Toyota GR86: Prueba y Comparativa de los Acabados Circuit Pack y Touring Pack

Toyota GR86: Prueba y Comparativa de los Acabados Circuit Pack y Touring Pack

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Hello friends! Welcome to a new test, the Toyota GR86, but it's not the GR86, it's the GR86, the Touring pack against the Circuit pack. Let's see which one is faster because I tell you that both skid a lot. The GR86 is a special car. It is a car from before. Yes, yes, from before,

a completely analog car, although it has a digital screen but what it is driving is analog and it is pure driving. The GT86 was already like that, what happens is that the GT86 is a car that was not understood, it was not understood because Toyota wanted to make a very economical car, a very economical sports car, weighing 1,200 kilos, without a turbo so as not to complicate driving, with some Michelin Primacy, the same ones that drove a Prius, he wanted to make a car that would be the base so that later people could make their preparations, they could go to the circuit, do track days and the engine was a 200-horsepower naturally aspirated engine. Dani, excuse me for a second, I have to say this, I'm tired of the car not running at 200 horsepower . If with 200 horsepower the car doesn't run, the problem is not the car, the problem lies with you. Here you have to teach people. Well. Nacho, for the first time in your life I'm going to agree with you . Come on, go out and don't take away from me. Thank you, Nachete, very good point. The car had 200 horsepower at a time when all engines were Turbo. And of course, you don't get the same power, an atmospheric engine doesn't deliver the same power as a Turbo engine, but that's where the point is, that they were offering you an naturally aspirated engine in the face of the wave of turbocharged engines. Well, it's a different thing and the car also came out in the midst of a crisis,

but the owners of these cars, the owners of these cars value them and are enjoying them and there they continue, there are many driving. Toyota has now taken it and has evolved it, the concept has evolved, it has corrected the errors that it had, such as the engine's power in midrange, which it hardly had and it has reinforced, it has changed rigidity. I made you a very good video at the presentation when it was still a prototype and I told you everything. I leave the video here because in this video Nacho and I are going to focus on telling you how they go, how they skid, how they don't skid, the time they do, what they spend, what they run, all those things, so I prefer not to lose the time on it. I am going to explain the differences between the Circuit pack and the Touring pack but you have to see this video that I have left you here above in the link because I will tell you everything there, even the differences with the BRZ because the GT86 was sold as BRZ and as the Scion brand. BRZ

was Subaru now only sold as Subaru and Toyota. 50 units of the Subaru come to Spain, which is something symbolic, and 7,000 of this come to Europe. 7000 to Europe. Of those 7,000, 415 units have arrived in Spain and I think they are all sold and if they are not all sold they are ready. I know that Toyota, because I have asked this, are fighting to assign more units to the Spanish market but things are difficult. If there is luck they will increase it. Keep in mind that this car, the 7,000 units only in Europe, will die with the entry of Euro 7, this car can no longer be sold after Euro 7. If they decide to extend that, there will probably

be more units. In Spain they have started to deliver them and they have started to deliver the basic versions, regardless of whether you had ordered the Circuit Pack or the Touring Pack before, they decided to deliver the basic versions earlier and when they are all delivered they are dedicated to the packs because the packs that are It is genius and I say it like this, Toyota Spain genius, because they have made two very interesting equipment, especially if you are a fan of circuits, such as the Circuit Pack or if you want a car that is a little better, as is the case with the Touring. Pack. It comes as standard as you see it, the cars are like this from the outside, just as you see them, with these air intakes that work, all this that is open, they have more aerodynamics than they did when it was the GT86 and the car is prettier, more ugly, that already depends on everyone's tastes but they are exactly the same on the outside, whether you take the basic version that is called RZ, or if you want the Touring Pack, which is that one, or if you want the Circuit Pack, which is this one. What is

