Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee - 02/08/2024

Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee - 02/08/2024

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lot of like this personal commitment to making sure that the community's concerns were addressed. I was also really struck by one of the statistics that you shared with me around. The two Superfund sites that are going to take like 4 to 6000 years to clean up like in terms of remediation, so just how urgent it is. To begin. To

Safeguard the health of this community through the changes that you're proposing, such as thanks to the staff and my second of the motion by Caroline Show. So I want to. I just have a comment before we move forward If that's okay. You asked for questions, not comments. Comments Welcome. So, um I also want to commend the staff are just incredible work. And um, you know, the partnership with the community is very clear, given the comments by the Neighborhood Council and the Council office, as well as Other input that we got in our material, so Um, it really is, Um Uh huh. Inspiring I think to,

um, see the work that's been done. And see the new code in action. You know, I really Uh, appreciate, you know, gotta really deeper appreciation We've seen in another plans, but this really Brought home to me. The

beauty of that flexibility and really doing real planning. You know, as the commission at the time was saying when that process was happening, Um And what really, I want to say is that I had a conversation with general manager Bro county. This morning about how do you do planning in this? Environment You know, we are living in a time that is incredibly dynamic in terms of change, and it's hard for us to predict what is going to happen, You know? I mean, we got I don't know. Was it 11 inches of rain? Um, this week. Uh you know, which is our

usual yearly total close to Um, But what strikes me is that The way to really deal with climate change. Is to really think about people. Because people if you do what's good for people? You do what's good for the environment? And I feel like this plan is really an evolution in that way, really Considering Um, the human element and the importance of planning and prioritizing residents in a community And you know, uh, making it more walkable. More trees, Uh, less industrial exposure. Um So, um, you know, I just hope that you know this kind of thinking. Continues to infuse not just the planning step, but all of us here as we think about how to plan communities that really will support us and surviving this crisis that we're in, Um you know, so that, uh, you know, we can look to live, you know, long lives and not, you know, experience this these crazy Um, climate, uh, impacts so I you know, and extremely supportive of what's been done here.

Commissioner learned you have a further comment. Great before we take a vote. I also want to just acknowledge all of the contributions of residents. Um and of people who work here. It is a hard balance to Try to strike a balance and I wanna echo what Commissioner Max said that this proposal kind of centers, residents and, um, looks at kind of the environmental injustice in the past and tries to create a path forward. Um that acknowledges what is existing use? Um There's grandfathering that's taking place. But there's a pathway to

think about. How do we bridge the reality that people live adjacent to these industries, industrial uses and their health impacts. So Um, I know there's a lot of public comment on, um, kind of the oil Um Oil and gas drilling ordinance and the statement overriding consideration. Um and I want to Can I commend the planning Department for using this plan and connecting into citywide policy that will continue to improve, um and be better in force and that it has in plaques in this specific community plan and that there is a pathway between future changes that will happen and try to kind of anchor . What is the reality of this community plan right now, so Um Kind of given that I support where this is going, And I think everyone who's coming out knowing that all the comments that were made like it, not every issue is addressed. And

this is a balance that I think really centers, equity and prioritizes. Um environmental, justice and longtime residents. Very well, said. Um so let's out . Proceed Commissioner Co. I believe you. Good Excuse me. I

just want to make sure we're clear. We have the motion clarified. I couldn't hear the whole motion. So Well, I will say that I should again. This is Caroline show I'd like to make it up. The motion to approve

staff's recommendation, along with this technical modifications. Mm Okay. There was also, um there was a conversation from from the counselor about something that he was going to propose that council and I don't think that was something separate. I believe, but, um, there is also a letter in the record from the council member regarding this specific change to the text. To um, program small business assistance program. Um, program

24. I'm just just just curious if that's part of the motion or not, if you've had an opportunity to take a look at that. Yes, that came in, Uh, This morning early this morning. Hopefully, commissioners had a chance to review that and I would be in support of including the council members. Um Ah! Actions desire. It's Caroline show. I will amend my, um Motion

to include the if I may interject, please don't apologize. We're Christopher. For the record were the plan has language to support the council members motion and we're happy to include that language. Revised language in our in our in our policy document. If you include that, as part of your motion, we believe that as part of my motion Small business assistance programs program 24.

As well. Deputy City attorney commissioner Cabildo do you as a second or on the motion? Agree with that amendment? Yes, I agree with the amendments. See, we have a motion. Cecily Llamas for the Record, Commissioner. Chill. Yes Commissioner Kabila?

