Touring the Most Expensive House for Sale in Dubai!

Touring the Most Expensive House for Sale in Dubai!

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(ambient music) - [Enes] Get ready to see an amazing property with a level of attention to detail that is simply unmatched. Designed and furnished with some of the most exquisite products and materials from around the world that enhances your experience within every single moment. It's lines, qualities, and exclusivity is something we don't see often, with views that will simply take your breath away. And you get to enjoy all these qualities while being within the Bulgari Resort and Residences here in Dubai.

(dramatic music) Welcome to this incredible estate located on Jumeirah Bay Island within the Bulgari Resort and Residences. And what a stunning entry. Two-story modern home, beautiful limestone facade. This cantilevered roof line, two trees framing the entry and this reflection pool that wraps to the side. This property is so impressive. We're gonna cover so many details.

I'm beyond excited for this tour. Now, I'm currently on the motor court right now. You can easily park 10 to 12 cars here, beautifully landscaped. And to our left, we have these two massive cantilevered carports. And below the carports, we have a Ford GT and a McLaren Speedtail.

Our friends at F1rst Motors were kind enough to bring these exquisite cars so we can really dress up this motor court. And this carport design is really futuristic with these strip lights. We even have a Rolls-Royce EV charger here.

And, Cody, let's actually go to the other side. There's a beautiful marble walkway that takes you to the backyard. Look how nicely landscaped this section is, and we're gonna talk about that later in the tour.

Now, let's go back to the center of the motor court. Again, landscaping here is so beautiful with all these trees. And we have the enclosed three-car garage on this side with a Mercedes SLS Black Series and a LaFerrari Aperta, and even inside of that garage is so tastefully done.

And this is your motor court. Now what's left is for us to take these steps, open up the front door so we can go inside. (upbeat music) The foyer of this property is so exquisite, beautiful materials throughout, natural light coming in.

It's nice and spacious. But before I cover the details here, I actually wanna show everyone the front door. So it has an electronic latch system, definitely heavy duty door, bookmatched stone, fingerprint reader. And when you close it, you realize that it's leather wrapped on the back, beautiful stitching details, and the color of the door matches the window frames of this property so this entry looks very, very cohesive. Now, coming back to the foyer, we have beautiful Taj Mahal quartzite marble floors throughout. These slabs are mostly bookmatched, so there's a beautiful continuity there.

Suede walls with this ripple effect, double height ceilings, gorgeous chandelier. And look at that glass roof, how it goes all the way into the property. And this glass roof has an insane function that we will see later in the tour. And this entry feels very, very warm. Now, on this wing of the house, which is my right-hand side, we have the amenities like gym, movie theater and the office.

But before we cover these spaces, I actually wanna just follow the foyer and bring everybody to this point. Motorized sliding glass doors open up to your backyard, and look at our views. Burj Khalifa, city of Dubai right in front of you.

We are here on Jumeirah Bay Island. Sea is right in front of us. This is incredible. This is your great room. In fact, we have the seating area to my left.

Beautiful furnishings, accessories, details, every single corner in this house is so well thought out. And I'm gonna do my best to not lose myself to cover every single detail because we have a lot of them in this house. Now while we are here, let's talk about the specs of this property for a second. We have four bedrooms, five bathrooms, 9,827 square feet of built up area on the market for 495 million dirhams, which is around $135 million.

I want to give a big thanks to the owner and the listing agent, Babak Jafari, with B1 Properties for making this tour possible. More information about this exquisite listing will be in the description of this video. Now, let me welcome you to the seating area. Visionnaire furnishings throughout, coffee tables, sectional couch, candles, accessories, crystals, details, everything was intentionally positioned for you to get this cohesive feeling of the seating area.

And I actually wanna talk about this marble wall for a second. This house was remodeled by the owner over the last three years. It's part of the Bulgari mansions and residences offering.

And these were actually a few columns that they couldn't take out for the structure. That's why instead of leaving it exposed, they've embraced it, placed these metal shelves, wrapped the entire section with marble to create a foundation or almost a backboard for this seating area. That way, when you're facing these incredible views, you just have a nice backdrop that supports you. In fact, on the other side, we have another column that they have to work with, and they wrapped with beautiful bronze Armani marble and turned it into a sculpture.

And let's not forget the suede wallpaper that's on this column. Just an exquisite living room. What do you think, Cody? - [Cody] I completely agree. I love the earth tones in the furniture here.