what changes? It comes standard with a 17-inch wheel and Primacy, Michelin Primacy tires, the same as the Toyota Prius, so it comes standard. If you want to go a little further, you have the Touring Pack, the Touring Pack comes with original Toyota 18-inch wheels that you can choose in the other, you can buy them in the normal one, you can buy them as an option, but with some pills brake some pagid, in the front axle and in the rear more sporty. In the information I leave you the specifications and model of the pills and everything of the two cars, so that you can see even the size of the asparagus and it has some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Pilot Sport 4S as standard, that change is 3,500 euros per that change and the Circuit Pack adds all this for 6,500 euros that I am going to tell you about Braid wheels made specifically for this car and Braid makes custom wheels for you but in this case they have made wheels to adapt them to the tire, 225/40 /18 which is also a Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, that is, a semi-slick, that one has a sports tire, this one has a semi-slick. I leave you the measurements, I leave everything down there and it has an AP Racing brake kit. Ah well, the rims, that,

I was telling you that they are specific because the inch is gained by half an inch inwards, half outwards , that is, they are made to be able to adapt this tire with this brake kit to this car, that's one point. They are forged wheels and they are from the Braid brand and it has a specific brake kit, which is a kit that comes like this, which comes with 6-piston parts with sports pads, I leave them here below, larger discs, do you know that these calipers Are they the ones that I carry my racing M3? I leave the test there, that test is very good, that we compare my M3 totally made for racing against a series one and I have these same brakes and these same discs, the same, because I also have an 18 rim on the E36. This brake kit comes with metal hoses on the front end, behind the brake pads are the same as the Touring, the same sports shoes as the Touring and the screws are replaced by studs, here you have them, I also leave you the measurements studs down there. That is what changes, and 6,500 euros and the liquid that carries more sport. 6,500 euros. I tell you that I have had to buy this for my racing car and it has been more expensive because simply the four wheels and the kit plus the tires exceed 6,500 euros if you want to buy it on the street. For the rest it is a car of just over 1,300 kilos, it has a Torsen-type self-locking differential on the rear end and I tell you, all electronic and all disconnectable. By the way,

have you seen what a cool shirt I have? You know we sell it, I had one of the GR86 that was super cool because you could see all the GR86. My t-shirt. Nacho, that shirt? No wonder I couldn't find the shirt, I could have spent hours looking for it. Hood very light, very light. Let's see, engine, I insist again, look at the test that I told you about, I told you everything because I was there with the engineers and that's when they told me everything. I will give you a summary of the engine , the engine is still the original Subaru block with the Toyota cylinder head, the D4S with a double injection system, before it was 2 liters now it is a 2.4 and with that is what

they have improved that midrange power delivery. It leads to an oil radiator that I didn't have before. The car overall is 234 horsepower now. The car in general has improved a lot, they have improved structural rigidity but the engine does not gain much from 200 to 230 and four horses, it is not a very powerful power, but when you are driving them you do notice the difference and when we have measured the performance The difference has also been noticed, you will see that later, just like the fast lap because we are going to do performances of both and a fast lap of both . The trunk is 234 liters. 226. It's just that I don't give one, 226, I've messed with the power. Well, look , I'm going to forgive you for that and here is Nachete's helmet, it's not a large boot but, like the GT86, it was prepared for once the seats fold down, which can be folded down in this one, the entire row folds down, you could take all four tires here If you go to your Track Day, well, you could take the four wheels there with their four tires mounted, but of course, that was talking about a 17-inch wheel, now that we're with 18-inch wheels, it's hard for me to believe that they fit there. Regarding the price, the basic version costs 34,400, then you have to add the kits. What's for this price? There is nothing. It is that there is nothing for this price, this car rivals a series 2 Coupe, 220i, rivals an Audi TT, rivals cars with a basic Alpine A 110, rivals in concept I would tell you that it is in performance but not in price, it is much cheaper. So closer, what's up? Well, the Miata MX-5, but it

