Udaipur's MOST BEAUTIFUL restaurant

Udaipur's MOST BEAUTIFUL restaurant

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Good afternoon guys and welcome back to another video here in the city of Udaipur. And guys in today's video, we're gonna be going out for a little sunset dinner and by we, I mean me and we got Rahul right there and so we are around the palace area. We're gonna go ahead and find ourselves a tuk-tuk around here. Namaskar [Greetings].

Namaskar [Greetings], kitnay [How much?] rupee to go-- Rahul Rahul Rahul. Rahul. Yeah Rahul. Yeah exactly, I don't have the accent. It’s good though Rahul. Rahul, Rahul. We- I don't know the location we're going to. Chalo chalein [Let’s go]. Chalo chalein [Let’s go]. Kitney Rupee [How much?] 150 rupees for around one kilometer.

Oh more than yesterday. Yeah. Doubled the price. Yeah. We'll do 100. 100, chalein chalo [Let’s go]. Theek hai? [Good?] 100 chalein chalo [Let’s go]. Theek hai [Okay], we walk. No problem. We need the exercise I got the biryani belly. We’ll do 100 take it or leave it brother. No problem, no problem. So guys looks like we're gonna be- we're gonna be walking this way we got around- Namaskar [Greetings]. What are they saying? They are saying 100.

Theek hai? [Okay] Chalay chalo [Let's go] That’s bargaining for you. Alright, bhai sahab chalein chalo [Let’s go bro] Dhanewad [Thank you] That right there Rahul wanted me to show you guys Indian bargaining right there but our man's still gonna get us a good deal for him. Alright, full speed ahead.

Holy crap. Wow. Yeah, holy moly. He’s our Tom Cruise.

Yeah Tom Cruise. Dhanewad Tommy [Thank you Tommy] We got tractors in the road there. Oh. Namaskar [Greetings]. Whoa. Holy moly. Holy crap. We are in the world's craziest tuk-tuk. Oh my God.

Oh my God. Oh my God, careful my guy. I don't wanna die. Yeah. Yeah careful bro. Wow! Holy crap, careful my guy. The life you save may be your own.

Holy crap, we're cruising through here. Holy moly. Oh, we’re going through the pink streets now. Dhanewad [Thank you] Rahul's ready for that one. Now we’re going through the secret streets. We’re going off-roading. Oh it looks like, got a couple bumps here we're going over and well bam, well bam We are coming through. Holy.

Man oh man careful my guy. No need to hurt anybody. Whoa. Holy, holy, holy moly. Careful my guy don't be driving today. Actually Tom careful bro. This is sketchy. Almost- almost time to walk from here. Oh we're back up at the fort. Should we

jump out here? Yeah. Theek hai, theek hai, theek hai [Good]. Theek hai [Good]. We'll jump here boss. Oh. Theek hai [Good], dhanevaad [Thank you]. Oh my God. World’s craziest tuk-tuk drive my guy. Alright.

Drive safe next time. Alright, be safe be careful. The life you saved may be your own, brother. Dhanewad [Thank you] Holy moly, it was the scariest ride in my entire life and I’m very sorry to any locals who almost got hurt there. We did not tell him to drive like that at all. Literally we did not. We were like we joked around called him Tom Cruise then,

he just started flooring it through the streets. Whew, that was actually like super scary there was like seven close encounters and I never have close encounters knock on wood in- in when I’ve been in tuk-tuks in India. Guys actually to chill out but anyways back to it guys. As you can see, we're walking through some incredibly beautiful alleyways at this point we've got the sun shining through the building. We’ve got a restaurant called Roofies, that's interesting right there very nice.

Namaskar [Greetings] and some markets all along here. Namaskar [Greetings], it's very nice. We've got a place in mind but tomorrow night we'll be there. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright. Oh that's the Dream yard. So where are we going right now actually? What’s the name? It's Jag Niwas Jag Niwas.

