Traditional Emirate & Cultural Capital But It IS NOT Dubai S06 EP.104 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Traditional Emirate & Cultural Capital But It IS NOT Dubai S06 EP.104 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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Most of the skyline of Sharjah that you see is in this region. Looks really nice from the outside. They have made it on both sides, connected through a bridge. For saving What's the weight of this one? Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the channel from Sharjah. As you know from the previous video that I reached here quite late... that's why I couldn't capture much.

So I spent the whole day yesterday to explore Sharjah. And I thought it's important to make a video about Sharjah for you. And give you a flavor of this city.

When you mention Sharjah, what comes to my mind is... that Sharjah, much like Dubai, has seen a lot of development in recent times. Before that, Sharjah used to be the main city here. And as far as our cricketing memories are concerned, Sharjah Cricket Stadium used to be an iconic ground for Pakistan team. We'll try to show you some historical places of Sharjah.

I'm walking on the public beach at the moment, along with Haseeb. I requested him to show me his hometown. Is that right? Is this beach recently developed? Yes. Well, quite obvious as everything seems new here.

When was it developed? I think hardly a year and a half. The other place where we had the meetup, what's it called? Al Majaz. That used to be the main point before. Right? It was Majaz Park but then changed it to a water front using a separate road.

Now it has become an iconic place. You saw the food outlets and coffee shops there. Very happening place. They are opening shops here as well.

They have not started the business yet. It's quite possible that soon you'll find a similar atmosphere here as well. The beach is undoubtedly beautiful. Lets capture this beach for you. You hardly see a beach more beautiful than this one.

It's really amazing with its greenish color. The sand is almost white here. It's really beautiful and well maintained. The sound of water feels really soothing when you are taking a walk along the beach. Very enjoyable and relaxing. Don't know what masterpiece Haseeb is trying to make here.

Oh it's Wild Lens by Abrar... Wow. Incoming wave... It's gonna erase it. Here's our breakfast. Thank you very much. That's the main course. Thank you so much. We are here at a Turkish restaurant for breakfast. Many of you like my breakfast videos a lot.

This one for you guys. Turkish breakfast is my favorite in the whole world. Everyday I would have that while I was in Turkey. Just see how colorful our table looks. Let me share the details of what we have ordered for our breakfast. This is a Turkish restaurant by the name of Mado, right by the beach.

This breakfast is called saraye. It includes multiple items that I'm gonna show you one by one. This is the favorite restaurant of Haseeb as well.

He also loves Turkish breakfast like I do. Here we have eggs. This one has soujouk. This is scrambled egg. I think this one is called pide.

It has different toppings; like this one is spinach. It's middle part contains cheese. Here you can see olives. There are some fruits. This is sort of a yogurt.

These are some different types of cheese; my personal favorite. These are some unhealthy items. I mean fried in oil. This is another form of cheese.

Different types of jams. Here's some honey... served with cream. That, at the back, looks like nutella. And this is Turkish tea. We don't have coffee today because this is authentic Turkish breakfast. And that is served with tea.

Gonna start with bread. Judging by the size of our breakfast table, I'm afraid, breakfast may be the only thing you see today. There's no lunch.

I think we need at least 2 hours to finish the breakfast. Lets start with the name of Allah... Bismillah... What will you start with? Omelette? Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make today's ride trouble free and smooth. I'm not gonna ride the motorcycle all day today.

I wanted to give you an overview of Sharjah on motorcycle. We are the corniche right now. We'll go a little far but not to the end.

I think Ajman will start from there on. We'll turn around from there. The souq and all the important places are in the main part of the city. We'll explore that area after parking the motorcycle there. We are turning around from here.

You must have noticed that this corniche is similar to the ones in many different Saudi cities. All of those had very few high rise buildings and a very relaxed atmosphere. Similar to this one, they had many small but beautiful parks alongside. The beaches are really clean.

There is a proper parking arrangement. You can see that many people are visiting right now. This is a rather popular area among the locals. Not just among locals, but I also noticed many tourists, especially Russians, here and in Ajman. The beach is really beautiful and relatively less expensive compared to Dubai.

And people really love to sit at the beach. They find a beach right in front of their hotel. That saves a lot of transportation time as is the case in Dubai. I don't know if one can find alcohol in Sharjah or not. That could be the only problem for an international tourist in Sharjah. That I'll ask from Haseeb if alcohol is available here for tourists.

