Trip to Twizel 3

Trip to Twizel 3

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I endorse that Because you know you took some good photos. I've never been inside it but  outside it's really cool. I like it. We have pizza for your dietary requirements  We've got cheese for the toasties. Thank you You can actually  cut straight through there   Do you see the cafe? It's the back entrance there oh no disgusting! I remember sitting many times in this car  park while you were doing your work Let's see if you can get in  from this angle, hopefully you can That looks interesting - caramel meringue You like meringue. Yeah, I thought  about Shanty, but i might go with the caramal meringue This looks great And the custard square?  That's me again! That's you again! I'm looking forward to trying it something  a little bit different. Do you want to try some meringue?

Just a mouthful. Yeah i'm going to do a bit  more when I get back. I have been   fasting a little bit recently, but i  heard an interesting podcast yesterday No I didn't have dinner either. Is that  the steak under there? It's pork belly. Oh i'm really full now. Well so you  should be, until tonight. Yes. Satisfaction? Satisfaction.

All right, that's what we like to hear. It was delicious I didn't realize that it came with eggs. Oh yeah, they looked nicely cooked too. Yes.   Ken's car keys are not in his jacket. Oh, they're probably in his pants.  Oh hold on. I tell a lie. Oh Sue, you besmirched  him. You besmirched him for no reason! oh well.   i'm just getting in in advance He's been besmirched! What does  besmirched mean? Criticized. Maligned. How do you say it? Besmirched.  Besmirched never heard of it! Oh well.   There's your new vocabulary for today. 

See if you can weave that into your next speech. Okay  Besmirched. I'm feeling somewhat besmirched.   I'm certainly feeling more full than I normally would be at this time of the day. Are we all ready to go? Yeah let's rock and roll. 

Are you not going to put the seatbelt on? Well you know, we are in Oamaru. What does it mean? i think it means that it's  optional. No, you've got to put it on because   the driver can get fined. Oh okay. ding ding  ding lights on the railway and the church Another one I think was this  building around here they published   and a couple of the harbour. Okay. I'll wave my finger   for you occasionally. Oh wow, what a treat! I know. It had some function historically. That's informative.

Can you actually go in there? Yeah, it's like a museum. Cool yeah, I'll get my camera out. You can put money in these things and the train blows out  smoke. Oh it's kind of cool!

You'll see the steampunk community in Dunedin. There is a lot of rust involved. Look at him hanging off the wire. What do you think is going to happen here? Some Smoke. Okay.

I think that was two dollars worth of smoke,  don't you? Yeah yeah yeah it's quite cool.   There's quite  a few movies that have been made in here.   They do    train trips from Dunedin. They dress all in period costume. If you ever want a day trip, pop up. Coastal erosion. It would have been  coastal erosion. Oh that's really cool! Look a bakery. I know but unfortunately  we just ate.

One of these shops sells Indonesian items. There was a shop full of books, it was great actually. It's too early for the shops to be open. Oh that's alright, we don't want to shop now.

Finished. It's just a playground for kids. Go for a walk! That's really cool. I think you can walk forward. Yeah that's it. I have not got very good balance.