Jag Niwas, alright. We are trying to find it right now. Dhanevad bhai sab [Thank you brother] Dhanevad [Thank you] Theek hai. Dhanevad [Thank you]

Alright, guys we got some help from the locals. We are almost to our destination here So, it's a left here that a right it sounded like. Yeah. Alright, this looks like the the way this way. Oh yeah, This way. Alright, we're going the wrong way. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. They’re yelling at us to go. Oh and these guys just crashed, a mini crash.

Namaskar [Greetings]. Oh this way, dhanevaad [Thank you]. Those guys are just cruising in neutral down the hill on their moped. That’s a way to get around- around here

and let's see here. Oh there it is, Jaiwana that's where we're going. No, no, no, no. No. Alright. So a little further. Jag Niwas. How do you say where is Jag Niwas. How do you say where is? Jag Niwas kahan hai? [Where is Jag Niwas?] Jag Niwas kahan hai? [Where is Jag Niwas?] Trying to find it here.

No sign. Oh, Dhanewad [Thank you] There it is. Kesay ho? [How are you?] Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Jag Niwas Jag Niwas palace straight this way guys by the jagged collection 17th century lakeside hotel, rooftop dining and pool bar that sounds quite nice and it's gonna fit the vibes here at the sunset golden hour. So it looks like there is Jag Niwas. Oh dhanevaad [Thank you]. Holy, we got fresh paint in here. Oh my God. We're gonna be nice and clean we are

entering. Down boy. Oh down boy. I’m like- I’m like wait what who's Rahul yelling that at. There's a dog right there. Oh here we go. Wow, look at this place. I see why it's known as one of the best spots guys look at that.

Holy moly, we have arrived and which way? Dhanevad [Thank you] Namaskaar [Greetings] Wow, this is literally paradise in here. Jag Niwas, hello there. Welcome to Jag Niwas guys. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Jag Niwas restaurant, here we come. Guys we've got a mirror. Oh better fix it whoa there we go, the hair is out

of control. We’re back in business chalein chalo [Let’s go]. This way bro. Restaurant right there. We’re coming up the stairs here. Let’s see if it's a busy place tonight. Namaskar [Greetings]. How we doing? Oh

incredible sunset spot here. Alright, wow guys look at this, this is the first floor we've just entered, pristine shiny beautiful everything's marble. Namaskar [Greetings]. Wow, Jag Niwas you are beautiful and we're gonna check out to see what's going on up here on the rooftop. Namaskar [Greetings]. Kesay ho? [How are you?] Theek hai? Perfect. Oh wow, this is the rooftop.

Oh yeah, so Rahul was right one of the most beautiful places is up here. Hello my friend, Namaskar [Greetings]. Good evening. Wow, this is literally one of the most beautiful rooftop restaurants I’ve ever seen in my life. You can see the Taj palace right there,

you can see the sun setting boats cruising in there. Honestly guys, name a more picturesque place than this. Guys I honestly can't get enough of this view right now. The sun's gonna be going down so I’m just gonna show you this view of the city one more time. We've got the little island right there, you probably saw in my last video when we took a boat tour on this area we got close to it earlier in the day though. Right now it's just a very special time to be seeing this side. You got locals over there hanging out in the water on that very

far building up top and everyone's just enjoying these last few hours of golden hour. It’s just such a beautiful place guys like Udaipur is so incredible. Just listen to the sounds of nature. You hear that that's- that's the biggest difference between Udaipur and the bigger cities is you hear the sounds of nature. You're not hearing car horns, you're not hearing tuk-tuk horns. You're here in nature, you're on the lake, you're enjoying the peaceful feeling of this place so that's very nice and this place is actually also a hotel as well.

So this is where we're gonna be having a beer me and Rahul. Rahul just left to go get his laptop because the man's gotta work while- while we're sitting here not- not on a project for me for someone else and this will be the views right there and there it goes guys our last glimpse of the sunset. It is about to hide right behind those mountains in like probably 45 seconds.

You guys can probably barely see it. I can see with the human eye but it's right there. Oh and nope, it's gone so it's less than 45 seconds. Well, that's alright guys the fun is just beginning. It is let’s see 6:40 so just around the time I expected the sun to go down and usually we get some extra colors after the sun goes a bit further to reflect in the sky and we'll also be showing you guys of course very soon what we're having for dinner here.

