. And so they understand some difficulties which we face here and some plus points which are here. NDPP is a regional party with a national outlook. That's why they are partners with us.

Correct. Our leaders trust them. I was also asking, is there any ideological difference that you see or is it just two different parties but similar ideologies? Not similar ideologies, two different parties.

The NDPP party looks more at the state's issues in relation to the state's issues. The BJP party would always look at the... national? no, state issue with regards to the national perspective. Perspective, got it. Come on. 1, 2, 3, start.

No, no. Do you know what the headline will be tomorrow? Minister has broken the hand of a YouTuber. No, no. It's not like that. Come on. 1, 2, 3. Oh my God.

Oh! Oh! Come on, show some strength. Remember Modi ji. I am not remembering Modi ji. Have you seen the Kanhaiya episode? No. Did I seem like a communist to you or not? I didn't watch the Kanhaiya episode. What did you think of me? give an assessment. What did you think of me? give an assessment.

Am I a Sanghi or a Congress supporter? Who am I? When I saw you interviewing the Chhattisgarh CM I thought of you as a Sanghi. Then we should have become friends. No, no. We are friends. Then? That was the class that you presented. Because it's not easy to get a senior Chief Minister to speak. That's right.

And you could do that perfectly well. Thank you. And when you forced Rahul Gandhi to subscribe to your channel, then I realized that you are persuasive as well.

He wasn't happy about asking to subscribe to your channel. Not at all. He thought, 'let's just say it so he'll leave' And I don't think that you are a communist. or BJP, or Congress, you know! But I think.. You are very close to the BJPs ideology. to the BJPs ideology. That's good, if you feel so.

because...not trying to flatter you. No no, it's not flattering at all. you have...in your thoughts...I think...

Nation comes first. I mean love comes first. Compassion.

And that means nation. I would say the constitution. To put it in one word.

The constitution. That is very important. It is a wonderful document.

Do you read often? I do. What are you reading right now? Twitter messages and Instagram. Arre! Do you understand how the system works now? It is very important to understand. What is one thing that someone like me who is outside the system does not get about the system? For anything and everything in the system There is a place, but one has to be consistent and one has to be patient enough to allow things to happen.

Many people don't know. Many people go to a road and then say, the road is bad, why is it not being constructed yet? It's not like it will be built in a jiffy. There is a system, and it has to be run according to that system.

People eat a lot of betel leaves and spit a lot. Do something about this culture. The best way to keep your teeth safe is betel leaf. But you can't spit it out anywhere.

I'll tell them from now on, don't spit it out, swallow it. You're angry now. You're offended.

No. You're offended. I'm not offended. All the people on this set are Nagas. If they stop eating betel leaf and tamul now... No, I'm not asking to stop.

I like paan too. I eat sweet paan too. No worries. If you want to eat tamul, eat tamul.

Eat whatever you want. I'm not saying about eating all food. But in the culture here, we have a betel tree, tamul... Yes. Reduce the culture of spitting.

I'll ask to spit it less. Okay. And to spit in the right place. Install spittoons everywhere.

That's it. Who will pick that up? Now, man. what if everyone start spitting there only. so the one who is cleaning the dustbin, will clean the spittoons as well.

Sanitation staff. Or carry a mug everywhere. The one with the lid. Yes, keep your own cleanliness. Like outside, if someone's pet is peeing, they clean it themselves.

like in Europe, there's a culture. Even in Delhi, there's a culture. If someone's pet is peeing, sorry to use this word in front of you, but everyone does it.

So I think I can. What's there to be sorry about? Everyone pees. Potty. Potty? Yes, yes, you said it.

I say poop. Oh man, this is too frank. Oh. Look in that camera..

Tell people about this experience of yours and tell them to subscribe to Unfiltered by Samdish. If you want to hear anything crazy and if you want to watch wonderful, unfiltered, provocative Samdish, kindly subscribe to Samdish's channel. Unfiltered by Samdish. Do Subscribe.

Tell me about North East only, which leader should I choose? One interview is done from Tripura. Leader of Tipra Motha, Pradyot. Yours is also done. Where should I go? Himanta Biswa? ofcourse, I should do that. But people know him.

Someone... My Honorable Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio. And you should also, after some time interview... my Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton. Help us get him. You can talk to Patton sir. Come on, man. Do it. But keep some gap in between.

Yes, yes. Okay. Done.

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