Unbelievable First Impression of Lhasa,Tibet (First Scam)

Unbelievable First Impression of Lhasa,Tibet (First Scam)

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Welcome to Tibet, Lhasa! By coming here, I love India! How to say hello in Tibet? Kum Khamza It looks like a very beautiful city. Look at the houses, how beautifully they have decorated And you will see the flags of China everywhere. It feels different. It feels like we are in the Kullu Manali area of India, the area of Himachal.

It feels exactly like that here. Look at their dress, it looks so good. uncle is holding something in his hand, he keeps turning it around, he keeps He keeps turning it around and praying. He said, no, no, no, he will charge more. I said, I won't give a single rupee, go.

Don't act smart with me no, no, I won't give. Now he is insisting, I would have given him 50. No, no, 20. No, no, brother, I will drive.

Look, the streets are so narrow. Like in Delhi, people say India, India. But the people here, in Hindi, understand that this is India.

Hello everyone. I welcome you all to a new video. If you have seen the last video, then you will definitely know that we have come to Tibet. And it's only been two to two and a half hours. Today is our rest day.

But I am so excited to see Tibet. And to show you, I said, let's go, let's explore. And as you know, today is our rest day. So the good thing today will be that I can go alone and explore.

My guide will not be with me. How will it be from tomorrow, wherever I go, the guide will be with me. This is a great chance to explore it on my own How is Tibet, what is the first impression? I am very excited to tell you a lot about Tibet. I have to tell a lot of facts, I have to show a lot of things. It's going to be fun.

I got ready, brother, I didn't rest at all after taking a bath. I came, brother, took a bath, changed my clothes. I did some editing work. And look at this, brother, 4 star, luxurious hotel.

it is really good You can see, brother, the whole bed looks like Maharaja. You can look at the furniture Everything is very good. But the best thing here is the view You will get to see the Patola Palace in front of you.

You will get to see all those things in the videos. Look at the view So let's go down quickly and start exploring. Lahasa, the capital of Tibet. Finally, we are leaving our hotel.

Which is a very luxurious and very good hotel. And I just checked the rates here this is 8000 rupees for a day at the hotel. So if you take such an expensive tour, you will get so much facility. And my passport was kept here. You have to register here. First you have to get a permit.

Then you have to come here and register. So it's a very complicated process. You can't come here alone. It's a very restricted area.

You have to get a permit from the tour agency to come here. And you can't go around alone. I can only go to the area of 1-2 km around the city hotel. If I have to go out of the city. You can't go without a tour guide. If you talk about the first impression.

It is very developed. And you will get to see mountains all around. Look at this.

It's a very beautiful city. I have to tell you a lot of facts about Tibet. Let's go to the old town I will show you everything on the way. If we talk about the Tibet region. It is one of the highest regions.

The average altitude here is above 4000 meters. It is 4 km above the ground. And if we talk about the city of Lhasa. It is one of the highest capitals. If it was the capital of a country. It would be the highest capital of the world.

Currently the highest capital of the world, is capital of Bolivia. Lhasa is even higher than that but Lhasa is not the capital of any country. This is the capital of Tibet. If it was the capital of a country, it would be the highest.

If I talk about the first impression. It is very different from the other regions of China. Some shops like India can be seen here. But you can see cars here a lot of good ones there are some local shops here.

In many regions of China you don't get to see such an atmosphere which is available here So, let's cross a river from here and we have to go that way. Hello! Hello! Man, the city is very beautiful. And talking about the temperature, you can see the scorching sun, but the temperature is still 4 degrees.

And it's going to go up to minus 11 or minus 12 at night. looking at it, it doesn't look like the temperature will be like this here And, in a few days, all these mountains will be filled with snow. In January-February, it will be all white. There is not much snow right now. And look here, there are electric bikes.

And this blue bike, I have a pass for it. I can take it. But we will walk. It will be fun. And look, man, you will find people everywhere who keep praying like this. They keep moving their hands like this and keep praying. And look, Tibetan people look like this. And if we talk about their religion, they follow Tibetan Buddhism.

I have told you about this in the Hohot video. You just saw in the video, two people were showing their hands like this. As soon as I put the camera, they said, India, India. So, man, the people here in Hindi understand that they are Indians. In Hindi language, a lot of people basically say, Namaste, Dhanyavaad, Shukriya.

These people here say all this. And our guide and our driver who brought us here, he speaks complete Hindi. Then I came to the reception and he also speaks Hindi.

I was very shocked that the people of Tibet know Hindi very well. So, man, there are signals everywhere and people follow it very well. And one thing you will find here is that you will see Chinese flags everywhere. Everywhere, literally everywhere. The architecture of the entire building here is so different from the Chinese. You will see the architecture of China in the second region.

