Touring a $32.5 Million Oceanfront California Modern Mansion

Touring a $32.5 Million Oceanfront California Modern Mansion

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(mysterious ambient music) (waves crashing) (birds squawking) - Well, I think when we talk about design at Blue Heron, it's all about a thought process, and it's all about what are we trying to achieve at the end. And basically, what gets us excited is about, communicating with people on an emotional level. So I think one of the things that's gonna be common to every Blue Heron home is how does it make you feel? Is it gonna evoke some sort of emotion when you walk in the front door, when you sit down and relax with your spouse, and you hang out with your friends and family? To me, the important common thread is how does the home communicate with people and how does it make you feel? And I think that's what we're always striving for, that connectivity.

And we want people to feel relaxed in a sense of wellbeing, and we also want a sense of inspiration and excitement. So to me, that's the common thread between Blue Heron homes. - What's up, everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome to La Jolla, California. Today's tour is really exciting.

We're situated on this bluff. On my right-hand side, we have the Pacific Ocean. And on my left-hand side, we have this newly constructed modern estate, designed and developed by Blue Heron. House features 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 3 half baths, 8,878 square feet of interior space, built on a 0.2 acre lot

with an asking price of $32.5 million. As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And I wanna give big thanks to the developer, Blue Heron, and the listing agents, Brett Dickinson and Deborah Greenspan, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing.

And now, let's begin. (waves crashing) (bird chirps) (relaxing upbeat music) (waves crashing) (birds squawking) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Beautiful modern design. Two-car garage on the right-hand side. This is a four-story structure, and we have the top three floors above grade. On the exterior, we have smooth stucco complemented with this heat-treated ash wood-cladding that we're gonna see both on the outside and the inside of this property.

Right here, we have the center tower design that looks super cool. And this is actually where we have the staircase located going all four levels. Lastly, I'm currently on a bridge right now because down below me, we have a stunning courtyard area with a 26-foot waterfall.

And this section essentially serves as a light tunnel, bringing natural light to the lower part of this home. Now, coming back here, we have the steps, planter design, and the front door right here. Let's go inside. Here we are at the entry, glass pivot door. And as soon as you walk in, you see the Pacific Ocean, and it is literally right in front of you.

I mean, this is outstanding. You got this gorgeous pool, motorized, sliding glass doors opening up. Perfect indoor, outdoor continuity, and you can literally see these waves rolling in. People are surfing, having a great time.

Sun is up. This is amazing. Mikey, what do you think? - [Mikey] We've waiting a long time for like a cliff-side home on the ocean. We haven't had one in a while. I know you wanna get out there and surf, but maybe we'll see if we can do that tomorrow morning.

- This is amazing. I mean, your view changes and moves all the time, and it's so engaging. You're so close, you can literally hear the ocean in your entry, in your living room area. It's something else. This tour is gonna be awesome. That's your pool, by the way.

We're gonna see that more once we go outside. But first, let me take everybody this way. We talked about this on the exterior, ash wood-cladding. It wraps all the way to the interior, and we have this door opening up to the office.

Beautiful space, facing the ocean. We have the marble desk setup right in the center, looks very sleek and elegant. Built-ins on the back. Nice contrast between this dark back wall and lighter tones throughout.

And again, sliding glass doors open up. Your pool is right there. You can literally work here, take a break, jump in your pool, look at your ocean views, and come back.

This is amazing. I'm gonna point out the ocean views in every single room, it's hard not to. And the way they positioned this house and how they have these seamless floor-to-ceiling, true floor-to-ceiling, motorized, sliding glass doors opening up.

Your ocean is literally inside of your room, which is amazing. And let's go this way, Mikey. Of course, this room comes with a pretty good sized full bathroom. Long vanity design with two sinks, brushed nickel fixtures.

I love these awning window designs that they have above. You have your towel rack down below. Exterior door opening up to the side of the property and your pool area, which means this bathroom also serves as your pool bathroom.

And we have this last door here opening up where we have the walk-in shower. Nice and spacious. Brushed nickel fixtures.

We have this textured tile on this wall, as well as the other side. Your toilet is here. Pretty good bathroom. Now, let's go back and continue our tour. It's a great room. Ocean views throughout. We have the built-in closet here, which means you can also utilize this room as a bedroom as well. Now, coming back to the entry, on my right-hand side, we have the elevator access on this level.

Next door opens up to a powder room. Beautiful fabricated vanity. Mirrored back wall. You have a round mirror in the center. Water closet on this side.