And the view right now is beautiful. - [Enes] View is insane, and you're correct. In fact, they've embraced the look of the exterior and brought it to the interior. And that's one of the things that I'm really impressed with this house. How cohesive everything feels, even though it's very custom and bespoke.

Literally every single room has a unique stone, unique materials, Visionnaire furniture in this house, something to be admired. And look at this little seating area here with a beautiful table, flowers. It's just ready for you to sit down and soak in these views.

That's all. Let's not forget the Bang & Olufsen TV here. Once you turn on these TVs, they rise and the speakers fold down. So it's a bit of a nice show to look at. And this TV complements the seating area really well.

- [Cody] I'm sure that TV's probably over six figures. - Definitely over six figures. - [Cody] Crazy.

- All right. Now let me welcome everybody to the kitchen. Done to perfection, how everything is symmetrical. Gorgeous island right in the center with bookmatched marble countertops, bar seating, the amount of products, cabinets, hardware that went into this kitchen I really appreciate the fact that after all that work, it looks so minimalist. Now we have the bar seating here, and, Cody, we need to get a close-up because we have a built-in coffee maker here. These machines are super cool and obviously over the years we've seen them in different homes across the world.

You can have anywhere from an espresso to a latte, pretty much everything you want at an exact ratio you want since it's an app control. And I appreciate the fact that it looks very minimalist on your countertop, but it can pretty much do everything you want, even a sparkling water. - [Cody] It's a pretty cool feature. - It is a really cool feature. Now, Cody, why don't you take everybody to the other side. Again, the scale of this kitchen, how this section's open with this beautiful light fixture.

And going to the other side, before we leave the island, we gotta talk about this Rolls-Royce scale model. First off, the accuracy of the scale model is something else. You can even see the leather piping on the seats. Every detail was so well executed and the owner of this house is a bit of a Rolls-Royce fan. So throughout the property you'll see these scale models.

And in fact, the infotainment system in this house is designed like a Rolls-Royce menu. So they even brought the Rolls-Royce theme to the home automation. I thought it was a really clever touch.

And again, we're gonna see more Rolls-Royces throughout the property. Now, follow me this way. We have Miele built-in appliances. Finish on the cabinetry is very contemporary. Then you have these glass sections on top with beautiful plates and decoration. And coming back to the island, we have an oven down below.

Look at this cooktop with a center vent. Instead of dropping a vent from the ceiling, they went with this induction top that has a built-in vent. That way you get this minimalist look, but you still get the functionality. This is not a type of stove that we see quite often, but I'm glad that they used it in this case. It makes perfect sense for this house. Now, continuing our tour, we have the fabricated sink.

Let's see. Knock-knock Miele dishwashers. I haven't done knock-knocks in a while, but this is something we do on our channel all the time. These dishwashers are nicely paneled in to the cabinetry.

And going to the other side, paneled freezer, fridge, and a wine fridge right in the center. And the pocket door behind me actually opens up to a long-service hallway where we have the service kitchen, pantry, a nice spacious laundry room with two washers and dryers. And then the service hallway leads to the staff quarters. So this side of the home is all dedicated to the staff of this property. Now continuing our tour, we have the steps going down to the lower level where we have the utility area for the house. And going this way, we have the main staircase going up to the top floor.

The fabrication here, all these stone steps, underneath step lighting and how it starts wide and tapers up to the landing. It's a beautiful design. We have suede wallpaper here.

Even the hand railing is all suede wrapped. So as you're touching the walls, you get this beautiful material, glass railing, chandelier in the center. And every single one of these steps are bolted to the walls so you have this floating contemporary feel.

Amazing. - [Cody] I love this staircase. It's kind of like, it reminds me of a staircase you would see in a hotel lobby. - For sure. And everything about this house is very grand, but at the same time, it's very warm and elegant. They walk that line so carefully between being impressive but at the same time being welcoming.

And I think this house accomplishes that feeling extremely well. - [Cody] I agree. - Now, on this side, we have this beautiful Steinway & Sons piano, adorning this little hallway here. And then on the other side we have this elegant dining area. The details here, how this pink onyx table frames this room, seating for 10.

Look at that soft cove lighting design above with a chandelier. And the outline of that cove lighting actually matches the outline of this beautiful table. Then we have these two massive picture windows facing the motor court where you can see the reflection pool. And on the other side of the room we have a beautiful backlit stone with a water vapor fireplace, cozying up the space.

