Trying to get to CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC [S7-E74]

Trying to get to CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC [S7-E74]

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It's just horns everywhere Yaoundé, CAMEROON Season 7 - Eps. 74 Good morning Internet, it is 8:30  in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome to Yaoundé, the capital of  Cameroon. Alaska is clean and ready and packed I'm just waiting for somebody to open  the gate so I can go and in the last video I already talked a little bit about I'm making my way to the Central African Central   African Republic but it's still really far I  decided to take the the more northern route   which seems to be a bigger road so hopefully I can make a bit like quicker progress But it is about 620 kilometers kind of to the last town on the Cameroon side. So yeah I don't think

I can do 620 in one day. I mean it all depends  on the roads but you know so I don't really   know where I'm going to end up today. I'm just going to see how far I can get today And then yeah, take it from there so that's roughly the plan. Now I hope somebody will come and open the gate Hello! You are leaving? Yes Have a good journey - Thank you very much Bye bye Have a good journey - Thank you Let's get out of the city Road blocked here Oh oh I am out of the city! Woohoo It has dried up again. I did about 250 kilometers in the rain Let me see my ABS light is flickering Yes, it's raining I am staying in a prison..

Alright, I had to call it a day, it suddenly started pouring down again I covered 430 kilometers, took me a long time to actually get out of Yaoundé Uh, but once I was out uh.. the ride was perfect. I mean the road was very good, smooth asphalt almost the entire way And not a lot of traffic, some trucks every now and then but it was pretty okay So I could make good progress. I'm pretty happy this is actually the last kind of big town, I think until kind of the border So I decided to stay here for the night and then continue tomorrow And this is my room by the way. It will do uh.. for one night And Alaska is outside. There's a gate so I think uh.. Alaska is secure as well

The next morning... Alright Goodbye. Bye bye Let's get going again So my dinner last night was uh.. I managed to find a can of sardines and some bread And small can of yogurt, that was dinner And uh.. no breakfast So See if I can find something along the way Ah, this is the end of the paved road Only a few kilometers out of town I was already suspecting that to be the case at some point Okay, well at this pace it's going to take me a while.. ha ha ha The road is super bumpy.. full of holes

But uh.. I put now my navigation a  destination already within the Central African Republic That's why it now says 310 kilometers  but until that last border town is about 200 So yeah I just put something in the GPS to show me the way And then I'll just see how far I can get I'm hoping to cross the border actually today that would be nice But yoi, it all depends I've seen so many of these. I don't know where they are going or why there are so many trucks going this way carrying like a trailer on top Maybe they just gonna pick up cargo  and it's easier to ride like this I don't know Oh oh Oh, that was very deep Yoi Probably should go around this one It's maybe very deep It's impossible to know how deep this stuff goes hey So far it's fine, the trucks are getting  through and so am I I have a feeling that it's very deep water there.. given by the smoke coming off that truck I think we go here How are you? They are gonna ask toll for this detour Thank you, very kind Thank you hey! Goodbye! Yeah, I thought so Well, it's fair enough fair enough Because that they made that little  detour I could skip the deep water so It's another bad stretch How are you? I go through? Ah, this way here Here? Okay Thank you Hi little donkey Hello! How are you? He had a little solar panel on his head Thank you This is another detour Yeah Hi! Thank you Hi What a route hey? Oi yoi yoi It's such a spectacular area How are you? I wonder where they going To me it looks like they are walking for days or weeks I know the donkeys carry their possessions and then.. .. just walking the cows Yeah, excuse me Hello Oh There's also a lot of water here It's just horns everywhere Yoi Excuse me Thank you Now this truck got stuck Wow, the truck lost almost all of its load Oh, you don't want to be riding next to a truck when that happens And the sun has come out This is the motorcycle washing place Oh, and also clothes washing Ah, it is so beautiful here! Okay, so this is the final road to the border with Central African Republic This road leads straight to there It's probably still.. .. Probably still 50 kilometers until the border But yeah, making pretty good  progress because it's only 1:30  So uh.. it's not bad

I haven't eaten anything yet though.. all day And you don't get supermarkets either you know, you only get like markets and like little stalls But no real supermarkets I did pass one guy who was.. I don't know he had some meat Again but it looked like organ meat to me So I don't know I gave it a pass Let's see. It's not so far anymore until Nola it's 125 So.. if I'm lucky that's like 3 hours If the road is not too bad so Another motorbike washing place Can't go fast anymore. It's extremely slippery now 7 kilometers to immigration Oop Ah oh oh so slippery, yoi I'm just gonna park Alaska here for now Hello! Hello! Can I come in? Yeah Thank you Okay Hello ma'am! - Hello! How are you? Thank you The road is very.. slippery

This with the moto Yeah Okay, the worst is behind I'm just really worried that it's so slippery I'm just gonna try really carefully but I'm a little bit worried Okay Bye! Bye! It's only 6 kilometers till immigration so I just want to try and make it there Because it's uh.. now already 3:30 and I don't know until what time the border is actually open   So that's why I just want to make it across the border So I don't get stuck on this side In the middle of nowhere 3 kilometers, 3 kilometers I can do this To be continued... Yeah there I went..

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