Touring Bruce Willis's $37,500,000 Private Island Mansion!

Touring Bruce Willis's $37,500,000 Private Island Mansion!

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(mellow music) (birds chirp) (mellow music continues) - Today we're on the beautiful island of Parrot Cay, a four and a half mile strip of land off of the coast of Turks and Caicos. This island is home to 13 private residences in addition to the ultra exclusive COMO Resort, which we'll see later in the tour. This home was formerly owned by Bruce Willis, consists of three homes spanning over 1,100 feet of beach frontage, which I'm walking on right now.

This is easily one of the most unique offerings we have ever seen on this channel on the market for $37.5 million. And now let's begin our tour. (waves crashing) (mellow drum music) (upbeat drum music) (upbeat electronic music) (upbeat electronic music continues) (upbeat electronic music continues) There are no cars allowed on the island, which is why everybody uses golf carts or utility vehicles to get around. I love that. House is nicely sit back from the street level, gates open up to your sandy driveway, palm lined, beautiful landscaping and this is a really private setting. House is situated on a 7.37 acre lot, super private,

and the same driveway brings you to this point where we have the covered entry. Also driveway splits up and takes you to each one of the homes that we have on the property, including the owner suite, and coming to this side we have the covered entry. This is the main home, beautiful beachfront estate.

I love the hardwood clad on the exterior, palm trees, house blends in beautifully with the landscaping around, and coming to this covered entry we have the steps taking us to the wraparound deck and we have the front door here. Let's go inside. Off of the entry on the left hand side we have the staircase going up to the top floor.

Right here we have this door opening up to a powder room, for the common spaces here and as we go through this opening, we go straight into the great room. This is a phenomenal space facing the Atlantic Ocean and your backyard. Sliding glass doors open up, you have your dining area here, seating area on this side, just a beautiful space. Now, before we continue our tour, I wanna give a little bit of information about this property.

We have 12 bedrooms, 14 full, one half bathroom, approximately 17,000 square feet of space under the roof. 7.37 acre lot. You have 1,100 feet of beach frontage and currently on the market for $37.5 million. And I wanna give big thanks to the house manager, Mike and the listing agents, Nina Siegenthaler and Joe Zahm for putting this trip together, making this tour possible. I'm so, so, so excited to be here. And as always you can find more information about this property in the description of this video.

Now this is an amazing space and around the corner we have the main kitchen. In fact, I wanna take you guys that way. It starts here.

I like the light and bright color palette, shaker cabinetry and we have our chef here, Estrass He's preparing our lunch. Chef, thank you so much. - You're welcome. - And this is an awesome kitchen, opens up to the outdoors, to the wraparound deck.

We have the commercial fridge here, island in the center, sink around the corner, gas stove, beautiful space that opens up to your great room. (mellow happy music) As you all know, we've been traveling a lot lately. I mean, look at the videos we've been producing.

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An external hardshell pocket for easy access to airport essentials and laptop sleeve so going through airport security is a breeze. It's built in power bank has come in really useful so I can always keep my phone and headphones charged. Also, the design is very cool and modern, it has Italian leather trim, and I went with the cognac finish. It has a lightweight polycarbonate zipper less design so you never have to worry about getting your zipper stuck or breaking your zipper. It has so much interior space so I'm able to keep all my personal items neatly packed for each trip we take.

I really like the 360 degree wheels. They're super smooth and quiet. Carl Friedrik offers you a lifetime warranty and a hundred day trial so if you're interested, please click the link in the description. Again, big, thanks to them for sponsoring this video. And now let's go back to Turks and Caicos. (mellow happy music) Now, let's go back to the main space, seating area right in front of us facing the incredible views.

We have this space seamlessly opening up to the outdoors, views of your backyard and the Atlantic Ocean. It looks incredible. And around the corner we have our outdoor dining area and in a bit, we're gonna have our lunch. By the way, they've been taking care of us so well ever since we came to the island and yeah, soon we're gonna share our lunch with you guys.