One of the things I love the most about this city is just the fact like you'll probably be able to see it once it gets a little bit darker but all of these buildings have rooftop restaurants on top of them. So like you see this one, I think right there they have one of the highest points so they can probably actually see sunset a little bit longer than us. It’s like the city that is made for sunset. We got these squeaky shoes on behind us and wow yeah like almost every single point in the city will probably give you a different feel of what the sunset feels like here just because like all over you have different buildings, land formations, the way the lakes are and like how you know the bays are into the city like yeah guys this is- this is amazing. As you guys can see, sometimes like later in the night this is like after the sun goes down this is when you see some of the most beautiful sides of the golden hour just look at that, it's glowing. We've got the

sun up there, we've got the reflection all along the water. What a sight, like every 20 minutes you look out this way and you're getting a different view of the city which is incredible like the buildings, the temple you probably saw in yesterday's video right there that one we took the boat over to it's all lit up along basically the island right there the Taj hotel the lights are starting to come on and slowly into the city like the bridge lights are coming on and along these buildings so look at that one right there. Hoping to try that restaurant in a future video because I’ve heard it's really good but you're just totally seeing a change of the feel here so really nice haven't even ordered food yet. We're just enjoying the views and very soon we're going to get something to eat and share that meal with you but for now it's just taking in the vibes and enjoying every second of it. Alright, guys look up there the all the buildings are starting to light up on this side as well we even have the Indian flag right there with a spotlight on it, very beautiful. That's the palace up there,

I think we can hear it's kinda hard to hear but it sounds like there's some sort of music going on in the distance. What do you think Rahul? It's so beautiful, I have no words. I have no words, it's so beautiful look- look at that. Look at that. Oh my God. Yeah now that- that is a view you can never forget. Once you've seen that you'll wanna come back to this place many, many times. Like now that I realize I’m only here for four days I’m like geez, should've put this at the beginning of the trip so I could spend as much time here as possible.

Perfect temperature right now like we're talking I don't know in Celsius but in Fahrenheit it'd be about 75, 80 degrees. So maybe that's like 25 I don't know conversion could be a little off there. Got a nice breeze yeah, yeah it's- it's it's so nice. It's awesome. Rahul's digging the time up here. Guys as you can see probably right here, we have moved tables here so now we've got the sound of drums down there.

You can hear those coming down there so we're gonna see what we got for dinner tonight. We've got beverages to start. We’ve got wines, all types of stuff that is the drink menu and the main menu the food menu guys I am starving. I don't know about you guys but this is one of those videos where if you're sitting here and you're hanging out you might wanna grab a little something, something to eat because you're gonna be pretty hungry after you come with us and join us for today's meal.

Interestingly enough they're starting the menu with ice cream shakes, oreo shakes. Yeah you best believe I’m gonna get one of those, cold pressed juice all types of stuff all day but oh they even have smoothie bowls bro, we might have to come back here in the morning. Oh my God. Alright, I should have honestly started right on the food menu, I’m gonna end up ordering like breakfast for tomorrow but anyways here we've got salads. We've

got sides built into here. We’ve got soups there's actually so many different options what I’m seeing is we have veg, non-veg options depending on what you're interested in starters, Indian. I’m just checking high level what we got in here? Looks like I’m seeing some Italian here we got spaghetti as well fettuccine alfredo, pan Asian and a crying baby in the background. Indian bread wow, okay so this is one. Oh my

God and they have desserts. Holy moly, there's a chocolate bomb, chocolate cake with chocolate sauce inside served with vanilla ice cream. My friends that is undercover for a chocolate lava cake which means I must get the Oreo shake. I must get the chocolate cake and I must get fat, just kidding gym tomorrow. Anyways,

we shall go with- I don't know what would you get Rahul? If you were me. if you were a non-veg guy. No, no, no I am vegetarian. Yeah I know but like if you were a non-veg guy what would you get? I have no idea man honestly. Fair question. Alright, fair answer I mean. Unfair question cut that part out of the vlog, someone's gonna attack me for that. I didn't mean it in a negative way but that's I was just joking around.

