Touring a 230 Foot Megayacht in MONACO

Touring a 230 Foot Megayacht in MONACO

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- What's up everybody? It's Enes here, and welcome to another video from Monaco Yacht Show. Today we're on board this beautiful 62 meter super yacht, built by CRN Yachts, six gorgeous state rooms. Owner state room is incredible, delivered in 2022, it's a brand new yacht, and this yacht is so popular on the show that we only got a chance to get a one-hour access to do this full tour. Before we move on, let me take a second to explain something.

The Monaco Yacht Show is a collection of some of the biggest mega yachts in the world, and mega yachts are not an easy thing to film. It usually takes us between 8 to 12 hours to get enough footage to create one of our yacht videos. As the show came to a close, we got the opportunity to step over this incredible 62-meter CRN Super Yacht. The catch? We only got a one-hour window to film it. This yacht isn't small, so the team and I did our best to give you what you expect, the best tours on YouTube.

The following video takes place over the course of the very last hour of the Monaco Yacht Show, and that's why throughout the tour you'll see a clock showing how much time we have left to complete this ambitious mission. If you're watching this video, there's a good chance that we pulled off the tour, even though it's a 62-meter vessel, and I want to give big thanks to CRN Yachts for giving us the opportunity to tour this incredible vessel and share it with all of you. And now let's begin.

(upbeat music) All right everyone, we're gonna start our tour with the beach club. Like I said at the beginning of this video, we're a little short on time so this tour's gonna be a little bit more faster but we're gonna show you guys all. Welcome to the Beach Club.

We have an outdoor shower there, jet board, SEABOBS, passerelle tucks nicely into the staircase. We have two staircases on the back going up to the main deck F, and then we have this garage door here opening up and taking you down to the beach club. Now this beach club setup is really, really unique. On the left hand side we have this glass door opening up your steam shower or your hammam with beautiful bookmatched stone. on the back. We have a TV here, nice lounging area and this door opens up to your regular shower with a rain head.

Black fixtures, looks very sleek. And coming here in the center, this is a detail I really like, they have this rack assembly for your eFoils or your jet boards. And let's face it, when you have a yacht like this, you're gonna have awesome toys. You guys saw some of them on the beach club and they even built a custom rack just for all the toys. Now above me we have this four skylight assembly that's actually located on the main deck F.

That's actually right where we have the outdoor seating area and we're gonna see that space in a bit and coming here, storage area. This door opens up to a day head on this level with beautiful exquisite finishes. I love the faucet design.

And then we have this door opening up to a massive engine room that is located on this side. Overall beach club is beautiful. Mikey, I wanna show one more detail here. Massage table.

And there's actually a dedicated staircase going straight up to the salon. That way, this level and the main level is really well connected to each other. Now that's it for the beach club. I wanna now take the stairs on the outside so we can continue our tour with main deck aft. Awesome outdoor seating area, custom furniture, the skylights that we saw at the beach club, they're located right here, allowing natural light to go to that level. And I just love these curved arches that we have on each side.

Really complimenting the contemporary look of this vessel. This section is covered and obviously guys, you have your recessed lights built-in speakers, all that good stuff. Staircase here, going up to the upper deck.

And more importantly, we have these motorized sliding glass doors opening up to the main salon. Now as soon as you walk in, set up here is a little bit different. Off of the entry we have a small bar area that sets the tone for this incredible full beam salon. I really like the lighter blue tones with the countertop.

Of course you have your coffee machine, ice maker, fridge, all that good stuff. And if you look at the walls, we have a really unique texture throughout and they backlit that texture and that's how you get this really unique lighting effect throughout the ceiling here. Now, right in the center we have an awesome dining area. I gotta say I really, really like the table here.

Then we have these unique chairs and the most important thing about the space is the fact that it feels very, very minimalist. There are not a whole lot of furniture here. It's very easy to flow through the space. Next, we have the seating area with a massive TV, same gloss paneling is also here. We have floor-to-ceiling windows bringing so much natural light to the space.

And honestly Monaco looks like a movie from here. And again, I just like the minimalist approach. We only have one couch here, TV on this side.

This door opens up to your crew access and what a beautiful space. - [Mikey] We never see hardwood floors in yachts. I feel like that's a really unique detail.

- We see 'em, but not that often. Here's why. I asked that to captain the other day.

One of the captains of the yachts that we toured, he mentioned that when you walk on teak all day, eventually surface becomes so hard on your feet that it's nice to have carpet on the interior. So I can get behind that. But personally I love hardwood floors.