oooowwwwwww You can actually get quite giddy. Yeah  i feel weird walking there. do you think you're going to be any good  i doubt it but i'm not going to try it foreign offload yeah that was good shooting  offload that was a cheeky offload   well one man's um rubbish is someone  else's treasure you're into it i get i get the feeling that  if you're selling junk up here yeah the colors are lovely is want to fit me is okay i'll take it yep and so that's  a win-win for us that's for sure the more you can include machines to do the  thinking the less accidents you're going to have it's a dramatic cloud the norway's so warm you're  getting that coming from it's   over to the public it's negotiable  that's actually great photography wouldn't appreciate it i shall help you carry it if that's required what do you think of that snow oh it  looks beautiful doesn't that look good fresh air we got snow yes  what more could you ask for   yes soon we'll have pine cones for the fire yes for the snow pine cones for the snow no pine cone  for the fire that's right although apparently   they've mostly been plundered what was plundered  i think you know like all taken all stolen yeah there's another pine tree yeah there is  another pine tree but it doesn't look   like it's got any cones on it this has got  no cones under it look at that it's beer i think we're going to be severely  disappointed here on a cone-free zone no there's a couple but there ain't many i can see about five cones in total how was the pine cone harvest on the end  uh successful yeah it's not bad not bad   how long do you think that'll keep us  warm for uh ten minutes got 10 minutes   oh we did about 10 minutes work so  we've got about 10 minutes of warmth all right that's done i wonder where they   like to put these i would say in the living  room would do right beside the fireplace would be my there's a little bit without milk um actually there's crackers there  with cheese or cottage cheese actually could i   please have warm water warm water yes um do you  have any honey yes we do yeah can i just have a   teaspoon of honey yeah i'll boil the water first  yeah so you're wanting to cool down before you   add the honey or you just put honey in straight  away very well okay all right leave it with me   maybe nice and warm this one again it just helps up oh i'll wait a  year i'll go on you've got a big lick you have hey what you doing what you doing hey see that's good you don't feel rushed having your meal  because it might close it i think you're right we don't want to miss out on our accoutrements  if you're getting something stuff that doesn't   need to be getting cold yeah we won't well  butter's not going anywhere anyway so no not this temperature yes are you having a feeling of deja  vu but we've done this before yes oh yes please thank you unlike  the morgue-like atmosphere   that was disgusting oh that was a disappointment you gotta be careful for filling so like sir oh yeah i'm going to go out on a limb  here and say i think we might even get   a hit away ahead of [ __ ] yes i do  agree yes it is first time to tico i don't look you look like you're ready to  climb a mountain tourist thank you so much   you're gonna you're gonna fit in well at the  church of the good shepherds no i'm gonna be   we're gonna be the only ones there oh no that's  the beautiful thing well we won't be the only   ones but we're not it's not school holidays  and we don't have the international tourists   to compete with to the degree factual yes  let's roll all right let's rumble yes let's go weren't they and the salad was  beautiful the steaks james had a   really nice hamburger i had a hamburger and  then we had go on so well then we had apple   wontons that was delicious whoa so it  was a wee nova we know of a vanilla ice   cream yeah these we triangular wontons  but with apple and cinnamon and side with a lovely cinnamony i'd say brown sugary   coating and with caramel  sauce oh with caramel sauce we'll get up there in a hyundai for christ's sake and we're gonna see sightseeing yeah  it's a beautiful magnificent view yeah   like you're on top of the world exactly this guy's just that's what they're trying to  conserve rather put into dairy what are you grinning about i said treats or  whites treats do away magnificent view yeah   but the focuses are on the treats we've gotta  have the treats so yeah it's beautiful view i'm going over there with you up yes i am come on come on you're welcome watch out well as long as you tell me if  there's something behind me yeah you're all good because i'm getting pretty good  footage no idea it's on that wall   plenty of seats on the cafe which  is good the seat becomes empty yeah now there's a step behind you there  okay thank you if you go right around there so it is just keeps going smidge cold well this looks like a good place  for us we get hemorrhoids right there on that   concrete flap no we'll go into the warm what  we can't get good photos through the glass it's beautiful view yes i need to be  internally warm and heavy so that can fully   appreciate it is that right yeah when you put that  down have a look through there all right hold on   