's a convertible and I'm telling you now, it's not a rival to this car and this car is not a rival to the Miata, they are different things, yes, Japanese, coupes, little ones, but they're not rivals because you gives satisfaction is that the other does not give you. This is that the grace of this car is what we are seeing here, a flat boxer engine down there, placed there with a super low center of gravity, light car, self-locking, super cool manual transmission, I don't know, that's the concept of this car. I'm going to show you a little from the inside so you don't want to see it and immediately we start with the action that Nacho is looking forward to skidding and I'm going to let him because there are two cars that otherwise he wouldn't skid. Come on, let's continue. Well, we're here inside, as usual, you can keep these for yourself because they're not necessary, the car opens and closes and it's easy, otherwise you can keep them here. The mobile, the mobile, here you have a bottle holder hole that you can carry, which by the way, this bottle holder hole is the one that you probably use the most to close the door when it is wide open, it is more at hand than the handle itself. But hey, you can leave it there but it will move, you can leave it here but it will move, there is no charger, you have to plug it in by cable. Because it also has Android auto and Apple car Play but you have to do both

with the mobile phone plugged in by cable, so it has to stay there no matter what. By the way, you have a typical Jack take for the headphones. Daniel, you told them that it has a real handbrake , the kind you pull. Yes, it has a real handbrake of those to pull. Go go for a walk. Let 's see I explain a little whole. We start, the access is good, what happens is that it is a short car and obviously you already know that and for that you have bought a sports car. The seat in Spain

does not come with the combination of suede leather or leather and fabric, I think you only have a choice of these seats. In Spain they have gone for the cash, not for the same aesthetic, that they do not have the automatic transmission, they have the manual transmission as standard. Hey, have you told them the change how good it is? Yes, you want to go.

It is heavy, damage has been done. In fact, he's right, look at the feel of the gear it's hard to miss a gear, it's hard to miss a gear. I really like the feel, the only thing I don't like is that the knob keeps turning, that happened to the GR Yaris, I think I've already said it. The seats hold the body well and are consistent with the type of car it is, it would not have hurt if they had offered a semi-bucket option, something like that, which the competition does offer. But what competition? If in the end we have already seen that it does not have, it does not have much. The interior is very simple, very simple, a total analogue car, we have a very, very nice leather steering wheel, with a thickness on the thin side but that's okay, depth and height adjustment, you have this adjustment, here is the speed regulator that sometimes it bothers a little, hence the radio controls and everything. Central screen, we are going to turn on the contact, it comes with the GR logo. There is nothing here,

yes it is full of things but there is nothing, you can put the application, you can put many things but there are no driving modes in this car, there is not one that you can change. Yes, from here you can change the colors of this screen and where you want it to notify you when changing gears, you can change that, but you really have the normal thing, telephone, well, the applications that can be installed, the radio and little more, when you plug in the phone you have your phone here integrated, perfectly integrated. The sound equipment Nacho, how does the sound equipment sound? The truth is that it sounds very good. Out. Nacho is that listening to radio olé. Well, here is the good thing separated, that although this is tactile, I am going to turn it on for you, here is the air conditioner that you have here, and it is also dual-zone, which is very good, I turn it off so that it does not make noise, here is the Rear heated window glass defroster, mirrors, air circulation, temperature synchronization and here we have a very important button that is the Track button and a button that controls everything off. Track button leaves you free,

that is, those with the latent aids enter and everything is waiting for you and leaves you a certain skid, not everything, and with the off mode it is all off, except the ABS, all off, you go bareback and you're going to have fun. The start is done on this button and then you have the box that if you look here is circular, it is digital but the moment you touch one of these buttons it becomes a crossbar like this. Well, a little more sporty. And that's it. Ah well, you have not mentioned the rear seats. Look where, Nacho, get into the rear seats, you're going to show them what the rear seats are like. Look how the rear seats are, there's plenty of legroom, there's plenty of headroom, in width, it's four seats and now seriously, there's a chair, now look at the space without Nacho, a child's seat fits there, I tell you from father's experience. Well, we're going to go outside and see how this goes. Oh by the way,