Coming back to the space, I love these pressure treated wood floors with dark stain contrasting nicely against these white walls. Definitely has that island beachy feel to it. And on this floor, we have two spacious guest suites. First one starts right here, king size bed, French doors opening up to the outdoors, wood clad walls, nice and warm.

And around the corner we have a full bathroom with the glazed tiles on the back. Vanity set up with quartz countertops and a spacious walk-in shower. Now I'm gonna skip the second guest suite, which is right across the room because they're totally identical to each other. The only difference is they have different color back tile design that way they have their own identity. But yeah, we have two guest suites on this level facing the backyard.

Now we have this door opening up to the screening room. Love the seating set up here, looks super cozy. Door opens up to the wraparound deck, TV here, nice cozy room and if you want, you can put the shades down and black out the space which makes it perfect for screening. Now let's go back to the great room and around the corner, we have the staircase taking us to the top floor.

This floor is designed for the kids. Super cool space. And I want to talk about this door here that takes you to the covered entry, where we have the portico. I mentioned this space off of the exterior and you get amazing views of the property, cool space that connects you to the wraparound balcony.

Now, we have a small table here for the kids, and this space takes you to the seating area on the top floor. It's all open sliding glass doors, takes us to the wrap around balcony where we can see the backyard and the amazing views of the ocean, vaulted ceilings, cozy seating setup. I love those two ceiling mount swing chairs. And around the corner, we have the TV with a sound bar, just a cozy hangout area. We even have a table here.

Now I'm gonna start with the first bunk room that we have on this level, we have two in total. It starts here. This one has more of the lighter tones, built in seating here with some drawers on the bottom, French doors open up to the balcony and it's just a cozy space dedicated to the kids. Each one of the beds gets their own reading light. It's super cool, and I would love to be a kid here. - [Mikey] Yeah, this whole house.

This is like a dream scenario for a child. - Absolutely. - You have incredible beach. You have, yeah, I mean, obviously it's really cool. - It's so cool, right? - Yeah.

- And around the corner we have this small room that could be turned into a bedroom, or you can put more bunk beds here and this door opening up to the full bathroom, vanity design here with a long vessel sink, two Chrome fixtures, perfect for the kids. Around the corner we have a separate water closet and we have two walk-in showers here, chrome fixtures. Definitely a great bathroom that compliments the bunk room.

Now I wanna take everybody back to the landing. Second floor of this property used to be Bruce Willis's primary bedroom suite. When the current owners took ownership, they converted the space to kids play area and bunk rooms and that's why we have two bunk rooms here. But yeah, this used to be Bruce Willis' primary bedroom suite. - [Mikey] Well, I can see why it was his primary bedroom suite.

He gets incredible views of the ocean and the current owners, instead of staying here, they moved to the very edge of the property and took over an entire house, which we're gonna see a little bit and that's now the owner's suite. - Correct? - Yeah. - And we'll see that in a bit, but yeah, awesome space.

And this is actually where we have the second bunk room. Has a little bit of a different color palette, but it's pretty much a replica of the other bunk room that we toured so in total you get about six bunk beds here. Now, sliding glass doors open up to the wraparound balcony and look at these views? Your landscaping looks spectacular, palm trees, hedging.

You can actually see the other detached structures from here, walkways taking you to the different parts of the home. It's pretty awesome and I can actually hear our team and the chef getting ready for the lunch. Let's go downstairs and check them out.

(mellow electronic music) (mellow electronic music continues) So chef, what do we have for lunch today? - All right, today we have cracked conchs served with tartar sauce and we have coconut shrimp served with sweet chili sauce. We have salad and balsamic dressing in the side, and the have conch fritters with thousand island in the side and the have tropical food conch salad and the have fruits in the side. - Chef, it looks amazing.

And guys, this is literally how we eat every single day. They've been taking care of us so well. I know Dal's plate looks light right now.