Yes, Commissioner learn. Yes Commissioner Mac Yes, Commission Vice President Samora. Yes Commission President Louche yes motion carries. Thanks. At this point, I'm closing item number six. Um let's take a Let's take

a five minute break before we start up again. Thank you. The time is 1123 am. Keep growing. Check it down. Actually, like pretty.

I thought you were coming to me. This is the one she didn't like. Could you. Some of the scenes.

For the additional density. Oh, Okay. I see that. On site consumption. Yes, we're going to say something. I thought that she

was gonna say somebody This is his last name. I think I know I don't want a great way to go out and Transitions from like he's definitely so yesterday I had a meeting with the new T. Stella here, Lydia Avila. Really? She's

that good. Well, now I know it's okay. So I told you this story. My favorite stories. Um Eli.

This community first stories talking today before quadrants. You like it done, son. Democracy like like like like, report cards because we have like station and that we did earlier. Flores was great. Was your

planet for it down the station. I understand. And they went to the exact thing. Same thing for weeks in a row. I don't know if

you can hear me. Can you hear me? Say they checked everything else You hear me? Definitely Uh Councilman Lee. Um Cars. Judge every station. A B C D, right? I don't know who it was.

Who was she came up to me afterwards and she goes. Hey. For you. Okay. What do you need? Don't worry about it. Oh that's right here. These I would totally get not afraid of not afraid of this. I had no idea

who the person does. The argument found out Samsung told her the story so remembers the incident was laughing, Collect super helpful call Secretary was really helpful because I was told when I call people and because it helps Can be the engagement having files for the reporters from Great because online your data, and so there's some interesting things about it, too, because the ones who were Finish really spoiled. It was white. Thanks Alright, well, it's a mystery. Be very Engaged. They didn't get a name. Because

everyone was largely Spanish speakers you had like. Different Tell you something. Agreed was a great gift. I love that story. So I'm gonna go to Jonathan's under No, it's like Why did Jesus tell you Don't going to George Rivers? Um Funny. Yes. It was like. Okay because I

couldn't hear because I'm sorry. Sorry I can't hear everybody else Important. To the community, the state and the country as you mentioned earlier, and we are currently frustrated with its detrimental impact, environmentally and to our health in the community. That is what our focus is. In June of last year, the U. C L. A health division published a comprehensive Van Nuys airport health Impact Assessment or H I.

A There has been robust reporting from Reuters, The Times, CBS News KCRW and countless other reputable sources about the increase in air traffic since the pandemic, and it's detrimental health and environmental effects of propeller planes. Do you mind if I can give you three more minutes? Go ahead so much propeller planes and jets on communities surrounding the regional airports. Some of this can be detailed in the letter that I have sent on behalf of the neighborhood council to every council member. If you have not received it, please contact us and we will get we will get you a copy of that letter. Some of those

detrimental health effects include the exposure to emissions from jet fuel that has been leaked to a range of negative health effects, particularly in Children and pregnant women. And then nice. We are in the 94th percentile for pollution out of all census tracts in California. We have the 75th Percent Island diesel emissions, and we have above average rates of low birth weights. This can all be found in that UCLA health study. Much of this has been tied to the exposure to lead gasoline from propeller planes and jet fumes.

It is because of all of this, and the further items detailed in our letter that in accordance with our official positions at the lake, double our neighborhood council, we ask you to support council files 23 1338 and Council file 23-13 39 and we also ask in accordance with our official position at the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council that you do not support council file 24-0125. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Negron. I'm going to call a couple of more names just so folks can come up and get in line. Maya de Bas, Nicholas, Edward and Steve bracket. Hey Good morning. What name did you

sign up under a house. Laura Um, Which items would you like to be heard on 3839 and bans if you have two minutes. Go ahead. Thanks Hi. My name is Laura House. I live in Lake Balboa. This is, uh super scary, uh, to speak to you, but thanks for hearing us. I'm asking that the T T T committee passed motion 23 1339, as is without Amendment.

