Touring a $120,000,000 MEGA YACHT With A Rooftop POOL!

Touring a $120,000,000 MEGA YACHT With A Rooftop POOL!

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(mysterious music) (air whooshing) (flag flapping) (waves crashing) (air whooshing) (water burbling) - Hey, everyone. This week, we're coming to you from Cannes Yachting Festival and going to give you a tour of Coral Ocean, a 238-foot mega yacht built by the world's leading shipyard, Lurssen. This incredible vessel has been through a complete rebuild that cost over 35 million euros. Beautiful finishes throughout.

It's valued around 120 million euros, and it is now available for charters starting around 650,000 euros per week. It is listed by Ahoy Club. And as always, you can find more information about this vessel in the description of this video.

Make sure to check it out. And now, let's go have a look. (waves crashing) (laid-back music) (air whooshing) (seabirds squawking) We're gonna start our tour on the main deck. We have the passerelle bringing you to this point. On my left and right-hand side, we have lounging areas.

And this walkway and the staircase first brings you up to the bridge deck and then to the owner's deck. We're gonna see those levels later in the tour. The yacht looks incredible from this angle.

We are here at Cannes Yacht Show. It's a really exciting day and really excited to be on board on this vessel. Now, we have the first set of staircase here going down to the entertainment space. I say entertainment space because we have this incredible open area here, and this is where they store the toys. And when I say toys, a lot of toys. We have the foils here, wakeboards, first tender on this side.

Above us, we have these openings for the steel cranes. That way, they can kick out all these toys to the sea. And then right in the center, we have this open area with a skylight bringing natural light to the lower deck. And we're gonna see this space later in the tour. Again, we have the tender on this side.

Electric bikes here. And this space is great because once you kick out all these toys, you can open it up. They have disco lights here, outdoor speakers, and it's just a great place for you to throw a party and entertain.

Now, on the other side where Dal is, they have e-foils, Seabobs, your gym equipment on this side. And even better, they have this hydraulic side wall that opens up and creates this amazing flow with the sea. I mean, look at this. This is where you work out and then go for a swim. Dal, what do you think? - [Dal] This is pretty awesome. I thought it was gonna be hard to top our Turks and Caicos workout, but this might beat it.

- Look, he's on his e-foil right now. This is what you do when you charter a yacht like this. Just enjoy life, enjoy the sea. And we have Dal behind the camera. We're here in the Cannes Yacht Show. This is pretty awesome.

I gotta say this is one of my favorite details. And they have another hydraulic side wall that we're gonna see on the main salon. And, yeah.

And before we go inside, I wanna mention the specs of this yacht. So it's 238 feet long, 13-meter beam, 1,526 gross tons valued around 120 million euros. It's an incredible vessel. It was actually built in 1994. Went through a rebuild and refit in 2022.

They have spent over 35 million euros. Vessel looks incredible. Six massive staterooms including the owner's stateroom.

Can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. Available for charters. And again, we're really excited to be here. Now, going this way, we have a sliding glass door here opening up to the rest of the main deck. Off of the landing, we have beautiful oak hardwood floors.

Agate wall piece here that's backlit. Mood lighting above. And on my left-hand side, we have a staircase taking us down to the lower deck.

Following the hallway, mirrored panel walls. Oversized handles with LED lighting. And the hallway here takes us to the main salon.

This is an incredible space with multiple seating areas. You have the oversized couch on this side, custom carpet, this massive ottoman. And what's so interesting about this piece of furniture here is the fact that you can press a button and you have a TV that slides underneath the ottoman and pops up right here. We currently have it closed right now. That way, you can enjoy the views from this side as well.

I'm mentioning the views because we have a six-meter wide side wall that hydraulically opens up and creates amazing continuity with the outdoors. This is your secondary seating area. Glass railing. I mean, this is incredible. This is technically your floating living room within your yacht.