And throughout this bathroom, we have nice contrast between the darker marble and the lighter marble where we have the vanity. Now, getting back out, we have the main staircase here. Steel frame goes all four levels.

Open riser. Beautiful, solid treads. I love this ash wood-cladding, again, that they brought from the exterior to the interior of this property. You have recessed lights on the walls lighting up the steps. And lastly, if you look at this property, both from the exterior and the interior, the corner is all glass.

That way, staircase is naturally lit up throughout all levels. Now, coming back here, we have Italian porcelain tile floors throughout. Back at the entry, and right next to that, we have the formal dining room area. Stone table right in the center. Chandelier above. More of the darker tones. And more importantly, you have all these mirrored walls with this bronze tint that gives it that sleek look.

But yet, you also get reflections of ocean pretty much throughout the entire dining room area, which is again, elevates your experience as you sit down here, have a meal, hang out with your friends. Now, coming here, we have the living room and the kitchen area. This part of the home is simply amazing. We have these motorized, sliding glass doors opening up the corner and opening up this space to the outdoors and your ocean views. It is stunning. We have the seating area here. L-shaped couch.

TV on this side with a linear gas fireplace. And the stucco exterior wall actually wraps to the interior, creates a nice contrast. And I wanna point out, all the furnishings in this house is included with the sale of this home.

So it's the full package, which is awesome. And there's not honestly much to talk about. It's just this incredible indoor-outdoor continuity. Your floor tiles continues to the outside. Even the grout lines are matching. You have these seamless tracks on the floors.

And coming here, right across, we have the kitchen. But first, I wanna bring everyone here. This is the two-car garage on this level. It's pretty spacious. And you have a nice, convenient access here.

And on top of that, there's a really nice surprise related to this garage on the lower level that we're gonna see in a bit. Now, let's cover the kitchen. Two oversized islands. Marble countertops with waterfall edges. And I really like this island because you have bar seating on each side.

That way, you can either face the kitchen or face the ocean views. We have the second one right here. Light tone cabinetry. Vein matched, so there's a nice, subtle contrast there.

And behind me, we have all these paneled walls. Fridge, freezer, pantry space, more built-ins, and you have your espresso machine, microwave, and we have the ovens on the other side. Continuing here, this is your sink with drying rack. Beautiful brushed nickel fixture. Two dishwashers, let's quickly show that.

And then, right behind me, we have the Wolf 48-inch countertop gas range with a griddle in the center, commercial vent above. Same bronze mirror detail is also here as a backsplash. That way, as you cook food here, you can literally watch the waves roll in, which is just awesome.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I really like this house. And if our audience out there remembers, we toured another Blue Heron property in Las Vegas about a year ago- - [Enes] Give or take. - [Mikey] I'd say, yeah, and they had some very similar kind of mirror details throughout the house. So if you wanna see another really cool modern, but in Las Vegas- - Built by Blue Heron.

- [Mikey] built by Blue Heron, also one of the most expensive homes in Las Vegas. - Ever sold. - [Mikey] Yeah. Go to our channel. We'll leave a link in the description for that. - Absolutely.

And even in that house, they were using mirror details to really capitalize on the views throughout. And same thing here, you can literally see the ocean as you're preparing your meal, which is awesome. Let's see, we have this stainless steel finish here, but these are actually cabinets.

Push of a button, they go up, and they're actually motorized. Let's see. Nice and easy, right? - [Mikey] Very nice.

- And we have the built-in oven ovens here, all Wolf appliances. Your small wine fridge. And this ash-cladding here. Mikey, let's take everybody outside. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I mean, these views are just so amazing.

And you guys may not know this, but I used to be a professional windsurfer for 12 years. I used to basically live in the ocean. I used to windsurf and surf all the time. This resonates with me so much. This view is incredible because it changes, it moves, it has life, and it is literally awesome to just watch people catch waves and get this ocean breeze coming in. Look at this coastline.

And what's so great about this site, in my opinion, is that you're super, super close to the ocean, but you're elevated. It's just a different experience. And that's why you get these incredible view corridors. You're not just getting the beach that's right in front of you.

It's amazing. (soothing music) La Jolla is a hilly, seaside neighborhood within the city of San Diego, California, occupying seven miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The city is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches and is located 12 miles north of San Diego. It's not every week we get to shoot a home so close to the ocean, so I was really excited to get out on the water and see the house from that unique perspective.

This is Blue Heron's second home in La Jolla, and the architectural design was striking on the cliffs over this local surf spot. It had been a while since I had been surfing. So after an hour, I was beat and ready to get back to my lane. But I'm so glad I had a chance to see the property from that unique angle. Now, let's continue our tour.