I had forgotten. Look, one and two. what do you think? Access is awkward because it's obviously a short car but once you're sitting here you're comfortable. The car is firm, but it is not excessively firm, on a trip or in these days that I have been using it on roads that I have done a bit of everything, highway, I have done city, I would not say that it is uncomfortable, uncomfortable at all, uncomfortable if you go behind, but I don't see it as uncomfortable at all, what's more, I like it, I like the touch it has. It's a bit loud, it's a bit loud,

you hear the rolling of the tires especially if you've taken the Circuit pack. It is logical. The semislick makes more noise than the 4S and the 4S makes more noise than the Primacy, but it's not an annoying noise that doesn't let you hear the music or that you can't hold a conversation, it's perfectly acceptable. Curious, when you start, what I've been saying throughout the video, that the car is analog and it's a car from the 80s but done now, when you start the car it slows down at quite high revs, more than usual in a modern car but it immediately warms up and goes to his place. You hear the noise of the engine a lot, well I'm not going to say the noise, the sound of the engine. Let's see, when I did the first test in its day on the Boxster Highway and the Cayman the 718 with the four-cylinder engines I remember that I said it sounds Subaru, I say this is a Porsche that sounds like Subaru, today what I'm going to tell you to say is that this sounds Porsche because in the end they sound the same, it is a four-cylinder Boxster engine, in this case atmospheric, they sound the same, that is, they have that Boxster sound that also when you are stopped at the traffic light you notice how you move a little because it is the engine doing its thing there and but you don't see everything as a defect, it's part of the charm of the imprecision of this car, that pleasure of that imperfection that's cool, like that of a Harley, a Harley you get on and you're doing well, especially those that did not have silentblocks and this is appreciated and that is nice. The steering wheel has a very good feel, a very good feel and I like it. The direction when you are driving. Do you notice that the

steering enters differences between the Circuit pack and the Touring pack? Well, practically none, none except that when you caress the brake in the Circuit pack you always tend to do so until you get used to it and that in the Circuit pack you have to be careful to warm up, you have to warm up the tires, yes you want them to work like a street tyre, we are talking about the street, we are not talking about the circuit, we are talking about the street, in the circuit you also have to warm them up but for the street you will reach the first roundabout, you will get into roundabout, you're going to accelerate a little bit and your ass is going to try to move. Even if you have everything connected , it will try to move, if you have it disconnected it will move, but it is normal, it is normal. With the 4S of the Touring pack it does it too, it does it too. In fact, it does it more even with a hot tire, the car will always try to move a little if you accelerate sharply, if you accelerate smoothly, nothing at all. I haven't had the luck to test it in

the rain, it doesn't rain here in Madrid, I don't know what happens, I haven't tried it in the rain but I'm almost going to prefer the Touring if it rains than the Circuit pack. But hey, that's a matter of getting in touch with yourself and that's it, it happened to him a lot of sports, so it's like that, that's how it is. The Circuit pack brake pads, keep in mind that if you have a much sportier pad and you have to treat it as such and it is possible that at some point they make some noise, some squeal that the others do not, but we are in the same situation, It is what you have bought, it is that you have bought a thing of buying a racing kit on a street car. In the city you maneuver well, you have very good visibility, you'll see the consumption now, it's a bit like you let go of the clutch, you start to walk until you get used to it, you jerk a few times. But hey,

more or less fine. You maneuver it well taking into account the issue of the sensors, that there are none, the parking sensors and then that it does not have a Star stop system, the car does not stop. There are people who appreciate this. In the end, since we tested so many cars and all the cars have a Star stop system, in the end I miss it but it's less weight, let's think about it. Highways, long trips do not exhaust you, you travel well, on the road it is a car that even if you are calm, you feel it, you have sensations, it offers you things that a normal car does not offer you and it is very pleasant to drive this car, very pleasant to go shopping the bread, very nice, I at least enjoy it a lot. If you already start doing a section, then you enjoy it much more.

