Tri State Trip - Day 16 - Thalakkadu

Tri State Trip - Day 16 - Thalakkadu

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The story of Talakkadu is while sage Somadutta travelling with his disciples wild elephants kills them. They reborn as wild elephants and worships a silk cotton tree as Shiva. This Tala and Kadu are hunters.

When they cut the tree, blood oozes from the tree. then they hear a voice that I am Shiva living in the tree. Don't cut it. As he treats his injury, Shiva became Vaidyanatha. That is Vaidyanatha temple. There are total 6 temples here. One is Vaidyanatha, second is Pataleswar, third is Maruleswar. These three are Shiva temples.

Keerti Narayana Vishnu temple. Choudeswari devi temple. Veerabhadra swamy temple. This Vaidyanatha temple is 160 years old. This was covered with sand due to negligence. Government took the initiative and removed the sand at that time some mantapas were damaged.

Outside small temples are installed. But main Vaidyanatha linga is Swayambhu. Talakkadu is ruled by Ganga dynasty in 6th century.

Cholas defeated Ganga dynasty. In 11th century Hoyasala king Vishnuvardhan defeated Cholas. The whole area around this including villages was covered by sand.

This happened due to the curse of queen Rani Alimelamma. I will tell you the story later. This is Vaidyanatha temple. Shiva linga is swayambhu. Shiva's dwara palakas Nandi and Mahakala. Nandi belongs to God's sect. that is why normal. Mahakala belongs to demon sect. So, he is having tusks.

Vishnu's vehicle is Garud. Shiva's vehicle Nandi. See this portion it looks like bull's head. This is Ganesha's idol. Ganesh's vehicle is rat. If you close these legs it looks like Ganesh is riding a horse.

If you see it looks like reins of horse. This Ganesh is known as Vijaya Ganapati or Darbar Ganapati. You can see two rings made of stone. This is made from single stone. It is linked with one other. This is known as Naga Kundala Chola. Naga means cobra. Kundala means ring. Chola is due to Cholas constructed it.

Somanathapura is constructed with soft soap stone. This is constructed with hard stone that is granite. This temple is constructed 1200 years back. Many architectural students, construction people incorporating designs from this temple.

This is Kashi Vishwanadha shiva linga. Installed one. Vaidyanatha linga inside is swayambhu. Pnachalinga darshan is aspecius.

Talakkadu is having three lingas. Vaidyanatha, Pataleswara, Maruleswara 4th linga is in Mudikuture which is 4Km away. That Shiva is Mallikarjuna.

Vijapura, which is 6 Km away 5th linga Arkeswara is there. Every one year one month Panchalinga darshan in Kartik month 5th Monday people gather. Panchalinga darshan is not as per English calendar. It is according to Hindu calendar.

As all the people cannot go the distance for all lingas. they made arrangements for panchalinga darshan here only. As all people come here, Goverment makes arrangements here and declares festival days. Architects, engineers are learning 2 D, 3D drawing from here. One Laxmi statue is there It looks like Laxmi. If you close part of it , it looks like peacock. That is 2D and they made them 1200 years back.

They made it when they don't have laptops, computers etc. Thie is 3 D picture. One cow pouring milk on Shivalinga.

Another cow licking Shivalinga. One cow looking away. This is 3D picture. This is Saraswati with peacock. This is 2D sculpture.

At present Vishnu temple does not have any Shiva related things. Shiva temple does not have any Vishnu related things. In those times all things were together. You can see Vishnu's vehicle Garuda. This is Bhudevi, on top Narasimha and on top of it Venugopala This small temple is Dakshinamurthy. Shiva only worshipped for studies.

This closed temple is Shakti Ganapati. Specialty of this Ganapati is married Ganapati. There is dispute that Ganapati is bachelor, some say married. In Talakkadu his wife is Bhuddhi. In Shringeri it is Siddhi. In this idol, on the left lap his wife Bhuddhi is sitting.

This is Durga Devi It is like rangoli we put in front of our house. This is that type of rangoli drawing. This is Chamundeswari. In Mysuru it is new. That is of 13th century and this is of 8th century.