Off of your living room area, you have this outdoor dining area. Right next to that, you have your outdoor kitchen, bar seating, stone-clad. We have the sink here, fridge down below, your Wolf gas grill, everything you need. And going this way, we have the rest of the backyard.

It looks so inviting. On my right-hand side, we have the sunken seating area with the fire pit, walkway, your outdoor lounging areas. And right in the center of this backyard, we have this pool.

It has darker tones throughout. Super connected to the property in terms of indoor-outdoor continuity. We have the raised spa here. And continuing our walk, right in front of us, we have this elevated decking, which is another great outdoor space. Fire pit in the center. Amazing views.

And turning back towards the house, we're actually right in front of the office area. Your pool nicely curves. And yeah, this house is amazing. Walls of glass opening up. You have smooth stucco. You have wood-cladding, and it's definitely contemporary, and it definitely stands out.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it does. And I feel like since we've been in La Jolla, we haven't really seen many other properties that are this modern, especially on this ridge line right here. - Absolutely. I mean, Blue Heron is paving the way.

They're building these amazing homes. This is their second home here in La Jolla and looks amazing. And on top of that, you're just looking at these breathtaking ocean views.

People are surfing, having a good time. I don't know if it gets much better than this, and that wraps our tour on the main level. Now, let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the lower level. (laid-back music) - So pretty much everything about the design of this home is how can we engage with the ocean and the view behind me in the most impactful way. So we knew there was gonna be a fourth dimension, which was gonna be this basement level.

It wasn't gonna have an ocean view, so we worked really hard to create an ultra special space underground. It didn't feel like a basement. We wanted to still have the great Blue Heron indoor, outdoor relationships and have all the indirect natural sunlight like we're always doing with our homes.

So a lot of different ways we can kinda use what could have been sort of the throwaway part of the house and really make sure that it's just as special and engaging as the rest of the property. - Here we are on the lower level. Staircase comes down. There's a nice zen garden or this rock landscape design, kind of resembles the entry bridge.

And right in front of us, we have the billiards table, this open space. Motorized, sliding glass doors open up to the courtyard that we're gonna see in a bit. You have a nice built-in bar seating here. Two TVs. And coming into this section, we have the seating area slash your screening room. L-shaped couch. Your 165-inch TV wall with the sound bar and built-in speakers.

You have the cove lighting detail above. Nice and intimate space. And I said screening room at the beginning because with a push of a button, you can actually close these motorized curtains, get that full blackout effect here, and basically utilize as your mini movie theater, which is awesome. Right across, we have the bar setup, dual elevation. Mirror detail up front. You have your bar seating.

Stone-clad throughout. Your kitchen sink, and of course, it comes with a dishwasher, ice maker, fridge, everything you need. And right behind me, we have this wine wall, which serves as a great backdrop, and it can hold up to 400 bottles.

So I wanted to point that out. Beautiful space. And I wanna give credit to Blue Heron again for unifying the design element, assembling an amazing team when it comes to designers, architects, project managers, their own management, and the listing agents who, by the way, for this property are Brett Dickinson and Deborah Greenspan. So I wanna congratulate all of them.

I wanna thank them for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And yeah, property looks incredible. Now, let's continue our tour. We have a really special surprise for you guys. We have this opening.

Door on our right-hand side opens up to a powder room for this level. Darker tones on the walls. Floating vanity design with the rocks on the bottom. And we have this really unique vessel sink design. And lastly, we have this door opening up to the lower level garage. We have a McLaren 720S convertible here.

And in case you are wondering how this car got in here, this is actually a multi-level, multi-car car elevator that can hold up to 14,000 pounds. And talking about making the best use of the space, they utilized this lower level area as your car gallery, car garage, and it's awesome. - [Mikey] That's pretty awesome.

14,000 pounds, I have no idea how much cars even weigh. What do you think this car weighs? Maybe like six? Five? - Four? - [Mikey] Four? - Yeah, it's a sports car. It should be light. And you can literally go up and down, change the cars as you want. This is awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, pretty cool. - All right, let's continue our tour.

We're gonna go back to the screening room so we can continue our tour on the other side. Again, back to the landing. Billiards table. Motorized, sliding glass doors open up to the courtyard that we mentioned at the beginning or at the entry of this property. (water burbling) This is such a cool space.

You have water all around you. Steps taking you from your billiards area to your junior primary bedroom suite. You have this seating section in the center with a fire pit, three TV walls, natural light coming in, bridge above us, your 26-foot wide waterfall here. It's a nice, tranquil space.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is really cool. And again, this just kinda screams Blue Heron to me. It's very similar to the Vegas property. - Fire, water, light. They love these elements.

