Touring a $40,000,000 Dubai Mega Mansion with Underwater Garage

Touring a $40,000,000 Dubai Mega Mansion with Underwater Garage

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(wind blowing) (helicopter whirring) (calm music) - Dubai is exciting. I love Dubai for so many reasons, and I've been here for 14 years. I thought I was gonna stay for two, as most people do. They come over to Dubai. They're like, "Yeah, we'll just have a bit of fun. "We'll stay for two years."

14 years later, there's a reason for that. So it's always moving. It's quick. It's fast paced.

There's things happening all the time. It's exciting. Things change all the time. You're meeting new people all the time.

You're seeing things being built. There's new ideas. Everything goes online in an instant, and that's what I love about this place. I probably wouldn't be Supercar Blondie if I didn't live in Dubai. - What's up, everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome to Dubai. Today, we're checking out this newly constructed modern estate located on "Billionaires Row" in Palm Jumeirah.

This house features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 13,702 square feet of enclosed area built on a 13,590-square-foot lot. And it is currently on the market for $40 million. As always, we will leave more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And before we start our tour, I wanna give big thanks to the developer, Alpago Properties, and the listing brokerage, B1 Properties, for giving us the honor to showcase their listing to all of you.

And, now let's begin. (bright music) (bell dings) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Beautiful modern design, newly constructed. And as we turn back and look at the facade of this property, we have travertine-clad on top two floors complemented with these decorative concrete panels, which looks great. And this home consists of four levels because we have a really nice subterranean garage where you can access it with this driveway on my left-hand side. Property looks great, nicely landscaped with these tall trees.

And you have this walkway taking you to the covered entry. On my left-hand side, we have the water feature with this abstract sculpture, glass-enclosed entry, and the front door right here. Let's go inside.

(chill music) Spacious entry. Beautiful oak hardwood floors. We have a seating area off of the front door. Marble back wall. Light fixture above.

And this part is glass-enclosed. And on the other side, we have the water feature that we saw on the exterior. Coming this way, we have another opening taking us to a small hallway where we have the elevator on the right-hand side, staircase on the left, and we're gonna cover this part later in the video.

Now, coming to this opening, we go straight into the great room. This is the focal point of the main floor. Nice open seating area, minimalist lines. 23-foot-high ceiling. And on this side, we have this floor-to-ceiling glass assembly facing your backyard and your amazing views.

We have the infinity edge pool, blue water, Atlantis. I mean, this is incredible. And coming back to the seating area, we have Flexform furniture throughout. Stone coffee table. Above us, we have this Henge light fixture, which is a thin cut strip of marble with LED lighting that looks really exquisite.

TV on my right-hand side. And throughout the room on the walls, we have oak paneling, vertical onyx slabs with back lighting, and above that, second floor is all clad with these leather panels that looks really great. On top of that, you can see all these picture windows facing the great room, and those openings are from hallways, staircase, or the bedrooms with built-in shutters. That way, you can either leave it open like the way we have it right now, or you can close it for some extra privacy. Regardless, room is amazing. Kitchen's on my left. Family room is on my right.

Amazing views right in front of us. This room is really special. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. This is our second time at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

The house we toured last time was deeper into one of the fronds. The fronds are basically the leaves that are coming off of The Palm. This house is near the end of one.

So we have way more water, way better views, I think, and it just feels way more open. - Absolutely. It's really close to the Crescent, which is the island that surrounds The Palm, so you get more open, better views, open body of water, and it's just a great spot to just relax, enjoy the water, maybe go jet boarding, and breathtaking views. We have the Atlantis right in front of us.

Royal Atlantis around the corner. It's pretty awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's incredible.

- Now, let's continue our tour. Right on the other side, we have the family room. This is another spacious seating area, and it feels a little bit more intimate because ceiling heights here are lower than the great room.

We have leather-paneled walls. Beautiful onyx slabs that have been bookmatched with back lighting. Looks great.

We have the wood-clad ceilings with built-in speakers. And right in the center, you have the seating area with this Minotti sectional couch, sandblasted travertine coffee table that looks gorgeous. And on that side, we have a ceiling and floor-mount open bookshelf design, which gives great dimension to the space. Warm, cozy facing the TV. Great seating area.

And on top of that, we have these motorized sliding glass doors opening up the space to the outdoors. These glass doors are from Euro Systems. They're super efficient, thin profile, and they do a great job connecting the indoors to the outdoors and creating this amazing flow. Lastly, we have the motorized curtains also here. Just a beautiful space.