Which version is better? As for the faster you go, the Circuit pack becomes better, the more the pace increases, but that is logical, simply because of the tire grip and braking capacity, but to tell you the truth, for street with the Touring you have plenty, but plenty, you don't need more, you really don't need more. Maybe the grace is the Circuit pack buying another set of circuit tires and putting the 4S on it. Maybe for day to day I don't know but we are going to see this now, we are going to see the consumption and we are going to see the fastest lap, to see what conclusions we can draw from there. But I love this car, what do you want me to tell you, the feel of the gearbox is beastly and then the sound, the sound inside here is something... look. Have you seen how it sounds? And also if you want, if you want to have fun with it on the open road, you always have to be a little clear about things, you can deactivate the aids that change the frame, which by the way, when you select the revs at which you want it to beep it changes color, it appears in colors and then this, that this is a characteristic of this car. Look, let's see, that's why I do these tests here, I don't do it on the road because you say I want to drift! You drift. See, if these cars are cool. Do this with a modern car now,

let's see, you have to go to a 400-horsepower, rear-wheel drive car and much more expensive. Yes, you can buy a very sporty front-wheel drive but in the end you can't do this with any car at this price. Come on, I haven't taught you anything, you delete this last part. It is a car with many compromises. It is logical, it is a coupe, it is small, you have already seen it in the rear seats , the interior is more than enough for what the car offers you, the aesthetics it has, everything. I don't know, I like it because there are times when in these cars I can

make certain sacrifices, such as space in favor of this aesthetic or what the car transmits to you or what I'm going to tell you about in a minute. little while But first we are going to talk about consumption, we went out to consume with both of them and since they did the same consumption on the road we said Nothing, it's that we don't even repeat it in the city. So the consumption that we have taken on the road is 7 liters. Ned, hello, hoplite, neighbor! I had forgotten about him, highway 7 liters, 7 liters, not bad. It's just that it's a light car, it's a car that on trips you go quietly will spend little, 7 liters looks like an automatic i30N. Well, not bad. In the city 10.3, of course, it does not have a Star stop system, a manual gearbox, because it has everything against it, it has everything against it

, although it is light and starts to walk easily but it has everything against it. Look, it has spent exactly the same as the Ford Focus St Performance that also has a manual transmission, curious right? And the St is a little bit heavier than this, well a lot heavier than this. Acceptable consumption. It is a car you are going to move in the 9 liters, you are going to move with it using it daily and maybe you are going to move the 9 liters. If you are more of a Ned Flanders type, you can lower it daily, you can move with less consumption but if you are more of the Nacho type, well, it will be around 10 and 11 liters more, that's each one. But we are going to see what runs, we are going to see what runs, consumption is important today, consumption is important. Let's see what runs, I start

with the Touring pack, the Touring pack has marked the kilometer in 26.5, that is, it accelerates the 1000 meters the same as a Polo GTI that did 26.7, 26.0 did the Hyundai 30N manual. Look at the Toyota Supra two liters 26.1, that car could be a rival to this one but it is also much more expensive and more powerful too, but it is much more expensive. The Golf GTI 8 26.2. Well, it's there, it's there in acceleration, faster than a Ford Focus St Performance, faster than the last Mazda MX-5 out there. Well, it's faster. But what happens if you put some Spot Cup on this car and

some lighter tires, which is the case of the Circuit Pack, well look, it has gone to 26.1 in the 1000 meters, both cars go over 200 kilometers per hour, they have a 0-200, 23'95 in the case of the Circuit Pack. Well that 26.1, has dropped from 26.5 to 26.1, it's not a big difference but there it is, you can see that the tire pulls differently. How do we see benefits? Well, if we go to the 80-120 of the Touring pack 4.23, I see it slow, I see it slow if we compare it with the