And again, I just love that even though this was the lower level, they went so much out of their way to create something really unique here, and I think they've accomplished that. Now, let's go through these sliding glass doors, go straight into the junior primary bedroom. I know this is an interesting route. We actually have a normal hallway that bridges or brings you from the landing to this bedroom.

And this junior primary bedroom suite is extremely spacious. You have the king sized bed on the right-hand side. Nice padded back wall. You have a mood lighting above that and these ceiling-mount copper light fixtures, which I personally really like. And then, you have your carpet and seating setup. Small wet bar around the corner with a fridge.

You have TV on the right-hand side with the mirror back wall to kinda amplify the lighting and spaciousness in this room. And let's go through this opening. We have a pocket door here. Water closet on our left-hand side. And on our right-hand side, we have the long vanity design. Two sinks, brushed nickel fixtures, quartz countertops, and you have this mirrored back wall all the way to the ceiling.

And in front of that, you have your main mirror with LED lighting. The whole vanity setup here looks very sleek and elegant. And coming to this side, we have the walk-in shower on our right-hand side. Marble back wall.

There's a nice, gentle slope to the drain. Built-in bench, and you even have some mirror reflection or this mirror backdrop on your shampoo niche to kind of, again, bring up some of the unique textures because there's actually a sliding glass door here opening up to a small outdoor space located on this level where we have a free-standing tub right in the center. This unique back wall, and this section basically serves as a light well and brings natural air to this amazing bathroom. Now, let's continue our tour.

We have the walk-in closet here, pretty spacious. And coming back to the bedroom, I actually wanna take everybody back to the main hallway that connects all these bedrooms to the landing of the lower level. On our right-hand side, we have the laundry room.

Washer, dryer, plenty of cabinetry. You have your sink, even a handheld attached to the left-hand side, which is a great plus. And coming back here, we have the second bedroom on this level. This one is also very spacious. King-sized bed on the left-hand side.

I love the furnishings, colors, and textures that they brought to the space. You have your TV on this side. Built-in closet around the corner.

And just like the junior primary bedroom, this one also has sliding glass doors opening up to the side of the property where it just brings natural air, great view to look at, and you even have an egress access here. So I wanted to point that out. Lastly, of course, it comes with a full bathroom.

Modern cabinetry with a towel rack on the bottom. Really interesting mirror design here that's attached all the way to the ceiling, LED lighting. and we have another door opening up to a water closet and your walk-in shower. Light tones contrasting nicely against these darker tiles. Brushed nickel finishes.

And lastly, we have an exterior door here because it opens up to an outdoor shower with a rain head, which is another kind of signature Blue Heron detail. So I wanted to point that out. I wanted you guys to see it. And that wraps our tour on the lower level.

Now, let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the second floor. (waves crashing) (chill music) Now, we're on the second floor, and I just cannot get over it. We have sliding glass doors opening up to a balcony. You'll literally hear the ocean as you come up to your second floor. And this is the view you look at. It's so one-of-a-kind. It's such an experience.

You just have this tranquil background noise at any given time, at any part of the property, even at the lower level, and I love it. I love it. - [Mikey] It's really nice we have these like birds flying all over the place. We have like wildlife. We have people surfing out here like- - [Enes] View's constantly changing.

- [Mikey] you have like constant entertainment. You can just sit down and watch people surf. - Absolutely. I feel like half of this episode is gonna be about the views. All right, elevator on the second floor landing. We have this door opening up to the first bedroom on this level located on the left wing.

And right in the center, we have this low-frame bed setup that's so awesome. Your views are opened up. We have a Juliet balcony here. I don't know what else to say. I mean, it's just like you have ocean right in front of you in every single room.

This is awesome. - [Mikey] It's incredible. And I really like this bed frame. I've never seen a bed frame like this or a bed positioned in the middle of a room.

But it's kind of like a couch and a bed. It's really cool. - Why not? It's all oriented towards the views. You have some built-ins on the right-hand side. Motorized, sliding glass doors. Automatic shades. They even placed a massive picture window here.

That way, you can kinda see the coastline. It's great. And on top of that, if you look at the other side, your whole bathroom is basically all open. You have these two stone fabricated vanities on each side, separated with this glass that runs all the way to the ceiling. Then, in the center, you have a ceiling mount, kind of rectangular mirror design. Brushed nickel fixtures. Beautiful cabinetry. Same Italian porcelain tiles are also here.

