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- They send us to spy and we ring the bell. - Lisanna, you got into the procession. - Follower of the channel. - She has a Peruvian boyfriend. - Wooow... I never saw anything like this.

- Is it true what they say that Polish girls like Latinos? - As a woman, can you walk calmly? - What are you drinking? - Beer. - This? - Beer? - "Bagietka..." That... - That. - It is going well.

I am very hungry. I want to eat. - How's it going? All right? Here the holiday is taken seriously...

Everything is closed. - We bought 2 baguettes and 1 sweet donut. PLN 30. - About 7 EUR.

- We have breakfast and dessert. - And lunch too, I think. Aa, Mateo... - Because after eating this baguette I don't think I want to eat anything else... Today they celebrate Three Kings Day here. - It's a holiday.

I see that they are with... clothes. And at 11, in the center there was going to be something. So, that's why we are on our way to the historic center. - When I was little, I used to put my slippers in the window - so that the Three Wise Men would bring me a gift. Aa...

- My love, and when the Three Kings were over, - he kept putting the slippers on the window. - Do you know why? For gifts. - No, for the smell of paw to go away... - Look, Lisanna, how lucky you are. - Where do we go? - In front of the entrance of the walled city.

- Che, today it's very, very cold huh... We went out in a good temperature. I thought "I'm not going to wear gloves, today is a nice day." We got here. "It's so cold..." - My hands hurt...

- Ah, but you can't get in. - What a pity... - It's closed. - It's under renovation.

- Give a little to the poor pigeons... - Look how hungry they are. - There it is, look.

I don't think they're hungry... - This is the walled city of Krakow. - There is a medieval castle. - This was what protected the city.

- At the entrance of any enemy. - This is the entrance. - And that's where we're going to go in. - Look, there's the castle. - Look how cute. - Beautiful.

- Hello. - Hello. - This is blue. - Thanks. - Do you want one too, Lisanna? - Well.

By Lisanna. - For you too? - Thank you. - Thank you.

- We have a festival here. - A festival? - Yes. - In 20 minutes it goes to the main square. Ah... - Oh, super! - Thank you. - But it doesn't fit...

Did you put it the longest? - No. That's why. You can adjust it.

- Yes. - It fit you. - Fine. - Look how beautiful this place is... - Wow. - Did you see that Poland has all these medieval centers like this...? Big. - Big. - With beautiful buildings.

And the one in Krakow is the largest medieval center in Europe. - Exact. An interesting fact.

Pulling data huh. - And the same Poles say that if you want to know the true essence of Poland, - you have to come to Krakow. - For her culture. - For its history. - And their traditions.

I feel kind of funny with the hat... Did you take it off? - Oh... - Suurpea. - In Estonian, "suur pea" means big head. - Isn't that Smigo? - No. Harry Potter. - That's from Harry Potter.

Ah, well... - That's Mr. Bean. - Lisanna. It seems real.

My God... - He looks a bit like me, Lisanna, doesn't he? Mr Bean. A. - Is the person sitting on the box also made of wax? It's true, I thought so, but he moved his eye. - I thought the cashier was also made of wax...

You're going to take a picture and he says "what's wrong with you?" - Ah, well. - No no no... if we are sent to do it... - They send us to spy and we ring the bell. I'm still eating this...

- You're still missing this one, my love. We're going to get to the end of the video and I'm going to keep eating the sandwich... - Look how loud he talks. - That gentleman when I finished the day no longer has you... What... but... - What enthusiasm. - What enthusiasm, how good.

I mean, it's... - He loves what he does. it's hard to see something like that. - That beauty. - My mom... - Look what this church is.

- Will it be possible to enter the cathedral? What happened? - Is full. - There are like 200 people in there. - You can't go in anymore. - I just walked in through the door and said "My mom, I'm going to eat this empanada." - Nothing else fits in there, did you see? no. I wonder if it was planned or if it happened...

I don't believe you... Oh, the happiness I have... Film me, Mateo.

- Is this a Corgi meeting? - Yes, really? - What madness. - Excellent. - Look, Lisanna, touch it. I'm in a dream... - Wow... - How nice.