rest, which is to pull the list up, how many atmospherics are there? They are all turbos, I see it well, I see it well, I don't know, it is slow, it is slow if we compare it with what is offered out there, but if we really think about the engine we have and it is also that it is a manual transmission, what is that in front, how many manual changes do you have? We go to the manual i30N and it does 3.58. It doesn't seem like bad performance to me, the 1000 meters seem to be very good, the official 0-100 acceleration is 6.3 and we have done 6.4 in one and 6.6 in the other. Well, it's there. I give a high note, to the matter of acceleration, but of course, now comes the part that we like the most, the fastest lap, which we are all looking forward to doing. I'm going to test this car again with the stock version, I'll bring it here with its stock tires and rims to see later what difference there will be, but for now we've got it in and well I won't get involved anymore, here's the Touring pack. The Touring pack first to see what you think.

Air conditioning off, radio off, all mode off, traction control and stability mode off. Let's go there. It is skidding, let's see the fast. Oops, you have to be careful. Here concentrated. That's why I'm quiet. It's understeering and oversteering already. I have made a little sasar. Hold on, man, hold on. 26"2 but 26"2 fighting them. How cool, how cool. Let's see,

definition of the drifter car, drifter based on gas, not based on leaving the chassis. In other words, you support the car and it supports it well, but of course later, if you go too far with the accelerator, it doesn't forgive you. It has self-locking and tends to release from behind with gas. Well that's part of what we're looking for in this car.

The front end is going very well but halfway through the lap the Michelins, the 4S let's say that it has demanded them, it has demanded them and they have started to understeer, that's why I told you that it went from understeer to oversteer but everything within what normal, all within the acceptable and also in a very beautiful way, but very beautiful. The engine runs, it's not explosive, you do have means. You have much more means than the GT86, but much more means and it is also in those means where the car breaks the grip based on accelerator. Very good gearbox feel, although the knob turns, this also happened to GR Yaris, do you remember? That the knob was turned. Very good shift feel , very good braking, very good. I think that this combination of braking is more than enough for this car, we will see now in the Circuit pack to see what it brings you. It is possible that

these brakes on a track day get hotter, here of course I have not had that problem. Well, well, there was a curve that I went through a little more but I don't think I wasted time there, I take this time as valid. Let's see what the Circuit pack does that I feel like doing. Now, that tire must first be warmed up. Skidder, if the word that defines it is skidder. How it all feels. You feel everything,

what I told you before, analogue, they are analogue cars, it's that you really enjoy yourself, you really enjoy driving. Yes, it is a car that is less forgiving of mistakes, that you have to be a little more focused, in fact look at what I spun. Have you seen? I don't usually spin and with this on the first lap I think I blame it on the cold tyre, not because I'm a jerk, but because of the cold tyre, you always have to look for excuses, otherwise I wouldn't be a good driver. The car is not forgiving, you have to be a little focused

because the self-locking differential, propulsion, in the end it is a car that requires and also now there is power and means because before the GT86 breaking adhesion based on accelerator was not possible and with this Yeah. What have I noticed? That the front axle when the tire heats up has a little trouble getting in and then the car is slightly unbalanced. So you go from understeer to oversteer and you're going to control that. It happened a little to the Alpine, the Alpine had that situation, I don't see it as a problem, I am defining what it does, I am not saying that this is bad because it is doing it at a high rate and be careful, that 26.2

is a time, here you are seeing it, it is a time that I see is very good, that is, 26.1 drove the Golf GTI Club Sport 26.1, the GTI 8 Club Sport and that car is fast. 26.0 made the Hyundai 20N, which is a great gadget, it also went with the Pirelli P0. The Ford Focus St Performance with this same wheel made 26.0 as well. Well, it's there 26.0, 26.2 I think it's there, faster

than a BMW M140i, do you remember how that car ran? Well, he has done 26, 26.2 too, faster than the Megane RS Trophy, one tenth, to take it into account. It is a fast car. And now it remains to be seen what happens with the Circuit pack. Bets are allowed. Nacho, what do you think? You already

know, why am I going to ask you. Come on, let's see it. I really want to see the difference. Will it be a lot, a little? We have better brakes and better tires and lighter rims. We'll see. Same, climate control off, stability control totally off and there's nothing more to do, I warmed up the semislick and I warmed up the brakes first. Let's see what he does. For now, it's much more gripped, especially the front end and I like that, the knob also moves, I can accelerate much sooner, it goes into third gear, here it has allowed me to enter faster, there I made a mistake, 24 " 8, let's see if we can improve it. I skidded too much here before, good God! The tire still holds me, so I did another lap.

