Touring a $39,500,000 Invisible Modern Home With CRAZY Ocean Views

Touring a $39,500,000 Invisible Modern Home With CRAZY Ocean Views

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(mysterious music) - I'm David Victor Johnson. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to create Oil Nut Bay. - We've seen a lot on this channel, all the luxurious real estate that spans the globe. But occasionally, we come across something that is different.

When the team at Oil Nut Bay reached out to us and explained what they were doing on this small stretch of land in the British Virgin islands, I couldn't help but get excited to fly there and see it for myself. We just arrived at the British Virgin islands. This place looks incredible. And Oil Nut Bay is 45 minutes away from Tortola Airport, so we're gonna have a quick boat ride and then just enjoy the scenery.

Oil Nut Bay is a one-of-a-kind private island resort community spanning over 400 acres, featuring 180 home sites surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. - Oil Nut Bay is totally unique throughout the Caribbean, if not the world. The key is to have a vision, and then implement the vision, and then make sure the vision becomes reality and stays reality. The beauty of Oil Nut Bay is the physical beauty of the land. The key here is to make sure we didn't damage the physical beauty that was already here. I felt that I could fit 15 neighborhoods into the land in harmony with nature.

Harmony in nature means they fit in and become invisible. - What's up, everybody? It's Enes here and welcome to Oil Nut Bay in the British Virgin islands. Today, we're looking at these amazing views and about to tour this incredible property also known as the Lion Heart Estate.

Situated on this amazing hilltop, this home features five bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, 8,021 square feet of interior space built on a 12.55 acre lot with an asking price of $39.5 million. As always, we will leave more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And before we start our tour, I wanna give big thanks to the developer, David Johnson, and the team at Oil Nut Bay for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now, let's begin. (relaxed music) (waves crashing) (birds chirping) (water burbling) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Driveway brings you up to the property situated on this amazing hilltop, 270-degree views.

And we have the Oil Nut Bay on this side. I mean, look at this view. Bay looks so inviting. Caribbean Sea, crystal clear water. We can actually see Necker Island from here, which is owned by Richard Branson.

And we're gonna talk more about Oil Nut Bay later in the video. Now, I wanna bring everybody's focus back to the property. Beautiful estate. I love these rooflines. And if you look above, the roof of this property is covered with plants and vegetation.

And it is designed that way to blend and integrate this property to the landscape as much as possible. Now, coming here, we can actually get a closer look to the exterior facade of this property. Again, beautiful roof line.

Walls of glass facing the views. Great indoor-outdoor continuity. And we have the driveway here going underneath this covered section. Another thing I wanna mention. In this development, they don't drive cars. They don't have cars.

They have electric golf carts. So if you're a resident here, if you wanna go from one side of the development to another, you actually use electric golf carts, which is so much fun and environmentally friendly. And we'll talk more about that later in the video. Now, coming to the covered section, we have this cantilevered roof with only single column, which makes the space really open and goes with the architectural lines of this property. We have the front door here, let's go inside.

Now, as soon as we walk in, we go straight into the great room. It's a phenomenal space. Multiple seating areas. Dining room around the corner.

Walls of glass facing the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. And we have the first seating area right in front of us. U-shaped couch. Two chairs on the left. Dual elevation. Quartzite coffee table. And around the corner, we have the TV perfectly positioned, floating.

That way, it takes nothing away from these incredible views. And on top of that, all the furniture in this house was custom-designed by a company called Roche Bobois, and it looks phenomenal. - [Mikey] Yeah, it really does. And you can kinda see that it matches the outline or the design of the home.

There's a lot of round furniture. It's really cool. And I don't know if we've ever been to like, a more scenic location.

This is incredible. - Absolutely. Views here are phenomenal. Property looks great. The developer here, David Johnson, and his architect, Ken Kao, did a phenomenal job designing this home and integrating it into the landscape. - Architect Ken Kao was an amazing individual that we connected and were bonded right from the beginning.

