Try Guys Try Every Theme Park In California In 24 Hours

Try Guys Try Every Theme Park In California In 24 Hours

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- There are five major theme parks in Southern California, and today, we're gonna try and hit all of them in a single day. - Wow! (energetic music plays) - I want it to be known that I am being filmed from the most tragic angle. (energetic guitar music plays) - [Zach] All right, we're here at Legoland. Wait, why do you have a LEGO in your mouth? - [Zach] Hi, good, how are you? Thank you! - [Kwesi] Hi, we're all good. - Guys, are we the only people here without children? - While we're in the parks, we have five objectives to achieve: we have to ride a ride, meet a character, eat some food, buy some merch, and review a bathroom. This is a jam-packed day.

Oh, hi, space man! We can't lose focus. (Zach and Jonny laugh) - Oh hi, space man! - I'm most excited for Disney today. I'm a big Disney fan, it's so fun. You get lost in the magic, happiest place on Earth, two parks for the price of one. I'm also gonna hit California Adventure while they're at Legoland, so technically, we're gonna knock out six parks today. - I'm excited to go back to Universal, too, because I worked there for three years.

I was a tour guide, and this guy proposed in front of the Minions one time. The Minions were jumping up and down. They held a big sign that said, "will you marry me?" I thought it was tacky, but it's not my business, I guess.

- I like roller coasters. If you don't have a good roller coaster, you're not a really good theme park, in my opinion. - Now, we can go on any ride we want, but because we're here early, we wanna go on the Technic Coaster. I heard that's the best one.

Ooh, and the Pizza & Pasta Buffet. - Whoa! Oh, this is not- okay. That first drop is no joke. I'm kinda hyped.

(Kwesi laughs) (Zach vocalizing) - [Jonny] Okay, are you guys feeling happy or scared to be on this ride? - Yeah! Oh shit. - Oh, this is like a real roller coaster. (Kwesi laughs) - Let's go! (Kwesi screams) (Zach laughs) - Here we go! (all scream) Oh, we starting the day with adrenaline! (screaming continues) - Oh my god. Wow, good job, Legoland. - [Kwesi] That first drop is so good.

- Yo, they're not joking. - Thank you! This isn't part of the official competition, but this is going on my desk. All right, let's go! Oh wait, this way. We're in the winter, so the parks open late, close early.

In order to do this, we actually had to drive down to San Diego last night and stay overnight at Legoland California. Room 360. Now guys, we're gonna freak out, but remember that there are probably children sleeping. So we're gonna do our best to do our muted YouTuber voices.

- Okay. (door opens) (mischievous music plays) - [Zach] There's bunk beds. Guys, we could all sleep here. - Can I get top bunk? Look at! In the bathroom, do you wipe your ass with LEGOs? (Zach laughs) (Zach yells) I know, right? I don't like the bugs. - [Zach] That's rude! There's a tarantula on the ceiling.

- [Jonny] There's not a square inch without LEGOs. - I just went to use the toilet, and it's not a normal toilet. This is the cutest shit I've ever seen in my life! - You know how like most mini-bars are alcohol? Not at the Legoland Hotel.

That's funny, honestly. - How'd you sleep last night, Zach? - I slept so well. (Kwesi laughs) We gotta find a character, we gotta get food- we've only done one thing! - [Kwesi] This is gonna be harder than we thought. - All right, Mr. James. - Yeah? - [Zach] You wanna go to the bathroom? - I need to take a piss. Okay.

- [Zach] Kwesi, you took, like, the full one as opposed to the adult ones. - [Kwesi] 'Cause I don't trust myself. - Talking bathroom review. There's no LEGO memorabilia here in the bathroom, which is a little disappointing.

It is- I'm sorry, I spoke too soon. (Kwesi laughs) - [Jonny] How dare you? How dare you talk about Legoland that way? - Overall, not my favorite bathroom, but not the worst. I'm gonna give this like a 4 out of 10. - Yeah, for sure. - This shit mid.

It's mid. - Does this count as taking a photo with a character? Are there actual characters here? The good news is that we're here early. The bad news, we're here early.