Normally he would have it stacked up. He's just being polite since he's in front of camera, but yeah, and I never tried conch fritters in my life so I'm gonna give this one a go. - Conch fritters- - Hmm mm. - Chef, what is a conch? - Conch fritters is something similar like calamari and you can go right there in the sea and create some fresh conch, some fresh lobster and put it inside there and I will cook it for you guys.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that's awesome. He mentioned that to us yesterday, but I didn't realize we were gonna be eating it for lunch today. - And it tastes amazing. It literally tastes like calamari so, that was awesome and yeah, this is how we've been treated over the last few days and this house is currently staffed right now.

We have a chef, we have people taking care of the house, prepping the room for the guests and yeah, it's awesome. And welcome to the backyard. Now this part of the home is really special. We have the zero edge pool here facing the breathtaking views, it's so inviting and landscaping looks great.

And throughout the backyard, we have decking that connects each one of the homes. And it's just a great feature because this a beachfront property and you can access the beach from different areas. And each one of the access points actually has an outdoor shower with a foot wash. That way you can enjoy the beach, come in, wash yourself, or wash your feet and stay clean on deck and it's pretty awesome. We have the kids' pool around the corner, four pools in total, and right here, we have the first detached casita.

Now this is a one bedroom house with an awesome bathroom and an outdoor shower, but we're gonna tour the one on the other side because they're exactly same, the way it's designed, the layout, how it opens up to the outdoors. And like I mentioned at the beginning of this video, there are 12 bedrooms in this house, a lot of bedrooms. So I'm trying to skip some of them to make this tour a little bit shorter. Now this detached casita has the same hardwood exterior cladding, sliding glass doors, open up to the bedroom itself. And off of the entry you have a small seating section here, and then it goes into your bedroom, king size bed right in the center, vaulted ceilings, ton of natural light coming in.

Again, I love the contrast between dark floors and lighter walls. And I also like this shallow wall design that sits to bed a little bit forward, and it allows this walkway to take us to the walk-in closet, outdoors or over here it takes us to the bathroom. Beautiful custom cabinetry, two sinks, quartz countertops, oversized subway tile and we have the toilet set up here, beautiful walk-in shower, free standing tub and more importantly, we have this outdoor shower here. We're gonna see a lot more of these outdoor showers throughout the home and you have three shower heads, handheld, body sprays, chrome fixtures. And it's just great, it allows you to benefit from the outdoors. Now I wanna take you guys back to the backyard so we can continue our tour on this side.

Now this walkway takes us to the owner suite. It's another detached guest home that the current owners converted into a very special owner suite where we have the primary bedroom, few guest bedrooms and some common areas. Now, like I mentioned earlier, decking system here is great. That walkway actually takes you to the entrance of the owner's suite. Landscaping looks beautiful, they have banana trees, papaya trees, coconut trees throughout the property.

And on top of that, it was formerly owned by Bruce Willis. I mean, how cool is that? He bought the land around 2000s. Then he spent four years developing the home and he lived in it for 15 years and around 2019, he sold the home and we are so honored to be here and touring this amazing property. - [Mikey] Yeah, you know, when I was a kid, Bruce Willis I think was my favorite actor. So this is around the time I was growing up when he bought this house. This is like around when "The Sixth Sense" came out, "The Fifth Element: was out and I grew up on Bruce Willis.

So- - He's my dad's favorite actor. - Yeah. I never thought that I would be walking around this property. You know, it's incredible. - It's incredible.

And apparently he was really involved in the development process of this home. He was staying in a tent around 2000s watching the construction phase. I mean... - He could have stayed in a hotel but he chose to sleep on the beach in a tent because he cared that much about the property and he wanted to be involved in the development process. - Absolutely. He even got married here and we were told that this house is very near and dear to him.

And again, we feel so honored to be here. - Yeah, definitely. - Amazing. Now let's talk about the owner's suite. It's another house on its own, comes with its own pool, so this is our third pool here.

Decking looks great. Sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors and around the corner walkway takes you to the volleyball court and that volleyball court is actually situated right behind the peninsula which we'll see later. Now I wanna take everybody this way.

