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hi hi enough yo yo hi hi hi hi at - - Hello Hello welcome YouTube friends Welcome back for those of you who have visited my channel thank you for visiting, especially for those of you who have subscribed and for those of you who have not subscribed We hope you can subscribe Okay, YouTube friends, this time I will do a light trip, yes or a light motorbike tour, from our location in Ciranjang to the Cirata reservoir dam area, okay, this Cirata Reservoir is located in Oh District in Purwakarta Regency, Yes , to be precise, in Cadasari village Tegalwaru Plered Subdistrict, Purwakarta Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia . The electricity capacity is quite large, Youtube friends, which is 1428 giga watts first year, which is then channeled through a high-voltage transmission, yes, this is about 500 kilo volts, yes, the interconnection for the island of Java, Madura, Bali, or known as Jamali Okay , friends, Youtube Friends. a tourist attraction, yes. For local residents, there are even many visitors who come from Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, if Saturday and Sunday in this place it will be full, yes, before the pandemic, after the pandemic, it might be a bit less . This is from morning to evening. Usually a lot, especially if you visit here, it's better in the morning or evening because during the day it feels hot, okay like that, OK, YouTube friends, our journey starts from Ciranjang District, Cianjur Regency, from here we start heading to Cirata area Yes, in the Cirata Purwakarta area , we use the road r from Ciranjang, take the Ciranjang Cikalongkulon route then to the maniis area of ​​Purwakarta and arrive at Cirata Okay, YouTube friends, let's look at the map, we start from Ciranjang to Cikalongkulon, continue to the maniis area, maniis Purwakarta, yes, it will end at the Cirata Dam, actually there are many roads. There are two alternatives, from Ciranjang , you can go through Rajamandala and then go over there. Go to Cirata too .

what you're seeing, this Youtube buddy, just started from Ciranjang, here's the new road. Eh , this new road is pretty smooth, but maybe a lot of heavy vehicles pass here because the vehicles that pass through Jonggol that want to go to Jakarta via Jonggol usually pass here Youtube friends from Bandung, Ciranjang-Cianjur, OK, YouTube friends, da from here later we are at the front there is a fork or at the end of this road there is an intersection, not a fork and later we will meet an intersection where we will head towards Cikalongkulon which is in a straight direction, yes, for the right, it might be to the Jangari tourist area, if it is on the left to Mande Subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, so to the right we are right because in front of us we are still on a new road, the road is very straight, but you youtube friends, don't ever use full speed here, because here the road is sometimes bumpy, so this is dangerous if the speed is very high, yes you can get off the track, yes. So for this area, the new road is indeed a good asphalt road, but there are still waves that might be dangerous, maybe because of the heavy load, this road is crossed by cars or large vehicles every day, for this type of toronton That's right, or the trucks going towards Jonggol So you have to be careful even though this is a pretty straight and beautiful road, yes, for those of you who like touring by motorbike , if the road here is quite good, yes, actually, the view is that you can also see while enjoying the journey . youtu, let's see Hi, now we are approaching the intersection, the one to the left is to Mande sub-district which is to the right to the Jangari tourism area. Now, we will take it straight, go straight, now, start the road that leads to Cikalongkulon sub-district, Cianjur, okay, this road is quite smooth too yes, youtube friends, although there are some roads that may be a bit hollow as you can see, yes, for this area, big trucks are still passing by, yes, so you have to be careful, OK, to pass this road . YouTube friends to cross, sometimes we do n't know, yes, on a path like this it seems safe but it turns out that if we see it, it's ok It's full of big vehicles, sometimes we can't predict what's going to happen on the trip Okay, buddy, you should always be careful when driving, especially for those of you who like to ride motorbikes, yes, this is for big trucks like this. We have to be careful, maybe if we go uphill, we can backtrack or swerve with enough cargo, YouTube friends, I think I have to pass this truck, because I'm horrified too, hihihi, frankly, if a large vehicle carrying a full load like this is very scary, we are afraid Something happened to us, okay, we're just looking for a chance to pass it and maybe there are still a lot of vehicles in front, so we choose the right time to cross it, it's a bit scary because YouTube friends Okay, we're gaspol, YouTube friends, from here, we're gaspol, okay, okay? okay it's over Alhamdulillah we continue our journey Oh yeah by the way this is our friends huh actually k today's tour is a short distance tour or I like to call it Turjadek, this short distance universe tour with a group, yes, a group of friends who share the same hobby and enjoy touring OK, let's head to the Cirata area. wrong about 10 years, yes, not going to the Cirata Dam area, in the old days the road here was still very bad, yes, but we'll see if the road is smooth or still like before, youtube friends, now it's still on its way to the Kulon bats Hi Okay, next YouTube friend we will go to Cikalongkulon sub-district, Cianjur district, yes, you know, in this sub-district there is actually a lot of potential.