And again, all the details, flowers, suede wallpapers, these beautiful bronze rails. This room feels very, very intense, but at the same time it feels very intentional. And that's what I love about it. And what a beautiful dining room. All right, Cody, let's go to the other side.

We have the elevator landing here. Let's show the inside of this elevator to everyone. Bookmatched stone on the floors. You go in and then you realize all your controls are on this handrail here. And the inside of the elevator shaft is also all bookmatched, which is really impressive. That's an area no one would spend money on.

But the owner here wanted to make sure that every single corner of this house was perfect. So they had no problem spending the money to make sure that vision came to reality. Now we're back at the foyer because we're actually gonna go to this side. There's a beautiful powder bathroom here for the first floor. Toilet is situated on this side with this beautiful marble back stone, curved walls, LED lighting, alabaster light fixture above.

And then we have the vanity here with a beautiful smoky quartz countertops. Love the crystal touch here. Beautiful fixtures, really nice powder bathroom. Now going to the other side, we're gonna check out the gym, which is so exquisitely done. Faces the front of the home.

We have beautiful marble floors around the parameter here. And the center section is actually leather tiles, which is super cool. I've never seen tiles like this before. Techno gym equipment throughout. And, Cody, we need to get a close-up here. The dumbbells are all marble.

- [Cody] Whoa. - [Enes] And these are so exquisite, again from Visionnaire. Every single piece of furniture in this house is Visionnaire. Not only that, it comes with the sale of this property. And these are some of the most beautiful dumbbells I've ever seen in my life.

- [Cody] That's so cool. - [Enes] That is super cool, right? You get to see the reflection pool. Really nice gym.

Look at the lighting here, how it starts on the walls and goes all the way up to the ceiling. And, yeah, this is your gym. Now the next space we're touring is just as exciting, if not more. And it's the movie theater. Considering the size of this room, I don't think they could have designed this space any better.

We have five leather recliner seats here, beautiful bar on this side with the fridge down below, cinema-grade projector. And we have the screen on this side. Now based on the movie or type of movie that you're watching, this projector will adjust the ratio of the screen, which is super cool. And obviously, throughout we have built-in speakers, padded walls, star lights. This is a really, really cozy space, but at the same time, it is really, really well enhanced because these Visionnaire movie seats cost around $27,000 and they're very exquisite. Look at all the stitching and details.

They have cooled and warmed cup holders as well and obviously they adjust. And this is your movie theater. All right, now let's go back out so we can check out the next space, which is the office. But before we go there, look at the size of this crystal here.

Never seen a piece this big before. - [Cody] I definitely haven't. We see a lot of crystals in homes in LA, but I don't think any as tall as you.

- Beautiful. Such a beautiful stone. And look at this chair on the other side, which is just as impressive. And now we're gonna check out the office, but we're gonna start this tour a little bit different. Look at the fish tank over here. Nice touch, right? Just wait there.

It's double sided and it faces your office. Now, Cody, why don't you come in so we can show everyone this elegant space. Welcome to your office. We have leather-wrapped walls, massive picture windows, facing this incredible view and the side of your property where it looks so zen, it's like an oasis.

Then we have two chairs, another beautiful Bang & Olufsen TV, and this office desk is something to be admired. The details and the craftsmanship that goes into these pieces are so beautiful. All the stitching, how this section is suede wrapped with all this diamond pattern. And, Cody, let's actually get a close-up here.

These light fixtures are from Baccarat. Beautiful also. And take a look at these pieces. Hermès power banks. - [Cody] I didn't even know Hermès made power banks.

- [Enes] I didn't, either. But what a way to decorate your office. And this house is like a treasure hunt. Every single corner they have these beautiful accessories, toiletries, details, and a lot of different brands and products that I didn't even know that existed, but it's in this house. And just an amazing, amazing office. And you get to enjoy these views straight from this room.

In fact, let's go outside. (upbeat music) The experience of walking from the motor court to the backyard is so special. We have the reflection pool here with these massive steps, which are bookmatched by the way. Water features, nicely landscaped, tall wall separating you from the neighbor so this section's very private, and it brings you to the backyard.

Which, in my opinion, is the focal point of this property. And look at that view. Isn't that crazy? - [Cody] It's actually unreal. It looks like artwork. - [Enes] Burj Khalifa, Dubai Skyline.

And look at the vastness of this backyard. How lush, relaxing and inviting it is. And let's continue. The first space I wanna bring everyone is this covered and sunken seating area.