I feel like it's easier to clean. - Yeah. - And something about moisture and carpet I'm not super, super crazy about. I feel like hardwood floors are a better approach. - [Mikey] I'm sure we'll see some carpeted spaces in here.

- Absolutely. Moving on, that's it for the salon. Continuing here we have this pocket door opening up the landing of the main staircase. Not only we have a staircase here, we also have a elevator that goes on all levels. Sliding glass doors on this side open up to the side deck, and I just appreciate these floor-to-ceiling glass assemblies.

It just brings so much natural light and allows the space to breathe. Now I wanna talk about some of the staircase details here. Same texture of wood paneling is also here with back lighting, more of the lighter tones. And then they have a beautiful black reveal to just kind of create more color in the staircase design.

Instead of going this way to the the owner's state room, I actually want to go this way so we can start our tour with the lower level guest state rooms. Let's start with this one here. Comes with two single beds. This is one of the twin rooms. You have some built-in shelves here, with LED lighting, nice warm tones, with wood paneling and this light green trim. And they carried out the trim throughout and on some of the accessories.

Two port holes to bring natural light. TV's recessed in here. And coming this way we have a really nice neutral tone bathroom with the walk-in shower and the rain head. And then we have the vanity here. Beautifully fabricated. Some really unique shelving design on the wall.

LED lit mirror. Beautiful bathroom. Now moving on, I wanna take everybody back to the landing so we can continue our tour. Next we're gonna check out a double setup. It starts here. In this room, they pick more of the lighter yellow tones.

I really like the bedside tables. Then we have these really unique wall sconces. Padded back wall, trim details, two port holes. They're definitely good size and they're more on the cozy side. Now come in this way. Another bathroom.

Pretty much the same finishes throughout, more of the lighter tones. So we have a walk-in shower here with a rain head. Vanity design here. And I really appreciate that each one of these bathrooms come with a porthole or window. Now moving on. I told you guys this was gonna be a fast tour.

Next to this room we have another double room. This one also has more of the yellow accent tones. Full bed here, TV on this side. And since we don't have a yacht on the other side or on the starboard side of this vessel, you get amazing views of Monaco. Can you imagine traveling with this thing, staying here, looking out these windows? - [Mikey] Yeah. - You'd see a lot more cities than just Monaco.

You could pretty much go anywhere you wanted to. - We've been touring lot of yachts. I think I'm jealous of them a little bit. - Yeah. - I think I need a vacation.

- [Mikey] Yeah, yeah. All right. This room also has a bathroom right here.

Pretty much the same finishes, so I'm not gonna go in. And now I wanna bring everybody back to the landing, because we have this door opening up to a gym. Obviously you can turn this into another state room, but the current owners wanted to have a gym here. And coming back to the main staircase landing, on the other side by itself, we have a VIP state room.

Obviously, being the VIP room is super spacious, in fact bedroom and the bathroom totals up the entire beam, which is about 11.2 meters. We have another full bed here. More of the burgundy tones on this side.

Really nice desk set up here with custom details. Marble top, TV's nicely recessed in. Same trim lighting that we saw at the main salon. They have it also here. Three portholes this time since it's the VIP state room.

Pretty awesome bedroom. And, I wanna take everybody this way. We have the walk-in closet here, which is a hallway that connects the bedroom to the bathroom. This bathroom has a little bit of a different layout. We have a long vanity here. Again, fabricated countertop, two sinks, these wall mount shelves.

And I'd really like the incorporated handles here for the cabinetry. And underneath that there's a really nice marble trim detail, which I've never seen on any cabinetry before it. It just adds up to the textures of this beautiful bathroom. On the other side you have a spacious walk-in shower, with a window, rain head above dedicated water closet.

Two port holes here, just a beautiful bathroom. With that, we're done on the lower level. Now, I want to take everybody back to the main staircase on the main deck so we can continue our tour on this side. Sliding the last doors open up to the side deck.

Elevator here. Staircase is going up to the upper deck and we have this hallway here. Let's continue. - You're going pretty fast.

I don't know if I've ever heard you talk quite this fast. - We're on a time crunch. I want everybody to see all the rooms and we're gonna make it happen. So next, day head. I wanna talk about some of the details here. Modern pedestal sink, really cool modern fixture here.