Alright, let's get- bhai sahab [Bro]. Guys I’m gonna be asking for a recommendation because there's so many delicious options on the menu I cannot decide which one I want. Basil pesto one thing I’ve noticed while I’ve been in the city of Udaipur is you can find basil pesto anywhere but do not tell Rahul because it's basil pesto paneer. Oh yeah. Exactly. Definitely. Exactly, yeah, yeah.

Bhai sahab [Bro], what would you recommend me to eat? We’ll maybe try non-veg tonight. Yeah maybe something like along this area for a starter like a chicken kath- kathi roll. Which one is your most popular menu item. I will take one [Indian Dish] Dhanewad [Thank you] One Oreo shake. Or no Oreo shake-- How about-- as we are gonna go a little healthier how about we go for the chocolate bomb? Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh that sounds perfect actually two chocolate bombs yeah?

two chocolate bombs. Alright, perfect so and maybe- maybe I’ll get like an Indian bread here as well. What do you think is good one cheese naan? Is there a garlic cheese naan? Yeah garlic and cheese. Oh dhanevaad [Thank you] and then for Rahul? What are you gonna get this time a peanut butter paneer? Paneer.

You can get a pesto or basil pesto paneer. Which one you're looking for? Just a simple like paneer. That's Indian breads. Oh it's breads. You got vegetarian here.

We’ve got- Kahan hai [Where is] paneer? No, no paneer's next page, next page. You have many paneer options there let's put it this way. Masala. Paneer Bhuna Masala. That’s a bohat acha [Very good] paneer. Bohat acha [Very good] paneer, yeah? I feel like he's got his eye on at chapatti. Oh, Tandoori.

That's a good option. Dhanewad bhai saab [Thank you brother] Thank you. Alright, guys so we've got a delicious meal coming as I said you'll get the non-veg and the veg option with a amazing evening vibe to it. As you can still hear probably in the background, we've got drums constantly non-stop not just drums more like Indian instruments playing right as you walk in this restaurant. Arriving there. Oh we've got the chapatis coming in. Oh yeah, dhanevaad [Thank you].

Oh yum, yum, yum look at that. Oh yeah, we got plenty of room brother, put that right in there. Look at that the cheese is stuck together. Dhanewaad [Thank you] Holy moly. Alright, let's get this angled. Alright, first we're gonna try out the cheese chapati because we need

to get a proper taste before we mix it in. Yeah garlic and cheese. It’s literally one of the probably the best ones I’ve had here. The chew on that when you take a bite of it guys, it's like crispy right on the sides of it but on the inside you have the cheese, you have the garlic mix in there so when you just like chews together and it's- Now time to mix it in with the delish chow. I’m not even entirely certain where I got again what was it bro? This is laalmas. And that's a is that lamb this is I don't know about the non-vegetarian option but it's very famous here. Well, it's the most ordered item for non-veg.

Yeah. Wow that is so, so good. It’s got a nice spice to it and I do wanna say that it is I believe that's lamb, let me try it directly without the cheese chapati because I will say that cheese chapatti, oh cheese naan is very distracting. We need a fork there. Let’s get that napkin going clean off the fingers, try to- try out just the-- That is delish, proper amount of spice too. I’d say like for a lot of foreigners, they can handle it.

Rahul probably couldn't handle this level of spice, he doesn't like the spice as much. We need to go ahead and grab one of these and we need to roll it up with a full chapati so we're gonna make ourselves little chapati burrito. We’re gonna toss that thing in there. Oh yeah.