I'm also asking that the ill fated bonds Chef Helen it proposal be rejected, Uh, with no contractual rights. Granted, the city cannot approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes harming us. From the NY again. Thanks for holding this and hearing us. It's a

scary situation. I live really close to the VN Wyman like Bobo in the pocket. It's called Am Happy for business growth. I love money. I love commerce. I think we're all happy for, uh, you know, abundance to be happening. But in the past year

or so, what they've been doing there has been flooding our neighborhood with fumes, and that's what we're upset about all for growth. It raises property values. That's great. But the fumes of the kind of out of control upping what's happening. There is my family

feels it and smells it along with my neighbors, neighbors who are elderly. Neighbors who have babies that they take for walks are essentially and everyone in between those ages. Essentially we're begging the people at the V N Y to stop hurting our community with what they're doing with their unleashed growth. And for the city Council members to step in and protect us which you're doing here, which I appreciate. I appreciate the support especially from, um LDA media. Uh business is great.

I agree, but I hope you agree that it's not great at the cost of our lives. So thank you all my time. Thank you so much. For our next speaker could come on up, please. Tell me what name you signed up under. France, Bartowski. I live in North Hills

West, Miss Patoski. Which items would you like to speak to? And three? You have two minutes. Go ahead. I'm asking your T T the committee to pass the motion on 23 1339, as is without amendment . I'm also asking that the ill fated bonds it helmet proposal be rejected, with no contractual rights granted. The studies

prove any more developments that that includes mitigation manages to reduce the toxic fumes hung Listen very nice. I live approximately 1.5 Miles north east of the airport.

Occasionally depending on the winds, the smell it jet fuel can be sickening the rural jets, the thickness noise from the helicopters and the constant bussing prop planes is not acceptable. I am appalled at the city cultural or have for years ignored the point of the neighborhood residents have been continuously affected by the toxic growth of the airport. Please pass motion. 23 1339,

Thank you and Noda. And the Vision study has been spoke about with asked about this is going on for years of all of the problems have been going on for years and been ignored by Laura by Shia helping. I'm really hoping that you people can do something for us, and it's not only billboard affects a lot of people around in the neighboring communities and people at at the CHC meeting, they say, Oh, well, nobody's complaining about it in your area. Well, every time somebody complaints about it, we get shut down. On the Internet or we repeat the same thing I've been on talking to CHC since 2018 because Planes that come on and fly over my house continuously and now they only fly the pipe flight path. They

fly over my home, and once I started complaining about them flying over my home, they started doing it more. I get more planes flying over my home, which is not in the flight path at all. When somebody going to crash on my house. Thank you. Thank you for our next speaker could come on up. Please tell me what name you signed up under.

Maya divas. Alright Which items would you like to be heard on 12 and three? You have two minutes. Go ahead. My name is Maya Dabbas and I live in the pocket area of Lake Balboa. I'm asking the Tgt Committee to pass motion 23-1339 , as is without amendment. I'm also asking that the ill fated bonds of Helen it proposal to be rejected with no contractual rights. Granted the city cannot

approve any more developments. That do not include mitigation members measures to reduce the toxic fumes harming us from Van Nuys Airport. I've lived in the pocket in Lake Balboa for 37 years. For over 30 years. It was not a problem. I was glad to be

near the airport. There's a certain excitement that happens with that. However several years ago. The sound got worse than noise Got worse. The fumes got worse. It's the increase in the

late night. Rattling of my foundation of my house. That is a problem. It is the increase. In the fumes when I can't go in my backyard and sit and enjoy the sunshine, it is the increase in all of this. That is the problem. And there has to be

some kind of mitigation. So it's not that the airport is a problem. It's the increase in loud jets late at night, and the fumes that they're the problem. So thank you for hearing us here in Van Nuys. Thank you. I'm gonna have our next speaker Come on up, and I'm just going to call a few more names so you can come get in line. Steve Bracket.

Sue Steinberg. Lisa Liz Garcia. Hi there. Which name did you sign up under? Nicholas Edward Nicholas. Which items would you like to be heard on 123? You have two minutes. Go ahead. My

name is Nicholas. I'm 18 years old and I grew up and I grew up next advantages Airport. I'm asking the Triple T Committee to pass motion 2313. 39 We desperately need a strong and thorough airport plan. I'm also asking that the bonds of Helen that proposal to be rejected If it doesn't include reduction on grounded admissions should not be accepted. When I was little I used to love going to the Van Nuys airport and watching the planes take off and land with my dad. And now when I go outside,

I like to go walk my dogs or just chill. I mean, I can't breathe anymore. I often can't breathe because of these horrific jet exhausts and this has to stop. I know of volatile organic compounds and ultra fine particles can do to people and I'm fearful for my health and my sister's health. Oh my sister's

only nine and this is a reality that the city could have prevented if they didn't let the deals like bonds up, Helen that get approved. So for the sake of myself and my little sister, please do the right thing approved 23 1339 and reject the bonds of hell in the contract. Thank you for coming down today. Thank you. Come on up. Let me know what name you signed up under. Please. Stephen Bracket.

