Tri State Trip - Day 10 - Aihole - Primary School of Temple Construction

Tri State Trip - Day 10 - Aihole - Primary School of Temple Construction

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Good morning. Today is day. 10. We are starting from Hospet to Aihole. We stayed for 3 nights in Hopet. Visited Hampi for 2 days. Now we are going to Aihole.

After Aihole Pattadakkal. The Badami caves. Night stay in Badami. Let's talk details at the location. This is Hospet town.

This is Aihole temple complex. We will take guide, who can explain to us. This an experimental Shiva temple. That is Vishnu temple. All Aihole temples are experimental temples.

Made for knowledge. Aihole's last temple is Durg temple. This temple is Durg temple. That is fort temple.

This is big Vishnu temple. Inside idols are there. Dashavatara idols are there. These temples are samples, models (Prototype). Shiva temple. Be near to the guide. He is talking in a low voice. This is a historical place, Aihole. It was known as Aryapura.

Aryapura means city of Scholars. it was school for scholars and sculpturers. Badami was Vatapi. Pattadakkal was Shilapura. All three are very important.

Aihole is Primary School. High School in Badami. College is Pattadakkal. The experiment was tried here. This one is main temple. Durg temple. Not Durga goddess temple. Durg temple is, which is inside the fort. See the swastik design.

Window mesh. This is Nandi Vahana Shiva statue. This is Nandi and Shiva statue. Wearing tiger skin.

Half-moon on the crown. Known as Chandrashekhar also. Kundalas on the ear and rudrakhsa in hand. Nandi Vahana Shiva. Next one, lion face, human body. Narasimha.

Vishnu's laughing face. 4th Dashavatara. Laughing face after killing Hiranyakashyap. Victory of Lord Vishnu's statue. This is hair style design.

Hair style of 7th century ladies. Saree border design. Karnataka's Ilkal saree designs. Badami Chalukya' s family God. Garuda Vahana Vishnu. First Chalukyas were Vaishnavs.

Afterwards they adopted Jain and Shaiva dharma. Pattadakkal is Shiva temple. Garuda Vahana Vishnu. On top Shanku, Chakra and Laxmi here. Vishnu's hand is same as Tirupathi Balaji's Varadahastha mudra. That is Abhayahastha. For Ashirvad and Varadan. So, Varadahastha idol.

How old this is? It is of 7th century. Sun temple in Konark design. Sun temple in Konark. This is U type temple. Vishnu's third incarnation. Varaha.

When Hiranashya steals his second wife Bhoodevi and hides in Patala Vishnu kills him with Varaha avatar. On top it is Bhioodevi. At his feet nagini.

Vishnu's third incarnation Varaha avatar. Temple's vastu keepr, Mahishasura Mardhini. Mahisha means buffalo, asura means demon, mardhini means devi.

When Mahishasur attacks devi, Devi with eight hand and trident kill him. Parvati is called Mahishasura Mardhini, Chamundeswari, Durga, Amba Decorated Parvati statue, Mahishasura Mardhini. This half Vishinu, halg Shiva statue. Vishnu and Shiva combination. Vishnu having Shank in one hand, Laxmi, Chakra in other hand.

Shiva is having Gana here. He is with Trishul. Vishnu and Shiva combination Hari Hara. hari means Vishnu, Hara means Shiva. Harihareswar

Here it is damaged. Here it is Ramayana story. Dasharatha and Kaikeyi. Rama, Laxman and Sita. Kaikeyi telling Dasharatha to make Bharat as king and send Ram a to forest. Here they are thinking who should be sent to forest. After discussion with advisers Rama was ordered to go to forest. Rama, Laxman and Sita went to forest.

Many rivers came in their way. When they were thinking how to cross. A boat man in a small boat helps them to cross the river. Here it is compact Ramayan.

Here it is Maha Bharat. Here there is no sculpture. One side they have done design, other side it is not. These two pillars are complete. Here they have done experiment. Inside it is broken.

In 14th century Moghals destroyed this along with Hampi. This is originally Vishnu temple. On the top middle of the door is Vishnu Vahan Garuda. Vishnu Vahan Garuda. Vishnu temple. Snake design Naga Shakha.

Beautiful door designs. Naga Shakha, Patra Shakha, Kumbha Shakha, Nara Shakha and Makara Shakha. Different beautiful Shakhas. Lovely couples. River Goddess ganga and Yamuna.

Below Ganaga's feet is crocodile. Tortoise is with Yamuna. Here is tortoise. Yamuna is on tortoise. On top ceiling half human, half snake, Naga devata idol. Next is fish design.

In Maha Bharata Arjuna shoots arrow at the fish by seeing its shadow in the water to win Draupadi. This is fish wheel. Vishnu's first avatar is Matsya avatar. Lovely couple 3D figure. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Shiva Gana. Here is drinking couples.

Here flying couples. Gandharva couples. First pillar at the construction time of Aihole.

Two side statues are there backside incomplete. Second time, third time. complete in fourth time. They have done better in Pattadakkal. Aihole's main temple is Durg temple. Outside lovely couple's statues are there. Outside temple model is like our parliament house. Britishers made parliament after this design.

Temples entrance gate. Mahadwar. These are model temples. All temples in Aihole are model temples. It is U shape temple. Shiva lingam. Bottom Panavattam, top is Shiva lingam.

This is 6th century temple. 6th century cottage temple. It's of small hut shape. It is model temple. Cottage temple.

This is Trikutachala temple. Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara temple. God meaning temple. Generator, Operator and Destroyer. Chalukya time Trikutachla temple. Hoyasala tie Panchakuta temple. Belur halbeedu Panchakuta temple. That is Hoyasala architecture.

Chalukyas Trikutachala temple. Dakshina Bharat, South Indian style. Dravidian style. The top one is Rekha Nagaram The far one North Indian style.

Rekha Nagara South Indian style. These two temples are of 5th century. They are like multi story building. Wooden structure type.

Chalukya sculpturers does not know how to make temples. In place of shikhar, they put mantap. Two temples are constructed by students. Practical work. Tile temple.

Constructed support for construction of temple. Half-moon shape stone. 5th century temple. Chalukyas royal emblem. Varaha, Shank, Chakra, Dwaja Sthambha. Rajamudra of Badami Chalukyas. Royal umbrella.

Here it is yogasana in 7th century. Part of yoga Garudasana. This one is Gajalaxmi. This one stone ladder.

Big meeting hall of 5th century. In Vikramaditya time 7th century, meeting hall became Shiva temple. It has been converted.

Sun temple. Badami Chalukyas used worship him. Inside Sun idol is there. This is Sun idol.

Under Sun chariot is there. Sun idol standing on chariot. Two ladies are Usha and Sandhya. Morning Goddess and evening goddess. Around him Navagrahas are there. Idol made with crown, necklace and lotus.

It was Vishnu temple afterwards converted to Sun God temple. Nothing mentioned here. Mallikarjuna temple complex.

Balaji temple.

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