In fact, Cody, go from there. I want to meet you on the other side. In case you're wondering how they built this structure, it's actually out of Corian. And then they have these cube openings throughout this entire roof structure so you get ventilation, built-in seating, fire pit right in the center and these unobstructed views with your 43 meter infinity edge pool, what a space. - [Cody] This roof structure is super cool.

It's, like, super futuristic but at the same time almost giving like a palm springs, mid-century modern vibe. And it just fits in with this backyard so well. And from the drone shots too, like, there is no other home on this island with a structure like this.

- Without a doubt. It's such a distinct look. But they blended it beautifully throughout the backyard. In fact, they have structures like this on the other side as well.

And can you imagine throwing parties here, hanging out with your friends? Look at that infinity edge pool and your views, the skyline. This is a phenomenal space. Now, Cody, meet me on the other side because I wanna show this teak section, outdoor lounging area. Visionnaire outdoor furniture looks out of a yacht. Like, look how exquisite these lounging beds are with these Patagonia stone side tables. So you have this little lounging section here.

And continuing our tour, I wanna bring everybody's attention to this incredible infinity edge pool. It feels like I'm at a resort. It feels like I want to just dive in with 30 of my friends and hang out here.

And that's all I want to do. We have water features on each side, Baja shelf that runs the entire length of this pool, Pebble Tec plaster, looks super inviting, raised spot on the other side. Wow.

Just wow. What an incredible utopia and a city Dubai is. Like seeing a home like this on an artificial island. This view, and I don't know this weather, all these elements coming together really makes this property and this area a one of a kind offering.

- [Cody] I completely agree. I honestly don't have any other more words than wow. - [Enes] Just wow. All right, let's continue our tour. Cody, in fact, while you're there, stay right there for a second because I wanna show everyone the scale of this property.

I really like the limestone that they use on the exterior, giving this property a timeless feel. And if you look closely, you'll realize that all these sliding glass doors have a very thin frame, and these frames are actually incorporated into the walls. So when you look at the house, all you see is limestone and glass. You can barely recognize the frames.

On top of that, all the sliding glass doors are motorized. We currently have the great room, kitchen, and the center bedroom upstairs opened up so you can pretty much integrate the entire house to the outdoors. And then lastly, this razor edge cantilevered roof line with this bronze finish contrasts so nicely against the limestone and it's gonna age so well over the years. Now, on the other side we have this raised spa. Another detail I forgot to mention about this pool.

They have built-in speakers throughout the entire pool so you can actually listen to music while you're swimming. If that wasn't enough, they have outdoor speakers and indoor speakers throughout the entire property. And in fact, a few days ago when we were here to scout the property, they were playing music and it literally felt like we were in a concert. It was so intense in the best way possible. The outdoor speaker system in this house is something else. I don't think I've ever been in a house with this kind of level of speakers.

It was insane. - [Cody] I don't think so either. And the cohesion between the speakers, too. There was no delay between them.

It sounded amazing. - You can be in anywhere around this backyard and the music and the level was exactly the same. - [Cody] Yep. - Which is crazy.

All right. Now, let's continue our tour. On the other side, we have this futuristic gazebo. Again, this one is also built out of Corian. And I really like the dining area here. If you look close, you'll realize it's a marble planter.

Then we have this beautiful tree in the center and your dining table basically surrounds the tree. Seating for six. This is such a cool piece. - [Cody] I agree. It's really cool how the tree grew around that slab of stone.

- [Enes] I don't know how they design furniture pieces like this, but this one is very, very creative. I have to give it to them. Now, Cody, follow me this way. We have a walkway that takes you to the other side, beautiful water wall. This pool, again, I feel like I'm in a resort right now.

And, of course, it comes with an amazing outdoor kitchen area. Onyx island, you have your gas cooktops, commercial fridges, stove, everything you need here. And it's also nice that this section has a cantilevering roof above. And again, it follows the same futuristic outline of this backyard. And going this way, Bonsai olive tree.

Look at all this outdoor lighting. So I'm sure this tree lights up beautifully at night. And then on the other side, we have the outdoor shower and this really cool tree. I don't even know how they get these shapes.

Look at the intricacy of this tree. - [Cody] They've gotta put it into some sort of mold or like tie it up at certain points in time. - You think so? - [Cody] Yeah, that's gotta be a process that takes at least a decade. - For sure. And I just realized, even the planter is cased in marble.

