Touring a $17,850,000 Malibu Estate With A Massive Backyard!

Touring a $17,850,000 Malibu Estate With A Massive Backyard!

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- What's up everybody it's Enes Yilmazer, and welcome to beautiful Malibu, California. Today, we're checking out this estate right behind me that features seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms 12,504 square feet of interior space, built on this palm line, two acre lot, and you can acquire one eight ownership of this estate for $2,232,000, because it's one of Pacaso's newest listings here in California. Property is sunny, I love the backyard, we have a really exciting episode ahead of us, let's get started. (bright upbeat music) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior.

This home is located in a gated community here Malibu, California. It's super peaceful light here. Palm trees, olive trees.

And we got this gorgeous estate in front of us. Stucco finish throughout, and we have these two staircases bringing you from the street level to the entry. And those are actually your extra parking spots, again, off the street. Now coming here, we have the front door, Mikey, I don't know if you're catching it, I love these two round windows on each side, we have a square one right above us, and this door got a lot of these textures and details giving you that Spanish Mediterranean vibe. And let's go inside. As soon as we walk in we have this spacious entry, 34 eye ceilings, double staircase going up to the second floor, love the chandelier right in the center.

And more importantly, I love these exposed roof rafters, finished in this darkish stain, which gives so much character to this home. And again, very spacious hardwood floors. And the first space we're gonna check out is the formal living room area. Beautiful warm space. Love the minimalist furniture, coffee table right in the center. And we have the fireplace here, with two french stores on each side.

And since this property is hedged throughout, you can actually leave these french doors open and still keep this room private. Love the volume with 34 eye ceilings, exposed roof rafters, chandelier in the center that is matching the one that we saw off the entry. And we have this arch opening here with these rustic doors. Again, giving you the Spanish Mediterrenean architecture, bringing you to your wet bar, where they carried out the same rustic design elements with the countertops cabinetry, two fridges, sink, open shelving, beam ceiling details, and you get this really cozy seating area with this unique window. Again, love the details. Love the simple clean lines of this home.

And we're gonna see these design elements throughout this (indistinct) Coming here, another arch opening, double doors, takes you to a formal dining room area. We have a solid wood table right in the center that sits eight people. Another one of these beachy chandelier details, right above us we have the barrel ceiling details, which gives again so much character to this light and bright home, two french doors and a picture window on the side, bringing ton of natural light and another gas fireplace here. Just another cozy space.

And there's a detail here I wanna mention, that we're gonna see a lot throughout the home. Mikey, can we get a closeup? So, this wood beam right here is called header, which means it is the beam that holds or allows this opening to happen. And instead of putting a drywall or some sort of a stucco of finish on top, they left it exposed, which again, contrast is so nicely with these white walls gives so much character to the home and it's just a nice, clever architectural detail. And Mikey, actually, why don't we come this way? I wanna quickly show this hallway.

So that's the entry right there. We have two french doors opening up to the front of the home where we have another kind of a seating area, outdoor seating area. But I wanna actually take everybody back here because your formal dining room connects to the kitchen through this hallway here where essentially functions as your service hallway to the formal dining room.

We have two pantries here and going through this opening, we come straight to the kitchen. What I love about the space is the fact that we have two french doors opening up to your covered patio, which brings so much natural light to the space, makes it all open. We have the lighter tones also here with the wider cabinetry, Caesarstone countertops.

And I wanna mention, this kitchen looks a little bit more full and a little bit more finished than the ones we were used to seeing on our channel, because this is a Pacaso listing, which means they already furnish and bring all the appliances amenities for you. So that way you can just come in and enjoy this house, and that's why we have the toasters, coffee machines, your spice racks, everything looks very inviting. And I'm gonna start right here with the gas stove.