that's me thank you very much thank you thank you no no fair enough so have you got  poached eggs bacon and eggs food here   um steak and mushroom pie oh that sounds yummy a little bit my carrot cake and a little bit  i've been promised a little bit of carrot cake yeah it's brunch isn't it i don't need it no none of us need it but  that's not what we're here we're on holiday   just want your covers not in the front  of your screen no i'm making sure that um that's lovely thank you very much thanks very much yes what are you doing well done  it worked it's pretty good it works this body oh thanks we'll have a little  you can have more than that   i don't want to get greedy you're good um well it's like this one i um oh oh it's good um vitamin d here definitely yeah we should  go over there scope that would be better he's right here very pleasant yeah it's in my hand that's what i said didn't i you  did well you are really a detective   i said ladies with possibly here but yeah she said she could move here   where does she live well she didn't say but  she said she just knows she could move here and it might look like something else oh goodness gracious are you filming us all day  liam at the stage good luck have you seen the pictures yeah huge fish huge from the other side we'll  probably see them better yes yeah if you go that   way we'll go over this other bridge and come back  you might see them but this is a lovely spot yes   so these are people's little batches and it's very  key rihanna it's sort of like the holiday spot   that kiwis was sort of a cultural thing that you  used to see right throughout new zealand and um ruffles oh yes you can see that is good clarity um and a good yeah for this james  was get right down to water level oh is it just um i love it are you going for that what was a splash of water it could have  been a duck or it could have been some fish   at this point we don't know no no i'm happy she's heavy i have witnessed that loads of them  loads of code years loads of things that means it's probably more than one rabbit  oh i think that's a clear assumption yes you can see uh okay okay rather than just having a straight  line um you know it'll be a design fun   quirky design yeah i actually  quite like it yeah i don't mind it very nice here we go you can see why it was jelly bean too let's take a seat can  you take a picture of us in the jelly beans let's take seat with jelly bean okay  we'll take a seat with the jelly bean oh funny it's weird oh no we can't take a seat  with the jelly bean you're gonna wet buttocks now   yeah oh god looks did i look like i went myself  basically yes looks like you've passed your pants oh you can smell the fresh ends of the fire so laughs most people get wrong they're not robbing  josh but a chicken don't they but you like   fish yeah um i'm getting part of chicken you  get buttered chicken you always give up um i don't normally get fresh curry i'm always wary  inland places for fresh oceans yeah we've had a   bad experience with fish recently yes i got a  piece of an old shoe oh yeah at the top yes at   the top heart yes that was did you get fish  and chips or was it just fish of the day it   was fish of the day yeah it was called market  fresh fish of the day was the exact menu item   and it was meant to come with chips so i expected it did have a bend in it it did look  like something from the bottom of a shoe   so yes i first shop here i don't know if it's the  way to go is it because they are inland well yeah   and it's probably over deep freeze or sometimes  even the fish and chip shop i've seen in those   commercial bits we boy they present you with that  whereas you know at mojino you know they've got   fresh fish or omeru where we were it's fresh fish  on the menu because you're handled sorry but also   fish and you know there's a harbour there and  fresh fisheries are selling not always the   case but generally but then then you might get  somewhere you know in between that does have it   they've got an avenue and hearthstone somewhere  but now i'm always just a bit wary up here and   the current for instance you buy fish and chips  here it's often sort of commercial bits out of the   deep freeze well i'm getting a butter chicken  which i think you can't go too far wrong with   i always get rogan josh so that's lamb and tomato  based curry yeah i might try something like that i like it you like it it's not to my taste  no you don't like i like tomato curry over um   the other one i like is sagawala  that's spinach lamb curry   no i don't know i probably wouldn't mind it but  maybe not yeah but i prefer a tomato based curry   and the one you have james is chicken obviously  yes tomato based chicken curry delicious   absolutely delicious frame with cream yes they  put cream and i have mine hot as hot as they'll   allow me to have it without calling an ambulance  hmm yeah i probably wouldn't be able to sleep   no yes and your mother couldn't do to her  oh god i mean if you thought was bad now   just wait till she said a hot butt check  i wouldn't ever curry not with my reflux   because she will be absolutely ripping  yeah teach you what your back ends used