How amazing is this, Dal? - [Dal] This is incredible. We've toured a lot of yachts, but this might take the cake. - Yeah, I was gonna say this feature right here is really my favorite.

And the rest of the room, again, super spacious. Mood lighting above. We have a door here opening up to a day head and opening up to a hallway that leads us to the crew mess. So you have an easy access there. And lastly, we have these pocket doors opening up to the dining area.

This is another phenomenal space that is furnished so beautifully. Right in the center, we have this stunning marble dining table. Seating for 12, leather chairs, chandelier above. And look at the cutlery, plating, and accessories here. This room is absolutely gorgeous. You have built-in cabinetry throughout.

Another wall piece right here. Mood lighting. We have two master windows looking to the outside. And on this side, we have these open displays where you can showcase your spirits, all LED-lit.

Just a beautiful space that really complements the salon. Now, that's it for the main deck. Now, let's go check out the lower deck. (chill music) - The lower deck starts right here where we have the swim platform. Nice and open space.

Outdoor shower on this side, built-in umbrella. This charter comes with a Pardo chase boat, so I wanna point that out. Beautiful vessel. You have your lounging chairs here. Passerelle right above me. And this is the first watertight door that leads us to the spa.

This is another great space and an amenity that this vessel provides. We have this glass door here opening up to your steam shower. Mosaic tiles throughout. I really like this custom wall feature here with the decoration. You have star lights above, LED lighting. Your fixtures on this side, steam outlets.

You have a steam shower here. Now, on the other side, you have a spacious walk-in shower with rain head above. Again, all mosaic tiles. And coming here, additional storage on the right-hand side.

This door opens up to a day head. Beautiful vanity with a marble countertop. Brass fixture. Toilet on this side. And coming back here, we have another watertight door that leads us to a hallway where we have four spacious guest staterooms.

Coming here, we're right in the center where we have all these rooms around us. Skylight above. And this is the skylight that we saw on the main deck just bringing natural light to the space. Wall sconces. Beautiful textures, soft carpet. And I'm gonna start our tour with this guest stateroom right here.

King size bed, soft carpet on the floors, built-in cabinetry. You have your desk setup here, TV on this side. Candles, diffusers, room smells incredible.

It's super quiet in here. And on this side, we have the bed with a padded back wall. Reading lights that are leather wrapped. Wall sconces. Side tables. It's pretty amazing, and these guest staterooms are very comfortable, very good size. Now, coming here, we have this opening taking us to the bathroom.

Marble floors throughout with gold mosaic inlay. Cupboard space. Floating vanity on this side.

Vessel sink, brass fixtures, LED-lit mirror. Automatic toilet that's right behind me. And we have this glass partition wall here separating the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom. And this walk-in shower is super spacious. Rain head above. Beautiful modern fixtures.

And the windows here are actually opaque. Meaning, a push of a button, you can clear 'em and get the views or you can have 'em like this where it protects your privacy in your bathroom. Now, that's it for this guest stateroom. I wanna take everybody back to the landing so we can check out the room right on the other side.

I wanna take everybody here because this stateroom comes with two single beds. It's versatile, meaning you can have it like this or they can join these beds together and make it another king size bed. Leather-padded back walls, reading lights, more windows. Another desk setup here, TV. And I really like that each one of these staterooms have a different color palette.

It's slightly different. So each one of these rooms have their own identity. Again, very comfortable, very quiet here, very relaxing. And around the corner, we have this opening taking us to the bathroom. Same marble floors are also here.

We have stone wainscotting, glass panels above. Your vanity design here with a vessel sink. LED-lit mirror. And of course, you have another spacious walk-in shower. Beautiful marble fabrication.

Rain head above. Another great bathroom. Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can continue our tour. We toured the first two guest staterooms. We have another one on this side that comes with a king size bed.

Again, another spacious bathroom. And we have the last one right here. In total, we have four guest staterooms on this level. And lastly, we have the staircase here taking you back to the main deck. And now, let's go check out the bridge deck. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, here we are.