Which items would you like to be heard on 12 and three? You have two minutes. Go ahead. Thank you . I'm a 50 year resident of the pocket. I've watched, vandalized airport grow from a great, respectable facility that was vital to our community. Similar

to what I experienced in Santa Monica. Because at that time I was born and raised under the flight path from the Santa Monica Airport. We've all seen what's happened since the closure of Santa Monica Airport.

And nobody in their right mind would think that they should close Van Nuys Airport. However. We do ask for some reasonable Help in trying to mitigate the problems that are inherent with the growth at the airport of these days. Specifically we ask you to pass the motion on 23 1339, as is without amendment. And to vote against the ill fated Bonsall helmet proposal. With no contractual rights granted. Uh you don't were the

people around the airport and we're the voters the taxpayers and we're just asking the elected officials that we pray balance the needs of our community that needs of the residents against the economic growth that is seemingly out of control at Bien y right now. What we deserve. Your respect and help in minimizing the Health hazards that are occurring on a daily basis. I've watched too many of my neighbors pass on. For Who knows what It certainly wasn't aided by the growth of the Uh, health problems. The error inherent with the Jets. And what have you

from Van Nuys Airport. Thank you very much for your time here. It's wonderful that you're able to accommodate us here in Van Nuys. Uh oh, for this meeting.

You're welcome. Thank you so much. The next speaker could come up. Let me know which name you signed up under. Well First of all, I want to thank you for bringing the meeting here and thank our wonderful council person for keeping your promise about bringing meetings to the valley for a change. Where was the red? Which name did you sign up under, please? Sue Steinberg.

Okay Which items would you like to be her done? See the same um 12 and three. Great You have two minutes. Go ahead, And I want you to see the map where we live, And I want all of you. Okay? Hi My name is Lou Steinberg and I live in Lake Balboa right across from Van Nuys. We have nothing against the airport. But passing motions

1339 and 38 are vital to the community's health and well being. We need responsible and organized studies done before any further development happens. These motions will ensure this there have been too many exams, examples of past negligence and this will stop that the benefit of a new comprehensive airport plan is critical. My neighborhood has been located adjacent to the airport since 1951 and again we're not saying close it down, but it needs to be sustainable and compatible with its location. I've lived there since 1986. And in the past, Van Nuys tried to be a good neighbor. Now it's a Miz to

increase air traffic in already the most. Congested airspace in the world. And they want to expand service for charter private jets and flight schools with no regard to the surrounding communities, Motions . 1339 and 1338 will help address these problems. That's why there's so much resistance from certain stakeholders as stewards of Van Nuys laws should be looking out for the public's interest. We have nothing

against Helen. It and the service that provides they will continue to exist and do their work without the motion. 24 01 25. It's about concepts deal

that will set the city back 25 years. It doesn't include Ella's goal of modernization and environmental upgrades. This is just an Another smoke and mirrors pretense of improvements that will only bring in more jets as it's proven they've done in the past. Like Mr Castagna, a release West property along Haven hers, subjecting my neighborhood and sows ends of us to toxic fumes on a daily basis. Stop the deception and voting much. Thank you for your

comments. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much of our next speaker could come on up. I'm

going to call a few names. Lisa Liz Garcia, Mary Dignan Hill, Stephen Leffert, Suzanne Gutierrez High which name did you sign up on her? And thank you very much quick Before you start which Which items? Did you want to be heard on three? Right? You have two minutes. Go ahead first. Thanks for coming out here. I know, vandalizes

kind of far, but we really appreciate it. I mean, honestly. Um it would be great to have it something at night. I know that's a lot for you guys. So

um, I'm at first of all, I'm asking the T T T Committee to pass motion. 23 1339 as is, I'm also asking that the controversial bonds if Helen it proposal be rejected with no contractual rights granted, the city cannot approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes harming us from Vani from Van Nuys Airport. Being in the Calgary requirements does not mean bonds have Helen. It met the critical modernization needed to address the EU fumes. The introduction of jets would cause we need a specific airport plan for Van Nuys Airport. The world has changed in incredible ways since 2006 and it's absolutely necessary. There's a moratorium