Now wait, I'm going to put second, I'm going in the same time as before. One I'm going tenth slower. Let's see if the lap fails. Let's see here before I failed, now. 24"6. Yes. 24"6 I've had a great time, what a fun thing! Let's see what changes, it changes a lot, it changes a lot and a very important detail is the front end, which is what is making me go faster, I am not going faster because I have more traction capacity than maybe I am, but you have already seen that I am skidding just the same, I am going faster because the train striker has not understeered once, not once. The brakes have helped a lot, but a lot, that is, the braking capacity of this car is brutal, that is, it has oversized brakes, that is, if you feel like doing anything to the engine, these brakes will admit it.

But it is that you have already seen the engine that runs and that it is fun enough not to have to touch it. 24"6 is a great time, the other did 26"5, it seems to me he has done it, but of course, the difference is that the brakes and tires are ahead, but ahead. Now I have much more precision when putting the front part. When it comes to accelerating we are in the same conditions, the car is skidder and even if it has Sport Cups and they are already at their temperature, the car tends to come loose from behind. What happens is noble, it is very noble, it warns you, it tells you. The touch it has is from a car from many years ago. The driving feel,

the sensations that it transmits to you, it is not from a modern car, it is from a car from many years ago but with the precision of now, I liked it very much, very much, very much. Is it a better car with this tire? Yes, yes, on the circuit, on the street I have my doubts and I'm going to explain that now, on the circuit of course yes, but let's go, long, and that's all ahead. The change is sublime apart from the fact that the knob keeps turning. Look, I'm tightening it a little bit, apart from the fact that the knob keeps turning, the change is sublime. It is not the touch the change of the Civic Type R but it is the very good touch. Be careful, those of you who already know this car is practically the same as the GT86.

I have already told you about the brakes and the engine, look how it sounds. I don't know how it enters the cameras but look at how it sounds, it seems to me that the engine has gained a lot because it has gained means, which was what this engine lacked. It's a big car, it's a big car, but it's a big car, beware, there will be faster ones, there will be much faster ones, but it's a big car. We return to what

I have told you about the Type R, the Focus St, the Hyundai N, it is what you feel, what the car speaks to you and tells you. Yes, we're crazy, yes, at this moment your mother was passing behind and she heard that strawberry and she said he's seeing a drunk or something. It is what the car transmits to you, it is what it transmits to the pedals, to the hands, to the head, to the eyes, to everything to everything.

We are going to follow the video that I can stay here for hours talking and telling things. Of course, when you're full of adrenaline... come on, let's continue. I hope you are liking it. Great time, great time, 24"6, that is, great time, I honestly expected that it would go down but not that it would go down that much. I have explained it to you in the video, the key is that it holds the front end, it does not understeer. Then it turns The front end is very precise, the rear continues to skid the same, it continues to release the same. If you are not careful with the gas it will skid the same, what it does let

you do is that it stops skidding sooner and starts to gain traction sooner, with which, together with a brutal braking capacity, since it drops from 26"2 to 24"6 and of course it gets in, well, look at the time of the GTI Club Sport with the Continental Conti Sport Contact 5, because the other one did with the bridgestone potenza sport from 15 26 1, with the Sport club, with the continental ones, he gets to do faster than the manual Hyundai i30, faster than a manual Hyundai i30. It must be said that the other Hyundai goes with the Pirelli P0 and this one goes with a semislick If you put a semislick on the Hyundai it's probably faster than this car, which would be logical, but look at 24.5. 24.4 we did with the 2018 Ford Focus RS back in the day. 24.2 we did with the Golf R with the bridgestone potenza sport. 24.2 made the automatic i30N, faster than a Peugeot RCZ R, the one with the goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric, which is not as sporty as this tire even though it is. Faster than the Cupra León ST310, than the Golf GTI 8, you have seen that the performance