Is the Indian way to eat it this way kind of? Yeah kind of. Guys those flavors morph together perfectly, literally so perfectly that chew from the bread mixed with that spice mixed with the meat. Incredible. Guys this is like literally one of my favorite meals I’ve had here in India plus we've got the views behind us. It's just another one of those moments where like that's why I think I love Udaipur is because what I’ve noticed and what Rahul also pointed out last night we weren't filming. It was right when we first got here that

there's so many restaurants here so that brings up the competition that brings up like your- your standard like you need to have really, really good food here in Udaipur because there's so much competition for the best restaurants here and so it really pushes everyone to make their best meals and I will tell you, I am extremely impressed. It’s just like every bite I’m taking we're gonna do straight into the sauce there. Juicy and delicious. Now Rahul's up let's see what he's

got, let me guess you got paneer? Yeah Always. Yeah paneer and then what is this one right here the chapatti. Yeah this is the tandoori roti. Tandoori. Tandoori chapati you can say. Okay so it's kinda like a mix between the two yeah and what's- what's the difference between that one? Does that like have like extra butter in it at your chapatti. This is for from tandoor. Oh okay, so it's local from there. Yeah. So there we go as you guys can see, he's

doing it the Indian way. He knows how to scoop it properly getting some of the sauce in there, the paneer his middle name. Like from a bite then we took the sabji it's paneer sabji. Okay yeah, and then you gotta make sure you have a bite that's big enough so you can analyze all flavors in that first bite and you can see the guy has gone into a food coma immediately. Oh there we go. How do you rate it for paneer you've had in it? 10 of 10.

Wow that is so good. It's so good man that is really it's so good and how's the spice in there? It's so good. Like a medium spice or- it's medium spice but it's so good like you know perfect, it's perfect. Yeah, yeah that's the best way. Oh my God,

just I’m enjoying my food. You wanna have it with one of the cheese chapatis as well? Just one. No, I have a full one bro. I have a full one. Try it with the mix. Oh wait, till you have this bro he's in for a treat. Paneer is so good. Wow so good. I have no words.

The man is stunned right now. And now get ready for this. Is this gonna be your best bite. Better with the cheese and garlic? With the garlic naan it’s- Game over here's what we say. Dank this one is dank. Yeah that is dank, g hundred times d. Yeah that's good. Welcome to Udaipur on a Monday on a Monday there we go. Fresh cookies and cream shakes, dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro].

Oh there we go, as you can see from right there yum, yum, yum cookies and cream right in there you ready to try that bro? I always ready man. Oh yeah, let's taste. I’ve got a little bit of the cookie chunker down there.

Let me just tell you that is delish and I just had a microscopic bite. Oh my God, let me just explain this to you guys very simply we're talking a vanilla milkshake here. We've got cookies that were probably like put the cookie down there.

Break the cookie chunks drop that right in the milkshake blend it up, take some of the remaining pieces put it right on top. Deliver it to the customer heaven heavenly taste. That is an orgasmic taste on my taste buds right now. I could have eaten the entire blender full of them like slammed it. Wow. Alright, you know what Rahul is getting so hungry watching me talk about this. Let's see if he's gonna have the same reaction this is proof. Nothing- nothing-- It's completely

unfiltered right now. The last one they really wanted- That was a quick analysis. Very cold. Brain freeze. Yeah it's very cold. Oh my God. Is that the brain freeze or the taste? You know we're gonna be finishing that thing off right now three, two, one. Oh my God. It's gone. Alright, guys as you can see for the

food and the beverages there ice cream shakes and the delicious chow came out to 2,600 rupees which is roughly like 30 bucks just over 30, 35 US dollars for this amazing meal over here at Jag Niwas Palace hotel incredible. Alright, guys we are departing, we just paid the bill and now we're cruising down into the hotel. It looks so different walking through here now during the evening like everything's lit up, warm colors.

Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Thank you. Oh my belly is very, very full guys no more room for anything. That cookie shake probably put me over the top but let me tell you this was delicious, worth it.

I hope it makes me sleep extra well. Alright. Oh, we've got flower buckets right there with candles that's really nice. He’s got a little party going on in his pocket with that phone. But yeah guys that's where I’m gonna go ahead and end today's video. Really nice time having some great chow here for sunset and I hope you guys have enjoyed us for the trip over here. Thank you very much, goodbye bye.

So really hope you guys enjoyed coming with us on tonight's dinner adventure and if you have make sure that like button. If you want some more videos both here in India as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video. [Music]

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