on all changes until we have a new specific plan in place that require that creates a roadmap that works for both the airport and the surrounding impacted communities and businesses. LAWA should not be working off a specific plan that's outdated and violating federal policy. Stop all aviation area expansion before creating a new specific airport plan that must involve community and stakeholders input and thank you again for your time today. Appreciate it. Thank you so much Next speaker up. Hi there. Which name did you sign

up under? Steve Leopard. Thank you, Steve. Which items would you like to be heard on 12 and three? You have two minutes. Go

ahead. A I'm firmly in support of 1338 and 1339. I hope that any future plan that comes up has enforcement. Back in 2009. I was on Lake Bobo Neighborhood Council and we approved the castle and cooks. F B O on the condition that they were towing in the Plains not running them, and they swore that that's what they were going to do showed us their tow vehicle. They are totally ignoring that fact now, and there seems to be no enforcement available from LAWA.

Um and as for 24 1 24. 01 25. They have asked in there. Ah for the release to have a categorical exemption from CEQA. Well you know the wording in Calvin Los Angeles Charter. Is that the exemption? There's no positive they can only get an exemption if there is no possibility that the active activity in question may have a significant effect on the environment, there's no way you can run jet powered helicopters, uh, there that don't produce some kind of environmental effect. So the asking for categorical exemption is B s at its best and again. I I'm

supporting 1338 and 1339. Thank you. Thank you so much Next speaker please on up. Please tell me what name you signed up under. Hi I'm Mary

Dignan Hill. Okay. Which items would you like to be heard on 12 and three? You have two minutes. Go ahead. I am asking that the T T T Committee to pass motion 23-1339, as is without amendment . I am also asking that the ill fated bonds Chef Helen it proposal to be rejected with no contractual rights granted. The city cannot approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes harming us from viene y. I live in Lake Balboa

and I spent many mornings and afternoons walking my streets with my dog talking to my neighbors, and I see people wearing masks and when I asked them Oh, are you living with someone that has covid right now? They say no, I can't breathe this air. Um the people that live in Van Nuys in Lake Balboa are not people taking charter jets. They are not people taking private airplanes. They should not have to bear the brunt of the health and environmental hazards and harms that are produced by the airport. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm going to call it a few more names. Liz Garcia have

called it a couple of times. Suzanne Goody eras. Taylor Young. T me. I apologize if I

don't pronounce this properly, your kip Johnny Jacqueline Robert Carr. I'm Suzanne Gutierrez. I will go up last I signed up last recording doing a live recording. So just at the

very end, I will go up last year enough. Next speaker. Come on up. Anyone. Come on. Tell me what name you signed up under Taylor Young. Okay Taylor. Which items would you like to be heard on 12 and 32 minutes. Go ahead,

Okay, And I don't know the Burbage of those proposals that I want to just repeat the You know what I'm saying. We know what you're talking about A anyway I'll just make it short and sweet. We live in wooden hills, so it's You know, a little bit of a distance from Ben eyes but in Woodland Hills south of the boulevard. Um south of Taft. There is not one moment

in the day now where we do not hear the engine. Of a plane approaching. Going over our neighborhood. Or departing. Not one moment. And last Sunday when we were my husband and I who could have been here if it hadn't been at a, you know, an evening time. We woke up this last Sunday. At quarter to six.

There was the sound of a private jet. Going over our house. That was louder or as loud as a commercial jet. And we decided as we were lying there to time it There was one every five minutes. And that went on for three hours. So I don't know what has caused this, but it's all private jets when we go out to see what flying over us, it's these white, large white debts. And the prop planes. I and I do

think Miss Padilla and Ms Park because I have asked so many of my representatives why this happened, why it was allowed to happen. And you are the only people to answer my email. So thank you. Thank you for that.