You have the built-in vent above, and they've even plastered around the vent to go with this Spanish stucco kind of feel to it. Come in here, you have your main sink, dishwasher, bay window here to kind of accentuate and bring more natural light to the space. I love this exposed header detail. And again, we're gonna see this detail throughout the home. Now come into this site, main island, another sink, bar seating on the other side, pen lights above, you have some open cabinets on the back, which is your coffee bar with a floating shelf. And coming back here, we have the rest of your base cabinets more floating shelves with LED lighting, and of course this kitchen, has an informal dining area built in seating with board bay windows, and I just love this space.

I mean, it's so connected to the outdoors, light and bright, ton of natural light and fresh air coming in. It's awesome. Beautiful kitchen. Now let's go here, we have the main hallway off of the entry bringing us to this point, additional french doors opening up to your covered patio and around the corner, we have the powder room, which has more of these stucco and Spanish details. I love this vanity setup, which we're gonna see throughout. This actually reminds me the ones that we saw in Mexico.

- [Mickey] Actually, a lot of finishes in this home deal, but maybe we should go back there soon. - Maybe, we may go back there soon. Who knows? Right? And coming back here again, main hallway. Now, I want to take everybody to the time of the room.

This door opens up to a front facing patio. We have few closets here and this one actually the staircase going down to the lower level, I almost forgot this detail. Sorry to mention, we'll take that out later. Coming here, found the room, super cozy, L-shaped couch, TV, wood beam ceilings, built in speakers, recess lights, all that good stuff. You have another fireplace here. And more importantly, we have french doors opening up to the partially covered patio space.

In fact, let's go check that out. This is a patio space off of the main floor, and it takes advantage of the topography of the land, and that's why we have this elevated seating or positioning here, looking down on your pool and the rest of the backyard. We got a nice gazebo design above us. Woodwork here brings so much character and warmth.

And of course, you have your outdoor seating areas here facing your backyard and coming in, this is the french doors off of the hallway, and these are the french doors from the kitchen flowing to the space, out outdoor dining area here and around the corner, we have this built in seating area to make the best out of this elevated patio space. Now, we have this staircase taking us to the lower level where we have this amazing backyard and incredible the pool area right in the center. This space is so warm, so inviting, look at this. - [Mickey] Something about this like white stucco on a blue pool makes it that much more inviting. I just wanna jump in there.

- I mean, don't forget the palm trees, the olive trees, the hedging. I don't know how Pacaso does it, but they pick these homes that are just so like vacation home, and just very warm and inviting and relaxing, and- - [Mickey] So we actually stayed at one of Pacaso's listings in Spain and Marbella, that house was really cool. It had a very similar vibe to it, but it wasn't nearly this big, they have this massive yard over here. I feel like this one will be great for any events or anything. We'll see that in a second.

- Absolutely. This home is just so inviting. Like Mikey you said, we have the awesome pool area here spot and right next door you actually have your covered patio section or on this level, you have a staircase access going down to the lower level. And in here, these water beam ceilings, outdoor TV, fireplace, seating area. And of course, since you have your pool here, you have a water closet, you have spacious walk-in shower, and you even have a sauna here.

It's the full experience. You come here, you're relaxed, and Mikey, can we turn back and look at the house? I mean, it's a three story structure. You can see the two stories from here. We're gonna check out the bedrooms upstairs and the bed. And coming back in, we have the olive tree in front of us, outdoor barbecue, your outdoor kitchen. And this is the backyard space that Mikey's talking about.

Look at the scale here and keep in mind Malibu real estate is not that cheap. I mean, getting two palm lined acres here in Malibu, with this much privacy in a gated community, where you have these head trees and so much character, it's kind of unheard of, it's a great spot. - [Mickey] Yeah. Everywhere we've seen in Malibu, really tight lots for the most part, especially if they're on the beach, but I didn't even know they had, I mean I assume they had, but I didn't know they really had properties this size. - Absolutely. Especially this price point.