Oops, no... - Well, well, well. - Well...

- Is it he or she? - Him, George. - Oh. - Corky? - George. - So beautiful! - I don't know if you can hear it, but they are playing the trumpet. - They play it every hour. - It's a medieval tradition.

Wow.. - Look. - There. Ah... - There, look. - Did you film the hands? - There closed the window.

- Every hour they play the trumpet in this city. - Wow. - Wow... Ooh. - Here is the market. A corgi... - From crafts.

Oh yeah? - Yes. - All handicrafts. - Oh, let's see. I still want the stretched cat. A.

Aa. The bolud was made *. - It was the bolud *. Che, they sell the cat stretched everywhere. A. - What thing? - The stretched cat.

I keep reminding you... A. Aaa. - A. - "Polska". - "Polsky". No, Polska.

- Do you know how to dance the "Polska"? The what? The polka? - So-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so. - Yes. - That's from Italy. - Oh. - The tarantella. - The tarantella, I was wrong. We tried again to enter. But they said that 2 PM is for tourists.

- I tell him "but I'm Polish, I'm Polish". A. - "He told me outside." - You're not Polish. - And not. - Wow. - It is the most incredible church that I have ever seen in my entire life. Yes? - Yes.

- It's amazing. Better than Warsaw? - The best I've ever seen in my entire life. Did you see that there is a church up there, but as a mini version? - Ahh. - It's true! - How well observed, my love. - Wow.

- He is the king of the Magi. - Lisanna, you got into the procession. What happened...?

- Come on, let's follow the procession. - No, Mateo... - Look, all the Magi. - These are the Magi. But... - This is the procession. - You're in the procession now.

- You see? - Look at the number of people. - Lisanna got in the way. - Look at her look at her.

They began to turn and put me... - And now you're inside the procession, Lisanna. - Look. - People are dressed as Magi. Mateo doesn't even know...

- How did you want to see? I can't even go out! Everyone started to move and they pushed me there... Much simpler than what we saw in Pasco, in Spain. - In Bolivia. - In Bolivia. Peru. - Peru.

- Whoa! I almost fell into the pit... Aa... - Let's introduce our friend! - Hello! - Follower of the channel. - Would you say Polish? Or from Poland. - Yes Yes.

- Veronika, right? - Yes. - A follower of the channel, she has a Peruvian boyfriend. - From Arequipa. - From Arequipa, look where we came to find! - And they also watch the videos.

- And Veronika kindly offered to show us a bit more of the culture. - Polish. - Polish, right? - And food. - You, Veronika, told me that you are not from here, correct? - From Krakow. - I'm from Krakow.

- I'm from Tychy. - A city a little smaller than Krakow. - Well. - Yes. - And now, what are we going to do? - Eat soup in bread. - Veronika, I read that here, in Krakow or in Poland, - there are the famous "dairies".

- Milk bar, yes. - Which was formerly, in communism, - places where they sold very cheap dishes. - Yes yes yes, you can buy lunch very cheap. - But this is not a dairy. Not? - No, let's say it's kind of inspired.

- But it's still a restaurant. In the first video, where we went was the dairy? - Yes. - Ah... - Aahh... - We went then! - Yes! - I loved. - Yes? - Yes. - They make more homemade food. Not? - Like that, from home. - Yes.

- I loved it. - Simple but rich. - Delicious and cheap. - Yes. - The way Mateo likes it.

- It's full, che. - I think the difficult thing here must be finding a place to sit. - Yes. - There is a restaurant almost the same, but in another street. - Go. - Yes? Let's go search. - Go ahead.

- One question, right? - I am curious. - If you tell me "oh, Mateo, don't ask that". - You don't answer it.

- But how did you meet your boyfriend from Peru? - Here in Poland. - Well, how I met my boyfriend is a long story. - But, well, I'm going to tell you the truth.

- Yes. - So, we met on the internet. - For a language exchange application. Like us. - Oh, like us.

- In Tandem, it was called. Ah, we at Speaky. - Oh, yeah, okay. - But it was in a language app.

- And, well, we started talking and there was that connection. - They fell in love. - Yes. - And, well, we waited 2 years to see each other in person.