Thank you Next speaker. If you could just let me know what name you signed up under. Well, I'm Timmy and I will speak now if you want me to, but I also was one of the last ones to sign up, and I think it's nice to have interest feathered throughout. So could I possibly retain my place at the end of the line to me? We were We really got to keep my respect. I appreciate it. Okay First, let me know which items you wanted to talk about. Okay? You've got two

minutes. Go ahead. Thanks. First and foremost, I really want to thank Councilwoman Padilla for making this effort from making it happen for doing the homework for speaking to all sides and ensuring that you had a full focus on what this district in this entire valley needed. It's extraordinary what you've done. Quite frankly, it's unprecedented. I haven't seen a motion this Competent with criteria and a very long time Councilwoman Park. Your staff is

amazing. I want to thank you for their cooperation, and their attentiveness are really appreciate the effort being out here and I know a lot of people emailed me that they would have loved to have come. But as the gentleman told you from Lake Balboa, it is a working class. Low income, middle class and below poverty level area. They have a very hard time getting out in the workday. Um listen,

Bottom line. I appreciate that. A lot of Helen it employees are here today, but I want to make it very clear Helen. Its operations and existence on this property are not in jeopardy. They exist there now they will exist there upon the rejection of this proposal. No one's losing their job. No medical

flights are in jeopardy. Nor are their luxury fortune 500 charter flights in jeopardy, So we appreciate what they do for community as we do all businesses at Van Nuys, but what we don't appreciate is the deception that went involved in this particular proposal. Uh and also the fact that there will be introduction of jets on the property without the critically needed modernization components to offset and to reduce those toxic auxiliary power unit emissions that will come with those jets. These capital investment dollars must start to be spent on what Benefits the city and its citizens as well as the surrounding business community. It's not just residents that are being fumigated holy cow that went quickly. Okay. It's also the businesses. Thank you. Thank you

so much Next speaker coming up. If you could just let me know what name you signed up under, please. Um Hello, everyone. My name is Jacqueline and I signed up for myself and my husband, Jacqueline and Robert Mark Caravan is which items would you like to want to and three please ? Two minutes. Go ahead. Sure

First and foremost, I wanted to thank the trade, travel and tourism for giving us the opportunity. To meet here and share our everyday experience living very close to villainize Airport. My name is Jacqueline Corrosion. I live in northeast

California City, 12. I'm asking the T T T Committee to pass motion. 23 1239 as is without Amendment. I'm also asking that the ill fated helinet proposal to be rejected with no contractual rights. Granted, the city cannot approve any more developments. That do not

include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic films harming us from Van Nuys, so adding to that toxic films, I also wanted to talk about the noise pollution because the noise pollution is also a very, very serious Issue, which is caused by the Van Nuys Airport. You cannot believe that we undergo 16 hours each day of very, very specific noise, that noise material and it's Mac magnitude. I want to make sure that everyone in this room understand we are talking about what type of noise it's material, its frequency and magnitude. Which is very, very dangerous for the human body for mental and physical health. Every Saturday and Sunday after a work week. We are working people We don't have rest because propellers fly over our heads. 16 hours, So my

husband and I literally live the housefly the house to not undergo that torture. And I want to make sure that everyone understands here. What is going on? Thank you. Thank you so much . I'm going to call a few more names while our next speaker comes up very Snyder, Liz Garcia. Bob Brahman, Mariel SKG in Penny. Albert Hi there. Can

you tell me what name you signed up under? Good morning. My name is Yuriko. Yanni. Thank you. Which items would you like to be heard on? Uh 123? You have two minutes. Go ahead. So thank you,

everyone for meeting us here and Van Nuys am an in senior resident. And I'm asking the T T T Committee to pass motion 231339. As is without Amendment. I'm also asking that the ill fated bun ship Proposal to be rejected with no contractual rights. Granted the city cannot

approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes. Um. That we all are being affected. Ah and Encino is next to Lake Balboa. If you're not familiar with these particular area, I do now have planes flying over my house all the time. The first thing that I

hear in the morning is the sun and a plane and the last thing that I hear when I go to bed because I work From 2 to 1030. I come home around 1130 at night, and I can tell you that every night now I hear at least three planes That didn't happen before. Um so we are talking about toxic pollution. This is also noise pollution for us. Um I've been in Encino for 25 years and I fear that if we Do not collectively do something things are gonna get worse and the affected are not going to be the nice airport is going to be The, um valued residents because we also are competing with their space with the Burbank airport and the Van Nuys and all the helicopters. This is happening every day. Thank you. Thank you.