Off of the landing, on my left-hand side, we have the VIP stateroom, which we're gonna tour in a bit. Coming this way, on my right-hand side, we have the bar. Beautiful glass displays on the back. Custom fabrication here with marble countertop.

Love the cabinetry here. And this bar has everything you need: Sink, ice maker, dishwasher, all that good stuff. Now, this bar services the lounge on this level which is another great seating area.

You have so much natural light coming in. Sliding glass doors on each side. Then, we have the motorized sliding glass doors opening up to the deck on this level.

I really wanna compliment the furniture here. It looks so exquisite. Lighter tones. Custom carpet cut here that defines the first seating area.

And on the other side, we have the second seating area. And I really like the champagne color banding on the bottom of the furniture here. Just a nice color contrast.

And this is an awesome space for you to sit down, relax, and enjoy this incredible vessel. Now, let's hit the button here, open up, one more time. Open up these motorized sliding glass doors and check out this amazing outdoor space. We have the first seating area on my right, second seating area right here.

I really like these glass partition walls, which blocks the wind and makes the space feel a little bit more comfortable. And coming here, you have some storage areas. And around the corner, more outdoor seating, built-in day beds.

We have the first side deck on this side that leads you to the bow. Second deck on the other side. They're super wide, and it's just another great outdoor space. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the landing, so we can continue our tour on this side. On my left-hand side, we have another day head with a modern pedestal sink. And we have this opening taking us to a private lounge dedicated for the VIP stateroom.

It's another great seating area. We have the main couch on this side, lounging chair here, massive TV, desk setup, mood lighting above, and more of these sliding glass doors opening up to the side deck and to these amazing views. Coming here, we have the additional pocket doors leading us to the VIP stateroom itself. This room can easily qualify as another primary bedroom suite.

It's so spacious. We have the king size bed on this side. Pop-up TV right here.

Built-in closet. Room is actually full beam. You have sliding glass doors opening up to the side decks. Mood lighting above, padded walls, gorgeous textures. They have candles, diffusers, room smells incredible. The entire yacht has such a relaxing energy to it.

And this is the VIP stateroom. Now, I wanna take everybody this way so we can check out the bathroom. Again, marble floors throughout with this gold mosaic inlay. Walk-in shower here, rain head above.

Massive window. In fact, let me show this to everyone. There you go. You get the views. If you want some privacy, there you go. You can just fog it up.

You have the floating vanity here. Again, marble countertop, brass fixtures, LED-lit mirror right here, and another great bathroom. And that wraps our tour on the bridge deck. Now, let's go check out what's above me.

(soothing music) Now, let's go check out this level. Oak hardwood floors. We have two small kitchenettes here servicing the outdoors. And we have these automatic doors opening up to this incredible space located on the aft. Right in the center, we got this stunning dining table that sits 10.

Space heaters above. And on the right-hand side, we have an outdoor kitchen. And this kitchen has everything you need: Teppanyaki grill, stove top, fridge, sink. And that way, chef can cook here and serve the food directly to the dining table. Now, it gets better. On the other side, they have a full-fledged bar.

Everything you need: Sink, ice makers, countertop space. And this is just great for charters for people to enjoy the outdoors here and get everything they need. On top of that, we have two massive lounging areas. This one has the table currently down right now, so you can accommodate seven, eight people very comfortably. On the other side, we have the table up, so you can see the different variety they can do to accommodate as many people as possible up on this side.

Just a beautiful space for you to enjoy the outdoors. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the landing so we can continue our tour. On this side, we have a door here opening up to another day head.

Door on my right-hand side leads you to the sun deck, which we'll see in a bit. And before we tour the owner's stateroom, I wanna go in here to tour the treatment room. Right in the center, we have a massage table. Vanity on this side with a vessel sink. Mosaic wall, skylight above.

And they actually have a full-time beautician on board as part of your charter experience. That way, you can get manicures, pedicures, massages, which is pretty incredible. Now, that's it for this space. Right next door, we have the owner's stateroom.