The vision for Lion Heart Halo, Rainbow was, again, to fit into the land, to be green roof, to be soft, contemporary, all glass so that you have 270-degree views where you're looking at whales swimming by on one side, or you're looking out at our neighbor, Necker Island or Anegada. And the key to Oil Nut Bay is you have all LED lights so that the stars at night or the lights in the resort core all work in harmony. - House looks phenomenal. You have beautiful curvature all around with the roofline. And speaking of the roofline, we have 18-foot-high ceilings here.

These long beams start on the interior and go all the way to the outside. So that way, you have a beautiful continuity with your rooflines. And once you open up these 10-feet-high, 24-feet-wide motorized sliding glass doors, you have incredible indoor-outdoor continuity straight to your infinity edge pool and to these breathtaking views. I mean, I cannot get over these views. Look at the water color here.

It's insane. - Yeah, it's incredible. Also just like the positioning of this house on this hillside. So you can see, the way the BVI is kind of laid out is we have the sheltered bay on one side and kind of the wild ocean on the other. - Absolutely. That's why they have multiple seating areas in this room because you wanna be able to capture the views on the other side, which we're gonna see in a bit.

Now, like I mentioned, we have sliding glass doors opening up to the backyard, which we're gonna check out in a bit. And now, I wanna bring everybody here to the dining room. Solid wood table with a live edge finish that looks great. Seating for 12. Chandelier above. Table is nicely dressed. And on top of that, they wanted to bring the water element into the home since we have ocean all around us, and that's why we have this beautiful water wall with LED lighting on the bottom.

It just creates a nice, subtle sound, and it just makes the space feel a little bit more tranquil. Now, let's take everybody this way. We have the hallway continuing the rest of the house. Staircase going down to the lower level.

But I wanna bring everybody to this side where we have the secondary seating area. I actually forgot another detail. This main section of this room that is 18 feet tall has beautiful clerestory windows all around to bring even more natural light.

And on top of that, you can see that standing seam copper roof on top. I mean, details of this property and the rooflines are so futuristic and unique. Now, secondary seating area, very minimalist furniture, all focusing towards these incredible views. And on this side, we basically have ocean as far as the eye can see.

These views are just incredible. I think this is one of the most scenic properties we've ever shot. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's beautiful. Have you ever been to BVIs before? - Never. This is my first time. - [Mikey] Well, it's a great sailing destination.

A lot of people will come here to sail. And when you're not on your boat, you like to come places like Oil Nut Bay and, you know, lay low and relax for a few days so- - Absolutely. - [Mikey] someday we'll come sailing here, maybe.

- Absolutely. Hopefully. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, let's talk about the breakfast nook.

Great addition to the kitchen that's next door. Built-in seating. Chandelier above. And check this out, I found this detail very cool. They have tires underneath this table.

That way, you can go in and out very easily. Walls of glass facing the views. You even have a small patio on this side. And now, we're in the kitchen. I'm gonna start here.

You have this curved bar seating with a backlit onyx. Pendant lights above. Dual elevation countertops.

And these quartzite countertops looks great. Goes all the way in. You have your sink here. Dishwasher, of course, facing the views. Island in the center with these curved corners, which again goes with the modern and round lines of this property. And coming here, you have the rest of your base cabinets and uppers. Beautiful backsplash. Induction cooktop.

This custom-designed copper vent cover here. And you even have, Mikey, let's get a closeup, small coffee station here, which is a nice, little detail and pantry space. And coming in, you have your built-ins, Gaggenau appliances, oven, warming drawer, your paneled freezer and fridge.

And we have some refrigerated drawers here. Beautiful kitchen. Now, let's continue our tour.

Again, great room is phenomenal. Views throughout. So much natural light coming in. And around the corner, We have the staircase going down to the lower level where we have four guest suites that we're gonna tour later in the video. Now, let's go check out this room, which is the screening room.

L-shaped couch facing your 82-inch TV. Below that you have the electric fireplace, cove lighting above, 14-inch insulated walls. That way, you have great soundproofing in this room, and you have sliding glass doors opening up to that patio that I mentioned earlier and incredible ocean views. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice views from here. I wanted to ask you this earlier. So all throughout the house, we have this vegetation on all the roofs.