- But it was the problem of the pandemic, more than anything. - I almost killed myself... - Yes. - Because the plan was to see each other after 1 year. - But 2019, 2020 came and... everything went to hell... - No, because look how interesting. - Because we also met through an English application.

- Yes. - That is, they watch us on our channel - families, children... - I don't know, adults, all those kinds of people. - And there are many people who would like to meet people from other countries. - Not? - Yes. - And they don't know how sometimes. - Yes.

- So, look, it works to enter the English applications, - it works, people, to make friends, to find a partner. - For a lot of things. - "Pierogarnia". - "Krakowiacy". - I said well? - Yes. - I don't know what I said but... - Yes, you read the name right.

- Ah... look at the beautiful decoration... - I think that's the typical dress here. - It is not true? - But from a girl from Krakow.

- For example, the dress in my city is very different. - Well, not much but, yes. - There are differences. - Ah... - She's ordering there. - Lisanna.

- There's the request. I would like to take off my hat but I have a... - Let's see, take it off. I have a nest there...

- A pigeon's nest? No no... - Wooow... I've never seen anything like this...

- Crazy... They say they eat soup with bread, right? But I never saw them eat bread with soup. - But how is this? - Explain to us a bit, because I'm lost... - Well, only... - Do you do it at home? - Yes. - Wow...

- But not on bread. - Ok... - It's a simpler presentation in my house... And do you eat all the bread or do people leave it? - Well, you can eat. - But there are many people who don't have the space...

- Everything doesn't fit. - Yes! - My boyfriend tried but... - Your boyfriend tried... - What's your boyfriend's name? -Jampier. - Jampier, Jampier. - Did Jampier try to eat it all? - Yes Yes. - All the bread.

- But, well, he couldn't, because it's a lot, right? Hmm... - Is it good? - It's delicious... - It must be slightly acidic. Yes a bit. - Yes?

I felt it more like salt. - Oh yeah. - But maybe it is. Hmm. - It tastes like chicken soup.

- Can be? No. - For me, it tastes a bit like chicken soup with bacon. - You really feel a little acid. - Yes? - Yes. - I should. - Yes a little. - Look, it has an egg.

- Uh... - How much did this cost? - Well, a soup, 29 PLN. - €6. I kind of like that you can have some soup but bread too. - Now we are coming to the University of Krakow.

- The oldest university here? - From Poland. - From Poland? - Yes. - It was founded in the 13th century. - This is where you are studying letters. - Translation. - Translation. - Ah, it's that in Portuguese they call it letters.

- What a shame, I get everything confused... Woow. - How beautiful...

- Are the rooms inside also that old? - Yes. - That's good. And is that also part? - Yes. - It looks like Harry Potter University.

Yes... - Did you see? A little. - Could it be that Harry is in there? - You were telling me a little while ago that there are people from Latin America out there - looking for a new place to live and they want to come and live here. - Yes. - But you, what do you recommend? - The minimum they should have. - A person to come.

- English, always, English. - And, well, obviously a career. - Clear. - Because here you can find a good job, - as long as, first, you speak English. - And have a career, let's say, especially in IT. -IT, business.

- Yes. - You're out. - Yes, in sales, many international sales. - Because a lot of people are needed to consult with clients. - Foreign. - So a little on that, right? - Same as I always say for Estonia, people.

- Same thing, speak English. - And always see the areas of technology, startups, everything they need. - That is what is being sought the most in all of Europe. - Is it all the campus of the university or just this square here? - This and now let's see if we can enter. - Now, I don't think so, because it's a holiday.

- But here there is a patio and also a cafeteria. - Of the University. - Ah... - Is there no one? -Harry. - Oh no.

- Che, what a beauty... - Oh, I put the camera in, what a shame... - I'm ashamed to do these things, but, well... I don't think so... - What a beautiful university, for God's sake. ..

- It looks like a fairy tale. - I'm telling you just curious, did you see? - If I'm very curious, tell me - "Mateo..." - But is it true what they say that girls from Poland - like Latinos? - Or is that just a story? - Yes, that's true. - It's true? - I check. Oops! - Yes? - Yes.

