Touring a $38,000,000 Italian Superyacht with Luxury Hotel Suites

Touring a $38,000,000 Italian Superyacht with Luxury Hotel Suites

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(gentle music) (water sloshing) - [Enes] Hey, everyone. It's Enes here and welcome to another episode from "Monaco Yacht Show." Today, we're on board this beautiful 164-foot motor yacht built by Tankoa Yachts, delivered in 2022.

Features six gorgeous state rooms, valued around 35 million euros. And I wanna give big thanks to Tankoa Yachts for making this tour possible. And now, let's go have a look.

(ambient music) (water sloshing) Welcome on board, everyone. We're gonna start our tour with the beach club. We have this entire garage door folding down, creating this extra outdoor square footage. And this is where we have the beach club, which we'll check out in a bit. I have Mikey on the passerelle right now because it's a great angle to see the beach club and see this gorgeous vessel, which we're gonna tour. This passerelle tucks nicely into the staircase here.

And this side, we have the outdoor shower, chrome fixtures. And on the other side, you have the secondary staircase that goes up to the main deck aft. Now, this space is phenomenal, obviously. You can have your floating islands, jet skis, all your sea toys outside, or you can just enjoy it like this.

You have a floor mount umbrella here to kind of create some shade. And it's just a nice outdoor space. And then we have the beach club here, few Pelotons, TRX right in the center, the ceiling mount. I like that they have the branded towels here and dumbbells in the center. You have a small sink on this side, and this door opens up to the tender garage, and then it leads you to the engine room.

And we're gonna talk about those details in a bit. It actually has a side wall that folds down and allows the tender to go out. They put the first tender here, and they put the second tender on the bow, which we'll also see in a bit. And then coming here, we have this door opening up to a day head for this level.

That way you don't have to go main deck to use the bathroom. You have one right here, conveniently located. Black mirror back wall, nice and reflective. And this is your beach club. Pretty awesome space, and now we're gonna take these steps here to check out the main deck aft. It's an incredible wide-open space.

We have the first lounging area on this side with a retractable top, carbon fiber poles. And on the other side, we have the main built-in seating with two coffee tables. Definitely oversized, definitely very comfortable. And I just love the sleek and minimalist lines of this vessel.

We have two structural columns, and this entire roof assembly cantilevers above me opening up the space and making it feel a little bit more free. We have the motorized sliding glass doors there, opening up to the salon. On the left hand side of that, you have the main staircase going up to the upper deck.

And Mikey, can we bring everybody here? Last year's model that we toured, meaning last year we also toured another Tankoa Yacht, had a little bit of a different layout, but for the most part, layout on this one is the same. They had a folding balcony on that one. This one doesn't have one.

And I wanna mention, we have a door here leading you to the engine room as well. So this is your secondary access. Beautiful Tankoa of branding. Big thanks to them for making this tour possible.

And let's continue our tour. Now, on this side we have a small cabinet with a built-in fridge. Backside of the built-in area is all additional cabinetry.

I like the recess lighting detail on the column. And then we have the motorized door here. There you go, that's our button.

This seamlessly opens up and welcomes you into this incredible space. Off of the entry we have tile floors, small table set up here with four leather chairs, paneled walls, really nice dresser on my right-hand side with a gorgeous marble countertop, some art pieces. And going in, we go straight into the salon and the seating area.

Before I start talking about details, I wanna mention, Tankoa Yachts are always so bespoke, so detailed. And this interior looks stunning. Francesco Paszkowski did a phenomenal job here. Something about the textures he uses, the stitching, color palette, variations, reflections. It feels very, very bespoke, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah, all of the reflections in here make the space feel absolutely massive also.

- All the colors have purpose. - [Mikey] Yeah, exactly. It reminds me of some of the homes we've seen in Los Angeles, that very sleek, modern look. - Absolutely, but in a very, very cozy way.

I love these recessed in windows that are set on the outside. It just gives a little bit more depth to the space. And obviously, you have your automatic shades, blinds, beautiful wood paneling, reflective ceiling.

And on this side, we have a dropdown TV. Below that, another beautiful furniture with leather countertop. And look at the stitching here. Lacquer finish on the cabinetry, stunning. And obviously, you have your main seating area here. L-shaped couch, two chairs, coffee table in the center, very well-appointed seating area.

Now, next to the seating we have the dining area. Glass table in the center, seating for 10, beautiful leather chairs. I really like the pattern back wall here with mood and recess lighting. And they definitely pay a lot of attention to the lighting throughout the vessel.