None of the restaurants are open, I haven't seen any mascots. - What we are doing is getting our steps, that's for sure. - This isn't part of the official five that we need, but I'm not gonna go to Legoland and not check out Miniland USA. - Wait, what is Miniland USA? - [Zach] They built all of America. - [Jonny] No! - [Zach] Look at it! It's a whole LEGO universe. - [Kwesi] Wow, this is impressive.

There's a marching band! It's all LEGOs. (Zach yells) - [Zach] I love LEGOs, man. - [Jonny] Is this where the pilgrims landed? (Jonny laughs) - [Zach] I promised Keith we wouldn't spend too much time here. - Choo choo.

I'm back home, baby! I'm Kwesi James. Welcome to New York City. - Not the LEGO gay bar.

- [Kwesi] Yo! - [Jonny] Baby, that's where imma pick up my LEGO men. - New York, New York. There we go, Fulton Street Station. You got the One Freedom Tower. Oh yes, the Twin Tower thing. - Memorial for the Twin Towers.

- That means that 9/11 canonically happened in LEGO Miniland. - Yo, Zach, take a picture of the insurrection. (Zach and Kwesi laugh) - [Zach] Oh my god, it's January 6th. - [Kwesi] It's all over again! - They really do have everything here at Legoland.

Oh, this is the BIG Shop. Let's go find some merch. - What do you think? I feel like I'm asking my dad, "dad, can I have this?" - Uh, guys? Want or need? (Kwesi laughs) (Kwesi groans) Ah, I want everything! Think we found a keeper. (paper rustles) - Let's go! - We need a mascot. We've walked around this entire park. They keep saying there's a watermelon man around here somewhere, but I don't see no watermelon man.

Have you guys seen a watermelon man? - Where are you, watermelon man? - Come on, there's gotta be a mascot somewhere. Have y'all seen any mascots? - [Guest 1] No. - [Guest 2] Sharkie's up in Fun Town. - [Jonny] ] Run, Zach, run! - [Kwesi] My camera angle's (indistinct). (Kwesi laughing) - I don't even know who Sharkie is, but we gotta go find him! Which way is Fun Town? - This is getting kind of exhausting. This is like the first theme park.

(Kwesi laughs) - Let me look at a map real quick. We were here. Oh, no we weren't. We were- okay, we have 19 minutes until we have to leave and it's scary because we got in a half hour early, so like we're actually overtime. Zach, are you an aggressive driver? (Kwesi laughs) Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. There's a king.

- [Kwesi] No way. - [Zach] That's not real. Is that real? (crosstalk) - We can't cut in front of the children. - Hey man, we've been looking everywhere for you! We did it! (Kwesi screams) All right, y'all wanna get some chicken to go? - [Kwesi] Let's do it! - So one of the top recommended food places here is Granny's Apple Fries, but they're closed.

- [Zach] No, they're not. No, no, no, no. What, 11? What time is it? (Zach groans) Okay, I don't know that we have time to wait. I think we gotta go to the front and just get whatever food we can and get out of here.

- [Jonny] Churros con chocolate? - Oh yeah, churros, for sure. - [Jonny] They're closed too. - [Zach] Everything is closed.

- There's a coffee shop. - [Kwesi] That looks closed, too. - Okay, so the only thing that opened is this market. - We'll do two yeti and one other.

The donuts. We've got a cinnamon, a Plain Jane, and this is the specialty right now, the Yeti Donut. All right, I'm gonna try this.

- Go for it. - That's a donut. - The Plain Jane. (jazzy music plays) (Kwesi laughs) Mhm. - And the cimmamon.

Yo. Get them from a local bakery, and lemme tell you what. They're yummy.

(paper rustles). That's five out of five. Time for the next theme park. Well, lookie who it is. Oh, there you are, watermelon man. Oh, now you show up, watermelon man.

No, no. At 10:52 am, we are officially done with Legoland. Onto the next theme park.

To Disney. (intense orchestral music plays) - Okay, Jack and I just got here. We're walking up to security. I gotta hit California Adventure before the Legoland boys get here, the LEGO Lads, as we've decided to refer to them.