- [Cody] Crazy. - Crazy. Now, we have the kitchen opening up to the outdoors. Great room is on this side. Look at all this exquisite outdoor furniture, seating areas, lounging bed.

There's actually another crystal on the other side. But more importantly, this is your backyard. This is the view you get every time you walk out of your great room.

On top of that, you're within the Bulgari Resort and Residences. So you get all the amenities and perks for simply living here. Considered to be one of the most sought after and private resorts in Dubai and spanning over 1.7 million square feet,

the Bulgari Resort features a seamless fusion of Mediterranean elegance and Middle Eastern charm. As part of the globally acclaimed Bulgari brand, this resort showcases excellence in hospitality and entertainment while offering unparalleled experiences with its unique setting, world-class amenities and services. With 101 hotel rooms and suites, 20 opulent villas and 6 residential buildings boasting 173 sea-facing apartments, the resort offers a wide range of accommodations. And for those who want the ultimate privacy and luxury, 15 private mansions frame the landscape offering unrivaled views of the Arabian Gulf. But what truly sets Bulgari Resort apart is its exquisite marina that carries the prestigious Bulgari name and is the only Bulgari marina and yacht club in the world.

The property we're touring today also comes with a slip for one yacht and four jet skis within the marina, giving you the ultimate access for your waterfront experience. On top of that, the estate is one of seven waterfront mansions that takes advantage of the Dubai Skyline, all while having resort amenities, privacy and security at your disposal. Rare to combine an offering like this where the property itself, its location and the development have no bounds when it comes to exclusivity and living in luxury.

(upbeat music) Now let's go check out the second floor of this property where we have four bedroom suites, including the primary bedroom. And we're gonna continue our tour this way. Right here, we have the first bedroom suite that is front-facing. Comes with a queen-size bed, engineered hardwood floors, beautiful warm tones. We have the Rimadesio cabinetry system for storage. Bang & Olufsen TV is nicely incorporated into the wall.

Looks stunning. And then we have the full bathroom here. Marble floors that go into the walk-in shower, rain head above, beautiful fixtures.

And then we have this glass partition wall separating the shower from the vanity. Beautiful marble fabrication. Another gorgeous fixture here. Really nice bathroom.

Now, going back to the landing, we have the second bedroom on the other side, facing the backyard of this property. We get phenomenal views here. And I'm going straight to the bedroom section of this room. We have a massive king-size bed here. I love this Visionnaire bed frame and how it has pink onyx incorporated to it. And we're gonna see these accents throughout the other pieces, as well.

But more importantly, let's show everyone the views you get from this room. Now that we have some elevation, I feel like views are opening up even more and that's, the Dubai Skyline, and you get to see it straight from your bedroom. Your bed is situated on this side and, again, I can't stress it enough, I love the cohesive design here with these matching bedside tables. And then on the other side, we have the Bang & Olufsen TV.

Bianco Spider marble is beautifully worked into this wall, has a make-up area. And check this out. They have this mirror here with the same matching pink onyx. So this is actually from Visionnaire, including the bed frame and this chandelier. So they have this beautiful cohesive pink theme throughout this room.

Rimadesio island, that's all your built-in cabinetry. And before we talk about the details here, we gotta get a close-up. So every single bedroom in this house or on this side of the house gets a watch winder and a built-in safe. And we have some strong brands here: Rolexes, APs, Pateks.

But again, wait till you see the primary bedroom watch winder. Now, again, Rimadesio system looks very sleek and contemporary, runs all the way to the ceiling. And I'll talk about this cabinetry design or this system in the primary bedroom more.

But now I want to take everybody this way so we can check out this pink bathroom. This is my favorite bathroom in the entire house. I think it is so chic and elegant. And the stonework here is to be admired. Look at the floors.

Bianco Spider marble, bookmatched. Then we have pink quartzite for the vanity and the fabrication here. Drawer fronts, hidden drain. Even inside of these drawers are suede wrapped. And some of these drawers actually have the built-in plugs.

Your rose gold finishes, light fixture. This is so tasteful. Then you come over here to your free-standing tub.

Again, beautiful marble wall. They have a special paint here with all these color variations and shadows so you have so much character. And if you think we're done, we're not. Welcome to the walk-in shower.

Rain head above, beautiful fixtures, Hermès toiletries. And you have two valve systems or knobs here. You can control the rain head or the handheld here or here. That way you can turn on the shower, make sure it's perfect temperature before you step inside.