What do they do to protect this in the future? It seems like that would be very destructive over time. - Like, from water damage? - [Mikey] From water damage to the plants growing into the roof or anything like that. - That's a great question. Number one, you gotta have phenomenal waterproofing before you put any plants on your roof, right? Once you have that, you gotta have drainage systems in place. That way, when it rains, you can get the majority of the water out pretty quickly.

Number three, proper maintenance. You gotta maintain. You gotta constantly look to make sure you don't have any evidence of leakage throughout underneath your roof or around it. And if you maintain it properly, your roof will last forever because essentially, these plants will protect your roof from all weather conditions, looks great. And speaking of maintenance, I wanna mention one more thing. In Oil Nut Bay, they have a maintenance program for the homeowners where Oil Nut Bay team takes care of your property all year round with regular maintenance and making sure everything stays in tiptop condition.

And honestly, it shows. Because throughout the development, anywhere you look, everything is meticulously maintained. And this whole development looks, honestly, spotless. - [Mikey] Everything looks brand new. - Absolutely. They're so on top of it.

All right, coming back to this hallway, we have this door opening up to a powder room for this level. Fabricated vanity design and it is clad with this granite in leathered finish that goes all the way to the back wall. Chrome fixture. Hidden drain. Toilet setup. Great powder room. And now, we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom suite.

We have the king size bed right in the center with this awesome walnut live edge headboard, which is a really nice statement piece. Two light fixtures on each side, and it's facing the TV that is nicely recessed into the wall. We have some cabinetry here. Cove ceiling light detail above with the ceiling fan. And of course, you have these picture windows facing the incredible views.

What we're looking at right now is the rooftop of the lower level. And again, the plants make it look really nice. These are just incredible views. - [Mikey] Everywhere you look, ocean everywhere. - Everywhere you look.

Now, we have this door opening up to the bathroom, but I actually wanna take everybody this way because we have three spacious walk-in closets dedicated to the primary bedroom. But unfortunately, we cannot show it to you guys. Owners are currently occupying the home, so we wanna respect their privacy. And coming this way, we open up to the bathroom.

We have the first water closet here with a small vanity. And coming in, we have this door opening up to the garage of this property where you can store your electric golf carts. And coming in, we have the bathroom.

Double vanity setup, nicely separated with this section right in the center that is slightly raised. Beautiful natural stone countertops. LED-lit back mirrors.

Again, everything looks super polished, super clean. Italian cabinetry. And we have more built-in cabinetry on this side. Continuing our tour, we have the Jetta tub here, again, clad with beautiful natural stone. Picture windows looking at these ocean views. Chandelier above.

And this is the pocket door that opens up straight from the primary bedroom. And we have the second water closet here. Now, I wanna actually take everybody outside because we have a really cool feature here. Let's go have a look.

This is your outdoor shower. Two shower heads. Your controls are over there. Super private. You can actually see the exterior cladding of this property, which is this stacked stone that they sourced onsite. And this is awesome.

When you live in an amazing climate like this, you just wanna use this space and shower outside. - [Mikey] Yeah, so we've been here for four, five days, something like that now. There seems to be a common design theme running throughout all of Oil Nut Bay. They love their outdoor showers here. So they had each of us put up in a different villa around the property, and all of us have our own outdoor showers. It's not something I was familiar with before we came here, but it's gonna be hard to go back to a regular shower.

- I know it's gonna suck a little bit once we go back to LA because this place is like heaven, and it's like, I've been loving these outdoor showers. Great touch. - [Mikey] And also, the water pressure here is just insane. - It's insane. It's incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah. - They also desalinate their own water.

Since we're on an island where you can only come in here with a boat or helicopter, you basically have to have a community that can function on its own, which is a challenge on its own. But they do it phenomenal here. Everything is great. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, we have this hallway connecting to few rooms. I'm gonna start with this one. It's your laundry room with sink. Lot of cabinetry.

Two washers, two dryers. Chandelier above. It's a pretty fancy laundry room dedicated to primary bedroom suite. And following the hallway, we have a small area for gym equipment, and this is generally where they lay the massage table. If you wanna get a massage, you call the concierge here. They provide a masseuse for you and another awesome space. We have this door opening up to another utility closet where you have the washer, dryer, and a big wine fridge.