mande , so we turn right, now we have started entering the Cikalongkulon sub-district I mean , you can see that in this sub-district, it's progressing. Let's see how it develops from year to year . it's pretty good from Cianjur, it's quite far, but for Cikalongkulon, I applaud it from an economic point of view, it's also good. Who is the existing traffic lane, it keeps increasing every year . Yes, we'll see the road is quite wide.

You can choose yes if you want to take the right, not this one, but the fork in front of it, if you take the left, it means that if you take the left it is towards Jonggol. So for those of you who want to travel to Jonggol via Cikalongkulon, Jonggol continues to Jakarta. it means that you will take a left later because we want to cross to the Cirata Dam area, let's go straight Let's just be careful here buddy, close because here the fork is quite extreme, because the road is smooth and we don't see the vehicle on the left, we take the straight here, we have entered a more densely populated area, the population is just a small road, right on YouTube compared to the other road. the province earlier, yes. This has already started the road to the sub-district, yes, this is a

small road but it is quite smooth for asphalt and what is the name of the facility and the population is dense, okay, let's continue. Then there is a small fork in front, mate, close later, there will be a small fork to the left is towards the Puskesmas and we take the pressure Yes Towards the Hai Cikalongkulon Market yes we are still following this road Then there may be a few hundred meters ahead yes we will pass that's the car OK OK let's pass Hi next it's like closing in front there is a small fork we take right , let's take the right, OK, the egg is already visible . take it to the right, yes, this is the pressure, mate, close we enter the area where here is the urban area of ​​Cikalongkulon , yes, you can see the facilities on our left and right, there is a mosque, there are shops , yes, this is very busy, but be careful, YouTube friends, because the road is here it's quite small, so you don't have to use full speed or fail Andy Dedi An area like this because this seems to be the density of vehicles in this city of Cikalongkulon, PS4 YouTube, if you go straight on this road, yes, in this urban area, you will enter the reservoir lip Yes, the name is Maleber, yes, you can grill fish too, actually, it's right, but right now, at the front, we will take the direction to the left, which is towards Purwakarta, yes, there will be a fork in front, take it to the left. we are going to Cirata Reservoir, maybe the distance is not too far. From here, you can see it on the map from here In the ciranjang-cianjur direction, it doesn't take long to get to the Cirata area, yes, it can't be gule, not Saguling Sorry, mate, it's Cirata area, yes, Cirata Reservoir Okay, buddy, close it here as we can see, yes, it's crowded. little Kenny, the turn is the turn, we take the left, if it 's straight, I mentioned it towards Maleber. Well, let's go down this road, yes, it's still Cianjur, so