for should be ripping you thought you'd heard ripping  now if you thought there was forensic evidence   now you just might be a real crime  scene you'll need the luminol   you would you'd spray you wouldn't  know where to stop spraying i'm going full bakery mode wow are  you i don't know about full bakery   man we've got curry to think about of  course maybe semi bakery mode okay yeah are you filming me yeah did you have the  extractor on the show when you had it i forgot   i forgot i'll try on this one i  wonder what this thing just helps she wants a square yeah don't try and go down where there's  no steers cubes huh okay all right you can get in the front if you want to that  is your privilege and that is your right um i am not clogged that's good yeah not like  you dear excuse me yeah i'm not making any   claims of that nature oh you see you're clogged  i didn't i said my stomach is a bit sore yeah   i use stomach when i'm clogged i'm gonna get you in a minute yeah   what are you thinking hmm yeah shorty's  fried chicken sounds interesting   shame they're not open in the evenings hmm  fish and chips yeah it could be quite good could have um lunch and not have dinner yeah  instead of fish and chips we could go here   tomorrow for lunch food  lunch you could get a shiraz you could have there's a fish in chaps yes i  could just have fresh chips from here potentially   i like the sound of shorty fried chicken do you  yeah i can already smell some nice smells coming   out of there yeah it's good in that it's  good yeah look uh crystal chicken thighs   with house-made mesh slaw and  gravy like the sound of there yeah yeah when you can have a little same price  yeah you fried chicken you have to be insane   yeah you have to have lost your mind  to get veg instead of fried chicken   yeah for the same price that's my opinion  yeah what's happening nothing's happening i must have really sensitive um yeah possibly yeah uh probably around foursquare if the rain stayed  like this because yeah is he out yeah he's there   okay if the rain stayed like this we could go for  a walk potentially yeah there he is we see him   now we see him yeah what is he doing yeah  he's walking in this direction yeah he is that's all right he's back he's back he's back   i came back all right we cold we  want to get back to that steam oven what are you laughing about you demon oh  it's funny my eyes watery isn't it is that   an anticipation of food yeah no it's just  because it's cold weather makes me yeah yeah probably in the winter yeah um we can still  go for a walk i think in the in weather like this   of course it doesn't matter too much  we could potentially potentially   find a place where there's a wee bit of shelter  if it need be i think the worst of it yeah some trees we can get under  the trees and we'll see there are some trees down by the river you managed to get uh the  bakery items that were required yeah so i've got one of each  well one of each wow you're going   so i'm sure we can cut them in half  because if i don't you know just eat   them yeah of course you will it's like pac-man  oh well we're getting this sweet so normally she's already busting to get that chocolate  open it's open it's open and half gone too late   already holy [ __ ] by the time i came out of the  shower the chocolate was half gone unbelievable   and if she's into it it'll be gone she's gonna  beat us ah she's not too bad with that but if she   opens a thing of sweets it's not normally 50 50.  she'll debate that but normally for my one she's   had about two handfuls yeah no doubt i can totally  imagine that yeah well it sounds like you me yeah   me yeah i like savory food so like every of them  potato chips are probably 80 of them yes well i've   got a thing of those chips left on my cupboard  and she'll find them my [ __ ] they'll disappear   but um no so what happens now say we get pineapple  lumps or something i'll be mercenary and divide   them in half i'm not parker otherwise it's the  only way i won't get a third of them no you won't   just buy two bags well we do that  sometimes too get a bag each that's a good because we don't probably do it that often  rich food tends to repeat on there but   and like we eat very well a lot of beaches okay that was just me dropping some stuff down that we were looking for which  is good thank you here you go don't lose any sleep over  it oh good pie good pie um he says his friend works here well when i was in the tourist  business people will ask you something no he volunteered this information he volunteered i didn't ask him about the forecast   oh cube you're interested in what i would call  a lemon beverage with your yes please items how's your mushroom quantity in there oh  excellent okay so this is an improvement   on yesterday's mushroom quantity but yesterday's  pie is nicer i mean quantity of meat is excellent   this one's a little bit dry ah well that's  where lemon beverage may come into play expensive last night i was very  impressed with that that's good there's your grown up try that um well some students can see yeah and  this year they just copy and pasted   the forecast from last year because they got  no