And we have the toilet on this side. My favorite bathroom in the entire house. I love this space. Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can check out the right wing of the property. Right in the center, we have the spa area.

First, I wanna show everyone this room, which is your steam shower. Backlit stone, starlights above, rain head. So it works as a regular shower, as well, and then on the other side, we have the sauna. We're going right in.

This sauna is so exquisitely done and a lot of times we will see this pine or cedar finish with more of the lighter tones. But this time they have this darker finish, which I think looks really nice. Backlit stone, your sauna heaters on this side, and it's a good size sauna. - [Cody] I was gonna say the same thing. Given the size of this house, you can fit probably six people in here. - [Enes] And comfortably, right? - [Cody] Yeah.

- And which is amazing considering the size of the property. And it's nice that you get your own sauna. You know? That's all I gotta say. All right, let's get out so we can check out the next space, which is a hair salon. Marble floors, beautiful cabinetry.

Look at this rose gold metallic paint that they applied on the wood paneling here. You have this beautiful chair, and head on the other side, you have a built-in vanity. This is carved out of a single slab. - [Cody] Crazy. - [Enes] With a ceiling mount water fixture and you have the reader here. And if that wasn't enough, they have another set on the other side.

This home, with its details, finishes, even the candles here. Every corner is so well thought out. And look above.

Starlight ceiling. Look at all these curved wall panels with mood lighting. They wanted to soften up and they wanted to enhance your experience in every single room and I think they definitely accomplished that. Now, let's take everybody back to the hallway. Elevator landing to our right. Now we're gonna check out the bedroom suite number three.

This is the bedroom that's located in the center of the second floor. And it gets phenomenal views because we have all this frontage. That's your backyard, that's the Dubai Skyline, and I love the fact that bed is situated right here so you can capitalize on these views.

This headboard design is also very unique where we have these small openings for accessories and art pieces. Bed looks really cozy. And let me go to the other side because we have a beautiful stone wall here with a motorized TV. And I say motorized because we have an arm that extends the TV right in front of this bed. And down below, we have more Rolls-Royce scale models.

This is such a cool touch. - [Cody] It really is. I gotta say this might be my favorite room. - It's a cool space. I mean, we have the primary on the right, but this room gets even more frontage than the primary bedroom.

And we have more cool pieces here. I can't believe I almost forgot this. Louis Vuitton surfboard. If that wasn't enough, Hermès foosball table. I can't believe the fact that this home comes with this level of furniture as part of the offering. These are, like, rare art pieces, and it comes with this home.

We have another watch winder here, built-in safe down below. And if all that wasn't enough, you get a separate walk-in closet with another set of sliding glass doors. This is the view you get from your closet, with an island right in the center. Look how beautiful this marble is.

And they have the same stone in the bathroom that we're about to see. Rimadesio cabinetry, this cool light fixture. Another amazing bedroom. And let's go check out that bathroom now because it looks incredible.

It almost looks futuristic. The density of the stone, how it has these reflective sections. Then when you walk in, you realize there are no walls. It's all open.

You go straight into your shower, you have your knobs controls here, rain head above, built-in shelving here for all your toiletries. And then going this way, toilet is nicely separated. And then we have this long vanity.

Look at this Fantini fixture. That's your faucet. - [Cody] That's pretty cool. - [Enes] Again, toiletries, details.

Your cabinets are suede wrapped. And check this out. I love this detail. Drawers have built-in plugs. - [Cody] Wow.

- Even USB-C chargers. That way, you get this minimalist look. What a bathroom. All right, follow me this way.

Back to the hallway. Now we are about to tour a very, very exciting space. This is the seating area for the second floor. Since we have the glass roof on top, it gets great natural light, warm wallpaper throughout, built-in section here with a Bang & Olufsen TV, marble section down below, seating arrangement right in the center with all these beautiful flowers.

And, Cody, I need you to go to that corner because I am about to do this. It has a motorized glass roof that opens and turns this space into a courtyard. - [Cody] I have never seen anything like this before. - [Enes] Come on.

Give me a break. This is insane. They even put marble on that section just so it looks nice.

Now we have the entire thing opened up. You can feel the breeze come in. This is such a clever touch for the center of this property and this seating area. And what's even more impressive, is the fact that it is super easy to operate. One touch and now it quietly closes.