And there's one more detail I wanna point out here. We have this glass section here right in front of the TV and down below me is a $6.5-million LaFerrari Aperta because this section here looks into the subterranean garage. That part of the home is super exciting.

We have some of the most sought-after cars in the world down below us. I can't wait to show it to you guys. But for now, we're gonna continue our tour on the main floor. Now, coming back to the great room, we have this door on my right-hand side opening up to a spacious guest quarters located on the main floor.

Off of the hallway, we have the Poliform cabinets, which is your built-in closet. And, Mikey, can we get a closeup? I mean, look at these glass doors and each one of these cabinets with beautiful racks, LED lighting. These cabinets are all specked out. You have every single hardware you can think of, and it looks super elegant. Now, let's go this way.

We have this marble wall separating the closet from the bedroom itself. Queen size bed. Seating area. And this room feels very cozy, very intimate.

And on my left-hand side, you have the cantilevered roof line. Overhang detail here. And because of that, you kinda break the sun that comes into this room. That's why it's a little bit more shaded, a little bit more private.

And I just think it's a great guest quarters because it's on the main floor, it's totally detached from the rest of the bedrooms, easy access to the front door. Just an awesome bedroom. Now, let's go this way. Of course, we have the automatic shades, blackouts, everything you need. And coming here, we have the freestanding tub, bookmatched marble back wall. And this marble is called Arabescato Orobico, and we're gonna see this marble throughout the home, on the floors, on vanities, a lot of different places.

Now, coming here, we have the bathroom. Floating vanity design. Two vessel sinks from Antonio Lupi. Chrome fixtures. We have the walk-in shower here with a rain head, all AXOR fixtures, water closet, everything you need. And this door opens back to the hallway that we entered the bedroom from.

Now, let's take everybody back to the great room, and I wanna mention one more thing. I wanna give huge credit to the developer, Alpago Properties. They have assembled an amazing team when it comes to designing this home. They had SAOTA for exterior design. They had Massimo Castagna and CK Architecture for interior design. Then, they had Interni for furniture.

And that just shows how far they're willing to go to design something truly one-of-a-kind. And I do think they have accomplished that here. That's why we are honored to tour this property, and that's why I'm really excited to show it to you guys.

Now, before we leave the great room, there's one more detail here. Mikey, can we get a closeup on this glass, beautiful foosball table? So I saw this yesterday for the first time, and I was curious. I was like, "This looks really nice. "Maybe I would like to buy one for myself." This is from Giorgetti. And this foosball table costs 17,000 Euros, which is around $18,000, and it is definitely out of my price range, but it looks beautiful.

- [Mikey] We can split it. - Maybe, maybe. Still a lot. - [Mikey] Still a lot, yeah. For sure. - Still a lot. All right, let's continue our tour.

Right on the other side, we have the kitchen and the dining area. It's another beautiful open space. Motorized sliding glass doors open up to the backyard. Perfect indoor, outdoor flow. Right in the center, we have this stunning Henge dining table that sits eight, looks beautiful.

And above that, we have this chandelier design that goes all the way to the kitchen. Another great space. Can you just imagine sitting down here, looking at these views, enjoying your meal? Cabinetry on the back, all Poliform. We have the glass cupboards here. And I know developers are gonna get mad at me for saying this.

But normally, they have a full-sized Gaggenau wine fridge here but, unfortunately, they have not received it yet due to supply shortages. And that's why for us to be able to shoot this house, they have placed a nice cover plate here. But yeah, if you buy this house, you get a full-sized Gaggenau wine fridge. Now, right next to that, you have your coffee bar. I really like these doors that tucks to the side, and you can close 'em off if you wanna get the minimalist look. But currently, they have left it open.

Looks awesome. Open shelving. Yeah, it's a great addition to this kitchen. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like that staging too.

Those salt and pepper grinders are quite massive. - It's actually not staging. Every single accessory, furniture, fixture that you see in this house comes with the sale of the property. Meaning, it's fully furnished, ready to go. And Mikey, if you buy this property, you can have all this. And I agree, the salt and pepper grinder, they look pretty cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah, for sure. - Now, let's continue our tour. We have the rest of the appliances here. Your oven setup, espresso maker, cabinetry, paneled fridge, and we have the freezer here. Beautiful.