It is very different from that. And look, there is Patola Palace in front. We'll explore that later Today, we are going to Old Street. You can see such small tempo. They sell goods in it.

And you will see yaks everywhere. They worship yaks. And the monks here and the normal people here, most of them do not eat its meat.

They worship it. And here you can see sweet potatoes, corn, etc. The Buddhists eat yak meat. But the Tibetan Buddhists do not eat it.

Monks don't eat it I read it somewhere. I don't know how true it is. They make cheese out of it. People use it a lot. But the locals here do not eat meat it. You will know that by watching the videos and talking to the locals here.

Travel with AK. Yes. Travel with AK.

If you search this, I will come first. Nice to meet you. Are you from Tibet? How do you say hello in Tibetan? And thank you? Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. As you have seen, I met some local people from Tibet. They are very friendly. And you can see all the shops here. All the big international brands are seen here.

Like Adidas, you'll find them here too I am thinking of exploring the alleys of Tibet first. I will show you everything later. So let's see what is the atmosphere here. It feels different. it feels like, we are in Kullu-Manalia area of ​​India which is an area of ​​Himachal and you can see everything here.

You will not see long buildings here. There are small shops here. See, we are entering a lane.

You can see all the architecture here. You will see Tibetan style architecture. See their houses. You can also see Tibetan style architecture there. These are some local shops.

It feels very different. It feels like Himachal Pradesh. There is a lane from here.

You can see the lane from here. It will take a lot of time to explore the alleys. You will see small local shops here. See the architecture. See the people here.

It is a very beautiful city. I will show you all these things later. Let's go to the old street. I will show you the view from here.

I am trying to show you local things. I want to show you authentic things. That's I went to that street We are going to explore a lot more streets like these First, let's go to the old street.

I have heard a lot about it. That's why I want to go there first. There will be many narrow alleys from there.

You can see many narrow alleys here. It feels like that. See the view from here. You can see many monks here. It looks like a gate.

We have reached one of the most important and one of the most visited square. You can see the main Jokhang temple here. This temple is very important religiously.

I will show you this temple later. I can't visit it now. I don't have a tour guide with me.

You can see the local people here. All the people you will see here are carrying rosary in their hands they are praying while reading something, and see, some people are praying from here too, It's a very different environment. and look at the view here so let's go. Around here, there are many markets,etc we are going to explore many markets here. It's 6 p.m. It's sunny here.

Lhasa is called Sunshine City. here you will get to see 3000 hours of sunlight in a year. You can see a sunny time at for 9 hours You can see there are Muslims too here. Look there is a Halal restaurant Tibetan local ladies here look this way, then you will see all the houses here in Tibetan style, so let's explore a little here, it is very different, I am telling you again and again, but it is a very different place. What to say, look at the houses, how beautiful they are decorated, and you will see the flags of China everywhere.

Look at their dress, how good it looks. Great. look at the people here, people are wearing very colorful clothes and And look at this uncle holding in his hand, he keeps going around, he keeps praying, he keeps reading something.

There are a lot of gold shops here, because the people here wear a lot of gold. Look at all the views of the old city here. Look at this shop, how different it is.

The things that are available here, I am seeing for the first time that such things are available in a shop, how different it is. Here you can only see these utensils, which are made of metal. I am seeing the color of a house black for the first time, it may be related to some religion. If anyone knows, then tell me, but how different and how good it looks. Look at these narrow streets, all their houses are here. Look at this, let's explore this street a little.

You will also see very colorful shops in the streets here. Look, they are selling all the statues here. All the statues related to Tibetan Buddhism, and you will see this garland, which is worn by all the people here. And look at the traditional dress here, which aunty is sewing here.

Look at this, they wear very colorful clothes. I have not seen such colorful streets anywhere. Look, a monk is going.

Look, the streets here are so narrow, just like in Delhi. We have entered from this street, and look here, a street has gone here. After that, a street has gone here. And look at the houses of the locals here. And you will get to see the authentic Tibetan here. I am trying to show you the authentic Tibetan in the first video.

So that you know how the lifestyle of the people here is. I really liked this place. The vibe here is very amazing and it is a very different city.

Look at this, all the local houses. You can see the door, it looks so old. But you will get to see the flags of China everywhere here. Kids are playing here Look, this is an old city, absolutely proper. Whenever you want to see something about the culture, then explore the old city there.

You will get to know. Look, the normal grocery store of Tibet here. Just like us. Look at the kids You will get to see such things everywhere here.

Look at this shop, it is made of yak milk. The people here eat a lot. They also use it in tea. After the street, there is a street.

There is a camera on every street I got to see a different thing here. Look at this, Om Pizza Restaurant. People here are very fond of Hinduism And look at this house, how beautiful it looks.

They have made a place to sit in front of the house. And look at this shop. And look, there is a Muslim here. I really like their houses.