It may be available for tourists in their hotels, though. We'll keep going till the end... we may see some high rise buildings there. Another good thing here is the wooden hut you see over there. There's a life guard sitting there.

There's a life guard every 30 to 40 meters for these beaches. Overall, this is a beautiful, clean and well maintained city. Of course, it's not Dubai and so it doesn't have that many tourist attractions. Or high rise buildings and modern architecture, if you can. You won't see many places like that in Sharjah.

As compared to Dubai, Sharjah has a greater Arab touch. This is a women's sports club by the name of Sharjah Ladies Club. It's huge. There's a beautiful mosque over there. There are many mosques here. I'll try to show at least one of them.

Especially the Sharjah Mosque which is the biggest in Sharjah. It's a situated a bit outside the main city. I can see many boats in that direction. Like really old ones. I don't know but I think these are all fishing boats.

This could be the central souq. I mean it's also in this area so this could be it. I'm not seeing navigation at the moment.

While we are waiting at this traffic signal, why not check our location... Nope. This is not central souq. It's Islamic Civilization Center of Sharjah. Do you see how they have these beautiful walking paths by the corniche. The historical building that you can see on the right side is Souq Al Jubail.

I think it's a fish market; a rather big one. This is the central souq. We'll visit it for sure... But before that, I wanted to complete a full round of the corniche. Looks like we are crossing a little island.

I think it's called Flag Island. Every city in Middle East has its own flag point where the biggest flag is erected. This is the one in Sharjah. You will find high rise buildings in this area. Other than that, you will also notice many historical buildings.

That's how most of the buildings on our right side are. I'm not sure about them though. The flags on these buildings might mean that they are government buildings. There was a mosque back there. Our meetup is gonna take place in this area. That actually gave me a good overview about the area.

This is where you'll see most of the skyline of Sharjah. All these tall buildings are located in this 1.5 km long area. You'll mostly see restaurants in this area. The area where I'm staying, by the beach side, has only a few cafes.

But here, every other sign is about some cafe. This area is really beautiful without a doubt. Al Noor Mosque... built in the Turkish style. It's a relatively small mosque but it's beautiful. Not just the Turkish style but you see some Arab touch as well.

We have done almost one full round of this area. Another couple of minutes of this ride left now. Looks really nice from the outside.

It's on both sides of the road, linked through the bridge. There could be some shops in this area as well. The tiles at the entrance of this souq remind me of Iran. You'll see Persian influence at some places. It's a port city and Iran is not too far from here.

The place has had connections with Iran. Entrance of the souq... Initially I was a bit worried about whether they'll allow me to go in with a camera. Because I saw government officials as well but they didn't say anything.

The first thing I noticed here are these gold biscuits. This one's 10g but there are smaller ones as well. You'll definitely see these things here. I gathered some information from Haseeb. He tells me that it's basically Gold Souq and Silver Souq. What else do they have here? You'll be able to get authentic stones here.

Just like we saw in Iran... Stones like Ruby... Sapphire... What else? Watches repair shops. So that's the sort of market this is. But you can mainly call it Gold Souq.

Until now, all the shops that we have seen here are gold shops. The other floors may have different shops. You can find antiques and carpets on the upper floor. Carpets.. And souvenirs as well. Let me give you a small tour of this souq.

We actually entered from the opposite direction and now we are going out of souq. This is the main entrance. It's beautiful from the outside as well.

That's a mosque over there. Whereas, the rest of it is the water front area. Take a look at that...

Gold on the top and silver at the bottom. We have taken permission from the shop owner. He's a bit shy so he won't appear in the video. Look at that... Are we in a golden heaven?

The designs are awesome. Feels like they have used kilograms and kilograms of gold. Everywhere you see, you see gold. I mean there must be high demand of gold. That's why these shops exist.

I'm not sure who buys this stuff. Because this jewelry is really heavy. Anyways, here you only see different designs of necklaces. My female viewers who like gold jewelry.. You know where to come now.

I've been reminded that I forgot to make video of these rings. Check out these rings. There could be some reflection due to the light as well. Really big rings... Who wears these? Who wears it? Arabs.

Is it common for Arabs to buy this kind of jewelry? It's for saving. What is their weight of this one? It's around 65 to 70 grams. It's like a complete flower. I was just trying to wear it and see how it looks on me.