We have the covered section here in front of these rooms and sliding glass doors, outdoor dining area here, and we go straight into the great room, seating area, dining area on the back. It's just a great spot for you to sit down, relax, enjoy the scenery. Vaulted ceilings, two AC units and I really like the mood lighting that they have, where the walls meet the ceiling.

It just cozies up the space. And this owner suite has few bedrooms, kitchen and office. Office starts here, nice open space, sliding glass doors, vaulted ceilings are also here, wood paneled walls.

And we have the desk right in the center facing the views. This is a great office. Think about it. - Yeah.

You just get these straight shot ocean views right in front. If you get bored, you can just go out and go for a little swim. - And then go dip in your pool.

- [Mikey] I guess not bored, but maybe you need some creative inspiration. - There you go. It's an amazing space. Around the corner we have a spacious bathroom with a walk-in closet and an outdoor shower, which is great, which means you can also use this room as another primary bedroom suite. Now coming back to the great room, on our left hand side we have the kitchen.

This kitchen is great, same shaker cabinetry, island in the center, sink. I love that this wall is all glass including the exterior door. Fridge, washer and dryer, nice and convenient and each one of these guest structures has a kitchen. Awesome. Now we are at the main entry.

This is where we have the covered roof design and we talked about this at the beginning of this video. Sandy driveway connects each one of the properties, each one of the homes on site and it brings you to this point. Now we have a full bathroom here around the corner, beautiful finishes, quartz countertops, vanity design. And coming back here, we have another guest suite, nice and spacious comes with a full bathroom.

And lastly, we have this door taking us to the primary bedroom suite. Obviously, it's facing towards the views. We have another one of these shallow wall designs which creates this walkway that takes us to the full bathroom. Space looks great, sliding glass doors open up, hardwood floors, it's just awesome. Now let's go check out the bathroom. It starts here, walk-in closet, vanity design on my left hand side, quartz countertops.

I love the glazed tile design that they have on the back, wall sconces. Your toilet, free standing tub, another one of these outdoor showers that connects to the side of the property. Then we have the walk-in shower here, subway tiles, chrome fixtures, rain head above, beautiful bathroom. Now I wanna take you guys back to the bedroom so we can go outside.

Now, this is a phenomenal owner's suite, connects to the outdoors and I just love how unique of an offering this home is. Think about it, you have multiple structures. You have over 7.3 acres, 1,100 feet of beach frontage. It's just amazing, and then you just walk out to the beach just like that.

Now there's a gazebo here and we've been told that this is one of the owner's favorite spots on this property. And it's not hard to understand why I mean, look at this place. It's where you lay down, relax, enjoy the beach. In fact, I wanna take my shoes off right now because we're gonna take you guys out to the beach. I know Mikey, you've been enjoying this property for the last few days.

What do you think of the beach? - [Mikey] It's beautiful. I have to leave my shoes on unfortunately though. - For a little bit more comfort? - [Mikey] Yeah, we're gonna be doing some walking. - All right guys, let's check out this beach. I mean, look how beautiful this place is.

1,123 feet of beach frontage and water looks incredible, sand is like powder. Around the corner we have a peninsula which is located on the northern side. Rock formation, landscaping, water color. I mean, this is breathtaking.

- [Mikey] What's that water temperature like? - It's super warm right now. I'm going in. And we have two jet skis by the way.

And you just have 'em right by your beach. Whenever you wanna have some fun, put the keys in, you're ready to go. Mikey, can we turn this way? Look how beautiful this property is. I love the palm trees, you have lounging chairs and the way they maintain this home, every corner is impeccable. Then you wake up, come to your beach, go for a swim, go back in, go jump in your pool, have your breakfast. I mean, this is like having your own private resort.

And this cove is just so beautiful. Honestly, I don't wanna go back to LA. Pristine powder sand, crystal blue water, perfect sunsets stretched out on an infinite horizon, these are all the things you would expect from any luxury beachfront property but that hardly scratches the surface of what this stunning multi-home beachfront property has to offer. This one of a kind retreat located in Turk and Caicos on the private island of Parrot Cay is one of the 12 estates that share the island's sprawling thousand acres.

