Touring the Most Expensive Home in Park City, UTAH

Touring the Most Expensive Home in Park City, UTAH

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(relaxing music) - What's up everybody? And welcome to Park City, Utah. Home right behind me is currently on the market for $35 million, which makes it the most expensive home for sale in the city. Now you may be asking yourself, Enes, didn't you tour an amazing property few months ago in the city that was more expensive? And you'll be correct, but that home sold for a record-breaking price, no longer on the market, and that's why this property with a $35 million price tag is the most expensive home for sale in the city. Stunning, modern architecture built on an extremely private 5.4 acre lot, amazing indoor/outdoor flow. We have a water feature that runs through the entire property, and I love how it's integrated to the surroundings where it brings the natural beauty of Park City to the interiors.

Here are the rest of the specs. And before we start, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent, Paul Benson, for giving us the honor to tour his amazing listing and share it with all of you. And now, let's begin. (upbeat music) This home is located in the White Pine Ranches neighborhood in the city. There are only 12 homes here, so the setting is extremely private. Then we have your gates opening up to your long private driveway that brings you up to the property.

As you drive in, you see beautiful landscaping, mature trees, and you get a glimpse of the modern architecture of this property, cantilevered roof lines, perfect indoor/outdoor integration. And on the lower level, we have access to your four-car garage where the homeowners store their tractor. I'll cover that detail later.

And lastly, driveway curves around and brings you to this point where we have this spacious motor court. Our surroundings are incredible, we are here in Park City, Utah, and it feels awesome to be here. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's always nice to be in Park City, this time we're here in the summertime, and it's a- - Right. - [Mikey] Totally different kind of feel. Obviously we love it in the wintertime, but we love it in the summertime also. - Absolutely.

And this house feels like it's literally in the middle of a forest. We don't see any neighbors, it's so private, 5.4 acres, and you get a lot for your money. And we're currently on the motor court right now, super-spacious, plenty of space for parking.

And on this side we have the second set of four-car garage is here, and there is a section here that actually cantilevers out, which is the perfect place for you to park your car. That way you can showcase it, and at night that space looks awesome. Now coming to this section, if you look at the house, it looks a little bit deceiving from this angle because we are actually on the top floor right now. It has a reverse floor plan in a way, we have the common areas on the top floor, including the primary bedroom, and on the lower level we have the entertainment space, few of the guest quarters, and the amazing backyard. Coming this way we see amazing views throughout, and the way they connected the courtyard to the front door is super-unique. It's a floating bridge, and underneath that we have a water feature with multiple streams that runs through the property.

I mean, this is gorgeous. Look around us, architectural lines, stacked stone, siding design. That's another bridge connecting the main wing to the primary bedroom suite, which is the entire right corner. Then you have mature trees, elevation differences, rock, board form concrete walls, the list goes on and on and on. This is such an impressive first impression as you walk to your front door. I don't think we've ever seen a setting like this before.

- [Mikey] No, this is incredible. I love the sound of the water throughout the whole house. You'll see as we walk through, you just get these kind of glimpses of waterfall sounds everywhere. - Absolutely.

And this house reminds me of the Fallingwater Estate in Pennsylvania designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. And I say that because that house is built around the river, and it's so well integrated to its surroundings, just like this home, so I wanted to point that out. And now continuing our tour here, this bridge takes us to the covered entry, fire feature on my right-hand side.

Again, stacked stone, siding details throughout, massive picture windows throughout the property. And we have the Fleetwood front door opening up to your spacious foyer. As soon as you walk in, you see these awesome views of the mountain, and we have the primary bedroom suite and the office on this wing, but first I wanna bring everybody here. Staircase on our left-hand side going down to the lower level, picture window facing the front, chandelier above, and we have this stacked stone wall coming from the outside all the way to the interior. And here we are in the great room. This space is phenomenal, it gets great light.

Dining area, chandelier above, and behind that we have a glass enclosed wine cellar here that can hold up to 1,000 bottles. It really complements the space. And right next to that, we have a door opening up to an outdoor dining area that's front-facing that we will cover in a bit.

Now coming here, this is your main seating area, the furniture looks great, board form concrete fireplace. And this one is actually electronic, meaning you can come here and shut it off, and push of a button, ignite it back on. - Super-cool. - Absolutely. And we have a marble coffee table in the center. This space is super-open, super-cozy, and by the way all the furniture is included with the sale of this property, so I wanted to mention that. Limestone floors, amazing views of the surroundings, sliding glass doors open up.