And have our next speaker. Come up, please. If you could tell me what name you signed up under high. I'm Marie SK Jin Marie. Which items would you like to be? Heard on items? 12 and three? You have two minutes. Go ahead. Hi. My name is Marie Ski

Gin and I live in Encino. I've also grown up and ran I since 19 eighties. I'm a resident of the valley and proximity to Van Nuys Airport for 44 years. I am asking the trade T T T Committee to pass motion 2339 as is without Amendment. I'm also asking for the L fated bonds if Helena proposal to be rejected, with no contractual rights granted, the city cannot approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes harming us from Van Nuys Airport. Um I'm also concerned

about how Our General Aviation Airport has turned into a commercial airport for the billionaires millionaires. It's become a playground and a launching pad pad for their private jets. Just this morning. I can assure you that I wake up and my family wakes up. My kids wake up. At 43 o'clock in the morning. Four o'clock in the morning. Just today. 5:57 A.m.

611 a.m. 616 A. M 618 am 620 am recorded on my, um airport. To report the Jets flying before and after curfew. Um. It's really a hardship, trying to get to work trying to get to school trying to have a productive day when you're woken up at three o'clock four o'clock in the morning by bombastic, piercing and jarring jet noises that do nothing to the community, other than disturb us with our environment with our health with the noise, and it's hard to live here. While letting these private jet companies take find a loophole and take advantage of the communities and neighborhoods around Van Nuys Airport. Thank you. Thank you so much. If we could have our next

speaker come up and let me know what name you signed up under, please. My name is Bob Raymond and I would speaking on items two and three. You have two minutes Go ahead chair of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Airport Committee. Sock is on record with the community impact statements strongly supporting both cf 23 1338. In 23 1339. Focus my comments on

1339 and bonds. If Helen it. Regarding 1339 Soccer, urges the Triple T Committee to approve this motion has written and have it placed on the city Council consent calendar Song particularly applauds the calling for things lacking in the Vision study. Namely rigorous data analysis to facilitate the decision making process, the sharing of these data and analyses with the public the creation of the Van Nuys Airport Specific Plan Citizens Advisory Committee and for requiring requiring the advisory committee to be directly involved throughout the entire specific specific plan. Decision making process. We also request that all of the all of the neighborhood councils most directly impacted by then is airport, including song have a representative on that committee regarding bands of Helen it. Let me now speak to that. Song is

firmly in opposition to the bonds. Chef Helen at least This proposed project, We could continue lowers conversion Van Nuys Airport from an airport housing mostly occasional prop planes to a jetport for the very wealthy. Not only is the project itself not in the city's northern surrounding neighborhoods, best interest, but the RFP and subsequent selection process where critically flawed for concealing from the public that this project will modernizing the existing helicopter base would be displacing existing storage 30 prop planes so that two new hangars could be built for use by jets, not just helicopters. Sunk therefore urges rejection of this lease or the minimum, deferring any action on it until this specific plan process is completed so that other options that are better suited to the site could be considered. Thank you. Thank you. So much of our

next speaker could come up. I'm going to call a few more names Catherine per win. Penny Albert, Stacy Hoff, Tony Marlow. And if

you could tell me what name you signed up under, please. Hi I signed up under the name Penny Alpert. Penny Which items 12 and three right. You've got two minutes. Go ahead. Okay so

first, I just want to thank Councilman Park and you're really responsive, Amazing office for making it so that we could be here today. I am in spite of health issues and taking off of work. It made it much easier for me to get here because it's hard. To get to other locations. I also want to

thank Mehmet and because I'm from Encino CD four, So I really appreciate that you're here and for council person idea for us really representing for all of us, because really, it's you are so remarkable that I'm going to cry. But you're still remarkable . We've been working on this a really long time and no one has stood up for us until now, so On CD four. You're You're not even my representative. I'm so grateful to you, Um, let me just say that, um I live south of one on one and CD four. Let me go ahead and get this out of the way. I respectfully asking the TT Committee to pass motion 23 1339, as is without Amendment Also respectfully asking that the bonds up Helena proposal be rejected with no contractual rights. Granted the city bus not

proposed Muslim must not approve any more developments that do not include mitigation measures to reduce the toxic fumes. Harming us from Van Nuys. Our airport just want to say that I'm here for balance. I have a child that works at Van Nuys Airport. Let me just say that

again. My child works at Van Nuys Airport. He's employed there. I'm not out to knock down the airport, but there's got to be some balance for us who live under I live in Encino. There was a flight path over my head.

I'm directly at the end of the flight path, just on the other side of the 101. My um my ability to be able to rent out my property, which was going to be my retirement that that the film industry doesn't want to be able to rent doesn't want to, uh Work in our neighborhood anymore . So how is it that the entertainment industry is losing out to these new charter jets? I just don't get it. So thank you. That's all I want to say. Thank you so much. You could just tell me the name you signed up under Snyder, right, which items three. But general comment.