And then you have a detached cabinet with open shelving and LED lighting. Massive picture window looking to the outside. Really nice day head. Now, I made a mistake because we're going a little bit fast. I said earlier that this is the owner state room, but instead it's actually another VIP state room.

Now it's hard to believe that this is a VIP state room, because it could easily qualify as the owner's state room. We have the owner's state room on deck above, which we'll see in a bit. And off the entry we have this walk-in closet, massive picture window. And because of the film, you can see outside so clearly. We have Monaco in the back.

All these tenders are moving. A lot is happening. Soon, the show's gonna end.

This is the very last day when we're putting this tour together. Now moving on, we have the bedroom itself here. It's extremely spacious, full beam. I love the paneling on the wall. We have the same recessed lighting throughout and the mood lighting with textures. TV's here, king size bed.

This is your first seating area. Door opens up to your first bathroom. But first I want to go this way because you have this additional space where you can easily make it another seating area. Built-in desk. It's hard to believe that this is a VIP state room.

I can't get my head around it. - [Mikey] Wood floors here still also. - Yes. I know Mikey likes hardwood floors. I don't mind it.

I don't mind having hardwood floors on my bedroom. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's a different, different kind of feel. - Absolutely. So now, we have two bathrooms.

They are identical. First one starts here, but I wanna show everyone this one. Same finishes that we've been seeing throughout in the bathrooms. They have it also here, but since this is the VIP state room bathroom it's a little bit more spacious and you get two of them. Vanity on this side, separate water closet with a bidet.

And then you have this walk-in shower here. Hidden drain, beautiful natural stone, rain head above. These open shelves with mirror backs, darker fixtures, nice contrast. And I just love the simplicity of these bathrooms. With that we're done on the main deck. Now, let's go check out the upper level.

(upbeat music) All right, let's start with the, with this beautiful outdoor seating area. When I say it's the last day and the last moments of this show, I really mean it. Mikey, can we come to this side? Look at all the tenders. Everybody's moving around.

Show is still very, very active. We literally have lines of people waiting for us to finish our tour. But hey, we're doing it for you guys and welcome to the aft deck. On the upper level, we have the staircase here taking us up to the upper deck, which we'll see in a bit. Right in the center we have this awesome dining area. Seating for 12, beautiful solid wood table.

And to compliment the dining area here, we have a standalone small kitchenette. And when I say kitchenette, you have a fridge on the bottom, griddle on top. This beautiful sink with a fabricated top, Mikey, can we get a close up? I appreciate details like this, although this weighs 40, 50 pounds - [Mikey] That is a solid piece of stone, isn't it? - That is, and it's really heavy, but it looks really nice when you put it down and you have your pop up faucet here. Side deck takes you all the way to the bow, which we'll see in a bit. Now let's continue our tour.

We have a motorized sliding glass door here and welcome to the salon on the upper deck. Furniture setup is again very, very minimalist. I love these floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to really appreciate and enjoy outdoors. We have the first seating set up here.

Secondary on this site. Kind of playful with the furniture here and accessories with all these, that I'm assuming is an octopus, that I'm assuming is a- - Squid? - Yes. - I was blinking. - Please let me show

the audience what you're talking about. They might just think you're crazy. There we go. - And my favorite, seahorse. - [Mikey] Very nice. - Now let's continue our tour.

We have another seating area here, two chairs on my right hand side. TV's right in the center, which I'm assuming over 70 inches. Same pattern textures that we've been seeing throughout.

They have it also here. Just a really nice lounge on this level. Now again, left hand side crew access but we're gonna continue our tour with the right hand side. We have this floor opening up to the upper level landing.

Elevator is located right in the center. Staircase on each side. This door opens up to a day head dedicated for this level and coming here, your crew access and the last floor opens up to the owner's state room.

This is without a doubt, one of the most impressive state rooms we have ever seen on this channel. You get 180 degree views of your surroundings. Before we check out the bedroom side, we're gonna actually start our tour here with the walk-in closet. It's on each side.

You have beautiful cabinetry, solid wood tops open shelving, LED lighting, veneer back wall and then it leads you to the bathroom. Finishes here are gorgeous. Marble fabrication and how that marble fabrication is incorporated into the wood and metal cabinetry is stunning.

You have some of the shelves here that are marble. Then you have open shelving with LED lighting. Beautiful vanity with a towel rack on the bottom. Same marble is also used as a back wall with LED lighting.