And coming here we have this motorized door opening up to the crew access. If you follow this walkway, it takes you to a small galley where you have few fridges. That way you can serve the salon very easily. And then it leads you down to the crew mess and the galley. That way, crew has an easy access coming up here.

Continuing our tour right next to the dining area, we have another door that leads us to a long hallway. And in this hallway, we have the main staircase on the left-hand side, glass door here that opens up to the side deck. And right in the center, we have a beautiful art piece that just flares up the space a little bit. It's obviously very warm. You have hardwood floors, leather wrapped walls.

And this staircase design here is pretty much the same design of the other Tankoa yacht that we toured. It's just very sleek and modern. You have this stainless-steel frame that bends beautifully. Then you have your floating steps that are all wood clad. Below that, you have your recess lights to kind of light up the space gently.

Brushed nickel handrails, beautiful LED lighting that is recessed into the corners and to the walls. It's just a really nice staircase. Now, it leads us to the VIP state room, and the owner state room. But before we go there, I actually wanna take everybody downstairs, so we can check out the four guest state rooms that we have on the lower deck.

I'm gonna start with this one. This room is a twin setup, meaning you have two single beds, bedside table in a center, leather wrapped headboard. I like the wood cabinetry here with some recessed in shelves.

And that's where you have your plugs and your light controls. Mood lighting, two port holes that are very, very modern. Chrome hardware looks gorgeous.

Obviously you have your built-in curtain. Even though it's not the biggest space, every surface you touch, every corner you look is just beautifully finished. And you have your cupboard space here, and going in, we have the bathroom. I talked about Francesco Paszkowski and his design elements. And these are some of the most beautiful bathrooms I've ever seen on any vessel. Look how nice the cabinetry is.

Everything is curved. Fabrication looks stunning, even inside of the sink and lips are beautifully curved. Obviously, it's a gorgeous marble stone. Then you have brushed nickel fixtures that really complements this look. LED lit mirror, towel hangers.

You're walk-in shower here with a rain head, and you have a porthole here. This is not the biggest bathroom, but it's stunning. - [Mikey] Well, this is an Italian yacht. I feel like they have a little bit of an advantage because everyone in the world always is ordering their cabinetry and they're stone from Italy, you know? - Well said. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Really well said.

And beautiful bathroom. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's continue our tour.

We're gonna go to the other side. Actually, Mikey, can we stop right here? So the wall cabinetry here looks very seamless, but behind this door you have here some open shelves. Actually, can we come to this side? We have some shelving here for your towels, and toiletry, and all that stuff. On the other side, we have another seamless panel, and this is another easy access for crew to come to the lower deck.

Really nice and blends in beautifully. Now, let's continue. Second state room. This one has the same layout, two single beds, beautiful finishes. Comes with a full bathroom that includes a toilet, and a bidet.

Just really nice. Now, moving on back to the landing, we have more built-in cabinetry here. And on my right-hand side, we have the third state room.

This one has the double setup with a queen-sized bed. Again, built-in bedside tables, leather wrapped headboards, and stitching, details, textures, depth of the windows here. I know it's a little dark because we are here in "Monaco Yacht Show."

There's another massive vessel on the other side. But regardless, these rooms are extremely cozy. Textures are really well thought out, and I just see subtle details throughout. Like they have mood lighting or like recess lighting underneath the cabinetry here to gently light up the floors, You have plush carpet underneath your feet. AC diffusers are nicely tucked in.

Attention to detail is very apparent. Now this one has more of an open layout when it comes to bathroom. We have separate water closet on the side, meaning it's enclosed. And then you have your vanity here with same finishes, and you have a really nice walk-in shower here with a hidden drain, brushed nickel fixtures, backlit stone panels, rain head above, just beautiful. Now, let's go check out the last state room, which is right on the other side.

Again, pretty much the same layout. Queen bed here, TV's recessed in. Your open bathroom.

I really like this lower level. Something about it feels very, very cozy and relaxing. - [Mikey] Did they have four guest suites on the Tankoa we toured last year? - Yes, actually, you know what? They had a different layout. I believe they had five here. - [Mikey] Yeah, I thought they had one more maybe. - And then they had owners up, and in total they were accommodating 12.

So this also accommodates 12. But this one, instead of the galley on the main deck, they have a VIP suite. So we are gonna see VIP suite soon.

And then the owner state room. So in total, this one also has six, eight rooms. Can accommodate 12 guests, 9.4 meter beam.