And now, let's focus on the kitchen itself. We have two islands that are from Henge. And look at the fabrication here with the marble, the edges, the cuts. And on top of that, instead of the usual conventional one long island design, this actually comes in two separate pieces, which makes the kitchen look really modern and contemporary. On this one, we have the sink assembly with the drying rack.

All marble. Looks absolutely gorgeous. And on this side, we have the gas stove assembly, five burners, two downdraft ventilation. And again, the angles, details, fabrication, these two islands look absolutely gorgeous. Now, on this side, we have a massive picture window.

And to create some separation, they have placed this metal bookshelf, which looks really nice. And again, once you open up these sliding glass doors, you have that perfect indoor, outdoor flow, and this space comes to life. Now, I wanna take everybody this way. We have this door opening up to a long service hallway. First door opens up to the chef's kitchen.

Poliform cabinetry, stainless steel sink with a drying rack, gas stove, oven, uppers, paneled fridge and freezer. And to make this space a little bit more open, they have used shallow cabinets here. Now, getting up or getting back to the hallway, let's go check out the room next door, which starts here, and that's the laundry room.

Two washers, two dryers, sink, cabinetry, everything you need. And coming here, since this is the service hallway, we have an access to the outside through this exterior door. This door right here opens up to the first staff quarters, single bed, separate AC unit, TV, built-in cabinets, and it comes with a full bathroom. Now, coming here, we have another hallway. Beautiful marble floors.

And the same marble floors goes into the powder room. We have porcelain walls. Antonio Lupi stone pedestal sink that looks great.

I really like the curvature on the mirror design here. Toilet on this side. Great powder room for the main level. Now, lastly, coming here, we're at the landing of the elevator, which is on my left-hand side. And this opening takes us to the front door. And of course, you have your staircase here going up to two floors, and it also goes down to your lower level.

But before we check out these spaces, I wanna open up all these sliding glass doors, so we can check out the backyard. (chill music) We're gonna start our backyard tour here off of the family room. Seamless indoor, outdoor flow. And right in front of us, we have this raised outdoor seating section.

Pergola design above. And this is your outdoor dining area. We have the outdoor shower on this side. And coming here, this is your Novara outdoor kitchen assembly.

This is where we have the grill, sink on this side, your fridge, and it really complements this outdoor dining area. Now, I wanna talk about the pool design. It runs the entire width of this plot. It looks amazing. Infinity edge.

We have the first Baja shelf here. Second Baja shelf on this side. Jacuzzi right here. And it looks so inviting.

And I wanna talk about the waterproofing and the design of this pool. So since we have a subterranean garage, waterproofing of this pool is extremely important. Not only have they gone out of their way to put multiple layers of waterproofing, they also worked with this company where they got each one of these tile pieces around it inside of the pool precut and pre-designed. That way, everything fits perfectly. That way, it really complements both the waterproofing and the aesthetics of this amazing infinity edge pool.

Now, we are right in front of the great room. This glass assembly here is just massive. Outdoor seating area. And your backyard continues. Now, we have the sliding glass doors opening up from the kitchen and the dining area.

Perfect indoor, outdoor flow. We have the water feature here, outdoor lounging areas, your Baja shelf, fire feature. I mean, this is amazing. And looking back, the architecture of this property is absolutely stunning. And just like the front facade, we have the same travertine-clad and these decorative concrete panels on this side. House looks great on the exterior.

I think SAOTA did a phenomenal job with the design. Also, this frond is called the "Billionaires Row" because there are 30 signature villas located on this frond, and six of them are being built or completed by Alpago Properties. What signature villa stands for is the villas with over 13,000-square-foot lot, which is a really generous size lot comparing to the rest of The Palm. And that's why this frond is super special. And on top of that, it's so close to the Crescent that it gets phenomenal views.

In fact, beach is literally right there. And within a few steps, you can be this close to the water. I mean, look at our views. We have the Atlantis hotel here, the Royal Atlantis Residences on this side.

And being this close to the water, you can go paddle boarding, jet boarding, go swimming. Water is super clear. Honestly, this setup is truly one-of-a-kind. And that wraps our tour on the main floor and the backyard. Now, let's go back inside, so we can check out the lower level.

(bright music) - Palm Jumeirah is a huge part of the Dubai real estate scene. If you say you live on The Palm, people already know you live well. So there's this kind of like luxury feel to it that you don't get many other places in Dubai. There are some other super exclusive areas in Dubai, of course, but The Palm just has that ring to it. The one thing that blows my mind is this, where we're sitting right now. When you said this house on The Palm has an underground garage, I was like, "No freaking way."