And, yeah, we have the dining area, wine cellar, seating setup, kitchen here that we are gonna see in a bit. And now I wanna take everybody outside. So we have this cantilevered balcony here, which is an amazing outdoor space.

And throughout the home, we have a lot of concrete patios, lower level patios and balconies. They are all heated, which is great during winter, it makes it easy for you to use. And look at our surroundings here, I mean, views are absolutely breathtaking. We have Iron Mountain right in front of us, ski runs, chairlifts, trails, and you live in this extremely private setting. And this home is located at the base of the colony at White Pine Canyon, and we don't have any public ski runs right next to this property, but it comes with a recorded easement where you can drive two minutes from this property, park your four-wheeler or your utility vehicle, and you can access Tombstone chairlift, which is one of the most popular chairlifts we have in this city. (upbeat music) I'm sure this place looks a whole lot different during winter, but that's the Tombstone chairlift that takes you all the way up to the top; then around the corner, you have the Timberline chairlift that takes you to Iron Mountain; and around the corner we have another lift that takes you to Canyons Village.

This is pretty awesome. And yeah, this is it. That way you can get your skiing done over there, but once you come back to your property, you live in this extremely private and serene environment. This is awesome. - Yeah, this is great.

Again, I always say this, we need to go skiing at some point. - Absolutely, maybe winter episode, we have to go skiing. - Well, it has to be winter. - I know, we keep coming to Park City way too often now and don't ski. - Yeah. - So we have to change that. - Yeah. - And before I leave here, this backyard is amazing, obviously we're gonna see it in a bit. Surroundings, we actually just saw a deer before we started shooting, and we have the water feature around the corner, we're also gonna see that once we get down to the backyard.

Now let's wrap around the patio, you have another section here, this section comes with a wood burning fireplace, super-cozy, different view corridors. I mean, look at this, how awesome is this? - Yeah, it's great. I love that smell, it's just like, that smell reminds me of the mountains always.

- This place feels so raw, you feel so grounded and connected to the nature here, our surroundings. That's the cantilevered garage section here, architectural lines. It's such an amazing property. - Incredible. - All right, let's continue. Now I wanna open up this door, and take all of us back inside. We're right next to the seating area here, and next to that, we have the open kitchen island in the center, we have the breakfast nook around the corner with amazing views.

And then we have this section here where on the other side, it's actually cabinetry servicing the wine cellar. And over here we have a 60-inch TV, and I just like how the corners are clad with these blackened steel panels, which gives you that industrial look. Same limestone floors are also here, and we have these limestone countertops, which are the same material, but on countertops they have this leathered finish, dual elevation here, bar seating kicks out. And I wanna talk about a detail here. Obviously this bar seating with the waterfall edge is all solid piece of wood. And if you look on the ceiling, and compare the finish there versus this, you can see a lot of the veins and knots here versus ceilings are so clean, you don't see any knots.

And that was by design because they wanted the house to have this very minimalist and clean look, so I wanted to point that out. Now coming back to the kitchen, darker cabinetry, slide panel with built-in handles, island is here with an induction cooktop. Behind me we have the paneled freezer and fridge, built-in appliances, all Gaggenau. And you have a gas cooktop here with a hood vent above, all custom design, and they used the same blackened steel to wrap the vent.

Coming this way, we have the farm sink, two dishwashers. First one here, second one on this side, and this kitchen comes with the three dishwashers because we have another one in the butler's pantry. Overall a great space integrated into your living room, and to these amazing views. Now around the corner, we have this opening taking us to the mudroom, a lot of built-in cabinetry. This door opens up to the four-car garage that is right next to the motor court.

And coming here, we have a really interesting detail, we see a lot of elevators in the homes that we tour, but this one, you press the button here, it automatically opens the door and the curtain. You step inside, you don't touch anything, you press the floor that you wanna go to, and it closes everything for you. - I like that. - Pretty awesome, huh? - [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - Clean design, there you go.

It's happening already. All right, going this way, additional built-in cabinetry, and we have the butler's pantry here, espresso machine, wine dispenser, your second sink, your third dishwasher. Is it weird for me to like dishwashers a lot? - [Mikey] I feel like that's a common running theme in the channel.

