Traditional Funeral CEREMONY and KETE KESU in TANA TORAJA | Motor Touring SULAWESI [S2-E32]

Traditional Funeral CEREMONY and KETE KESU in TANA TORAJA | Motor Touring SULAWESI  [S2-E32]

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Fadia is taking me around this area. These coffins have been here for a really really long time. For generations. Selamat pagi Indonesia, Good morning Everybody.

To the Island of Sulawesi. And we are here in Nuansa Homestay. Close to Rantepao. So our today´s plan is we wanna go around this area because Toraja is an interesting place. A lot culture, a lot to learn about their practices and rituals. So, right now we wanna go to a ceremony. Ready? Lets go!! > Yes.

We are finally exploring Toraja... Good morning everybody. Bye ma´am. Bye, see you later. We are going to explore Toraja today. We are going to see the ceremony of the passing. Individual. We gonna see how they do some sacrificial ceremony.

We gonna see some ceremony of the sacrifice of the kettles. Woah, a lot of kids at the school. We gonna see them slaughter some buffaloes and also pigs. For the process of the funeral. It´s gonna be around 35 minutes like I said before. But we have to bring a box of cigarettes as we were told. So we gonna stop at the local market, it´s not far. It´s maybe like 15 minutes away from here.

A lot of homestays and also guesthouses here. Because this area is really touristic, for the visitors that wanna check out the culture of Toraja. Like you could see Toraja traditional houses everywhere. And by the way, the shape of Toraja houses is actually a shape of a boat.

Because the Toraja ancestors, they came from China a long long long time ago. At the beginning, I thought it was a shape of the horn of the buffalo. But apparently I was wrong. It´s really pretty here, a lot of rice terraces too. Oh, look at the buffalo chillin in the mud. Wow, babe. This looks so pretty here. I´m a sucker for rice terraces. And mixed with traditional houses it looks really special.

And the buffaloes there. I´m trying to picture how this place looked 50 or 60 years ago. When the road is not like this yet. Must be so pretty here. Okay, we are like 1 kilometers away from there. Oh please don´t go speeding. I don´t want to get wet.

Okay, how would I know if the place is there. I asked Aldhi, the homestay owner. He said you gonna see a lot of cars in the front. Is it inside there. Ooh, it looked like inside there, babe. Because everybody is wearing black going that way. I will ask the local. Excuse me, sir. May I ask? Where is the funeral ceremony? In the village there? > Down the street. Thank you so much. > How to get there?

Park in the front and walk inside. Later sir. > Thank you. That´s the village. That´s why I saw a lot of people going there. Our bikes are parked and we are now going this way. Ceremony is over there.

Fadia, the girl. We just met her here. We are going to walk there together. You good? Fadia, are you still a family member? > My grandmother´s cousin. Thank you. > Thank you too. We are sitting here in the family circle. And that´s a real honor. And that´s all because of Fadia.

Thank you very much. > You are welcome. We are having a coffee and snacks. And then, the speaker is called Tomina. And these 30 pigs are offered and look at this all, it´s huge. So this procession called Rambu Solok, Rambu Solok is a process of welcoming the guests. This man is announcing where the buffalo is coming from.

And they will write it down on their bodies. Because all of this will be listed, it will be written down. So in the future, the family that brought this buffalo will get the same. Like if their family passed, the family from this family will bring a buffalo to replace this buffalo. And also the pigs. Everything is listed here. This is Lantang Karampuang. It´s where the family welcoming the guests. > Really beautiful... Wow..

On the top there, that´s where the passed person. That´s his coffin. And it´s put on the stage called Lak Kien. That´s the grandpa that passed away. All of this buffalo horns. That´s when the leader of the family died or the house owner. They put it here, so this has been going for generations.

This Tongkonan or the house has been existed for hundreds of years. There are more guests coming with more buffaloes. It´s a lot of people here.

Fadia is taking me around this area. We are now going to the kitchen. To her aunts. This is the kitchen here. They´re all preparing and everything. Hi everybody. Here is where we put the rice for the guests. > Okay... Oh wow that´s a lot of rice. It´s all rice. It´s called Baka.