idea really didn't say that yeah really it's a very firm custard and i do like fantastic yummy you've got the special deviant face that you  pull every time the video gets switched on   and have you been practicing it or has it just  come naturally it's probably self-conscious steven just be pleased you're never in front of a  jury what are you doing sir oh yeah you've got you look like quasi photo and there's a robes   coming down from the bell  tower to eat some custard oh yes yeah the only way to lure them out  was besides than anything else i think so they're still completely anti-trump  and republican and all that stuff   she's going to share a little bit just to make  herself feel better about hitting the whole block   i haven't eaten the whole block that's not what  i heard cause i've got him on film saying he said   nothing well that's not true don't believe  everything you hear don't show that punch i've been told that pretty much  you eat all the sweets in the house   well that's definitely not  true and it's slim packages   like this oh they could come now careful we're  going to close they could come in a number of ways there's no way what's happening dude  there's not many squares left there's   not many squares left there what's happened we're  just waiting for you to go for your walk i won't how many squares would you say left it's half a  cake half a colder than the thought so no no come   on okay there's half a you've committed now you're  obviously gonna have it all because you've not   having it all i've broken it up so i can share it  well no thank you for me thank you for your kind   offer no thank you all right so you are going to  have it already no so you are going to have it all right you [ __ ] he said he said that out of one  bag of pineapple lumps he gets about three and you   give the rest he's a liar he's a stranger to the  truth he said that he would struggle to get even   two and a half pineapple lumps out of a bag before  you've got got the rest that's [ __ ] that's what   he said no as as paint said when the guy  that had bought the tent sands all the pegs there's an apparition at the door  oh yeah turn your camera in pete pete's on board for fishtail yep you're gonna go  rogan josh i presume yeah sounds like i convinced   so to get wrong in josh what did you yeah what  points did you bring up to her to convince her uh   she says she likes lamb too okay yeah okay oh  hopefully they like it yeah and tomato base yep it doesn't work for me rogan josh i'm afraid  but yeah i think kent's getting wrong when   josh too wow yeah that's going to be a real  rogan joshua thong yeah i think that's um yeah um he likes rolling josh too oh  do you think so yes i speak so   okay he definitely seems to like naan bread yeah  you like now bread i'm a huge naan bread fan i'm take it or leave it yeah yeah i like chocolate  now though yeah chocolate man's good yeah really golf too well i don't want  to walk through the um fair enough and how has winter toys are going for  you this time yeah good that's good yeah snow's been pretty nice my sock is getting eaten you're joking quite pleasant out of the wind isn't  it it is quite pleasant out of the wind oh it's fast that's really fast yeah look how high  the river is that's about as high as it can go um yes let's go and have a look you want to go have a   look yeah there's a seat over there  we can have a quick look at that it's looking pretty wide and fast isn't it well don't get uh wet feet  swaggler slickly yeah it is nonetheless you can normally walk all  the way out here not now have a look   look at that very very fast yeah normally we just walk all the way  out to those stones but not now not now yep mmm i always it's kind of like a tomato   the way i describe because i get mild  it's like tomato stew yup lamb tomato stew   yeah with a hint of spots nice yeah now that's  what i'll be going with yep and james is gonna get it'll be the cost of the transportation  that bumps it up i don't know   some of these big old box stores they  should be the same production throughout   the country if they've got an advertised  product the thing with the transport is   twice always closer than dunedin for a  lot of the start you could do that sir hello frozen frozen oh what an adventure makes a funny sound doesn't it yeah and get wet feet yeah there's not more  than that one no there's no water in there yes that's nice isn't it it's very nice   you might need to wear gloves here oh well  i've got them if i need them but i've got   my hands in my pockets at the moment if i need  to oh your one hand is not covered that's true you might get frosty bites here one  thing is they're quite that cold   but um yeah keep an eye on it that would be fun i'm sure for  someone with a four-wheel drive yeah just to hmm my being um a bit easier than  last walk i think this probably will be a   little bit easier than the last one the last  one wasn't too bad i mean it was it was just   that main hell at the start and then it was all  pretty much flat after that yeah but this one's   got um well it's got muddy last time and  we have to walk through the that's true um   water that's true