of this car ran like a Golf GTI 8. This one has been faster, it ran like a Polo GTI. In the end, performance is very fast, it is very fast, because it gains precision. I have told you in the video that it is a better car, yes, it is a better car, but it is not necessarily a better car for you with this kit. In the end, this has to be warmed up, you go out in the morning and this tire has to be warmed up and these brakes have to be warmed up so that the car is in the optimum operating situation and that doesn't work for everyone because not everyone It is meant to carry a semislick, on the street I would take a semislick, I would take a 4S which is a very good tire. In short, it is a car that I have loved, that I have loved, I think it is very well made and that it is part of an endangered species and let's see, let's see one thing. Nacho, come here. Sit here, stand here next to me, cover the cars, I don't care.

What do you think of this car? Well, I liked it, I liked it, it's a car that I was commenting on before to Dani, there are even certain points, such as coming here this morning, that I stopped to think and I say there are many things that remind me of to my miata Not that it looks like an MX-5, I'm not saying that, I'm saying mine, which is a tough car. Which year? It's a '97 car, it's a '97 car. I'll leave the video where I embarrass Nacho with his Miata, please continue, continue. And that is the feeling of going in a rigid car, in a car with a manual gearbox that is also a cool manual, it is hard, short, I don't know, it is a car that is all sensations and I liked it a lot apart from which is a car that steals a lot. Yes well, it is that you have a problem there. Question, did you buy this or a GR Yaris? I would buy that one, the Circuit Pack and I would have a set of semis for when I go to the circuit and some 4S for day to day, but I would buy a Circuit Pack. Did you know? that I would buy a GR Yaris because first I no longer need it, I need the rear seats, I have three children, they no longer fit me and I already have one as a fun car, I already have the GT3 as my fun car, but if not If they had a GT3, I would still buy the GR Yaris because I don't know if it's my age anymore and what calls me is the precision of the GR Yaris, obviously it's much faster than this one, but this one is imperfect. But that's what's nice. That

and the beauty of this car is that it is imperfect, what we have said before, analogue, but I liked the other one better. I'm saying this because you've asked me that question a lot on Instagram, you've driven me crazy with that question of which of the two would stay and I think I'm still a GR Yaris. But look, at 18 years old, maybe I would have chosen this one. If you see a strange cut is that a plane has taken off. It's just that this Inta there's a military base next door, they're

taking off planes all the time. Well yes, I bought a GR Yaris, at 18 I would have bought this but not now. I would stay with this one and I am going to tell you another thing I have been in love with the GT86 since it came out and I have a friend who I love very much who has a GT86 and he was in love and I spent all day thinking about what I could do to change the MX5 for a GT86 and now that this has come out it is very tempting. Since you don't hurry, it seems to me that few are left. I think if I cry a little. Well, I hope you liked this comparison. I hope you liked all the shots of the skidding car, we have taken more of the skidding car than the normal car but it is part of the essence of this car. If

you go with the aids on it does not skid, it tends to do so but it does not skid. Well, that's it, I hope you liked it. Remember that we have activated, do not cut Pablo even though there is noise. If we already know each other here, don't you see that we are in the living room of his house, we are already here as a family, what I say to remember that we have activated the members of the Channel who help us a lot, remember our shirts and my GR86 shirt that It disappeared for a reason and nothing, so I'll leave all the information I've told you about below and thank you very much for being there. Today you are going to say goodbye in front of the camera, Nacho. Today I say goodbye before the camera. Well guys, nice

to have been here, been able to play with these and before you know it I'm off to a skid. What a guy, what a guy, he doesn't know that I have the keys in my pocket. Come on guys. Bye bye.

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