And this door opens up to your garage. Now, that's it for this wing. Why don't we go outside so we can check out the backyard? (upbeat music) All right, everyone. Let's go check out the backyard.

Motorized sliding glass doors open up. Perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. And you have these breathtaking views. Your infinity edge pool right in front of us. But before we talk more in detail about this space and Oil Nut Bay, I actually wanna take everybody this way. So on this side, underneath the covered roof, we have the outdoor dining area.

Table that sits 12. And you have the water feature on our left. It is a little loud right now because it's on its high setting. So you have three different settings for this water feature.

Going this way, they have some of these rocks embedded into the architecture of this property. Again, all sourced onsite. And we have a full bathroom here dedicated for the pool area.

We have sliding glass doors here closing off this section. And that's your secondary driveway that goes straight into the garage, and these are some of our electric golf carts. Super cool. - [Mikey] Yep. - All right, let's go check out this door, which opens up to your chef's kitchen. You have a 48-inch Thermador gas stove.

Commercial vent above. Commercial fridge and freezers. Ton of cabinetry. Granite countertops, your sink, dishwasher. And this is a great space because if you live in a property like this, there's a good chance you might have your own private chef or you may enjoy catering, and that's why this chef's kitchen comes in really handy. Your caterers can prepare the food here, serve to the outdoor dining area. It's just a great addition.

Now, let's continue our tour back to the backyard. Again, super tranquil. We have the water feature on our right-hand side. And let's talk about this infinity edge pool with the Baja shelf. It has the round lines just like the rest of the home. Looks super inviting with this darker plaster.

I cannot get over these views. It's fantastic. You have this bay area in front of us. You can see the reef line, which protects that bay, makes it really calm.

Water color is incredible. You have the Necker island right in front of us, which is owned by Richard Branson. And I wanna mention one more thing. So you can see these rocks and landscaping details all around. In fact, the structure right in front of us is the detached guest home for this estate.

To give everybody a little bit of context, this is the Lion Heart Estate as a whole. And the main house is called Halo, and the guest house is called Rainbow. And Rainbow is actually the property that I'm staying during our trip here, which is just absolutely fantastic.

And we're gonna tour that in a bit too. And on top of that, they actually have permits and plans approved for four additional detached guest homes that you can place within this property, which will be just fantastic. They even have drawings for it. So I wanted to point that out. But again, this backyard is amazing. Your views are absolutely phenomenal.

And on top of that, you're here in Oil Nut Bay. (laid-back music) Before we move on, it's important that we take a moment to truly explain and appreciate the incredible welcome that we received here at Oil Nut Bay. - [Alexander] Welcome to Oil Nut Bay. - [Enes] How are you? - Alexander Dobbs. Great to meet you in person, man.

So happy to meet you. - I'm Allie, very nice to meet you. Welcome. - Over the week that we have been staying at this incredible resort, we were treated to most that the resort had to offer.

Enes wears suits all the time. You guys are a little too stuck up. You guys are too professional. Just look at them.

Hobie Cat in British Virgin islands. In Oil Nut Bay. This is a diverse channel. This is a channel that explores, pushes boundary, and gets a little rowdy.

With nearly limitless activities, our hosts did their best to help us see it all, from sailing, snorkeling, to enjoying the local cuisine. All right, we have scallops here. And so much more. Ah, that was easy. As we said earlier, Oil Nut Bay is an ultra-exclusive private island community that has been curated to meet the needs of its residents with care and precision. - So the vision for Oil Nut Bay is that it's a unique collection of owners and families, and that it's not a club of, you know, sport coat, tie, and stuck-up rich people.

That it is home base to go exploring the neighborhood. Get in a helicopter, go to St. Barts for 45 minutes, and they have lunch. Or get in your boat and go experience the neighborhood. We want you to come back to Oil Nut Bay because it's the best food at the best price with the best service and not because you're trapped here.

- We can't say enough in gratitude and praise for the incredible people of Oil Nut Bay. To see more of us enjoying all this island had to offer, make sure to check out our experience video on "Enes Plus" for the full behind-the-scenes of our time here. Oil Nut Bay is fantastic. We've been enjoying our time here, so make sure to check out our experience video.