- Look, he even dropped his glove because it's true, people. - Yes, that's true. - Well, you are living proof that you have a boyfriend from Peru.

And in Estonia, too. I mean... - In Estonia too. Not that all. But there are many who like something else... - Exotic. - Yes Yes.

- Well, funnier girls want something fun too, right? - More extroverted, to go dancing. - Because, well, the Poles are very good people. - Excellent people. - Faithful men. - Yes. - But they also tend to be a little more serious. - The exotic always attracts our attention, right? Clear.

Maybe Poles or Estonians are also looking for Latinas. It's like differences attract, right? - Yes Yes Yes. - Well, did you see, people? I leave you one more tip. - Those who are single, looking for work. - That's where they get the whole package.

- Wow... - Che, and they leave the door open? - Yes, because there is a cafeteria here. - Ah...

- Do you also come here with your colleagues from the university to chat? - No, actually, no. - I would love to, but we never could. - We didn't get a chance. - But I've always wanted to have a coffee here.

It looks like a castle. - Yes. - As I told you, Nicolás Copernicus studied here. - Nicolaus Copernicus. - Lewandowski's brother, you told me. - No.

- The man who discovered that the Sun did not go around the Earth. - It wasn't spinning. - Otherwise the Earth revolved around the Sun. Did you know, Mateo, that? - I thought the Moon was the one that revolved... Aaa... - The only thing I know is that my heart revolves around Lisanna.

Aah. - This university, let's say, was founded, paid for, by our king. Ah... - Ah... - That he came from Lithuania. - Subscribe to the channel. I recommend it!

- Very well, say it in Estonian, Lisanna. Oh, I completely forgot... Shame...

Please subscribe to our channel, thanks! With hair. - Che, the horse is about 2 meters high... Wow... - Strong. - It's a Polish horse, did you see? - Like Lewandowski, well, it lifts you up. - Legs up you stay. - Well, Mateo... You got excited. - When he wakes you up...

Bue. - I got a little excited... - That was John Paul II's house. - When you came on vacation, right? - When he came to visit, yes, to Krakow. - Look, I adored that Pope. - He was really cool, everyone loved that Pope, my love.

- Everybody loved him. - I didn't know he was Polish. - Yes, he was Polish. - Here people are super religious. Not? - Yes. - The whole country. - I see that... - Most of them.

- Now, obviously, less and less young people. - But if. - Of course, of course. - And here, what would it be? Other...?

- A church. - Ah, a church, another church. There are many churches. - There are many churches, aren't there, my love? At every turn.

- Eh... what a house he had... - Wow... - What a nice house. - That beautiful.

- Ah, there is the statue of him. - What a nice che... - The castle of Krakow.

- Where Dracula lived. No... you're lost... - No, not there... - One of the first kings. - Because before Krakow was our capital.

- Before Warsaw, it was Krakow. - Oh... - Sure. - And here he lived. - And here all the kings of Poland are buried. - Wow. - Yes.

- Ah, there are the gates of the castle. - How cute. - This city is quite big. - It has about 3 million inhabitants, can it be? - Yes yes yes, it's big. - It's crazy.

Oh.. - What madness... How many details, right? - There is something that I risk saying. - For me, the best cathedrals in the world are in Poland. - From what I've seen so far.

- Of all the countries I've been to, the biggest constructions, - that you go inside and have all their ceilings painted, like this, - looks like the Vatican. - It was an investment in its time. It's very striking as well. - Yes.

Details, gold. - Those people who love religious tourism... - In Poland it will go over 10. - What is this...? My God... Well. If it wasn't for her, I don't think we would have found it...

- What is this? - Wow. - Crazy Poland, it has so many tourist attractions - that they don't charge you, that it's free or that it costs very cheap to enter. - That's good, it's re... how do you say it? - A tourism for all.

- Anyone can do tourism here and do good tourism. - With this money they make a reconstruction. Look, Mateo donates to rebuild Krakow. - We help people a little.

Here we have a dragon that is going to shoot fire from its mouth. But we don't know when, so we'll be waiting... We didn't see him spitting fire, but, well... It took a long time, we left.