- Yes. - You just love your dishwashers, but- - Espresso machines. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- I mean, it's just such a great convenience. When you have a big home like this, you're gonna entertain. Put as many dishwashers as possible.

Anywhere you have sink, you can easily put two. And to give everybody a little bit of context, when you have a dishwasher, you need to have a plumbing line that you can connect to, and every time you have a sink, that means you already have the plumbing line. Come on, guys, do it. - [Mikey] I know you just moved into a new house and you finally have two dishwashers in your house. How do you feel about that? - I know, and two sinks. It's awesome. - Yeah.

- It's awesome, and you have additional cabinetry and built-in appliances here, great space. Now we're not done here because we have this door opening up to a front-facing covered patio space, and this section here is awesome. Couple of reasons, number one, you're right next to the water feature, so the sound, views are absolutely gorgeous. And then you have this picnic table right in the center, chandelier above, fire pit here. Something about this space is so cozy, again, it's facing the courtyard, you have the water feature, built-in barbecue area here. I don't know, it's just an awesome space, so I wanna take you guys out here.

Now I actually wanna take everybody back to the entry foyer, so we can continue our tour. On the right wing, we have the office and the primary bedroom suite here, and the door on our right-hand side opens up to a powder room. This powder room is really special, obviously we have the floating vanity design here, vessel sink, but more importantly, you have this amazing corner glass facing the water features off of the entry. Look at this view. Who gets an amazing view like this in their powder room? - [Mikey] Yeah, and not even like a bedroom powder room, this is just off of the entry.

- Off of the entry for the common areas. - Yeah. - On the main floor. - [Mikey] It's really good, really nice. - Amazing, just amazing. All right, let's continue.

Going back to the hallway, we have wood-clad ceilings. Obviously you feel very connected to the outdoors, even on the hallways, and we have this opening taking us to the office. Now this office is designed in a really clever way where we have the fireplace that's three-sided right in the center. It looks awesome, we have sandstone and blackened steel, then stacked stone on the other side.

And I gotta give huge credit to the architect here because he could have designed this room with all glass walls, but instead he anchored the fireplace right in the center, and he still put massive glass panels in the right spaces. So you get to enjoy the outdoors, feel connected, but yet you don't feel like you're in a glass box because you wanna enjoy the outdoors. It shows that he put a lot of thought into designing this house and it's view corridors.

And this room just like the rest of the house feels very, very cozy. We have the first marble table here, another one on the other side, built-in cabinetry, and he even placed these motorized awning windows, which means push of a button, you can just open them up, and let fresh air come into this room. Another water feature here. This is a super-cool office.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I feel like it's just very serene. I would say I wouldn't get much work done here, but I feel like there's kind of a sense of Zen in this room. - You would get so much work done here.

- Yeah. - As soon as you get stressed out, you look outside, and you just come back to peace and tranquility. - [Mikey] That's right. - Amazing space, amazing space. Moving on, going back to the hallway, now we have the primary bedroom at the end, and this is another floating bridge design, that way you feel still connected to the outdoors.

And talking about setting the mood, as you go into your primary bedroom, I mean, this is incredible, you have water features on each side, and we have this door opening up to your primary bedroom suite. Now off of the entry, we have the seating area here, again, glass walls facing the views, double-sided fireplace. And I just love how it carries the sandstone blackened steel and stacked stone detail on both sides, TV here, and around the corner we have a wet bar, reverse osmosis drinking water, nice and convenient. You have two refrigerated drawers here, sink, some open cabinetry.

And going this way, we go into the bedroom area, king-size bed, wood panel back walls, motorized awning windows on each side, then you have sliding glass doors opening up to your private patio dedicated for the primary bedroom, double-sided fireplace, TV. And before we go outside, and by the way, views from this balcony is amazing. I actually wanna take everybody this way. This is where we have the two walk-in closets, you can access them on each side. And going through this opening, we have the double vanities here, marble countertops, vessel sinks. It's nice and open.

Then you have this textured wall here creating some separation between walk-in shower and freestanding tub, and this part of the bathroom here. Going this way, first water closet, and this is the first walk-in closet, built-in cabinetry, LED lit mirror, window design above. And going this way, this hallways takes us to the freestanding tub.