You even have a gate here in case you wanna open this space up for cars or bring utilities, or whatever you need here, and I think this is my favorite part of the home. The fact that you can own this much stuff, for this price point, it's amazing. And now we're not done with the main floor or the backyard, I actually wanna take everybody back to the entry so we can continue our tour on this wing. Coming into the hallway, we have another exterior door opening up to a front facing patio, just like the one that we saw earlier. We have a powder room here that's very spacious, same stucco of details are also here with the vanity and back wall, darker fixtures, these curved mirrors and around the corner we have the water closet.

Now, getting back to the hallway, we have this door on our left, opening up to the office on this level with some built-in bookshelves, more of these french doors opening up to that front facing patio. And coming here around the corner, we have a door opening up to the first bedroom suite on this level facing this side of the home. It's very spacious, light and bright, has its own full bathroom with a walk-in shower and coming back here, we have this door opening up to the laundry room and the utility area. And now, I want to take everybody through this door, which leads us to the three car garage and Mikey, can we hit the garage door? There you go. I wanna take everybody here because right front of these garage doors, we have a spacious driveway where you can park easily 10 to 12 cars.

And in fact, this home comes with a detached guest home too, which is located right here. When you have a home this size with this many bedrooms, it's nice to have extra parking, so you don't have to worry about it, your guess can just come to the property. And this detached guest home, features a spacious seating area, has its own kitchen, and they converted the garage to be an extra room, that way you can just store things there or utilize it as a bedroom. And on the second floor, it has a bedroom suite with its own bathroom and a patio space.

It's a great addition to this estate. If you wanna have some separation, a little privacy for the person that stays here, and that wraps our for on the main floor. Now I actually wanna take everybody back inside so we can check out the lower level. (upbeat music) Here we are on the lower level. And this space comes as a surprise because if you look at the house from the outside, you wouldn't assume that it has a lower level, but if you look at the house from the backyard area, you can see the topography change, and how it allows this section of the home to have this much ceiling height and this awesome entertainment space. We're currently at the seating area right now.

They have a ping pong table, granted, they probably need a little bit more space here but it has tires down below, you can kind of reconfigure and just have fun here. - [Mickey] The way we play ping pong we're gonna need a little more space on that. - That's absolutely correct.

All right, coming here, you have your bar section. Let's go through this store. It opens up to your wine cellar.

I like the rustic design here, warm lighting. And Mikey, you need to close up, look at these hinges. They're kind of sleek - [Mickey] Kind of sleek indeed. - There you go. And to see your wine cellar, and it continues going through this opening.

We have this long hallway, storage areas and coming here, same light fixtures that we've been seeing throughout, they have it also here, powder room at the end. And lastly, we have these double doors opening up to your screening room. It's a nice cozy small scale movie theater. You have this nice couch set up on the lower section. I'm gonna go on the second floor here or the upper level.

You just sit down, relax, watch a movie, enjoy this property. And that's it for the lower level, now let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the second floor. (upbeat music) All right, second floor landing, and I'm gonna stop right here. I just love these exposed roof rafters, so much character, so much texture. It just, it contrasts so nicely against these white walls. And of course, skylights, the volume.

You have the entry on one side, you have the formal living room area on the other side, it's just a great space. And we have the house broken into two wings. We're gonna start our tour on the right wing here. Look at these doors by the way, Mikey, let's get it close up, so much character, I love to finishes. Long hallway, Lot of bedrooms that we're gonna see in a bit. We have the first one right here.

This one doesn't have a bathroom, TV on the other side, definitely good volume. And coming here, we have these french doors opening up to another front facing balcony. This one is the second bedroom on this level. This one is extremely spacious, hardwood floors, TV on this side, another exposed beam detail that wraps around the room, vaulted ceilings. And over here, we get this beautiful window looking at the side of the property, and look at all these trees the vibe, the energy here, that was pretty awesome.