Any street that I am entering, I feel like showing you the whole video continuously. I am not able to stop the video. I am enjoying it so much. But a lot of you will complain that I am showing the same thing again and again But it was fun.

We roamed here for just half an hour. But it was fun to see. Now let's go outside. I will show you the market and other things.

Now let's go outside. I showed you the streets and the lifestyle of the people here. You got an idea about the lifestyle of the people here. I am coming out of the street. And I met this uncle. Hello.

Tashi Delek. In Tibetan, hello and Tashi Delek are used. It was a very good experience. The people here are very friendly. And you will get to see a lot of religious people here. I read that the people here, the monks and the locals, they do not prefer to eat yak meat.

But still you can see that they are getting all these things. So maybe the people here eat. There are such shops here too. I just showed you the whole view of that place.

I showed you the houses of the people there. we had gone to the other side of the Phang Temple, now let us go to this side You can see the mountains here. It looks a little different here. Let's see here. You can see a lot of crowd here.

You will get to see a lot of locals here too. I see so many Muslims. It's very shocking. There is also a small market like place here, there is a shop here where you can see the yaks as I told you, they worship yak a lot. So you can see here yak skull and horns. And here you get all the related things.

You can see how many bikes are here. You will get to see more bikes than other parts of China here. All these number plates are not electric. So it may not be electric. Look here. You can see some people here.

Look at this shop here. They have everything from yak skin to skull and horns. They believe that they don't get evil eye. Here you can see rickshaws and cycles like India, like I had shown you people in Africa You will get to see cycle rickshaw here too. And look at this street where we came.

It looks more beautiful. It looks more beautiful in the evening. Let's see what else we get to see here. And look at these small... Hello! Look at these small shops where you can get cakes and other things.

Tibetan family is sitting here. Is there anything like this? Oh! Monk has a beard too. Let's cross the road. And let's go that way. There is a lot of crowd over there.

And you guys do comment whether you find this city unique or not. I found it very unique. India.

You speak Hindi? From Mumbai? Bombay. Do you know Hindi? I started from Bombay. I went to Bhutan. As I told you, people here know a little bit of Hindi. Have you ever been to India? Karnataka.

Oh! Karnataka. You went to South India. What's your name? Konga. My name is Anas. I wanted to go that way. talking to that brother I came to this lane.

As I told you in the beginning, people here know a little bit of Hindi. And when they listen to me, they know that I am from India. This is the traditional cloth worn by the ladies of Tibet. One thing I find very different is that the faces of the people of Tibet look very tensed.

They look very tensed. And their cheeks are very red because it's very cold here. As you can see, it's evening now. The temperature is going down.

The temperature which is going to be very cold at night is going to go up to -11 It will be fun to see the cold here. And the snowfall has not started yet, only sometimes See, rickshaw but we won't sit. My guide said that it's okay if the locals sit. But if foreigners sit, they charge a lot of money. we do not want to get scammed So many people are crossing the bridge. and see what is being seen here also a peacock feather here They are selling peacock feathers on the road.

You will see a lot of different things here. Let's go and see the view from the bridge. It will look very nice because my guide said that you have to rest on the first day. because, if you start walking on the first day itself, then, you will not get altitude sickness. because when you walk so much, you will feel breathless But I have already walked 4.5 km. So let's see what happens.

I am so excited to show you the city that I am not feeling tired at all and you can see that people are selling spectacles here. Oh, there is a market on the bridge. That's why you can see so many people here. There are monks here He is sitting like this.

Look at his hair. Look how stylish his hair is. There is a strong market here. And look at the view from here.

What a beautiful view of the whole city. You will see mountains on this side as well. And you will see mountains on this side as well. You will see mountains on this side as well. And you will see mountains on this side as well.

And there is a local market here. Look at the old lady. your nose is running Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You are right. And my guide also said that you should not buy souvenirs. There is a lot of crowd here. It looks like a special market. There are so many people here. Let's see what's here. I will show you the whole city while walking.

People are very curious to know who is making videos. Jackie chan, what are you doing here? What is this? Oh, this is dry yak meat. People eat this as a snack.

You can also see this. This is dry yak meat. Why is everyone wearing black? Is it a special day? I am also wearing black. You can also see this dry yak meat. Eat, eat, eat. I am not eating. She is polishing shoes.

You can also see the skin of the yak here. Look, if you want to make clothes out of it Here are some souvenirs. You can also see the milk of the yak here.

I think this is also cheese. Look at his moustache and hair. I don't go ahead. If I go to a temple or a monastery by mistake, it will be a problem. If I go alone on the first day, it will be a problem.

Hello, how are you? I don't want to be sent on the first day. I have explored a lot on the first day. So I left quietly. You can see the local shops here. I want to drink local tea here. because the tea here is really special In other regions of China, they drink green tea without milk.