And of course, on this side, we have the walk-in shower. Natural stone back wall, built-in bench. These fixtures look really sleek with this titanium finish.

We have some awning windows above, and I just really like how they utilized all the different surface and countertop materials blended in, in the shower where we have the tile design. And that's the same material as the countertops. Looks great, very spacious. And of course, around the corner, we have a water closet and your walk-in closet with LED lighting, built-in cabinetry.

Just a beautiful bedroom. Now, let's go back so we can continue our tour. Coming back to the landing, right across on the other side, we have the primary bedroom suite. Picture window looking at the bridge off of the entry.

And we have this door opening up to the primary bedroom itself. You're welcomed by a seating area here, TV on this side, beautiful furniture. Sliding glass doors open up to a balcony dedicated for the primary bedroom.

And seamless indoor-outdoor transition. House feels so effortless, so light, and just so inviting. You have glass railing all around, and more of these views.

Now, let's go to this section. It's where we have the bed setup. Of course, king-sized. Nice padded back wall. In fact, you have all these different fabrics and wood clads and textures right behind the bed. We have another ash wood detail that wraps into the room. You have darker tones.

Your bed is, of course, positioned towards the views. And your bathroom, just like the other one, is basically all open and integrated into your bedroom. We have long vanity design, Amazon pearl quartzite countertops, two sinks, titanium finish fixtures, your mirror design here, two lights above. And on the other side, we have the same Amazon pearl quartzite on the wall as a backdrop to your free-standing tub. And I just love that free-standing tub is right here to also take advantage of the views. Continuing our tour, before I guess, let's go to the walk-in shower first.

It is definitely very, very spacious. They brought the same quartzite also here. You have two rain heads, two shower heads, two handhelds, steam feature, and you have a nice corner glass detail here. Even from your shower, you get to enjoy these ocean views. And I said ocean views probably 55,000 times this episode. And I'll probably say more.

- [Mikey] I'm sure if there's probably a good chance, it's in the title of the video also. - Yeah. Also, very good chance. Two water closets. And going in, we have a nice, spacious, and long walk-in closet here. We have all these built-in cabinets, shoe racks, hangers. Washer and dryer on my left-hand side, which is always a nice convenience to have.

And it continues with the hanger spaces. I mean, it's definitely spacious. And that wraps our tour on this level. We have one more floor left that's right above us, which is the rooftop deck, and it gets the best views in the entire property. (relaxing chill music) (waves crashing) - So the rooftop level was a lot of fun to design.

We like to have a variety for people to experience. So when you sit in the office, for instance, you know where you're seated and how you look to the ocean is very specific. It's very focused. Once you get to the rooftop, everything kinda changes, and we go from a focused view to a panoramic scenario. So you're looking back at the hills to the east. You're looking down the coast to the north, to the south, straight out to the ocean on the west.

It's really a way for us to kinda really open things up. It's no longer about privacy and intimate home space. It's about, hey, let's check out any little last piece of this incredible coastline that you didn't see from the rest of the home.

- All right, last floor. Elevator landing on the left. And coming to this opening, we have the sliding glass doors opening up to the outdoors, and it brings you to your outdoor rooftop deck. And this space is awesome. You have outdoor seating.

You have ocean views. You have this bar area slash your barbecue area with dual elevation. And then, you have this built-in seating here basically out of this concrete frame.

Space heater above, and around the corner, we even have a half bathroom dedicated for this level. Coming here, natural stone countertops. Again, Dekton countertops. Three popup TVs here 'cause why not? It's Blue Heron property and they like to entertain, so we have 'em on this side. You have a small fridge, sink, your Wolf gas grill, and more outdoor views. I mean, Mikey, let's take everybody this way.

It's such an amazing space. It's partially covered, which is great. You can even enjoy during bad weather. And then, coming here, you have your outdoor seating with a fire pit up front. Stainless steel and glass railing throughout. And I mean, look at this, this is gorgeous.

This is breathtaking. This is why California is so special. I mean, we're located on a bluff, looking down on the ocean.

People are surfing, having a great time. And house is amazing. Blue Heron did a phenomenal job, and I cannot wait to see it at dusk.

(warm relaxing music) (waves crashing) All right, everyone. That's it for the tour. I hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna congratulate Blue Heron for finishing up this amazing project. House looks incredible. Views are breathtaking. And as always, you can find more information about this home in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. I also want to thank the listing agents, Brett Dickinson and Deborah Greenspan, for allowing us to do this tour.

And if you enjoyed this video, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week.

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