- We'll be back in a while to see if he spits out a little fire. - And here we are in the neighborhood, people, "Kayimbo". - No, what was it like? - Kazimierz. - Kazimierz. - Yes. - Why is this neighborhood so historic? - Because the Jewish community lived here - before they were... how do you say?

- Transferred. - Transferred - to the Jewish ghettos. - Although we have not yet reached the very center of this neighborhood. - This is already a more modern part.

- People already rent apartments here and everything. - Yes. - But we are going to reach a very old, very interesting part. - Here, let's say, this neighborhood, is it a, let's say, normal neighborhood? - Where are the rents cheaper? Or no, nothing to see? - I mean... - Nothing to see - Here we are in the center of Krakow, if one can say so.

- For this reason, although the houses are not so modern, - they cost the rents. - Ah... - I love these that you can still imagine one - how it was at the time. - Yes, there are a lot here. - Wow... - Che, this would seem to be abandoned, right? - Nobody lives here, or does he? - Yes there are. - Ah, look at you... - Maybe it's just renewed on the inside.

- And here, let's say, the Jewish families lived. - They had their normal life. - Business... - Business... - Uh... look at this...

- Wow. - A question I have. - As a woman, can you walk calmly? - 3-4 AM, alone. - Or is there a little danger? - I think so.

- I've never had a problem. - Obviously, I wouldn't recommend it, would I? - Walking alone, very late at night. - But no, it's not that dangerous. - Obviously... - It's not that dangerous. - here... well, in Poland I think the situation is quite safe.

- Yes. - So my parents always let me go out alone. - I returned home alone. - And no, there was no problem. - There is no danger, it is calm. - Yes.

- And, for example, a Polish person who was never... - Is this open? - What is this? Is a...? - How do they call it? - Synagogue. - Is it a synagogue? - Ah... it's a... no. - It's where the monks live. - The monks. - Yes.

Mateo would get into... - No... look where he was going to get me... - Of course, there was someone brushing his teeth. - For those who never went to Latin America, South America, someone here, from Poland - what impression do you have? - A funny person. - Dances very well. - Yes. - He tells a lot of jokes.

- A very noisy person. - It makes a lot of noise. - Yes. - Talk loud. - Is this a synagogue? - Wow... - The church of the Jews, my love, did you know? Yes. - Yes, love? But I never visited.

- I never visited. - I would love to be able to enter a synagogue. - But I don't know if it's possible. - First, the synagogues do not have the towers like the Catholic churches.

- Dresses? - They're like square. - In other words, it is a different church from the Catholic ones. - Pretty. - Pretty. - Oh, no... - Oh, it's closed.

- Is this Hebrew? No. - No, it's in English. - In English. - This is in Polish. - Christmas, closed, look.

- Today is not Christmas. - Here it is. - Oh, here we are. - Epiphany, who is it? - No idea. - It should be from the three kings, right? Clear. - Oh ok. - This is Schindler's Square. - Good guy...

- What is the square? - The one we already passed? - Snap. - Ah... - Do you see that there are apartments upstairs? - Yes.

- People lived around here. - Sure, there's the Jewish flag. - That of Poland and that of the United States. - What does it say? "Vintage Art". - Oh look. Look how cute... - How cute.

- To put a square at home. - I like Batman. - Oh. Wow, look at that word. - "Muzycznych". - Yes, 'musical instruments'.

How do you pronounce that? - Ah, '/instrumentuf musinnich/'. - Let's see, Lisanna, you're good. /Musinnich/. - AHA. Aaah. - Esaa... - Because you, my love, have 12% Polish blood. No, I think in every language it is 'musical instrument'.

I dont know. - Yes. - It's similar. Clear. In Estonian it would be "muusikainstrument" backwards. - How easy.

Clear. - And this, guys, well, it's a space for locals, more than anything. - Ohh, look at you... - Ah. It looks like the taco plaza in Mexico.

- Look, it's true! Excellent! - It's called "oval". - Sure, the oval. - The "oval" by the building. - Because it is street food, is the food cheaper? - Or here they make it as something gourmet and it is expensive? - No, not always.