With that said, that's it for the backyard and the main level. Now, let's take the stairs and check out the lower level. (chill music) Four guest suites are located here, and I'm gonna start our tour with the first one. King size bed facing the ocean views.

Sliding glass doors opening up to a private patio space. And each one of these guest suites have their own outdoor spaces too. Great natural light coming in. Built-in closets off of the entry.

And going through this opening, we have the full bathroom. Water closet on the left. Floating vanity design here with granite countertops. And this wall separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom. I really like this unique pattern that they have on the wall.

And this particular tile is used throughout the bathrooms on this level but in different colors, so it just sets a nice tone. Chrome fixtures. Great bathroom. And these floors, by the way, I forgot to mention them on the main level, they are shell reef tiles.

They're natural stone, comes from Syria, and you can see these fossilized seashells within these tiles. It really ties in the beach ocean theme that we have throughout this house. Now, one more thing left, sliding glass doors opening up to the patio. Mikey, let's go check it out.

They have granite stone on the floors here. Each one of these patios, again, super private. It is really sunny today, and look at these ocean views. Now, on this side, we don't have the bay. You'll have the ocean as far as the eye can see. This is incredible.

And this gives you the understanding why they call this side the wild side because you basically just have the ocean. And on the other side, you have the bay and rest of the British Virgin islands. It's incredible. And yeah, we are here.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it feels really remote on this side. But it's not. - It's not. - Like literally, if you want a club sandwich, you just call a number and five minutes later, they'll deliver one to you. - They have everything for you. - Yeah. - Absolutely.

All right, that was the first bedroom. We're actually gonna go to the second patio or right next door because we have these sliding glass doors opening up to the second bedroom suite. King size bed. Built-in closets here. We have the bathroom on our right-hand side.

Pretty much the same finishes. Floating vanity, separate water closet, and an open walk-in shower. Now, let's continue our tour. Again, at the landing of the staircase. And we have this door opening up to the third bedroom suite.

Another king size bed facing the views. Sliding glass doors. Built-in closet here. Layouts are pretty similar. And of course, around the corner, we have the full bathroom.

Same finishes, granite countertops, open shower, everything you need. Now, let's go back to the hallway again so we can tour the last guest suite on this level. And it starts right here.

This one comes with two queen beds. Full bathroom around the corner. Again, all unified finishes.

Sliding glass doors open up. This is actually the biggest one, and that's how they fit two queen beds here. And of course, you have the private patio leading towards these amazing views. Now, that wraps our tour of the lower level. Let's go back to the entry, take the driveway, so we can go check out the detached guest home. (refreshing music) All right, Mikey, hop in.

Let's go check out the guest house. - [Mikey] Let's do it. - All right.

So we told you guys earlier they have electric golf carts that you use throughout. It's awesome. These things are so much fun to drive. And as you're driving around, your views are amazing.

I mean, look at this. Beautiful landscaping. And the Lion Heart Estate is actually located on the top of a hill. So this one is called Rainbow. It is 1,806 square feet. Incredible one bedroom. Amazing views. Let's go check it out.

And we have the front door here. (door latch clunks) This place is incredible. I've been staying in this guest home for the last few days, and it's been just awesome. You have the living room area on the right-hand side.

Massive L-shaped couch, your coffee table, few extra chairs. You have your TV here. Electric fireplace. And of course, walls of glass just bring in natural light. Now, we have the dining area and kitchen here.

But first, I wanna take everybody outside. The focal point of this guest home, we have motorized sliding glass doors. Push of a button, you open up. And your roofline extends to the outdoors.

And that's how you have this space all covered. Perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. And you have your infinity edge pool. It's basically like a smaller replica of Halo, the main home, and it feels super cozy and it feels awesome to be here.

You're a little bit closer to the bay. Look at these views. This is incredible.

- [Mikey] It is really nice. They put us all up in our own private villas when we came here, which is awesome of them. I don't know if we've ever been treated so well by anyone on one of our work trips. But Enes has a view of Oil Nut Bay, whereas I have a view of just like cliffs and the wild side, the ocean side. - [Enes] The ocean side.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's kind of a view for everyone here, I guess. - Absolutely. And you can see the rest of the development here. This hillside. This pool is incredible. You have the Baja shelf. I'm not gonna lie, I've been enjoying our time here so much.