Looks beautiful but can't see my hand in it. Thank you very much. Right now we are standing at the center of the souq. So far we have only seen one half of the souq. Seems like the remaining half is also going to be about gold. At this point, we have come out in the open from the gold section.

As soon as you exit the souq, you see this view. They have also made a fountain here. Here comes the most famous round about in Sharjah.

Let me give you a glimpse by doing a round around it. You'll also see ... That I think is the cultural palace or something of that sort.

That's the mosque over there. Similarly there must be some government building on the left. Because government buildings have a flag on them. In the center, you can see a monument of the holy Quran. It's called Quran roundabout.

You'll probably see a mosque near every roundabout, as there are numerous mosques here. I was here the other evening and thought that it's one of the most beautiful places here. We have crossed the corniche area.

There are couple other places that I wanted to visit. You must have noticed that the scenery around us is a little different from the corniche area. We have now entered the university city.

The first one is Arabic Language Academy. Similarly we expect to see more campuses here. Looks really impressive at the first glance. At least the visuals are truly impressive.

Can't say more in details but at least I can show you. We are here to see another iconic building of Sharjah; the iconic mosque. It's located just by the highway. The mosque makes you feel as if you are in Turkey, looking at the blue mosque. It's inspired by the Turkish architecture.

Let's take a round around the mosque and capture it from the outside. Then we can park the motorcycle and see it closely. It's called the Sharjah mosque. Since there aren't many people around, we can easily park it anywhere close to the gate.

Looks quite impressive from the outside and it's a grand one. As I said earlier, you can call Sharjah, the City of Mosques. They are numerous mosques here.

When we were here before, it was daytime and the mosque looked wonderful in daylight. It's almost evening, now. It's only opened during the prayer time. So we are here now. The most definitely looks a little more beautiful at night with all the lights on. We just visited the mosque from the inside. Honestly, all the mosques that I've visited so far in the Middle East...

I'm especially talking with reference to Saudi Arabia as the Abu Dhabi mosque is a little different. When I went inside, I expected the interior to be somewhat simpler. I mean it is still quite simple but looks really elegant. The most prominent feature of a Turkish mosque is one large dome with several smaller ones. The combination of calligraphy and different colors to adorn the mosque is amazing. Here they have mainly used white color.

The windows inside a very colorful. And the calligraphy in black color is creating a beautiful contrast. After the Abu Dhabi mosque, I have visited this one. I find it really beautiful and impressive.

There are so many mosques here that you can visit a new mosque everyday for at least a couple of weeks. The mosque is built over a huge area. Right now we are standing in front of the mosque. Let me get some shots of the gardens of the mosque for you.

And then we'll leave. Was that a restaurant or a cafe? A small cafeteria. There was no room there. It was jam packed. And there was a queue of people outside, waiting to get in.

Since people don't like to wait this much, they just eat in their car or do the takeaway. We couldn't do that on the motorcycle, so we brought it in the car. Let me show you what we have here. Haseeb, you show the food while I'll be the cameraman.

This is a full meal and has a chapli kebab, chutni and a tandoori bread. We paid only 7 AED for this. And that's less than 2 dollars.

For this whole meal. This is my cheapest meal in Middle East. This shop is almost 35 years old. There have been quite a few news articles about this place. With such an authentic taste and low prices, no doubt the place is so crowded. I mean what more can you ask for, if you can get a full meal for 7 AED.

Haseeb has brought kunafah for us. Take a look. From where did you get it? Feras Sweets.

Is that a famous place? Yes. It is. Looks quite nice and fresh. Apparently the cheese in my plate is stuck somewhere. Look at that...

I'm in Ajman at the moment. It's right next to Sharjah. In my opinion, Sharjah is a great place to live; Quite peaceful. You won't see all the hustle and bustle and tourism of Dubai here. At the same time, there aren't too many tourist attractions here. I mean, as a tourist one might get bored over here in a couple of days.

These are mainly family areas. That's why many people prefer living here even they have to commute to Dubai for work everyday. However, it's really a hectic task to drive everyday for a couple of hours, both in the morning and evening to go to work. And the traffic is jam almost all the time. I was telling Haseeb that I'd give a standing ovation to all those brave souls. You can also do that. Don't hesitate to appreciate.

It's really difficult... at least for someone like me. I have seen too much of this traffic. Anyways... we tried to show you Sharjah. We also showed you a bit of Ajman in the evening.

Remember me in your prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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