And then we have the first water closet here with a bidet and all the walls are clad with marble. Then right in the center we have this unique, open, walk-in shower design with a hidden drain on the bottom. Rain head is right above me. You have this glass that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. And behind that we have this stunning built-in tub with all marble surround, massive picture window, proper blackouts.

This is gorgeous. What do you think Mikey? - [Mikey] This is like a pretty massive bathroom obviously for a boat. Like we would see this in like a luxury hotel room or like a like luxury apartment anywhere in LA, you know? - You know what this feels like? This feels like a bathroom of a 6,000 square foot penthouse in New York. - Yeah. - Literally. Second water closet, second vanity.

Stunning bathroom. All right, moving on, let's go check out the bedroom itself which starts here. They have this really unique curved cabinetry that wraps the room.

Tops are all leather and it's this really unique blue color. Then the same texture wood paneling that we've been seeing throughout, we have it also here. You have massive picture windows looking out to the views. We have an awesome deck located on the bow that we're gonna see in a bit.

And this is where we have the bed itself. Of course, it's king size. Of course, you have a custom headboard design with back lighting. Recessed lights above. TV's located here and it's a pop-up TV.

That way it can benefit from the window that is located on the backside of the TV. Really spacious. Full beam, side decks, the whole nine yards. And I gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen a cabinetry detail like this before at a unique angle that wraps the room and just compliments the space. Pretty special. - [Mikey] Yeah, we've seen some curved primary bedrooms in yachts before, but we've never really seen the slanted angle, and especially how it's slanted on the curve is especially cool.

- And it's just beautiful radius, you know. And you have LED lighting again, leather tops, massive windows. And that's it for the owner's state room. Now it gets better. We're gonna come this way.

We have a desk set up here and then we have this motorized sliding glass door, opening up this room to the side deck. And once you get up here, you can go straight to the bow. You have this awesome, private outdoor seating area or outdoor lounging area dedicated to the owner's state room. Right in the center you have this jetted jacuzzi.

Above that you have a retractable awning to bring some shade here. It's very open, very minimalist. And as we go this way, rest of the bow continues. And if you look at this on the outside it has a very, very sporty and a sleek profile. I love the curving arches that we have towards the beach club or the aft area.

And it just compliments these beautiful lines. And if you pay attention to the bow itself, it tapers off and it's a very long bow, which I think adds up to the sporty look of this vessel. We are here in Monaco, we have all these tenders moving around.

It's a pretty awesome day. - [Mikey] It's an awesome day. About this yacht, I love when yachts have a massive amount of deck space and a lot of space to lay around, you know? Who doesn't like that? - It's really nice.

- A lot of places or a lot of boats will have, you know the anchor, a bunch of- - Tenders. - [Mikey] Yeah, cr like hoist cranes. Everything up front.

I like how clean this is. Secondly, Monaco, the show's literally ending in the next few minutes. We're trying to finish this yacht and get outta here so we don't get blasted by all these air horns, but- - Explain why we're gonna hear air horns in a bit. - So every year the end of the Monaco Yacht Show, they they, they close it off, out by basically every single yacht here will blast their air horn for what is 10 minutes? - 15, 20 minutes I would, I'm gonna say. - And it's one of the loudest things you've ever heard in your life.

Like I'm sure it echoes, you know, way outside of Monaco. - So we have an added pressure to finish this tour. That way we can basically finish it before the air horns. - [Mikey] Exactly, exactly. - With that, we're done on the upper deck.

Now let's go check out the bridge deck or the sun deck. (upbeat music) Alright everyone. Last level. We have a door here opening up to a day head. Door at the end opens up to the wheelhouse.

Captain and his team are there right now so I wanna leave them alone and continue our tour on this side. We have this long hallway taking us to the aft on this level. It's another beautiful outdoor space.

We have the seating area on this side, coffee table. It's complimented with this small kitchenette here, bar set up, fuel elevation, sink, ice maker, fridge. And it's nice to have a bar like this. That way when you're entertaining here, you don't have to go all the way to the upper deck or the main deck to get your food or your drink. Come in this way.

Additional seating area right next to your jetted jacuzzi. I like the jacuzzi here. It's a little bit more elevated, that way you get amazing views.

It's all collaborative mosaic on the inside. And we are here in the Monaco Yacht Show. Views are fantastic and I'm really glad that we had the opportunity to tour this amazing vessel and share it with all of you. (upbeat music) All right everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video. Big thanks to CRN Yacht for making this tour possible.

As always, we can find more information about them and this vessel in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed this very quick, very fast paced tour give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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