Once solely occupied by pirates, these days the island of Parrot Cay is home to the COMO Parrot Cay Resort, with it's exclusive rental villas and celebrity occupied residences. Owners also have access to everything the resort has to offer, including their exclusive restaurants, beach club, their world renowned Shambhala Spa, as well as enumerable other leisure experiences and services. This prized site truly captures the essence of island living, seamlessly blending over 1,100 feet of impeccable beach with serene warm water. While the island is mostly sought out by those seeking tranquility and seclusion, for those looking to make some waves their gently lapping waters are perfectly suited to snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, as well as any other water sport under the sun.

(upbeat electronic music) I've been to the Caribbean many times but never to Turks and Caicos and I totally understand why this island draws such an exclusive crowd. Anyways, that's it for the beach. Now I wanna take you guys this way to check out the last detached guest home which is where we stay.

This place is awesome. We have the pool right in the center just like the other guest suite, outdoor seating areas, decking wrap around. We have another one of these outdoor showers.

I gotta show this to everyone. I love this foot wash addition to this outdoor shower. Every beach house needs to have one of these. - [Mikey] We haven't done many beach houses. I assume this can't be that uncommon, yeah? - A lot of times they have faucets.

I don't like those. This is just so much more elegant and kind of clever. - [Mikey] I guess that makes sense. - Now we have all the sliding glass doors open up, and by the way if you follow this walkway on my left hand side, it takes you to the main house. And on the way you have two outdoor seating areas, one of 'em has a really cool fire pit right in the center.

Again, it's all about utilizing the outdoors. And if you look at the other side and walk all the way towards the property line you have a yoga pavilion which is just a private space totally away from all the guest quarters. And yeah, I wanted to point that out and welcome to our house. This place is awesome. Look at all the outdoor seating areas, dining set up there, sliding glass doors open up. Let's go to the center section where we have the great room.

Lay out is pretty similar to the owner's suite where we have the seating area here facing the views, dining area, TV around the corner with a sound bar. And I love these dark wood floors contrasting nicely against these white walls and it's just a nice open space. This is where we've been hanging out. And also another detail I wanna point out; all the furniture comes with the sale of this property. So if you pay the price, you get it all, which is awesome.

And now let's go check out some of the bedrooms. We have this door opening up to Mikey's bedroom. This is one of the primary bedroom suites, sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors and I'm gonna let Mikey speak for his own room. - Okay, we've done this once before in the past.

I'm Mikey, I film Enes' part and I edit some of the videos. This is my room. It's very similar to Enes' room. It's almost the exact copy of Enes' room, but we have a king size bed.

We have high ceilings, we have an AC unit, we have a fan. We have these massive sliding glass doors that take you right out to the ocean. I love it, it's really nice. I have a bathroom again, pretty much the exact same as Enes' so we're not gonna go in mine. We're just gonna save that for Enes'.

Also it's not as clean as I'd like it to be in there so we're not gonna go in there. But gimme the camera back. I feel very uncomfortable here. - [Enes] Have you been enjoying staying here? - [Mikey] Oh, of course.

This has been an incredible experience. You know- - It's been awesome. - [Mikey] We get to, I feel like every trip gets a little better, a little better.

- Absolutely. And guys, that's Mikey's room now. I'm gonna continue our tour. Right next door we have Erman staying with us. (knocks) Erman? - Hello? - How are ya? - Everything's great. - Everyone, this is Erman.

He shoots, he edits, he's part of our team and he does it all and this is where he stays. - It's been so amazing, I love it. I mean, my bed is super comfy. I have a beautiful view right there and I take a shower every day outside.

I have a bathroom here too definitely so it's been incredible. - Have you been using my outdoor shower? - That one. I mean, yeah, if it's yours- - Oh. - I'm using yours. - He's using the shower to wash the sand off.