- [Mickey] Pretty relaxing. - Absolutely, bed and I just love that there's an elevation difference here between the bedroom and the bathroom. You step up here and this is where you have your closet, bathroom, this stone finish, and this stucco detail that wraps on the walls, open walk-in shower, you got a water closet here. Love this rack design, and again, these uniform warm lighter tone finishes, then this on the side, same stucco details. This one actually has a kind of a ressessing section here it just kind of creates extra volume, and another closet here. It's beautiful bathrooms, huh? - [Mickey] Yeah. I love all the skylights in this house.

All the natural light coming in, all these little like light streaks on the walls. - It has a very vacation chill, just relaxed vibe. Now let's go check out the last bedroom on this wing which is gonna to start right here. Same hardwood floors, better situated on this side, more exposed beams, full bathroom around the corner with the same finishes that we've been seeing throughout. But this room has its own balcony on the second floor.

Let's go have a look. This is awesome, a lot of people associate Malibu with the ocean views, which this property, yes, by the way we can literally see the ocean on this side. But this particular area has such a green serene vibe to it. Palm trees, we have horses on the other side, this equestrian lifestyle here, we are only 30 to 45 minutes away from LA, and it feels like we're we're in the countryside. - [Mickey] Yeah, it's really nice to be this close to the beach and it has some horses in the back. - That's right in Mickey, beautiful spot, Malibu.

All right, let's continue our tour. Let's go all the way back to the landing of the second floor. Look at the length of this hallway. It's incredible.

And we have the primary bedroom all the way at the end. I mean, it's a pretty big property. Now coming back here, what else we have to cover? Of course, property is all furnished by Pacaso, they literally take care of everything for you.

That way when you come in, house is ready for you to utilize. Again, second floor landing here, volume is great. Now going through these double doors, we're gonna tour the left wing. We have these french doors opening up to balcony on this hallway that way you can kind of have access to the views and just let the ocean breeze come in. Another bedroom on this side, vaulted ceilings, full bathroom, everything you need.

And coming here, we have the staircase from the main floor right next to the kitchen coming up to the second floor. And lastly, we have these double doors at the end, opening up to your primary bedroom suite, some open shelving here, and this is where we have the bedroom itself, super spacious king size bed, seating area, I just love these fabrics and linens, which really gives you this beachy vibe. And of course, look at all these windows, facing the ocean views, palm trees. It's a pretty tranquil setup. And these rustic windows, you just leave them open, get that breeze coming in.

And honestly, if you live in Malibu, you hardly have to turn on your air conditioning. It's just so nice out here. - [Mickey] Yeah. It's like 75 during the day

and like 58, 60 at night, it's perfect. - It's your vibe Mickey? - [Mickey] That's right. And coming here, we have the fireplace, TV, again beautiful stucco finish, beam ceiling details, and the barrel ceiling design that we saw in the formal dining room area, they also have it here. It's just a nice cozy spot, your water closet with a skylight above.

Why don't you want a natural light coming into your bathroom in a water closet? You have it in this house. - [Mickey] That's right. - And coming here, we have the bathroom. Same hardwood floors are brought also here, but where we have this freestanding tub and a walk-in shower, the transition into this smooth concrete finish, concrete freestanding tub creating a nice contrast against these white floors, and look how spacious this walk-in shower is. Rainhead, darker fixtures, hand held, very beachy, very cool. I really like this house.

Now right across we have this long bendy design, fabricated out of stone. It just has this deep sink section, stucco back wall, rounded mirrors, skylight above. Again, this house just has a very warm and inviting feel to it.

Now, around the corner, Mickey, let's get a close up, primary bathroom, has a sauna. Super cool, and we have the spacious walk-in closet here, currently not finished yet and I'm sure Pacaso has great plans for it. And again, amazing primary bedroom, beautiful views, just a gorgeous property. (upbeat music) All right everyone, that's it for our property tour here at Malibu, California.

I wanna give big things to Pacaso for allowing us a tour in another one of their amazing listings. And as always, you can find more information about this property and their listings and the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoy the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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