Let's go have a look. Off of the landing, we have this long hallway that brings us to this point. Now, what's above me is really interesting. This is a glass skylight that is located on the bottom of the Jacuzzi that is located on the sundeck.

And it brings so much natural light here. You can have it clear like this or you can push a button and you can frost it and just have natural light come into the space. We have all this built-in closets here.

And the rest of the hallway takes us to two rooms and the bedroom itself. I'm gonna start with the room right here, which is the bathroom. We have an infrared sauna here, which is a great amenity.

Then, you have a spacious walk-in shower with two rain heads. Custom wall piece right here that gives great contrast to the lighter tones of this bathroom. Mosaic tiles on the floors. Massive windows looking out to the views.

Another one of these TOTO toilets. Mosaic back wall. And again, finishes are very uniform throughout. We have the floating vanity here, vessel sink, LED-lit mirror, glass shelves. Beautiful bathroom. Now, let's go back to the hallway. Right on the other side, we have the walk-in closet.

This is a spacious room. I love the windows here bringing so much natural light. Mood lighting above. Another custom wall piece. LED-lit mirror, vessel sink. You have a small hair washing station here and the rest of your cabinetry that complements the owner's stateroom.

Now, let's go back to the hallway so we can check out the bedroom itself. Now, off of the entry, right above me, we have another skylight bringing natural light. And we will see this skylight once we get up to the sundeck. Short pony wall here separating the bed from the entry. And look at this room, it's so spacious.

We have all these picture windows facing the views. Since this stateroom sits up front, you just get these clear view openings. Mood lighting above. King size bed. Leather paneled back wall. And again, it's so comfortable to be here.

I love the desk setup on this side. They have a leather-wrapped Nespresso machine here. That's even branded and blended into the design elements of this yacht. Right here, we have this massive cabinet, and it hides the pop-up TV. That way, you can have it open like this. Or if you wanna watch TV, push of a button, you can raise the TV up.

Seating areas. Just a gorgeous owner's stateroom. And that wraps our tour on this level.

Now, let's go check out the sundeck. (relaxing music) This is one of my favorite parts of this incredible vessel. We're on the sundeck right now. And since we're elevated or since we're on the top level, we get incredible views. They have glass railing throughout, which makes the space feel a little bit more comfortable.

Blocks the wind. We have the first outdoor lounging area here. Skylight that is right in front of me brings natural light to the owner's stateroom. And right in front of us, we have the bow. Over there, we have a few tenders, Jet Ski, crane.

And I believe this charter yacht comes with two Jet Skis, so I wanted to point out the bow. And coming back here, again, this is your lounging area. We're here in Cannes Yacht Show. Beautiful weather. And this seating area is complemented with this built-in umbrella. Now, right behind the seating area, we have the oversized Jacuzzi.

Looks incredible. Right in the center, we have a glass skylight that brings natural light to the landing of the owner's stateroom. Your outdoor shower. It's just a great spot for you to enjoy the outdoors. And coming here, more seating areas.

And then, we have the steps taking us to the sky lounge. You can see the curved sliding glass doors. And walking in, right above me, we have two motorized skylights opening up the space to more fresh air.

And again, beautiful accessories, cutlery. And they can actually lower this table and make this a lounging area as well. Next to that, we have a full bar.

Everything you need: Ice maker, dishwasher, sink. Glass walls bring in a ton of natural light. And this is the main seating area of the sky lounge. I love these oversized sofas.

They look so comfortable. 85-inch TV that drops down from the ceiling. And we have more sliding glass doors here opening up to the aft on this level where we have more incredible views. I really appreciate the amount of outdoor spaces we have on each one of the levels, and I'm really glad that we got an opportunity to tour this incredible vessel.

(refreshing music) All right, everyone. That's it from Coral Ocean. Hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to Ahoy Club for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about them and this vessel in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week.

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