We're not taking any general number three then. In Venice on item three. Like to address, Uh, you know, say a couple of good things. I'm not so can you know,

so tied up in the political aspect of this with regard to the community and the environment, But I would like to say some very good things that the stakeholders and the leaseholders do for the community. Um I'm work with a private aviation company in Van Nuys. We recently held a fundraiser for, uh, local arts programming. We painted a leer 60 airplane that my company donated. We worked with other

leaseholders and we raised over $100,000 for arts programming for local schools in the community. Um, we'd like to do more of that La LA has engaged us. We would like to do more of that type of thing to support the community. And want to make sure that the people that are flying in and the people that are around support and they are affluent and they have the resources to support the local community and the things they want to do in the community. So I just wanted to say thank you for that. Thank you so much. I'm gonna call a few more names.

Well our next speaker comes up. Stacy Hoff, Tony Marlow, Marlow, Steve, argue bright. Abby Ginsburg. Hi. Which name did you sign up under? Catherine Prue in. Alright Katherine, which

items 12 and three. You have two minutes. Go ahead. Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. I'm Catherine Per win the

owner of Helen it I met my husband shortly after he founded the company, so I've been involved with it on some level ever since. After the loss of my husband eight years ago, I stepped into lead Helen it with two objectives. One was to ensure that our life saving missions continues. Since 1999.

We've flown over 10,000 critically ill Children for Chl. A commission were extraordinarily proud of, and we've been flying organs for Southern California hospital transparent teams for 35 years, transporting an average of 1000 organs a year. Another objective Equally as important as there are 65 families that depend on Helena. And everyone who knows me knows that I care deeply about these families. We have some folks from Helen it here today. Can you guys stand up? These Helen that employees perform safety critical work in a facility that is in a severe state of disrepair. And falls

far short of meeting operational demands, with all due respect to council member media, we will not be there much longer in the future if this is not approved. Um if anybody would like to question that, please come and visit us during summers. Our maintenance team camera crews often work outside in 110, or higher degree temperatures because there isn't sufficient hangar space for them to perform all of their work indoors. Other conditions Inside are dilapidated hangers aren't much better. Helena pilots, many of whom work night shifts work out of a pilot's lounge that is structurally run down and lack space for adequate sleeping quarters for rest between flights. Employees take their

meal breaks and a hanger so aged that it offers little protection from heat, cold or even rain. The hangar structure is so worn and compromise. They're all attempts to control rats. Infant

stations are ineffective. Everyone of Helen. It's 65 team members takes tremendous pride in the many lives. We touch through the work we do. We simply asked for the ability to do this work in modern facilities that are well maintained, safe, functional and humane. Thank you. Thank you. If

you could tell me which name you signed up under Stacy Hoff and I'm here to talk about the past motion. 23 1339 with that amendment and also to reject the Helinet the boss, not helmet proposal with you have two minutes. Go ahead, reports gone out of control. It's causing air pollution and noise pollution, and it's just reducing longevity. Recreational general

aviation has been replaced by jets charters, um, commercial flights and Helicopters, and there's way too many helicopters , the police expanded their fleets recently. We have the fire helicopters, we have news helicopters, tiny bubbles, Helen it helicopters inks flying at all hours of the night, waking us up two o'clock in the morning. One o'clock in the morning there, flying 400 ft above the house, causing vibrations. Noise is so loud. I can't even have conversations on the phone. I can't even have conversations with neighbors outside my house. We also have

the Jets. T v p x Flood checks Vista Jet Jet Next Executive jet clearly see William and trust. These are all Falcon 737 Gulfstreams, Hocker. They are so loud that I have to stop what I'm doing and I have to put plug my ears. Just a Block out the

sound. I mean, it's really getting ridiculous. The frequency is awful. And just because this was land use was designated one point in time.

Maybe it needs to be revisited changes happen. I mean, people have their livelihoods invest in their houses. I mean, this is just I really cannot support expanding more helicopters. Really Please reject that. Thank you. Thank you so much, Mr

McCosker. Would you be willing to take the chair for just a moment? Alright, thanks. Please identify what name you signed up under. And what are you speaking on high there? I'm Tony Marlow. Items 12 and three. Thank you Have two minutes. Thank you. I'm

the president of Castle and Cooke Aviation. We've been on the airport since

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