Some Shivalingas were installed here. People who cannot visit 5 swambhu Shivalingas can have darshan here. This a 3D picture. First milk is pouring on Shiva. Second licking Shivalinga. Third one is watching. this statue is Kartikeya, Subrahmanyam, Armugam or Shanmugam. Whatever you call. His vehicle peacock is damaged, so no puja. That is Hunuman figure on the pillar.

This is the figure of Bhakta Kannappa, plucking his eyes to put it on Shiva. If you see the walls, there fish figures. We require water for houses and farming. At present we are finding water with the help of gadgets.

In those times they were not there. So, they have drawn fish figures on the wall. If you follow the direction of fish mouth, you can find underground water. On this wall marks are there on both sides. It means if you go either way you can get water. This is Parvati's temple.

Here Parvati is called Manonmani. Srirangapatnam which is 60 Km from this place. Parvati is called Nimushamba. They pray her for all types of boons. Manonmani is worshipped for fulfilling our desires.

This Shiva is Chandikeswara. People with no children worship here When their desire fulfilled, they give their offerings. They clap here to get the attention of the God. This is Kalabhairava Swamy. This is Bhdrakali temple. Two statues are there in front of the temple.

One is Tala other is Kada. That is Talakkada. That is Tala, this is Kada. Names of two hunters. Starting of 11th century, this Talakkadu was occupied by Cholas. 100 years after that Hoyasala king Vishnuvardhana defeated Cholas and drove them out of Mysuru area. In 1610 Mysuru's king conquered Talakkadu. After that representatives of Vijayanagara family situated in Shringeri.

They got ill so, they came to Talakkadu to worship Vaidyanatha to get cured. Tirumalaraya's second wife queen Alimelamma was made in charge for Srirangapatanam. When he was in dying stage just to see him before death, she started for Talakkadu.

She told the Wodeyar kings to look after Srirangapatnam then the Wodeyar king wanted to steal all her property and sent his army to attack her. They tried forcibly to capture her property She dumped all her valuables into Kaveri river. and committed suicide. She gave three curses before dying.

First curse was, that this Talakkadu should submerge with sand. Second one is, there should be a whirlpool where she jumped into river. Third curse is that Mysuru kings Wodeyars should be childless. And died there. This is Pataleswara temple. Now people are visiting but earlier nobody used to visit. When people comes to Panchalainga darshan then only this temple used to be opened.

After that nobody used to bother about it. It used to be covered with sand. Now Government constructed a compound wall. Due to regular cleaning people are visiting this place. This is Pataleswara temple.

This temple is covered with sand every year. So, Government constructed compound wall and cleaning it every two to three years. Earlier they use to clean it at festival time and make path. Now they clean it every two to three years and made it approachable.

There is swayambhu Shivalinga inside. There are three lingas just by the side. These are installed ones and after clearing the sand they were exposed. This is Kirtinarayana Vishnu temple.

It was constructed by Hoyasala king Vishnuvardhan in 11th century. The thing in front of temple is entrance. Earlier it was fully covered by sand. Even vehicles used to cross it to park here. First they cleaned the front portion of the temple.

Beautiful idol and pujas are being performed here. In 1991-92 they cleared the sand and exposed the entrance. This is Maraleswara Swamy Shiva temple.

This also recent exposed after removing the sand. These are few idols from the excavation. In Mysuru it is Mahishasura Mardhini Chamundeswari. This is Raktabeeja Mahishaura Mardini Coudeswari.

This is the entrance which we saw from the top. This was fully covered with sand. After removing the sand a Hanuman temple, Laxmi temple and kitchen were exposed.

At present they kept the remains of Laxmi temple aside. They are going to rebuild it. On the left is Laxmi's idol. On the right is Ramanujacharya's idol. This is Hanuman temple.

On far left is temple kitchen. Here Laxmi's temple was existing earlier. Now only foundation is remaining. They stored all the remains which we saw earlier for reconstruction. In 11th century Hoyasala king Vishnuvardhan built it.

This is Kirtinarayana temple in Talakkadu. Beluru Chennakeshava Narayana. GadagVeeranarayana Gundlupeta Vijayanarayana, Tondanuru Nambinarayana.

These five Vishnu temples were constructed by Vishnuvardhana in his time.

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