Feeling good, look at this. Look at all these people. Everybody's here. It's Friday.

We're having fun. Oh wow, look at that waterfall! Wow! All right, the ride is down. I mean, we did it.

The ride was great, actually, it was not down. Haven't seen a character at all yet. I gotta grab a picture.

Sometimes there's "Toy Story" folk hanging on the pier, so I'm hoping I see them there. Oh yeah. It's the kid from "Up." Hey, how's it going? Bye! Aw, that was great. That was so wholesome.

Felt wrong to film in the bathroom, especially with that many children in there, so I didn't, but it was clean, it was nice, I peed there, and also they were cleaning it as I was there. They never closed the bathroom to clean it, so that was sick as heck. Okay, we're gonna get on the Incredicoaster because those guys are hours away. I'll have time to eat, take a picture, and buy merch still. Or maybe I'll spend too much time here and we'll make a crucial mistake.

- [Announcer] Incredicoaster. - I don't know if I can film this, but maybe I'll keep the audio going, you know? Here we go. (Keith screams) (screaming continues) (wind blows) It was a blast. And now it's time to try my birria tacos. The tacos aren't ready, so I got a beer. Beer-ia, get it? Okay, I got my real birria.

I got this beautiful lakeside seat. Look at that. Whoa.

Beautiful. Here we go, the birria. (taco crunches) (upbeat jazz music plays) It was good. I would say 8 out of 10. It was a little too tough and a little too chewy, but I was also kinda wolfing it down.

Ah, I know when the guys get here it's gonna be really rushed, but I'm just loving my hike in the wilderness right now with my beer. Ah! Oh my god, look at that. It's Pluto! Wow. (whimsical music plays) Simple, elegant. Shazam! I gotta take the sticker off, huh? Now we're looking good. Okay, I gotta catch up with the rest of the guys, who should be pulling up here in five minutes.

Goodbye. - I am dehydrated, so luckily, I'm gonna take a little peach water break. Oh, that's good.

- I'm legitimately jealous. - Yeah, does it taste like peach? How? - [Zach] Science! - Thanks to Air Up for sponsoring this portion of today's video. - Air Up is the world's first refillable drinking system that adds flavor to water through scent alone. - What if I told you you could trick your brain into thinking it's tasting by smell-tasting? - You get all the joy of flavor without them pesky calories. - Or chemicals, or anything.

- All right, let's try some of these flavors. We have peach here. First of all, this water bottle's so cute.

Super easy. You just bop! - And then you pull the pod just up a little bit and then you taste through smell. Let's try it. - Whoa. - That is crazy. - Wait, oh my god! That's nuts.

- It tastes like peach. - Guys. Why you even need us to advertise this? - You did it. - It's magic. - You did it, Air Up! Get off of here, let me try the next one.

(upbeat jazz music plays) - That's mango passion fruit. - They gave us talking points, right? We don't need em'. I love it.

- Who cares? This is dope. Holidays are coming up, this is a great gift. - Until December 26th, you can save up to 30% with their holiday bundles. It's only here for a limited time, so get em' while you can. Start gifting with taste with the world's first scent-based hydration system.

I would say that you should try it because this is kinda blowing my mind. - You have to try this! It's crazy! - [Keith] Thanks to Air Up for sponsoring this portion of today's video, now back to the- - Okay, real talk though. We wanted to spend so much time there and barely made it.

What do you think's gonna happen when we go to Disney? - [Jonny] I'm gonna be heartbroken. - I haven't been to Disney in so long and the idea of just like dipping just the tip and then bouncing, I feel like we're edging ourselves. - [Jonny] The Try Guys try edging at Disneyland! - I don't mean to be the negative Nancy, but I'm gonna say it. Disneyland is a bit overrated. - [Jonny] Okay, what? - [Zach] I think that you're wrong and you have no idea how wrong you are.