Never heard of. I've never seen a modern house on The Palm. Now, they may be there, but I've personally never seen one with an underground garage because we are on a palm tree in the middle of the ocean. It's very, very difficult to actually build underground. Like, we are under the sea level right now.

So to make sure that your cars, like $20 million worth of cars, are protected when you're basically under the sea is kind of crazy. So this is what blows my mind about this house. You can actually drive down into your garage, and everyone else is parking their Ferraris on the street. It's really nice to be able to have this and kind of put them away and keep them clean and tidy.

- Here we are on the lower floor landing. Beautiful marble floors. And this discreet door right here opens up to the utility area where you have access to your pumps, pool motors, and every single utility you can think of when it comes to servicing this property. We also have another discreet door here. Opens up to the driver's room. Think about this room as your second staff quarters.

You have a single bed here, closet setup, it's own AC unit. And around the corner, we have a full bathroom with a walk-in shower and a washer and dryer. Now, coming back to the landing, elevator access on our left-hand side. And then, you have this glass door taking you to the subterranean garage.

This is an incredible space, and there are so many details that I wanna cover. And I wanna show you guys all these cars. First, let's talk about the driveway and the garage door. It's an experience to drive down that driveway from the street level and come to this subterranean level. Garage door opens up and tucks above the ceiling.

That way, you have this very clean design throughout. We have these strip lights starting from the floors, going into the walls, and going all the way up on the ceiling, which gives this garage a very, very futuristic look. And this space, I don't wanna call it a garage, it's a car gallery because you can either showcase your cars like this where we have eight cars here, or if you wanted to stack cars here, you can put additional four here, two more on this side, one here, one there. In total, you can put up to 14 cars here and really take advantage of this space. Now, it's a really big deal for homes in Palm Jumeirah to have a subterranean garage. It's actually super, super rare.

And when you think about it, water table is somewhere around here, which means 50 feet this way, you'll have the sea. And on top of that, you have your backyard pool. So you really have to go out of your way to do an amazing job with your waterproofing. We actually had a chance to see these properties on this frond a few months ago and had a chance to talk to one of the project managers.

And they told me that whatever standards they had to meet for waterproofing, they basically went double. And that way, they can be certain that this garage stays dry and waterproof in the future. Now, look at the lineup around us. These cars are amazing.

I'm gonna point out a few and tell you guys how much they each cost because numbers are staggering. This is a McLaren SLR Mansory Renovatio, around $600,000, beautiful carbon fiber body. Right next to that, we have a LaFerrari Aperta, around $6.5 million. And above that is the glass opening that we saw in the family room where you can look down to your subterranean garage. Amazing detail. Next to that, we have a McLaren Senna, around $1.8 million.

And I'm sure by now, you guys are recognizing the pattern. All these cars have First Motors license plates. First Motors is an amazing car dealership located here in Dubai, and they have the craziest inventory I have ever seen in my life.

And these cars are just the proof of that. - [Mikey] Yeah, Enes and I actually got a chance to go there last time we were in Dubai. We actually did a full walkthrough with the CEO, Ali. They have over a hundred million dollars worth of inventory. Just an absolutely insane showroom. I don't know if there's anything like it anywhere in the world, but Alpago actually owns that as well, right? - Correct. Alpago Group owns Alpago Properties.

They also own First Motors, and they like to be the best at what they do. And that's why when it comes to cars, they have the best. When it comes to properties, they like to push boundaries and do amazing stuff. - [Mikey] Not to mention as developers, building garages like this since they're actually car people, they kinda know how to make really cool garages, you know? - Absolutely. I mean, look how cool this space looks.

We have the Ford GT here, around $1 million. Beautiful art installation. On the other side, we have a Black Series AMG GT P One, around $850,000. Then, we have the Ferrari F12, which is around $1.4 million. Another LaFerrari, around $3.5 million. And lastly, the crown jewel of this gallery, we have a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

This is actually the world's fastest car with a top speed of 494 kilometers, which is around 305 miles an hour. It costs about $6.5 million. And without a doubt, the most beautiful car I have ever seen in my life. Look at this thing. - [Mikey] Pretty incredible.

And you said all the furniture comes with the house. Do the cars? - Unfortunately, not. These cars are around $20 million, half the price of the home. And they do not come with the house, unfortunately.