It's gonna really suck to go back to LA. This place is like heaven on earth. It's amazing. - That's twice, the second time you've said that on the tour now. - Yeah. I mean, this place is amazing. All right, let's go back inside, continue our tour.

You have an informal dining area. Chandelier above. Comes with its own kitchen. You have the bar seating, sink, dishwasher, of course your induction cooktop.

Vent above, extra cabinetry. Pretty much the same finishes that we saw in the main house. Your paneled fridge and freezer.

You have a little coffee bar here as well. An espresso machine. You guys guessed it, I've been using this a lot.

I love coffee. This is a great pantry space. And let's continue our tour. So this is a spacious 1,806 square feet one-bedroom.

It has a powder room right here for the common areas. Beautiful backlit stone here. Your glass sink with seashells underneath. Super cool. Beautiful fixtures. Your toilet setup. Great powder room. We also have the same shell reef floor tiles also here in this guest house.

And we have this door opening up to the bedroom. This is where I sleep and this place is amazing. King size bed. Sliding glass doors opening up to the same backyard. Views are absolutely phenomenal. And I wanna mention one more thing.

This home is actually part of the rental program that they have here in Oil Nut Bay. So you can actually rent this guest home around $2,200 a night on low season, all the way up to $4,450 a night on high season. And it's an amazing experience to be here.

It feels like a villa on its own, but you'll literally have an iPhone here where you can just text, get food delivered, any service you want. It's amazing. And they have this rental program throughout the development here, so you can actually rent different kind of villas, one-bedroom guest homes, you name it. The place that Mikey's staying in, they're all available.

Now, the rest of the room, super bright. Gets a ton of natural light. You have two bedside tables. You have a corner TV here, necessary. Mikey, let's take everybody this way.

You have a very spacious walk-in closet here. Hangers, drawers, shoe racks, everything you want. And, Mikey, let's take everybody this way for a second. You have of course extra cabinetry here.

Stacked washer and dryer. You have a really nice massage room that looks into your outdoor shower, and it has this really nice zen vibe here. And we're gonna check out that outdoor shower in a bit. Now, let's continue our tour. How awesome is this place? - [Mikey] It's incredible.

I gotta say you keep it a little bit warm in here, Enes. - Yes, I don't like air-conditioning too much. And weather here is so great. You don't really need to have the AC on.

You just open up the glass doors, and you just enjoy it and allow nature to come in. - [Mikey] To each his own, I guess. - That's right.

All right, so bathroom. Water closet. You have a long vanity setup here. Marble countertops. Stacked stone back wall.

Two sinks, looks beautiful. You have this oversized Jetta tub here that looks really romantic. It's all clad with natural stone.

You look towards these amazing views. And have I used this tub yet? The answer is no. Because I have the infinity edge pool right around the corner. It's so easy. You just, you know, jump in and refresh yourself and come back in.

And I'm sure this tub is great. I just haven't had the chance to use it. - [Mikey] Well, if you don't wanna use the pool and you don't wanna use the tub, you always have an outdoor shower. - Which is where we're touring next. Let's go have a look.

We have the outdoor shower here. Probably my favorite part of this home. Look how awesome is this space. It feels like I'm showering in jungle right now. It's all landscaped. It's all open.

It's very freeing of an experience to shower here. And Mikey is like, "Are we gonna see the water?" (water spattering) - [Mikey] Okay, Enes and I said it earlier, they have insane water pressure here. - Insane. - [Mikey] It's really good. - This is amazing.

And, Mikey, can we show everybody our views from this open shower? This is insane. Look at this. Look how beautiful this place is. - [Mikey] It's pretty incredible.

- And that wraps our tour for the Lion Heart Estate. Of course, we're gonna spend few more hours here wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at dusk. (bewitching music) (water crashing) (water dribbling) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoyed this video. I wanna give big thanks to the developer, David Johnson, and the team at Oil Nut Bay for inviting us out here and allowing us to tour their amazing property and share it with all of you. As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (soothing music)

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