(playful orchestral music plays) - Okay, the guys just said they were three away? So I'm headed to where the security is to welcome them in. Show them all my fuckin' vibes. Get em' on my level. Or should I just go into Disney without them? (Keith chuckles) Nah, I got their tickets on my phone, so. - Hey, fellas! - [Jonny] Are you ever not smiling? - What? - [Jonny] Are you ever not smiling? - You know, I mean, I wasn't smiling a couple minutes ago. (Zach laughs) - [Zach] Bye, Jack.

- Bye, Zach. - Okay, so we just got to Disney. We gave Jack the car so we don't have to pay for parking. That's a pro tip. - Bring Jack to Disney.

They should put that in the guidebooks. - [Keith] There they are. On their way. They look like idiots. - All right, we just found Keith.

(Jonny chuckles) - My goal today is to get on Dilfs of Disneyland. - What is that? - So you have to have a kid, so I need to find a kid, and it's just hot dads carrying their babies around Disneyland. - [Zach] Keith, you're kind of our Disney expert, so tell us what the plan is. - We're gonna pass the opportunity potentially for a character and a churro, just on the way. - Oh my god. - They have great churros.

They also have the best theme park turkey leg I've ever had. - Wait, is this it? We're just doing it. There's already a- - [Kwesi] Pull up on him. - Mickey's right there, guys! - It's iconic, it's Christmas. - [Zach] Oh, a lot of people just got in line in front of us. - [Kwesi] Yo, Keith, Goofy.

He's on the way to his spot! - [Zach] We just abandoned the Mickey line. Goofy! Goofy's so goofy! - [Kwesi] Goofy's definitely goofy. Ayy, get it down, Goofy! Stanky leg, Goofy! (Kwesi laughs) (horn honks) - Thank you, Goofy! We're a big fan of you. You're the best.

I love your movie. - Another dance-off? Got the dance battle. Oh, get him, Zach. Get him, aye. Aye, get him, Zach, aye.

Get him Zach, get him Zach, aye. Get him Zach, aye. - [Zach] Love you, Goofy. (Kwesi yells) Okay, one more, one more.

One more, one more, Goofy. - [Jonny] All right, there's a line, there's children. There's children. - Goofy didn't care about anyone else at this park.

He was behaving rather goofy. (Kwesi laughs) - I was sleeping on Disneyland a little bit. - Yeah, Kwesi, I don't know what you were talking about. - Goofy just changed my whole attitude about Disneyland. - Astro Blasters! Now, Kwesi, have you ever done this ride? - [Kwesi] No, I have not.

- [Zach] Oh, you're in for a treat. - [Kwesi] I have not. (Kwesi laughs) Hey! Let's go! (energetic techno music plays) (Keith yells) (Kwesi laughs) - I'll save you guys! - [Jonny] Zach is good at this. (Kwesi and Jonny clap) Thank you. So wait, what did everyone score? - Not great. - So this is what I'm talking about.

It leads you right into the merch. - I didn't come here for Buzz merch, I came here for Didney merch. - [Jonny] I agree. - [Kwesi] Any other line I'll let you cut, but not the churro line. (Kwesi and Zach laugh) - Hey, can we get four churros? I'm gonna get two normal churros and two chocolate churros. - I'm sorry.

Are people gonna be like, "why is he doing this?" - The churro. (Kwesi laughs) (upbeat music plays) - That's nice. - It's not as good as the one I had the other day, but it's still pretty good. - I think it's pretty good. It is dry.

- I needed to dip it. - [Keith] You know you gotta dip it. - [Jonny] Lemme try dipping. - Oh, I hate the chocolate. It's awful. - [Zach] How could you hate the- how could that be? - The peppermint chocolate.

- Yeah, it's toothpaste. - What's going on with that peppermint chocolate? The plain is much better than the chocolate. Don't mess with the chocolate. - I prefer plain.

- [Kwesi] Same. - I think I like the chocolate better. - [Zach] Yes, Keith, feed each other. You might end up on Disney Dilfs.

(churros crunch) - Sorry, everyone. - I'm getting very pee shy right now. - All in, disappointed the lack of whimsy in the bathroom. I was expecting it to kind of have more theme.