whereas now the ground's  frozen so yeah there's no mud that's kind of nice   yeah in my mouth though over  time it will probably melt yeah look at the um icicles i know pretty cool yeah it's not  that cold either really is it no not really sun's coming out though yeah i think it might  be warmer than last walk well because we're up   a lot a lot later than the last one remember  the last one we got up really early yeah but you might be right hmm oh vlogging vlogs yep some logs yeah here's some ice puddles for you yeah  it might be already semi-melted oh yeah solid oh yes um come on your nutcase it's quite fun   i'm sure do you like them breaking  them too i quite like the sound yeah you're going to get a wet foot sign i know  luckily selecting the ones that no water   yeah sooner or later yeah you have a wet  foot and it's going to be wet for hours yeah i didn't do that i  haven't got anything like that nevermind oh look up ahead  oh it's a dream come true   yeah but it looks quite weird let's get  some ice skates and go through this one yes you probably want to go around that look at that pretty cool eh there's the pyramid over there do you see straight through there yeah that's  where our last walk went yes those clouds up you look pretty cool icicle real icicle don't squash  it yeah you can have a look at it   yeah that's really interesting isn't it looks like mushroom doesn't that  does look like mushroom reminds me   a little bit of like rice potting or  something it looks like um shirataki   mushroom do you know the one i'm talking about  yeah looks a bit like enoki to me um yeah onward onwards sorted we continue yes right  onward four kilometers to the heart it's cool keeping your feet dry dry so far there's your toilet yep inside the heart yes check for birds and chickens  always check for birds in the chimney stove   yeah because otherwise it could  be a smell when you light the fire lots of different focus people left behind cooking  tools and a wee bit of gas and toilet equipment   a little toilet equipment in case needed yeah and  we've got some stools and this bed's got four beds   yes that's pretty good some weird deck chairs  someone's left some fresh water that's pretty   good isn't it yeah it's pretty good pretty well  equipped and we shouted yep here's a visited book oh yes yeah that's 2020. uh yeah there's been a lot of visitors yes   2021 yeah so that's going forward and possible  this must be a new visitor's book yeah yes so the one that um yeah  there we go installed then um the one that um sue was talking about it's not  gonna be here no i think it's taking us away   now yeah start of a new decade someone put some  glasses there in case you need to read a book   yes i guess yep i do need to go a toilet okay  well let's go and make that dream come true yes   i suspect he's gonna be smelly oh no the door's  been open for quite some time let me close this up   the door's been open for quite some time so i  think you'll be all right let's go and have a   quick look at it um the lid is shut well  the lid is shut toilet lid as close okay i'm worried that some creature  might be there well it's possible no creature certainly didn't hear anything   so you're probably fine to use that i'll go and  photograph the hut while you're in there enjoy how you doing so far good thank you  dear pretty dry feet now ah no oh you   my feet are basically dry yeah it just or take  a little bit more time here all right so you're   going to go burger and chips yeah i think  i'm going to definitely try the onion sausage   okay just because i like to know what an onion  sausage tastes like at every fish and chip shop i   go to yep and i'll get some chips i'm not getting  any first shopping warned off that yeah i might   get onions sausage too yeah i would recommend it  hopefully they've got tomato sauce back at home did you finish eating all the bread  there's a little bit left it's almost gone there you go that's the tuna that's the turn off excellent work you should be  in the circus thanks thanks do you think i'll do well on  the hamster where a wheel thing   i think you did pretty well  on the hamster wheel yep um well i think we can get  across here don't you yeah i would say right here's a good spot one two three right there that one's solid as hell  that one's solid that one's solid that one's solid done deal i don't think there's any way across no what are your thoughts on our walk today  squidly very good yeah yeah good walk good walk   that's nice very good walk dear nice scenery  isn't it it's beautiful scenery no one's around   haven't seen a single other person no really  enjoyed having the snipe on the hills just   adds a wee bit of extra something to the walk  isn't it yes and it's very very relaxing yes nice yeah yeah very fresh here i think i'll sleep well tonight do  you i would imagine so yeah me too how do we know it's open i guess the light is on yeah it is that's exactly right we need to close the door perhaps  we got the chips we've got the chaps   we've got the burgers what could go wrong  more than that we got more than that we got it so oh boy i'm you

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