- Sometimes yes, but here you can eat a zapiekanka. - For PLN 12-10. - If it's a simple one, even less. - Wow. - What a delicious smell... Yes. - There is a smell of chorizo.

- It's just that there's also a lot of kebab. - Ah... - There's a grill. - Che, you love kebabs but the kebab is not from here.

- No. - He's Turkish. - Yes it's true. Hmm. - Oh...

Now I really wanted to try something. - Yes, guys. - Are we going to eat that empanada you told us about? - Zapiekanka, yes. - Zapiekanka? - Yes, we're going to ask for one. - Go. - Well, two.

- Because it's quite long. - One to divide I would buy. It is smaller too. - Clear. - Eh... it must be the one that the gentleman is eating. - Yes Yes Yes. Ah, it's huge... - Eh...

- One for the three of us, let's find... - I feel like coming here and eating a hot dog. - But it's the Polish hot dog. - Yes. - Sure. - Zapiekanka.

- Yes, Zapiekanka. - It's like saying "I eat something fast and delicious". - Yeah, uh-huh. - And cheap, Zapiekanka. - Yes.

- Ah... - Of course, when we're partying like this, having a beer, - then we come here to eat Zapiekanka. - Put it on, you go out dancing, do you come over here and eat one? - Yes. - You're hungry. - When it's a meeting, because, obviously, in restaurants it's very expensive. - Ah... - But this works until... - Late hours. - Uh huh, yeah.

- (Speaking Polish). - (Speaking Polish). - Jampier said "this is polish pizza".

- For me, he gave it the perfect name. - I want to thank Jampier for sending me coca tea as a gift. - It comes from 10, because we have to drive 15 hours.

- Today I'm going to drink it, I'm going to put it in the mate. - Coca tea. - So thank you Jamier.

- Oh, no, no kisses. - Not in Peru... - In Argentina we kiss men but not in Peru. - Hugs, Jamier. I loved it. - You like me?

I also saw that there are simpler styles. But what I liked is that she asked for just that. Because it has a lot of green stuff. - Yes. I mean... - How much did they cost? - To get an idea, people love to know prices. - Because if one day they come.

- A simpler one can be found for 10 PLN or 9. - If it's just cheese and mushroom. - We are talking about 2.5 EUR. - 8 PLN...

- 2.5 EUR all that. - Like 2 EUR. - And that we are in Krakow. - Because in my city you can buy it for 5 PLN.

Wow... - Such a long one. - Uh... - Yes. - It's good. - It's well done. - Oh, great... - But do you know what I loved? - Apart from everything on top, - the bread is crispy.

- It's that bread that is soft and when you bite with everything - you feel how crunchy it is. - How nice... - Do Poles like beer? - Yes? - Pretty. - (Speaking Polish).

- PLN 50 and PLN 12. - Thanks. - Bye. - Hey thanks. - What are you drinking? - Beer. - Beer?

- This beer is dark, stout. - Ah... - I quite like it. - Because it's sweeter. - Yes, it has a medium taste of coffee. - And also the desperados, which is mixed with tequila.

- Ah... look at you, they have like a drink. - Desperados, Piwo and tequila. - Ah... Will these be rich? - Well, I don't know, I've never really tried it.

- But these, yes. - Are they Poles? - Yes. - This brand, Wedel, is Polish. - Wedel.

- Now let's try the hot beer. - Beer. - And when Veronika told me that it exists , I couldn't believe it... - Warm Polish beer.

- How even steam comes out of the machine, my love, look. - We are going to end the video by tasting the hot beer. - First, let's thank Veronika. - For this beautiful day that he gave us. - It was a pleasure meeting you :) - Thank you very much, your country is very beautiful. - Everything we knew.

- Now let's try the hot beer. - It's peeling. - Health! - Health! - Health. - Health. - Health. What? What happened? - I don't know... - It's very strange...

- It's a warm beer... Really? - It is all I can say. - But very hot, like a beer tea. - With gas. - What's up?

- And it's OK. - To drink it on a cold day - and you say "I want to drink something warm", - but that tastes like beer, - is the best option. - How was it? Shanghai? - Nazdrowie. - Nazdrowie. Na zdrowie!

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