- Yeah, yeah. - Yes, exactly. But this is Erman's room, this is Erman and then it's been awesome. All right, I'm gonna continue next door. And we actually have a full bathroom with a walk-in shower and this is the entry. Now we're gonna check out Dal's room.

Dal, what are you doing? - I'm vlogging. - Dal shoots our vlogs and behind the scenes videos. He's literally shooting this scene. And this is actually not where Dal stays.

Dal tell people the truth. - Yeah, they were nice enough to put me up in the main house. My room, there is a little bigger than this one, but yeah, they've been taking great care of us and I'd love to come back.

- Yeah, and Dal has been enjoying good life and shooting vlogs, you know. - I know a lot of y'all haven't seen him so do him a favor and watch some of the vlogs. - So look here we're getting a little vacation, you know. - You know. - You know, you know what I'm saying? Our vlogs can use some views.

- They're fun. (jet ski rumbles) (water bangs) They're fun, they're good, they're good. Which vlog is your favorite? - Well, actually our last one. Can I...

Can I tell them? - Say. - British Virgin islands, Oil Nut Bay. Stay tuned. - Yeah. He actually spent a lot of time on that video. I'm really excited for the launch as well. And yes, this is not Dal's room, but this is Dal and we are moving on.

Now around the corner- - Yeah. - We have this door opening up to the kitchen. Island in the center, stove on this side, dishwasher, sink and I love how this wall is all glass including the exterior door where you can access to the entry and around the corner we have a washer and dryer. Now I wanna take everybody back to the great room and the last door opens up to another primary bedroom suite and this is where I stay. Layout is pretty similar to Mikey's, bed right in the center.

Again, we have a shallow wall design, sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors, vaulted ceilings, AC unit, mood lighting, walls sconces, life has been good in this bedroom. - [Mikey] This is only our second day but how are you enjoying, waking up in this- - I love it. Mikey, you open up the curtains and you go outside.

Incredible, I mean, just breathtaking. - [Mikey] have you gone for any morning swims or runs anything? - Not yet. I've been trying to get some sleep. We've been traveling a lot.

I'm sure you guys see our episodes. They're from all around the world now and we travel a lot. That's why the first two days I wanna get some sleep, but tomorrow I'm waking up early and I'm going for a swim and some workout. Now, welcome to my walk-in closet.

I cleaned it up for you guys so it's all open. You even have a safe and around the corner, we have another spacious bathroom, two sinks, glazed tiles, water closet, walk-in shower, freestanding tub. I have not tried a freestanding tub yet, but shower and outdoor shower is amazing. In fact, let me take you guys outside.

When you live in a place like this, you'll wanna be outdoors as much as possible and that's why these outdoor showers are so awesome. They're so grounding. You go outside, you have the fresh air above you, you have all these shower heads and body sprays, and it's just a nice, cozy and private setting. You just turn on the valves and enjoy a good shower. What can I say? And I've been enjoying that.

- [Mikey] Have you been turning all of them on or just one of them? - Not all of them. All I need is one, you know. - That makes sense. - But yeah, and one more thing.

We talked about how these outdoor showers open up to the backyard and there you go, you have a door that takes you to the side deck and you can access to your backyard from here. It's been amazing few days and this property, it's proximity to the ocean and how all these homes are connected to the outdoors is very special. And we're honored to be given the opportunity to tour this amazing property and share our experience with all of you. (mellow calm music) What I love about this property the most is the fact that it's so close to the ocean.

You have this private beach, amazing scenery, and everywhere you go, everything you touch, you feel so connected to the nature, it's just different. You feel so disconnected from the world in such good ways. and it almost allows you to spend more time with yourself.

Ever since we came here, I've been feeling so relaxed, I've been feeling so in tune with nature and I think that's what I love most about this house. (mellow calm music) (happy electronic music) (happy electronic music continues) (mellow calm music) (mellow calm music continues) All right everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Nina Siegenthaler and Joe Zahm for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video so make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoy the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week.

(mellow calm music) (mellow calm music continues)

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