This is coffee. Coffee for the guests. Here is where they cook the rice. It´s all rice here. So much. More pigs are arriving here. Wow, so many pigs. So they killed the pigs with a knife straight to the heart yeah? > Ya. So the pigs are killed with stabbing a knife straight to the heart. That´s the quickest and most humane way to kill a pig.

And then getting prepared for food. Hello, how are you? Awesome. > Very well, thank you. So many people here. They´re skinning the buffalo, now.

They skinned this cow in less than 15 minutes. It´s really impressive. I guess we are leaving now. It starts to rain. And we want to see more of this area here. Thank you very much, Fadia. You are welcome.

Ambe, Kurre sumanga` (Sir, Thank you so much) > You are welcome. While the sun is out, we have to make a move. What a ceremony. And this is a big ceremony. They killed many buffaloes and pigs.

And now they´re going to cook the meat in bamboo over a bonfire. I saw it the last time when I was in Toraja, really interesting and the food was really really good. That was really really interesting ceremony yeah babe. > Oh yeah.

That was really interesting. And so glad we met Fadia when we parked our bike. > Thank you so much, Fadia. See you tomorrow...

And yeah, she´s a part of the family that passed. And then, she was taking Natalie going around the event. And yeah, we really appreciate it. Now we are going to grab some lunch. If we wanted to stay, we could´ve had some traditional food from the event. But then the sun is out right now, we´re trying to catch up with the sun. We gonna go to Kete Kesu after this.

Kete Kesu is a ancient graveyard in Toraja. So, we are in Kete Kesu. It´s a complex of traditional houses or Tongkongan. And then, where am I gonna park? I don´t know where to park. Ooh, that´s parking for motorcycle. People are parking randomly. Since our bikes are big, maybe we can park here. > We can park with the cars.

Welcome to Kete Kesu everybody. That´s a traditional village and also a graveyard. So for locals, it costs 15000 rupiah and for tourists like me, 30000 rupiah. And that´s the type the cow, I mean the buffalo that´s really expensive. Albino buffaloes, they are more worth than the other ones. > Cus it´s white... You know... They also do have buffalo fights here. Kuburan (graveyards).

So pretty Nati, you don´t want anything? > I want a lot. She wants a lot... > I love shopping Have you heard that, art shops? Hello... Ooh, it´s drizzling. I can feel it. I think that´s where they place the dead. Like the one before, when we were at the funeral. That´s from the ancestors there. Can you see the pictures there?

Ooh... That´s the grave in the front. Ooh.. It´s going up high. So this is the graveyard in Toraja. Like they put the dead inside the hill here. Or on the sides, like you could see those are the coffins. These coffins have been here. You can see the skulls there.

These coffins have been here for a really really long time. For generations. Ya, and they put it on the top like that. They even put the gate there.

Ooh, those are the statues. Plenty more on the other side. > But they are so small. A lot of bones. Full of bones. That one on top of that coffin. There are plenty of skulls there.

I hope we are not offending anybody by making video here. How do they even go up there. Right there, they put the dead. For those that couldn´t afford to have coffins.

Thank you. Ready babe? > Yes. Okay, it was just raining like crazy. > And this is Kete Kesu.

Now we can test... Ooh Hi dog. Back in Nuansa Homestay. It´s time to leave, we have an amazing time here. We extended almost every day, like I don´t know we stayed here like maybe 5 days. Because it´s such a beautiful place here, I mean look at this view. And we had this place here. We were working on the terrace, editing videos. And the Grandma, she cooked for us. Really really lovely.

And Aldhi and Ika, the owner of the homestay. Really lovely family and if you ever go to Toraja, you should definitely check out this place, it´s just awesome. And yeah, we had an amazing time here. And the ceremony was super exciting. Kete Kesu was also wow.. Really impressing. And I hope you guys like our video of this area here. And it´s time to move on for us now. We wanna go for camping in Lo´Lai. And yeah, I really hope you like our today´s video If you did, then give us a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE down below. And then, see you on the next travel.

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