Honestly, worse than Legoland. I'd say like 1 out of 10. - I thought it was like a 6. - It's functional, but it lacks a theme.

- [Zach] Look around at this and tell me that that bathroom was giving. - If it was dope, you would stay. - Yeah! - We are here, we are in Main Street USA. Goodness gracious, this is massive. - [Zach] Oh my goodness.

- I mean, are these for your- I think you need these. It's giving- - BDSM? - Yeah. I got the classic Minnie. I've always felt more like a Minnie. Ooh, these are cute little macarons. My first visit? It's not true, but it is cute.

Oh, it comes with a veil? (Jonny gasps) (Jonny vocalizing) Who wants to be my groom? Kwesi James, the day I met you at the "Without A Recipe" live taping- - I drank your coffee. - -was the greatest day of my life. - Aw, Jonny. - I'm sorry that the ceremony's so quick 'cause we have to get to Knott's Berry Farm for our honeymoon. - What should I tell Courtney? - Who's Courtney? (Kwesi laughs) Who's Courtney? Chip should be named Crackhead.

The chip is what falls off. He is a crackhead. The crack in his head. - You think that's what Disney should've done with the character? - [Zach] All right, we got a time crunch. - Do June and Poppy like- - [Zach] Don't think about them. They're not here.

All right, Jonny, just get some sparkly ears and let's go. - [Jonny] Okay. - And we're off. ♪ Two hearts are grillin ♪ ♪ In spite of the chillin ♪ - Guys, we're running out of time! - Obviously, if there's only one ride at Disney we can go on, I want it to be Space Mountain. Ooh, 45 minutes.

I don't know that we have time for this. This line might be too long for us. - [Employee] It's only four, right? - [Zach] Yeah. - [Employee] Cool. - [Zach] Thank you, appreciate you. - Thank you so much.

Sorry, thank you. Oh my god. Hi guys, I'm here with the most famous man in Disneyland today. The rest of us are all peasants.

Keith, he just bats his little cute eyes, they recognize him from eating all the food I guess. So Keith just asked, 'cause we're in a rush, Keith just asked if we could cut the line, and they said yes 'cause it's Keith. - She didn't say you can cut the line. She did provide me Disney magic, and that's something cast members are allowed to do when people need that magical moment 'cause we only have a little bit of time and she wanted Disney to have an incredible representation in this video, so she can't get in trouble for helping us out. - No, I think she just wanted to fuck Keith.

- No. - Sorry. - Why'd it have to go that way? (Zach laughs) Do you know our history? - [Zach] It's yes, and.

Little bit of Disney magic. - Take two, take two, take two, take two. Is that what we call it now, Disney magic? - This is like the ride, right? - [Keith] This is one of the biggest rides in history.

- [Kwesi] Oh, snap. - Oh, it's like a real ride. - [Zach] Aye! - You know what's alarming? Whenever I watch your videos, I'm always giggling.

(Jonny imitates giggling) And I'm like, "do I sound like that?" Like all I do is giggle in these fucking Try Guys. - But you're having a good ole time. - So no, today, I'm thinking about it. Like, "don't laugh, this is serious work!" - [Kwesi] At Disneyland? (Zach and Keith laugh) - Yo, this makes Legoland look like a joke.

- [Zach] Yeah, this is shitting on Legoland. We're doing it! - [Kwesi] Oh, there we go. - We didn't need to do this, but we kinda had to do this. (all yell) I don't know that I'm gonna be able to hold onto this camera. So, as you may or may not know, Space Mountain is completely dark, so in lieu of footage of the ride, please enjoy this completely black footage of us screaming. (guys scream) (screaming continues) - [Zach] This footage is nothing! - [Jonny] I mean, I mean.

- That was pretty good. (Kwesi laughs) That was pretty good. - Yeah! (Keith and Kwesi clap) - Wanna ride again? - [Kwesi] Yes, let's do it again! - We just ended at Space Mountain. Really tough for us 'cause they offered to let us ride again and we had to say no 'cause we're on a schedule and like, intellectually, we know it's the right thing.