we haven't been to the border . This is the way through here Oops, there are quite a lot of big holes here, but now it looks like it's pretty good, even though there are some holes, yes, you have to be careful when you look across this road, OK, buddy, here we can see it. This vehicle finally wants to overtake but can't. Okay, let's just wait , the car in front of us wants to overtake but it doesn't look like it hasn't been crucified Okay , YouTube friends while talking about this Cirata Reservoir, Cirata Reservoir, the water is quite large, right? Well, there's also a fishing ground , right ? Cirata Reservoir is more careful because the depth of the reservoir is Oops, it's recovering in an extraordinary way, I don't know how deep it is, we made it. This is the road to Manis Kleret Subdistrict, Manis Subdistrict, Purwakarta, OK. Hey, YouTube friends, crossing the Purwakarta Cianjur border, the road is starting to run smoothly. Yes, I

also didn't think that 10 years ago I passed here on this road, it turns out that there are still many potholes, yes, we can't drive the vehicle as fast as it is now. I, yes, you can pass, only here, we will also see the route, this is rarely a house, yes, let's enter the area what kind of forest is that, but not a dense forest ? have to prepare too, yes. Even though, if you look at the road, the road is quite smooth and it is quite happy for us to feel good, yes, with a smooth road, so the wind feels cooler and can drive the vehicle faster and yes, that is where touring motorbikes is an advantage over riding a car . Yes, we get wet a lot. the wind is because there is a motorbike touring like this, YouTube friends, yes, it does n't feel tired, maybe it feels tired, but maybe it's more fun . those who are drunk on motorbikes unless they are really drunk, do people who are drunk on drinks continue to ride motorbikes, maybe they are drunk If you want a vehicle, it seems like if you ride a motorbike, even though it is a long distance, you don't feel dizzy or drunk unless you are sick. So if you ride a motorbike or touring motorbike, take care of your body condition. So if you are sick, don't force it, it's better. you guys are resting at home but if for example Fit is okay for touring, buddy. Okay, YouTube friends. Back to the trip

. Yes, let's see here, it's quite bright, maybe today is 11.00, more than 11, more than 38 minutes. Well, it's good to ride a motorbike because the wind blows the heat away, so we feel cold even though it's quite hot , yes, it's 11.00 not 38 minutes so we can enjoy the trip on this trip even during the day Okay, so to prepare for touring, you have to wear it a jacket for one to hold back from the hot sun and also don't forget to wear gloves, that's standard equipment huh You don't have to wear it every time you go on a motorbike tour because if you don't wear gloves, your gloves can get burnt by the hot sun. So you have to wear gloves and sleep with other equipment . today we will go to the Cirata Dam reservoir, you can see it, so if you have never been here, don't try to go to this dam, it is quite beautiful, yes, you can try there, you can play boats or fishing if there are anglers or culinary hobbies there. This Cirata Dam,

yes, there is a culinary place too, don't worry, 40 of the culinary delights are many and delicious, yes, delicious, hi , hi , too, KMU, OK, friends, we're closed. Finally, we arrived at the gate of the Cirata Dam while waiting for friends. Yes, there are 9 of these motorbikes with various types of motorbikes, yes, it is dim, some are riding together, there are j uga myself, yes I brought a partner myself OK, let's enter the Dam area ya hi hi hi hi hi hi hi yo yo hai hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi the lounge hi hi in Indonesia Hi again hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi in Indonesia hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi badges0 hi hi hi tayo hi hi hi hi at that place we finally arrived at Cirata Dam, Purwakarta Regency , yes this is the way we see ahead, there is a straight and there The trouble is, if the straight one goes towards Plered-Purwakarta, while we turn right or we continue after turning right, we will go to Bandung later, okay, friends, this is Cirata Dam , a recommended tourist spot for you guys, hi hi Hey I'm really hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi in Minecraft hi hi hi hi hi meneng girl Hi YouTube friends our water has arrived at the Cirata reservoir dam in Purwakarta Regency I hope you guys n enjoy or be happy who receive or watch this video next I beg of those of you who haven't subscribed please subscribe first and press the red button below this video or those of you who have subscribed to hatrnuhun or thank you for you hi hi hi hi hi fun hi hi hi hi in Indonesia hi hi in Indonesia hi hi

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