And that's plenty for you to work all these rooms and give each one of these state rooms a nice comfortable feel. (ambient music) This is another crew access point. Day head here, beautiful fabricated vanity, toilet on the other side, magnetic doors.

So they are quiet, and they lock in really nicely. And then come in here. We have this door opening up to a small hallway that connects VIP state room, and the owner's state room, and they've currently dressed it as a nice office area. We have two windows on this side.

We currently have the curtains closed. And it's just a nice cozy space for you to get some work done. Beautiful desk set up. And now, I wanna show everybody the VIP state room. This one comes with a king sized bed, built-in bed frame. I'm gonna keep pointing out these headboards or these countertops that are leather wrapped.

Something about leather wrapping and stitching that I love. I don't know why. - [Mikey] Yeah, we see it on some desks like we just saw on the room outside of this. I always love leather desks for some reason. It's like not cold to the touch, it's like a- - Ages beautifully. - [Mikey] Yeah, if you have a mouse on it or something, it just feels much better than it having it on stone too, you know? - Well said, well said.

And down below we have some lacquer cabinetry, recessed in TV, Alcantara walls here, recess lights and bed looks very exquisite. You have some built-in cabinetry on each side for your clothes. Really nice pattern back wall. LED strip lighting that is recessed into the cabinetry. Very cozy space, small seating area here.

And check this out, Mikey. Yeah, I know you don't know this detail yet. This window right here is a hydraulic window that opens up. - [Mikey] Really? - So it's not a full balcony but it's a window, that way you can get a true ventilation here and just be a little bit closer to the sea. - [Mikey] I like that. I like that.

- I like that detail too. They have two of them in the owner state room, which we'll see in a bit. All right, let's go check out the bathroom. We have different marble here.

Two sinks, hidden drains, brushed nickel fixtures again, looks stunning. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Are you seeing the curves here? Are you seeing the lip design, how it's beautifully proportion? You have this very sleek cabinetry, but then your countertop has so much character. So well done. On this side, we have a walk-in shower.

Even the bench design is not connected to the walls, so it has this floating effect. Then you have LED lighting around it, then you have your fixtures. And my favorite detail about fixtures, I gotta show this detail, Mikey.

Can we go in? I know I'm going out of my way here. These built-in brushed nickel shampoo niches looks so crafted. It looks like an apple product. - [Mikey] Yeah, and the stone too.

The stone is really cool looking. - Beautiful, and I just love this floating effect that they have, so it feels like stone is just sitting by itself. Beautiful walk-in shower. All right, let's continue our tour back to the VIP state room and now back to the landing so we can continue our tour with the owner's state room. This space is absolutely phenomenal.

Full beam so you get this incredible volume. Bed is situated on this side, king size with a built-in bed frame, another pattern back wall, mood lighting throughout. A lot of cabinetry here below these windows. And these two windows that we have in this room are folding windows. That way you can open 'em up and bring more natural light and fresh air to the space.

Last year's model, I'm gonna keep saying last year's model or the other Tankoa Yacht that we toured, had a balcony here. But the problem with balconies, when you place that assembly, you don't have any space here. Versus the owners here wanted to have cabinetry down below. And that's why they have the window on top and still have cabinetry on the bottom. Now coming back to the room, what I'm intrigued by with these owner state rooms or yachts in general, is the fact that you're working with a limited space that pushes designers and engineers to get very creative and make the space feel as unique and as special as possible with the limited surface area you have. And that's why if you look around, you have these beautiful sleek-floor lighting, you have really nice cabinetry.

Your drapes, your curtains are very elegant. Every surface, you have beautiful stone, curved cabinetry to soften up the space a little bit. And this owner's state room looks absolutely gorgeous. Mikey, I wanna point these out.

Two chairs here, I know we're going back and forth here. Dressing table over there. This is your walk-in closet, pretty straightforward. You have some open shelving, you have drawers.

LED lit comes with a window, and then we have a door here. It's a pocket door that leads us to the bathroom. Now this bathroom is really spacious, obviously the biggest one out of all the bathrooms that we toured, tile floors that are heated. So it feels really good on your feet.

You have a long cabinetry design here. But again, beautiful stonework, backsplash, LED lit mirror, and look at all the toiletry, towels, flowers. It just feels very, very special.

I like that it has a detach or a separate water closet. That way, you can close the door for your privacy. And then, we have another beautiful walk-in shower, same style as the VIP Stateroom's bathroom, floating walls, LED lighting, brushed nickel fixtures, handheld, shampoo niches, rain head above, really well executed bathroom design here.