Also, they gave me the key of the Bugatti. In fact, Mikey, why don't we open up the door here and show everybody inside. I mean- - I've never been in a Bugatti before. Let's see what it's like. - [Enes] This car is gorgeous. In fact, - Hop in the front.

- I'm gonna sit on the driver's side. It's amazing. Let me see if I can get in with my suit. And there you go.

In fact, they said, "Enes, if you wanna start the car, you can." So let's give it at go. (car engine rumbling) - [Mikey] Wow.

- Insane, huh? (car engine revving) - [Mikey] Give it a rev. (car engine revving) - Okay, that's good enough. - [Mikey] That's wild. - That is insane. And that wraps are tour on the lower level. Now, let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the first floor.

(calm music) Here we are on the first floor landing. We have three bedrooms on this level. Junior primary here. Primary bedroom on this side. And we have this door opening up to the smallest bedroom out of the three. Plaster walls. Queen size bed.

Built-in closets. Beautiful marble wall with stainless steel inlay. And then, it transitions into this leather section on the right-hand side.

It's front facing, and we can see those concrete decorative panels up front right here. And they also have a Juliet balcony. Now, around the corner, we have a full bathroom.

Antonio Lupi vanity. Chrome fixtures. These soap holders are also soap dispensers on the bottom. They even have a small little paddle. Walk-in shower, water closet, everything you need. This is the smallest bedroom out of the three that we're gonna see on this level.

Now, let's go right across to check out the junior primary bedroom. I'm gonna start with the closet here. All Poliform. Same champagne profile that we saw on the main floor. They have it here. Reflective glass.

It's just a really exquisite space. And the furniture here, this Cattelan dresser table looks great. Mikey, why don't you go to the other side? That way, we can show everyone this glass assembly here. On the other side, we have the junior primary bathroom. You can see this ceiling-mount round mirrors.

In fact, let's go check out that space. It starts right here. Beautiful porcelain floors. Freestanding tub. Marble back wall.

Skylight above. And on this side, we have the vanity that is set back from that glass wall. Two vessel sinks. And, Mikey, can we get a closeup? Look how exquisite, look how beautiful these fixtures are with marble tops. This is the first time we are seeing this finish. And rest of the bathroom, we have a water closet here with a bidet, walk-in shower with a massive AXOR rain head, and just a good-sized bathroom.

Now, let's go back to the hallway, so we can check out the junior primary bedroom. Super spacious, facing the backside of the property. Motorized sliding glass doors open up to a private balcony dedicated for this room, and you have glass railing to take nothing away from the views. We have the king size bed on this side. And on the back, you can see half marble, half wood-paneled wall that looks very exquisite.

In front of the bed, we have a really nice seating area facing the TV. Henge light fixture above. And above that, we have a drop ceiling detail with mood lighting really warming up the space. It's another great bedroom. And there's one more detail I would like to point out.

We talked about this in the great room. We have these glass panels looking down to your great room. And if you want some privacy, you can actually slide these panels and blend them in with this wood-paneled wall. Or you can actually open this up and make the room feel a little bit more spacious.

Now, that's it for the junior primary bedroom suite. I wanna take everybody back to the hallway, so we can check out the primary bedroom. Mikey, what do you think of the house so far? - [Mikey] I really like it. You know, I like Palm Jumeirah. It's something that we don't really have in the States. - We don't.

And we're on the hallway, by the way, taking us to the primary bedroom. Massive glass panels looking into your great room. And this is a great design element because you can even see the views from the hallway that connects the landing to the primary bedroom.

Now, we're gonna start our tour here first. Let's go check out the bedroom itself. Plaster walls. Porcelain-clad walls here. And we go straight into the room itself. It's definitely a good size.

Situated on the left wing, motorized sliding glass doors open up to a private balcony for this room. And look at your views. You have the Atlantis Hotel right in front of us, Palm Jumeirah, and the decorative concrete panel that I talked about at the backyard, you can actually see them closer here. And it's also a really good-sized balcony. And coming back to the bedroom, king size bed on my right-hand side. Behind that, you have a statuary marble, bookmatched.

It's a beautiful slab. And looking up, you have your Henge light fixtures. Drop ceiling with mood lighting. Seating area facing the TV.

And just like the other bedroom, we have these panels that can either close off these fixed windows or you can leave them open, which allows this room to get a little bit more natural light and it makes the space feel a little bit more open. Now, around the corner, of course, we have an amazing primary bathroom. In fact, let's go check that out. We have the vanity setup right in the center set back from the glass back wall.