And, Mikey, can we take a moment here to soak in these views? This is gorgeous. I saw this section for the first time yesterday, and I was so blown away by it that I had to put an Instagram reel up because it's awesome, it's just incredible. - [Mikey] We've seen a lot of tubs and a lot of homes on this channel. - Lot of views. - Lot of views of different cities, and different- - All around the world. - [Mikey] Yeah, different types of terrain, and this might be the coolest one we've seen.

- Absolutely. - It feels like you're just next to a creek, it's just so peaceful and relaxing. - Just this frame alone here, I mean, it feels like you're in the middle of a forest, which you kind of are, but it just looks incredible. And normally I don't really do suggestions on our channel, but if I were to change anything in this bathroom, what I would do is take out this glass panel in here and put accordion glass doors to really open up this space of the outdoors, and put a concrete pad there, or like a brick pad. So you can literally just open up the section and be in your tub right next to your water feature. - [Mikey] I don't usually make suggestions based on your suggestions, but I wouldn't put a concrete pad there, I'd just make it grass.

- Well, like whatever, like something that you can comfortably step on. - Yeah. - And like go to the outdoors and really bring in the outdoors into your bathroom. Absolutely gorgeous, regardless this frame is one of my favorites in this house, and that's why we had to take a minute to explain it to you guys. Now right next to that, we have the walk-in shower. Three rain heads, chrome fixtures, definitely good size.

And coming this way, we have another hallway here connecting us to the second water closet. And again, built-in cabinetry, window detail on this side. And it doesn't end here because we have a staircase taking us to the upper level where we have another massive walk-in closet with a laundry room where you have washers and dryers, two of each. And it's just a great addition and dedicated to the primary bedroom suite. Awesome bedroom, just awesome.

Now let's go outside because I wanna take everybody out to the balcony. Again, we're back in the bedroom, and you have your sliding glass doors opening up to this heated patio space. It feels like we're in the middle of a forest, and look at your backyard, look at your house.

Architectural lines, water feature down below me, your zero-edge pool, surroundings, we literally have wildlife around us. There is a seasonal creek down below, which we'll show to you guys in a bit. This house is so impressive, and something about the way it's positioned on this lot, you just feel very connected to the outdoors. And that wraps our tour here on the top floor, now let's go to the lower level, so we can check out the backyard. (upbeat music) Now let's go check out the lower level.

On the right wing we have this door opening up to the gym. I love these high-placed windows where you can see the water feature off of the entry. And we have this hallway taking us to the biggest guest quarters that we have on this level. Facing the backyard, comes with a full bathroom, and we're gonna see that space in a bit. Now coming back here off of the landing, we have the family room. This is the perfect space where you can entertain, go to your backyard, have a drink at your bar, it's just all open.

Around the corner, we have a dining area or your poker table, depending on your taste, and what do you wanna do with the space. It's all facing the views, chandelier above, and the seating section here faces the TV with a sound bar down below, some built-ins, and this board form concrete fireplace is wood burning, which is awesome. We have the log stash on the left, blackened steel concrete oak hardwood floors. Just like the top floor, this space feels very cozy, and it's connected to the outdoors, thanks to these sliding glass doors. We're gonna see the backyard in a bit. And now I wanna talk about the bar.

Dual elevation, concrete countertops, sink, ice maker, refrigerated drawers, beer tap, bar seating, pendant lights above. You'll literally have everything you need here, TV on the back with some open shelving, great amenity that complements the lower level. Now let's go through this hallway, so we can check out some of the other rooms that we have on this wing.

Door on my left opens up to the spa, massage tables, another high-placed window facing the water feature off of the entry, sauna, steam shower. And around the corner, we have some built-ins, and my favorite detail here is the warming drawer, that way you can have warm towels. A lot of details like that. - Yeah, that's awesome. As we go through the lower level, when we were talking to one of the agents here, he told us that every window is oriented in a way that you can see one of the water features.

So I thought that was really cool. - Hats off to the architect. - I like that more than the warming drawer myself. - Warming drawer is just kind of nice, even the thought of it. It's like when you get on a plane, they give you a warm towel, it just feels good.

- Yeah, on business class. - On business class. - Yeah. (laughs) - Okay, we're getting into too many details. (Mikey laughs) All right, let's continue our tour.