Emotionally, we're struggling. - I'm gonna get us a turkey leg for the car, meet you at the gate, meet Jack. - [Zach] So, Kwesi, what do we think? - I think Disneyland kinda grew on me a bit. It's not that bad.

- Not that bad. I love that Keith got a to go order. A to go turkey leg.

- Don't get that close to my face. (Kwesi laughs) - How's it going? Come on. - Finished with Disney. We're all wrecked.

(Zach chuckles) - Yeah, that turkey leg was delicious, but it took a lot out of me. (funky music plays) Maybe we'll do the bathroom first so we can wash our hands. (Kwesi laughs) I'm covered in turkey. - [Employee 2] Thank you. - [Keith] Thank you very much. - My left side's my better angle.

- [Employee 2] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - So we just got to Knott's. We are on our way to find ourselves a Snoopy.

- Oh my god! - [Jonny] What? The drilling contest? - Tonopah. That's where my clown hotel was. - Dude. - Weird.

Second we're back in, I feel so alive. - [Jonny] Knott's Berry Farm, best-smelling theme park of the day. - [Keith] Smells good.

(train whistle blows) (Zach screams) - Are you kidding me? - Snoop Dogg. - [Jonny] Is that where he gets his name? - Yes! - Snoop Dogg from Snoopy dog? - [Keith] I assume. - [Kwesi] Wow, hey. - Here we go, here we go.

You're blocking his face, dude. - [Kwesi] Snoopers! Thank you, Snoopy! You're the fuckin' best! - Hey, look. Be safe with your eyes shut. I know it's dangerous, okay, so be safe.

- [Kwesi] It's time for a bathroom review. - [Jonny] Look at that cute little family. The dapper family. - I like this area.

- Did I just transport to the 1920s? - [Kwesi] It's a speakeasy. - I think we found our first 10 out of 10 bathroom. - Hey, I was wrong. I'm downgrading Space Mountain to 3 out of 10. I did have that cool urinal experience, though. (Jonny clapping) Well, don't roll my sound.

- You have no (indistinct) at all. (paper rustles) (whimsical music plays) - Stop it. - [Jonny] What did you say, "that's all?" - Stop it. We have to get it. - [Jonny] Yes.

(Jonny laughs) - Thank you. (Zach laughs) That's the mascot. Hey! He's the guy! He's the bear! This is Boysen the Bear! - [All] Boysen the Bear! Boysen the Bear! Boysen the Bear! Boysen the Bear! Boysen the Bear! Boysen the Bear! - Okay, we gotta go.

Oh, that's Accelerator. - Whoo! Oh, yes! I can't wait, I can't wait! I want all of it! - None of us can see. (all scream) - Holy shit! Yeah! (Zach screaming) So happy we did it. It was scary. It was fun, I was screaming.

(Keith laughs) Hell yeah. - What do we have here? - We got ourselves a boysenberry funnel cake. It's gorge.

Boysenberries invented here. How do you invent a berry? I don't know, but they did it. Let's go for it. - That's fantastic. - Something about that tastes like eating a pad of butter. - Oh my god, that is so nice.

This is the best thing I've eaten all day. - The berry's delicious. - [Zach] Thank you.

- [Employee 3] Thanks, have a good one, guys. - [Zach] Onto the next. - So we have our production coordinator, Noelle, has been hooking us up all day getting us on our adventures. She just sent a text saying we should try to leave Six Flags at 5:30 to get to Universal by 6:30. We're gonna get to Six Flags at best by 5. So that's 30 minutes at Six Flags.

That's why I didn't wanna go to the bear, Zach. - Okay, but did you- I think that you're wrong. Did you have a great time with the bear? - [Keith] Of course I loved the bear. We came up with the song- - We had a song, "Boysen the Bear." - Yeah, well, we spent too much time with Snoopy.

- [Zach] Too much time with Snoopy? - We spent a lot of time with Snoopy. - Do you hear yourself right now? - I'm just saying. - The funnel cake's gone to your head. - When I worked at Universal, sometimes the park would stay open a little bit later.