Two vessel sinks. Gorgeous fixtures. And we have these ceiling-mount mirrors that looks great and makes the space feel a little bit more open. Right behind me, we have a freestanding tub with another glass wall. And the way they designed this home, they tried to put glass as much as possible to make these rooms and these walls a little bit more open. Skylight above. Walk-in shower on this side, massive rain head, and look at the size of this walk-in shower.

Fixtures are gorgeous. Your shampoo niche. Beautiful bathroom. Now, let's go to the other side.

We have the water closet here and the bidet. It leads you to your walk-in closet. But first, I wanna actually take everybody this way. You actually have a really cool courtyard dedicated to your primary bathroom. It's an open-air space, super private.

Outdoor seating area. You have the planter on this side. You know, Dubai has amazing weather eight months out of the year, which allows you to really use the outdoors.

That's why having spaces like this is great. I'm gonna close the door here, continue our tour. You have this door opening up to the walk-in closet for the primary bedroom. Same Poliform cabinetry.

Obviously, this is the biggest closet we have in this house, and space looks phenomenal. Really clean. I love these thin-profile doors. You have a really nice dresser here, and it connects nicely both to your bathroom and to your entry hallway. That way, you can either come to your closet or go straight to your bedroom. Now, that wraps our tour on the first floor.

Let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the second floor. (bright music) (elevator dings) Here we are on the top floor. You can either take this elevator or you can come through your regular staircase, which looks awesome with the vertical lighting.

And coming to the landing, we have few exterior doors that goes to the utility areas. And going this way, we have this long hallway that takes us to the amazing second floor. We have an outdoor seating area on my left, powder room on my right. Let's go have a look. Stone pedestal sink. Floor-mount fixture.

Porcelain walls. Great-sized powder room for this level. And going in, on our left-hand side, we have the lounge area and the kitchenette.

But first, I wanna go through this door to check out the only bedroom on this level. King size bed. Beautiful marble back wall. TV on this side. And of course, we have sliding glass doors here opening up to the views.

And this section actually is a Juliet balcony. But on the side, it opens up and almost serves as an additional outdoor seating area for this room. Around the corner, we have a full bathroom. Antonio Lupi vanity here looks great. And I really, really appreciate that they have fabricated this bottom piece here to cover the drain lines and all the water lines.

That way, this bathroom design looks very clean. You have your walk-in shower here, mood lighting above, rain head, and you have your toilet set up here with a bidet. Just a good-sized bathroom. And honestly, this is just a great bedroom to really detach yourself from the common areas and all the bedrooms down below and just be by yourself because you even have your own seating area, which starts right here. Furnishings in this room and the outdoors look great.

These are Exteta couches. And just the design of it, I personally really, really like. You have the marble coffee table here. TV on the other side. And this room is really special because on this side, you can open up these motorized sliding glass doors to a good-sized Juliet balcony where you can enjoy the views, or you can actually open up these sliding glass doors on this side to a really nice, protected courtyard area.

That way, you can either be set back or set forward and regardless, whichever direction you're facing or you're sitting down, you can enjoy the views on both sides. Now, coming here, we have the dining area. This table here costs $26,000, definitely over my price range, but looks beautiful, complements the space. And right on the other side, you have a small kitchenette that has everything you need. You have a dishwasher, Gaggenau gas cooktop with a built-in vent, sink. By the way, dishwasher is located here, and you have your fridge on this side.

And on the back, you have all your pantry space, wine fridge, microwave, everything you need. But more importantly, you can just open up these sliding glass doors and really enjoy the outdoors. We have a really nice seating area here, outdoor dining area on this side, and just like the backyard, we have another outdoor kitchen here. Same brand, sink, grill. And this back patio is actually connected to the Juliet balcony up front where we have the amazing views of Palm Jumeirah.

And look at this. I mean, this is incredible. Your infinity edge pool down below. Amazing views. What a special property and what an amazing place. (upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour.

What a day. We got a chance to tour this incredible property, hung out with Supercar Blondie, and heard her thoughts in regards to Dubai. So I wanna give big thanks to her for coming out today. Her channel link will be in the description of this video.

I wanna congratulate the developer, Alpago Properties, for doing an amazing job with this build, and we can't wait to come back to Dubai in the future to tour their new projects and share it with all of you. Lastly, I also wanna give big thanks to the listing brokerage, B1 Properties, for giving us the honor to showcase their listing to all of you. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (calm music)

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