Touring Motor Sendirian dari Jakarta Keliling Ubud Bali Kota Wisata Terbaik ke 4 Di Dunia | MT 25

Touring Motor Sendirian dari Jakarta Keliling Ubud Bali Kota Wisata Terbaik ke 4 Di Dunia | MT 25

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is this in Europe or in Indonesia? Watch it for a while, guys, it's hilarious, these kids, here it is buddy. You'll be on YouTube, thank you, Yoo...What's going on, Sobat Riders? Welcome back to the channel this time I want to take you on a tour in Ubud and now what road am I on, Monkey Forest? Central. Monkey forest parking

. It's really cool left and right crowded with tourists the aura is like abroad This is the Monkey Forest, guys, but when I come here, I'm really horrified, there are lots of monkeys. Good afternoon, Bli. I want to ask how much is the entrance ticket now? Rp . 60,000 , adults and children are the same? it's different Happy Galungan Day, Bli Plate B, alone from Jakarta ok bli, I'll ride around first. Thank you

let's go around Ubud, guys bye no stopping the monkey looks tame, but likes to steal visitors' cellphones, hats and glasses I've seen in people's videos, monkeys stealing tourists' cellphones guys. Let's go around Ubud first, Jalan Raya Ubud, huhui Bali wei..the road is uphill ahead There are so many penjors there are many penjors along the left and right of the road Oh.. it's Galungan day guys, happy Galungan day for friends who celebrate it. I hope this year is healthy and successful in business It's a bit cloudy, guys, but it's okay, the view is really cool.

what's the name? There are lots of Caucasians passing by, don't you continue to decorate these penjors? Ouch, Bali is really cool Cafe Wayan kajane look left and right guys can all the local residents really a little bit we will go around this, what is the Ubud art market Woi what is this blangkong museum 500 meters crazy man every corner in the city of Bali is really beautiful huh wow this is really amazing Bali Buset go against the grain, wow , is this in Europe or in Indonesia, guys, there are lots of cafes here, right, the same as souvenirs, we arrived at Ubud Market, guys, Ubud Market, the Ubud people's market, thematic tourism. Wow, there's a shuttle too, it's really good, oh, it's the Ubud art market, but It's closed today because of the Galungan celebration So my friends who are celebrating are busy praying, right if they don't close or open? Wow, it's really crowded and why did I choose Ubud, guys, what's my wishlist for riding in Bali because of Ubud? That includes what is the best city, the best tourist city in the world, and is ranked fourth, guys, so Ubud is the number 4 best tourist city in the world, and here, the weather here, what's the name, is it really cool, because this is highland, right ? Really, the city of Bali is the island of Bali. This is the center for visiting tourists from abroad. Now, on the left, Tegal Lalang, at the end of the right turn, Gianyar, Denpasar.

Wow, I'm curious, I want to go to Tegalalang, guys, hu Huy, it's still around Jalan Ubud, this is Jalan Andong . fill up the gasoline, guys, there are only 4 bars left, there's still a lot, but instead of going around all the way, right? I also don't remember how many gas stations there are. Yes, we are now going around Jalan Raya Ubud again, right from there, Monkey Forest now . It's really a walk here. Let 's go around here first, guys. Oh, it's behind the Ubud art market, OK ? Let's turn right behind the Ubud art market . Wait a minute, guys, it's hilarious, kids Oh, there are barong kids here, deck, do n't you hear me, I'm going to give it. Yes,

let's give it. watch like that Me too, I think the policeman is really good. Now, let's try to go left, guys, from in front of the Ubud art market, OK? We want to try to the left, are you curious, like in Europe, really, guys, where does this go ? Monkey Forest, guys, hello, haven't you heard ? And this is the first time I've been here, guys, in my whole life, and my first impression is really cool. Ubud is naturally called the number 4 best tourist city in the world, you know, guys. Raya Ubud is very close, at least one kilo of Parahyangan Jagat Payogan Agung Gunung Lebah and I really like it here, it's cool, huh, uphill guys Anjay uphill too, if you don't normally clutch Sorry to buy, it will stop climbing just past Oh yeah, happy Galungan day Oh, it's crazy, it's not bad, I'm still nervous when it's stuck. If it's smooth, it's cool.

Lots of people are closing their assignments because it coincides with Galungan Day today, Jalan Penestanan Kelod, Ubud, Bali. An unimaginable experience that doesn't pay off . it's really extraordinary, it has a high selling price, God created Bali, it's really extraordinary. I live on another island, I can envy this stretch of rice fields, what are the people and what's special, you can try it there too, I think it's just eating If you look at him, he's afraid it's expensive, man. If the target is Caucasians, yes, the dollar . It was delicious eating there, I really want to come back . Let's try the rice fields here for lunch, yes, the view of the rice fields again, uh, really good, the view of the rice fields, hello . the role of the rice fields is in the Tropical and here there are also many Caucasians, there is also a broad, rural feel, but that's great. Okay, while enjoying the green rice fields, now we choose this menu.

It's still not too far to walk loudly Jalan Campuhan, Ubud Grand Story sub-district. I've been here since 2017. Breakfast lunch. It's already 2 o'clock. I choose dinner and drinks. Black coffee, the price is worth it, guys.

I eat the heavy ones. it guys got this and the expanse of rice fields, look at the eyes that were already tired, please pass the journey quite far from Jakarta now as soon as you see this stretch of green rice fields, the green coconuts immediately refresh, guys, it's really good, want our food, it's here, guys, our chicken barbie is being held This is really a piece of salad, the same as the chicken pieces . Then fried rice crackers and this soy sauce sauce for food and drinks, we also eat it . and now I want to go back to the boarding house in the Kuta area, okay, guys, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for those who haven't, thank you .

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