Like they'd announce it last minute and be like, "okay, we said we're closing at 7, but it's really closing at whatever." So lemme see. - That would be fucking huge. - I'm texting the Universal group I'm in.

- Oh, come on. How are we supposed to get to the Magic Mountain? This looks like a parody. What's up here? Where are all these people going? - Better hope they're not going to Magic Mountain.

I don't know if we're gonna make it in time for all the parks, but I do know that I'm gonna stay hydrated with this delicious Air Up bottle. Mm. - [Jonny] You taste it? - Yeah.

Holy (beep). - [Keith] Maybe react without swearing. - Oh yeah. Holy bollockers! (Zach laughs) - Holy bollockers? No, that's flavored water. That's not flavored? - [Kwesi] No. - [Jonny] Okay, I got a response from the Universal people.

- [Kwesi] Talk to me. - Yes, closing at 7 tonight. Hard close since there is a park buyout, meaning like a company is going there. That starts at 7 pm. - That's not good.

- I'm calling Universal Studios Hollywood. - Hey, I'm with a private event tonight. What company am I from? - Hi there, how are you? I am part of the- Oh, so sorry. I am part of the company that has bought out the park tonight.

For the private event. Do you know if there's other companies that have bought out, or is it just our company? Oh, you don't know the company that bought out the park tonight? - [Employee 4] No, and I also don't know if they bought out the entire park. - Okay, thank you. Is there somebody else I could talk to who might know the name of the parent company that bought out the park? - [Employee 4] -but I have an email. - [Jonny] Okay.

Cool, yeah. Could you give me that email? - Yo, what's up, Marizz? Kwesi. Six Flags Magic Mountain. It's me. (Zach laughs) - [Employee 5] Magic Mountain? - For the Magic Mountain, all right? Tell em' it's Kwesi. - I can't with this.

Kwesi. He's all insane. - Traffic is finally moving. We are four minutes from Six Flags. We've come up with a plan. We have to divide and conquer.

If we have any chance of pulling this off, we need to be in and out of Six Flags in under 25 minutes. - [Kwesi] Let's do it. (text pops) - [Keith] Go. - Go, go, go. We got the tickets, Jonny, I have the tickets, run! Jonny, I have all of them! - [Keith] Go. Oh, it's all greasy.

It's all greasy! (crosstalk) - All right, we are officially in the park. I've never run in my adult life. - Just go there, go there. (all scream) Okay, we rode it. It was basically Accelerator but with loops.

- And I gotta find a mascot. I gotta find Bugs. Come on, Bugs Bunny, where the hell are you? Oh, it's so cold. (Zach breathing heavily) Excuse me.

Are there any mascots still out? Are they all gone for the night? - [Employee 6] Yeah, they leave at 5. (Zach sighs) (slow music plays) - Ah, it's a real punch in the nuts. I came all this way. There's just no more mascots. They all go home at 5. It's much later than 5.

And I feel like a failure. I feel like a big ole stinky failure and I just hope that the other guys are having a better time than me. (riders scream) Restroom check, here we go.

Boom. Love the sign. Very industrial feel.

Nice white tile, classic. A Six Flags bathroom, very small. Only two urinals, one toilet. It smells like urine in here.

No mirror once again, which I don't understand. I like to look at myself. Also, no theme. I'm gonna give this a 2 out of 10. (paper rustles) (Keith grunts) - We did it! - [Zach] I did a bathroom review! - How is it? - [Zach] It's bad. There's no mascot and I haven't done anything else yet.

- Did you go all the way over there? - [Zach] Yeah, they said they're all gone. - Oh, shoot. - [Zach] They're all gone.

- What about these toy soldiers? - [Zach] Okay, this counts. - Okay. (paper rustles) (Kwesi laughs) Wonder Woman. - [Zach] Wait, you bought two? - It's buy one get one free! - [Zach] Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman! - Sorry, I'm on my break.

I'm on my break. - Can we just do one photo real quick? - Say something pretty, say something nice about me. - You're the princess of Themyscira. - Okay, one photo. I'm the official Wonder Woman of Six Flags. - [Kwesi] Got it! - Take a bite of it.