And with that, we're done with the main deck. Now, let's go check out the upper deck. (ambient music) All right, we're gonna start on the aft, work our way to the wheelhouse and then to the bow.

Another great outdoor seating area. We have some built-in seating here. First detail I'm gonna cover is the glass bulwarks, or the glass railing design. It's very, very unique to Tankoa.

What I love about it is the fact that it doesn't have any hardware, it doesn't have any railing around it, so it looks so seamless. It really goes well with the contemporary lines of this incredible vessel. And again, it's very distinct to Tankoa. Now before we leave here, I also wanna mention, look at our views.

- [Mikey] Pretty incredible. Obviously, here at "Monaco Yacht Show," just in front of us here, we probably have a billion dollars of yachts lined up. - And so much more wealth behind it too. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Pretty stunning.

And Tankoa has a great spot on the show. And yeah, this is the built-in seating area, two coffee tables. And now, I wanna talk about the dining set up here. It's nice to entertain and dine outside.

And these dining tables on these yachts gets used a lot. And this one is very spacious. I like the surface area as well.

Let's see, we have seating for 12, and you have sliding glass doors opening up to the salon or the lounge on this level. But before we go, Mikey, can we come here? So you have a cabinetry or built-in cabinetry here with a fridge on the other side. I wanna show this countertop design. - [Mikey] Oh, that's cool. - And you have your sink here, and then we have the staircase here going up to the sun deck, which we'll check out in a bit. Dining area, access to side decks.

And now, welcome to the lounge on the upper deck. It's a very intimate seating area. I love some of the finishes here. We have the TV on this side, two couches. And these couches start off very wide, and then they taper off and go a little bit more slim at the end.

But this is just a great area for you to lay down, watch TV, relax, and just kick back, you know? - [Mikey] Yep. - And you have two coffee tables. Again, finishes are gorgeous. I love the built-in cabinetry here.

But again, leather countertop, you have massive windows, automatic shades, mood lighting throughout, built-in speakers. And then we have this door here opening to a hallway that leads us to the landing of the staircase. This opening goes straight into the small galley that we have on this level. That's your crew access there, door that opens up the side deck. Dumbwaiter that comes in really handy. And we have the cabinetry here, espresso maker.

I love that they have a coffee maker on each level. - [Mikey] Italian. - It's an Italian yacht. - [Mikey] Italians know how to live, you know. - They know how to live good. - [Mikey] Yeah, they got the best stone, they got the best leather, they got the best coffee, you know.

- Everything. I love it. I love it. And yeah, this is a small galley that services this level. Now, moving on.

Staircase, on our right-hand side. This door opens up to a day head for this level, and we just actually pass by the captain's quarters, and he's in there right now, so I don't wanna disturb him. But that's actually on the hallway. Now let's go check out the wheelhouse.

As expected, wheelhouse is super modern. We have five massive screens here, carbon fiber countertop, they even wrapped TV frames with carbon fiber. You have your cameras here, you can see your bow, beach club, engine room, all that good stuff, navigation. And right in the center here, we can actually see the battery levels because this vessel has a really unique engine configuration. So we have two 1400 horsepower engines, and then we have battery system.

So it's a hybrid, right? Now, I don't wanna get into details too much, but it's essentially a system that can either run on batteries, or engine, or both. And Captain told me that you can actually run this vessel going eight miles an hour for eight hours just on batteries alone. Or let's say you're anchoring somewhere at night, and you're energy consumption is very low.

You can operate this vessel just on batteries alone, no generators, no smoke, no engine sound, which is amazing. And I feel like last year's, or the last Tankoa model that we toured had the same system and continuously all the yachting manufacturers, including Tankoa, keep improving these hybrid systems. And hopefully, soon in the future we will have massive yachts like this one that can fully operate on electricity, which would be fantastic.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and it's not like engine noise is really a problem anymore. - Not at all. - It's like super quiet. But like I guess that gives you the option- - Environmentally friendly. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's environmentally friendly. I know there's a few companies out there who are kind of on the fringes of fully electric yachts, but- - But at this scale, it's a little tough. - [Mikey] Yeah, not on a yacht this size.

That's crazy though. - Absolutely, and 14 knot cruising speed. 18 knot top speed, 499 gross tons. This is the wheelhouse, and I'm gonna become a kid here. I gotta show this detail.