But they add yak cheese to tea. We drink milk tea here. They drink yak cheese tea. Let's find a tea shop and try it.

This is the view in the evening. The moon has risen. Everyone is going home from work.

There is a little traffic. This is a local bus Okay. Hello. How do you say hello in Tibetan language? Welcome to Tibet, Lhasa. Come here. I love India.

I'm from Mumbai. Do you know Mumbai? Yes. Have you been to Mumbai? Yes. Do you speak Hindi? No.

I speak English. Are you from Lhasa? Okay. I met an energetic man Okay. I was going to have tea Do you want? Yes. Let's go.

As you saw, I was going to have tea What's your name? My name is Polo. My name is Anas. Nice to meet you. Polo.

Do you speak good English? A little. Where are you from in China? My place is Guangdong. Near Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Yes.

You are very cool. Very energetic. I'm cold.

I feel cold. Because my place is hot. My place is also Mumbai.

Very hot. It's so cold. We were going from here. There is a local market here. I don't know where he is taking me to have tea Only here. Local people from Tibet come here to buy food.

Clothes and everything here. It's cheap here. Okay.

Okay. Be careful. It's a very cheap market.

Local people from Tibet come here to shop. Clothes and everything is cheap here. I cannot visit.

I need a guide. Nice to meet you See you. let's go from here We were going to the temple.

I can't go there. I don't know. It's a restricted area. and i am roaming as It's a normal place. It might be a problem.

Many policemen were staring at me. I was so confident. They didn't approach me. They were taking me to the temple. They said they will drink tea there.

I said hello. Poeple are friendly You can see the market from here. I came this side It's a modern building. Look at the view here.

It's so beautiful. I was looking for tea. I searched for an Indian restaurant.

There are 3-4 Indian restaurants here. It's 400 meters from here. Let's go to an Indian restaurant. Let's eat something.

I am very hungry. I am in a bad condition. I will show you at the end of the video. I will show you how much I walked today. I was not allowed to walk more than 1 km.

I have been looking for Indian restaurants for 45 minutes. I went to 2 Indian restaurants. I first went to namaste Lhasa It was closed on Sunday. And it will be closed tomorrow too There was a small kitchen here.

It was demolished. It's a government building. I am very tired I will show you how much I walked today. There is a Muslim restaurant here.

Let's eat something here. And in other restaurants there will be yak's meet Let's eat something here. My food is here I will take this egg as a vegetarian. There are some vegetables and noodles. I will not eat non-vegetarian food.

I am hungry. I walked a lot. I walked 9.5 km.

Let's go. I had lunch. As I told you, I will not ride this cycle until a local or a guide is with me. But I rode it.

I was very tired. My hotel is 2.5 km from here. I talked to him.

He said 20 yuan. I did not ask for anything less. I agreed, it was around 220 INR I sat.

then he said 20 Yuan of your country I said 20 in my country will be only 2 Yuan he did not say anything he said 20 Yuan of your country. He thought I am from America and I will give him $20 I said 20 in my country will be only 2 Yuan he is acting smart. Brother, let's go. Don't try to be smart. No, I will not.

He is acting smart. He is acting smart. He thought that if I give him 20 yuan, he will go anywhere. As soon as we reached 100-200 meters, he asked me where my hotel is. I told him that it is not even a minute. How is he saying that the hotel.

hotel is 1.5 km from here. he told me that it will cost more. I told him i will not give him a single yuan. He is acting smart. I will not give you a single yuan.

He is acting smart. This is wrong. This is wrong.

I showed you the whole address. What you are doing is wrong. I showed you the whole address, hotel photo, and you are just scamming me now. This is wrong. This is wrong, brother.

Don't spoil China's name. Don't laugh. This is not good. This is not good. 20 yuan.

20 yuan. Let's go. No. No.

Type. No, brother. He asking forcibly or else I would have given 50 20 yuan. No, brother. I will drive. This is not good.

20 yuan. 20 yuan. I will not give you anything.

That's fine. No, no, no. Hotel 20 yuan. 20 yuan.

It is here. 5 minutes. It's only 5 minutes.

Rupees is equal to 2 Yuan, only 2 Yuan. Don't act smart. i would have given him 200-300 willing if he was nice But he can't take even 1 Yuan by scamming i will only give him 20 Yuan not a single yuan extra this is the first bad experience in China This is a tourist thing, I told you in the beginning They can scam other people but not us he told me he will leave me there but now he will drop me at the gate of the hotel Now 250 metre to go i will take him to the hotel I knew he will make a scene, he started shouting give me more money There was a mother daughter duo who started fighting on behalf of me they started to question him I told him I won't give anything extra he was saying that he asked for 20 in my country's currency i told him my country's 20 will be 2 This was the scene. i am here at my hotel

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