This house keeps impressing us. And now, welcome to the primary bedroom suite. The layout of this room is really open.

We have the bathroom to the right, walk-in closet right in the center with this massive island. And then to our left, we have the bed area. This king-size bed looks very cozy with all the beddings, details, headboard design, the art piece on the back, ceiling mount light fixtures. And I appreciate the fact that these stone bedside tables match the island that's right in the center. Obviously, the room's also very spacious.

We have another Bang & Olufsen TV on the other side. And just like all the bedroom suites on this level, it opens up to these amazing views. Your backyard, Dubai Skyline, this crazy roof structure with the sunken seating area. And now I wanna show the watch winders that I talked about earlier. We have the first one here.

We have more female watches here. Look at all these beautiful RMs. And in the center, we have three Pateks. The one with the emerald stone is around $1 million. How crazy is that? - [Cody] That's insane. - These are rare watches, and a lot of times when we tour these homes and when we see watch winders, developers decorate them with replica watches.

These are real watches. And over on this side, we have another insane lineup. Look at all the RMs.

The dragon one is one of five. It's actually the first piece ever produced worth over $4 million. - [Cody] Whoa. - [Enes] The one next to that is worth around $1.6 million. And the Rolex here with the Arabic dial is around $450,000.

And right in the center we have this spacious walk-in closet. The stone fabrication here with the island is beautiful. This is cappuccino marble. And even the drawer fronts have beautiful suede with this exquisite stitching. Inside of these drawers are all suede wrapped, as well.

And even the accessory pieces here, these Louis Vuitton handbags and cases. Light fixture. And now, let's talk about the Rimadesio cabinetry. In fact, I want to actually show everyone this section. These doors are super sleek, thin profile, and the way they design these shelves are actually really cool. They're bolted to this space of the cabinetry so they're not connected on the back, which means you can adjust the height of these shelves wherever you want.

So they're very, very modular. Look how clean the interior of these cabinets look. They light up beautifully, as well. And they have the same suede here, too, so you have this cohesive feel throughout the bedroom. And let's go to the other side because they have a shoe rack system here.

Look how nice this is, Cody. It's all leather wrap. Isn't this insane? - [Cody] I think my shoes would look better just by being in this rack. - Well said. Well said. I agree.

And they even have these little lock systems here and these keys, as well, if you wanna lock your closet. Now, welcome to this exquisite primary bathroom. I like the fact that this entire section is open, but then we have this divider wall here, which is beautifully bookmatched in the center, separating the walk-in shower from the free-standing tub. Now this free-standing tub is very unique. It is carved out of a single onyx block, and they craned this tub in here, but they cannot just simply drop it on the floor because it will actually break the floors. Instead, they put blocks of ice underneath this tub and as the ice melts, it slowly settles in its place.

How crazy is that? The level of logistics that go into a home like this is insane. And then you place this beautiful floor mount water fixture here. This is your free-standing tub. This is a sculpture.

This is beautiful. Now, let's go to the other side. Make-up area out of same cappuccino marble.

And then we have the vanity on this side with a beautiful circle mirror, LED lit, gorgeous fixtures, cabinetry down below. And then we have these divider walls, separating the water closet from the vanity. Now, Cody, why don't you go to the other side so we can show everyone the walk-in shower, which is this beautiful space. Again, the stone here is also bookmatched. And then you have your shampoo niche here with beautiful toiletries.

It's actually an open design. Two rain heads above, mood lighting, and it goes all the way to your water closet. Now, there's one more detail that I wanna talk about. These columns are all bookmatched, but when you bookmatch a stone, you can only bookmatch it on three corners. So they bookmatched it here because you can see it from the shower. Then they bookmatched it on this side because you can see it as you walk in.

They also bookmatched the other side because you can see it from the toilet. But they didn't bookmatch here because when you're using this space, you're facing the vanity, and that's the side they picked to not bookmatch. This is the level of attention to detail that was put into this property and this is what I admire so much about it. That's why throughout the tour I wanted to point out every single detail. This is not a spec home.

This home was built for the owner, and he had one goal in mind. He wanted to build a house that's perfect and perfect to his liking, and I think he accomplished that. (ambient music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. What an incredible property.

It's details, finishes, features, and the level of craftsmanship that went into this property is certainly going to set a new benchmark for the area. And I want to give big thanks to the owner and the listing agent, Babak Jafari, with B1 Properties for making this tour possible. Now, as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one. (gentle music)

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