Mikey, can you come to this side? Let me see if this one has it. They have motorized controls for the seats here like a car seat. You can actually. - [Mikey] Really? (Enes and Mikey laughs) - Oh my God, I just recognized that.

How cool is that? But- - [Mikey] You don't wanna get too comfortable with being in here as captain though, you know? - Yeah, we need to move on. I really like Yachts. One day, honestly, you know what? We need to do an episode where we sit down here with the captain and see how he operates a vessel like this. Like I wanna see what all these buttons do.

- [Mikey] Are there many Tankoas in the states, do you know? - I don't know. - [Mikey] Yeah. - That's a tough question. - [Mikey] We need to get one of these in Miami and take it to the Bahamas, you know? - I like the sound of that. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, that's it for the wheel house.

We're gonna open this door here and go straight to the side deck. I wanna take everybody towards the bow, wing station. We talk about 'em on almost every yacht.

Let's see if I can open this one up. Comes in really handy when you're docking, when you're in a port. - [Mikey] You gotta be able to see the side of the yacht while you're getting close to a dock or port or anything like that. - When your yacht is 164 feet, there's a lot to see. You wanna make sure you protect the vessel.

And these wings stations come in really handy. And then, we have the built-in seating area here that is located right in front of the wheelhouse. Retractable awning, carbon fiber poles, adjustable coffee tables.

And we have a glass jacuzzi that's overflowing. So it's like kinda like a double infinity. It's like a little bit of an illusion, but your main infinity is on the inside. And I just really appreciate Tankoa's obsession with glass and seamless look, you know, they could have easily done a stainless steel frame here, make it a little bit more boring. But instead they went with this super, super sleek design.

Inside of the jacuzzi you have the drain system with a grill. And grill has Tankoa branding. - [Mikey] Really? - I love attention to detail like that. It's a beautiful spot, man.

- [Mikey] What's the water temperature like? - Warm and nice. - [Mikey] Yeah sounds great. - I would love to get in right now, but we got a tour to finish. All right, moving on. Obviously you have your towels, accessories, all that good stuff, life rafts here in case of an emergency. And coming here, we have two jet skis, your second tender, your crane.

And Mikey, let's walk towards the bow. Anchoring mechanism is on this side, and this yacht, just like the other model that we tour, we keep talking about it. Link in the description if you guys wanna watch the other Tankoa yacht that we toured last year. Again at "Monaco Yacht Show," it's so sleek.

It's not a bulky toll design. It looks very streamlined, beautifully proportioned. And Mikey, can we show this angle to everyone now because I keep changing your direction, but yacht looks amazing. I really, really like this built-in jacuzzi that is located right in the center. They make good use out of their outdoor spaces. And with that, we're done on this level.

Now, let's go check out the sun deck. (ambient music) Last level, incredible outdoor seating area. We have the lounging terrace here.

Same glass railing detail is also on this level. We have this covered section that's right above me. And I really like that we only have two columns holding this assembly up, making this space feel very, very open.

You have your built-in dining area here. You can either have these tables open like this to increase the surface area, or you can have it closed like this, little bit more minimalist. And on the other side, to complement the dining area here, we have a grill and I was really intrigued by what's underneath these grills. And they have the heating mechanism, all that here. You can obviously put this top, which I'm gonna try to do now to show everyone how it works. Have that seamless look.

Your pop-up TV, your sink assembly is here with a pop-up faucet. There you go, I'm gonna close this one too, I think can Tankoa team is gonna get really mad at me for like closing all these drawers. But you see how seamless it looks? - [Mikey] Very clean. - And then you have two skylights above with a built-in curtain.

That way you can kind of make it a little bit more shaded if needed. And this is your seating area on the sun deck. Now, gets better. You have another lounging area here. I feel like this would be my spot to just lay down, forget about my problems and just enjoy this incredible vessel. Not that I have a lot of problems, but.

- [Mikey] This is just reminding me, the last video we did last year. Were you like lying down in the intro or outro where you're like- - Outro. - [Mikey] Okay, yeah. - I've embraced the energy of the yacht. You know, I was just relaxing and having a good time. But this is a beautiful space.

Then you have another seating area here. I feel like this would be a phenomenal area to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view of the bow and the yacht while you're cruising and just taking the scenery. (ambient music) All right everyone, that's it for our tour.

Hope you'll enjoy this video. I want to give big thanks to Tankoa Yachts for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this vessel and Tankoa Yachts in the description of this video.

So make sure to check it out. Lastly, if you enjoyed this video, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (ambient music)

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