- I'm lactose intolerant. - Me too, just take a bite of it! (crosstalk) - [Jonny] -ice cream for three lactose intolerant boys. - Because it was the only thing I could get fast enough, let's go! - [Zach] How is it? - Let's go! - [Zach] Is it good ice cream? Six Flags, check. (Kwesi yelling) - Take a dairy pill, take a dairy pill. (Zach laughing) - [Zach] Go, go, go! Jonny, get in the car! - [Kwesi] We can do this.

We can do this. - [Zach] All this Six-Flagging sure has me thirsty for some flavored water that isn't actually flavored. Mm. - [Keith] Wow, the technology blows my mind. - Oh my god, let's go! We just pulled off the fastest Six Flags trip in human history. We got in, we got out.

We achieved four of five, but we're gonna call it five out of five perfect score. - [Jonny] That park smells like fucking shit. (Zach and Keith laugh) - [Zach] Our ETA now to Universal is 6:12 pending parking. We can do this. - Woo! - They're gonna love this shit.

I just found out who bought out the park. - [Zach] Who? - L.A. Sheriff's Department. (record scratch) - Wow. This is the most affirming ACAB moment that I could've ever had. (tense music plays) Uh, here's the thing.

I know that we split up in the last place. I'm okay to split up a little bit, but I do think we all need to go on a ride together. - I don't think we need to split up here. We've got 50 minutes. - [Kwesi] Woo, kick us out? (Keith and Zach laugh) - All right, we're doing it. Come on, everybody! This way! - It is 6:11.

They close at 7. We're also not the only people arriving right now, that's crazy. - How are we not the only ones just getting here? (Keith laughs) (funky music plays) The bathroom. No theme, it's white, but it is humongous. We're giving this 7 out of 10. - [Keith] Hell yeah.

- [Kwesi] Bunch of pissers. - For a place that's closing in like 40 minutes, packed. - Packed, it is not Six Flags. So crowded! (Kwesi laughs) All these people are leaving at the same time, too. 'Cause they must've made an announcement saying the cops are coming.

- [Kwesi] Yeah, true! - [Keith] Everybody scattered. - You know this is the world's second largest elevator in the world? - [Zach] Escalator? - You know, this is the world's second largest escalator. - [Keith] Oh my god, there's more. - Oh, how could there be more? There's so many escalators! Here's the thing is that the further in we get, the harder it's gonna be for them to kick us out.

Okay, we've got options. Mummy ride is right here, or we could say screw it and go to Nintendo World, which is right there around that corner. - [Keith] Nintendo World.

(Kwesi laughs) It's my first time! I've never been- - Woo! - I've never been- oh, it made the sound! Wow. Wow! Wow! This is sick! (Keith groaning) - It feels right that we're trying to end this in Bowser's Castle. The boss level.

- Wow. Look at it! Wow! This is slower than we thought it might be, so the other guys have broken off to take a photo with a character. (Kwesi laughs) - What's up, dude? - [Transformer] What's up? - We did it! Can you say, "we did it?" - [Transformer] We did it! (Zach cheers) What did we do? - I'm gonna go get us some food, and you better believe I'm gonna use that bathroom.

Yes! I guess we should get the loaded Korean corn dog. Go all the way. ♪ All the single riders, all the single riders ♪ - [Jonny] Look at this, look at this.

- The corn dog. (Kwesi laughs) (paper rustles) - [Zach] Yeah, good? - [Kwesi] Fuckin' did it. - Hell yeah, I'm so excited! - Yes, yes! (Keith yells) - I love this! Whoo! (paper rustles) (upbeat techno music plays) (paper rustles) - They said it couldn't be done. They said it was impossible, but we did it. Five parks in one day.

- [Kwesi] Jack! MVP! MVP! MVP! - [Zach] We did it, Jack! - You did it all, you made it possible for us! We wanted to award you with trophies. - Thanks. - [Zach] Show us your trophy, Jack! - Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack! (theme music plays) (club music plays)

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