Another board form concrete wall that serves as a feature wall. Around the corner, we have the powder bathroom. I love the fabrication with the sink, stacked stone on the back, and yeah, powder room for this level. Around the corner, we have the second guest suite facing the side of the property comes with a king-size bed, built-in closets. Around the corner, we have a full bathroom, floating vanity, two sinks, corner shower, and I just love the natural stones and the wood tones that they used in this bathroom.

Now going back to the hallway, we have this barn door opening up to the laundry room on this level. Washer, dryer, sink. And next to that, another bedroom. This one is the bunk room, we have four bunks in total.

Just like you mentioned earlier, another awning window facing the water feature. These bunk beds are really tall, they all have their built-in reading lights, chrome ladders, pretty fancy. And, of course, this room comes with a full bathroom, corner shower, floating vanity.

And I just like the tile choice here, it's a little playful since this room was, I guess, designed for the kids. Now going back to the hallway, what else we have left? Oh, this section is really fun. So this is your ski prep area, meaning you have your boot warmers here, this is where you can hang your jackets.

And we have this door here going down to the lower level garage, which is super, super-spacious. You have heated floors, built-in cabinetry, ski racks. That way not only can store your cars here, you can store your tractor, which is what they're doing right now, and all your ski gear. This is your easy access to the outdoors. - [Mikey] What do they use the tractor for? - Well, to clean up the driveway. - [Mikey] Oh, okay, that makes sense.

- Well, they clean up the driveway, if they need to, and all the courtyards and the patio spaces are heated. Push of a button, you can just melt the snow. - [Mikey] That's awesome. - Pretty cool, right? And that's it for this wing, now let's go to check out the backyard.

(upbeat music) Now let's talk about this amazing backyard, we just toured the family room, sliding glass doors take you to the outdoors. First, let's cover the zero-edge pool, they recently plastered this pool a little bit on the modern side, just like the house itself. You have the spa around the corner. Motorized cover, that way you can just close this off and retain the heat because this is also a heated pool, so I wanted to mention that. You have natural stone all around it.

And another detail that I really like about this house is the fact that they kept the land quite original, meaning they could have easily placed a massive retaining wall here and flattened this entire backyard, but instead they kind of let the landscape, and the natural, I guess, textures of this land dictate the landscaping, which is awesome. We have a seasonal stream down below us. And, Mikey, let's show this to everyone. How cool is this? I mean, it's running right now, it's a little bit slow, obviously during spring, apparently it's really powerful.

- [Mikey] Yeah, when the snow is melting, apparently this is just- - Rushing through. - Another massive water feature running through here. - This is your backyard.

We have deer around, wildlife, trees, water features. I mean, this is just so gorgeous. - [Mikey] And something y'all don't know from watching this video is it smells incredible out here.

It smells like pine trees. I don't know, it just smells like the holidays almost. - To me what's so impressive about this house is the fact that you're 10 minutes from the city, but it feels like you're living in a forest on your own. We don't see anything, no civilization, and you're 25 minutes away from a private airport, 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport. And this is your setting. Pretty, pretty awesome.

Now let's talk about the house itself, again, modern design, a lot of outdoor spaces, and this particular shot right here reminded me of the Fallingwater Estate in Pennsylvania. We talked about it at the entry because that house also has a river running underneath it, where it cantilevers over the river. And look at the primary bedroom suite, and the water feature and the surroundings. It's so gorgeous, I really like this house. - Yeah, I feel like- - I can't stop talking about it. - If I lived here,

I would feel like I'd leave my windows open all the time, just so I could hear that sound. - Absolutely, gorgeous, gorgeous setting. Continuing our tour, we have around the corner is the guest suite that we mentioned earlier, literally sliding glass doors open up to the water feature and stacked stones, siding design, corner glass windows. And, I guess, this is the main part of the water feature.

The two streams that we saw for the entry connect to this section here, then you have another stream here, primary bedroom suite, you have the bridge on the other side. I'm outta words. - Incredible. - This is so cool. - [Mikey] It's really nice.

- Yeah, without a doubt, one of the coolest homes we've toured on this channel. And that's it for our tour, but of course, let's fast-forward few more hours, so we can see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Stunning property, and I love how it's connected to the outdoors. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent, Paul Benson, for giving us the opportunity to tour his amazing listing.

And as always, you can find more information about this property and his contact info in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure you give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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