Touring $2,500,000 Mediterranean Architecture Summerhouse Villa in Kayakoy, Fethiye

Touring $2,500,000 Mediterranean Architecture Summerhouse Villa  in Kayakoy, Fethiye

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today what we are going to see is two floors three bedrooms three bathrooms around 150 200 square meter villa in the cayo village with the price of two million five hundred thousand dollars let's start order [Music] what's up everybody this is serious burger i am so excited today because i am in the village of my grandmother kaya village infiti and we are in this great weather seeing this amazing house kayak village is a greek village from 19th century the greeks were living on these houses on my behind around 3 000 people were living here and the idea why they built their houses on the hill was they left the plain land for making a better agriculture here but in the first world war all these greek people has been went back to their country greece and immigrants came and moved in these houses but at the earthquake of 1957 these houses has been damaged today we see a great antique town it's giving a great view to the places here it's so cold also feti is a touristic town which is 15 minutes away from here and always this place is 5 to 10 degree cooler even the summer months so if you are planning to come here for holiday purpose or owning a house here you will have a cooler weather maybe you will not need any air condition i'm so excited today because this will be the best video ever the reason is this is the house of details each point we will see an amazing architectural details they made a nice country house design in the village of kayaker and let's start our tour and i will start explaining the house while entering to the house the main door is giving the feeling that we are in the village even our ring is so natural this main door we see authentic wooden door maybe even this wooden door is fitted from 100 years old old wood doors and they made it to turn into an entrancer it's so natural manually even i like this sound we open the door it takes us to the driveway to this driveway you can easily fit your three four cars in the house after you close the door it gives a full privacy insight before getting into the house i kept my expectations solo but after i entered i said wow how did the guys has created in this village this place what we see from the outside facade let's explain it's a two floors building naturally built even we see the white shapes on the limestone on second floor on the first floor they made a stone coverage old walls and some red car red bricks we see which is normally used on the roof they made the finishing stair and it gives us a small driveway from this driveway we are walking to this entrance cute entrance door this while i'm walking this cute cute road there is a small entrance door but even from entering here i hear now the the noise of small wooden door and on the behind i see the old cray village historical houses this is the original cave village house from a to z this left hand side what you see this small cute house this is for children when they come in the summertime they can play in this small house and be between the grosses we see they fitted in some woods for walking and all these woods are following us around we have a nice designed garden on this corner we have an open plan garden kitchen in turkish old houses you generally see this because in our houses we have some fireplace over here you can cook your uh we call ghostlame some foods in this place and we have a suton countertop it's you can see same kitchen in 1950s of the turkish houses it is classic kitchen a stone countertop small you see colorful stones inside this countertop is very well made and natural wood some shelf here and from this kitchen we see the nice swimming pool and all the way the terrace and the country style house it's so silent area we are now in a nice sunny sunday here and from this walking way i would like to take you to around the swimming pool they try to use all natural materials that gives the old feeling of a house it remembers me the houses in italy france they're like this when you close this door here the swimming pool site is separated generally why they do this is sometimes there are dogs in the house they don't want to get close to swimming pool and sometimes for also small children too for security reasons i like the bean shape of the swimming pool it's looking so natural and clean and inside the swimming pool what you see they didn't use classic ceramic it's a normal shaped stones are filled and between these stones there is the limestone finishing and same countertop stairs on the kitchen is on the swimming pool stairs and we have a four some beds and in the middle of some bit i'm getting into details because each detail is nicely thought this is a natural wood piece coffee table here for the summer days you can put your drink and enjoy your day under the sun i'm turning around the swimming pool still we see some authentic furnitures here we see some paintings has been lost but it's also looking nice in this place we have a great tree over here this under this nice tree and smell of this green and flowers we have a hammock and when you sit on this hammock with your book you will never want to leave this place by the way why greeks were living here because this kaya village land is so uh with full of soil and water so that in these lands you can grow whatever you want so that these gardens are so productive on this corner of swimming pool they made it from this it looks like man hank you you did you play when you were children uh man hank game this manhattan game designed wood they made a garden shower here and also maybe you didn't notice to not to damage the picture of the house they put the outside machine of the air condition in this place so it means that they moved all the pipes under the ground it reached to inside the house let's make the long story short i'm going to take you inside the house you're not expecting something like this isn't it it's still not finished there are many small details i will mention this video will never ending with you this wooden natural balcony it's they didn't use concrete they didn't use the bricks and we don't see any cables not only this look at this balcony it's natural steel the uh details they have the wooden finishings inside and it lost its paint but it's looking so natural it gives the beauty to the house and stone finishings these huge woods and look at this how heavy it is and i see the small details of this wood maybe this was a 50 years old uh from tree they put it here and give this nice shape and on behind big picture you have a picturesque magnificent car village you from the greek houses and again we have a thick wood garden balcony table here easily eight people 10 people can dine here you can have barbecue here and we have four chandeliers it's by the way no light inside we can put candle here let's see no light you will put inside the candles and light here your night with the natural candles like 19th century and we enter from the balcony to the inside of the house on this corner white paint limestone paint some small textile they use grey textile here and as in all corners like on this house we have the nice accessorizes some hangings here some wooden birdhouse one bird accessory and bicycles paintings on the wall and from here from balcony same countertop stone we seen on the kitchen on the garden and same one is here and we are getting into the house so what you maybe notice is the house is not covered with stone it's made from stone so this huge stone is from inside and outside same stone is us here so all the first floor of the house is made on stone and on the floorings we don't see laminated wood we see the actual root on the floor you see it's heaviness each wood piece came together and made the natural flooring of this house this is the living room i am sure you are not expecting something like this inside the house is marvelous we have a fireplace on this corner huge mirror and the huge gallery hall is following all around the house the fireplace around the they use the green dark marble pieces here and around this marble pieces we see the some wooden corners and countertop of the fireplace which makes this place looks like a country house and it remembers me the the tv series i watch about uk kingdom like a english queen's house is here and we have the mar green marble and green frame mirror which the height is more than two meters i don't know how they hang it and left and right and say side we see the small wall lightnings here finishing this stone look and still the country's style furnitures are following in the house we have two sofa here one big coffee table a huge tv setup even the tv setup units woodies naturally made no paint it's naturally looking beautiful and we have a huge race here you can hide your goals here and keep it under the ground it's huge this part is the formal dining area of the house it is designed to cover 10 people again natural wood and two chandelier chandelier finishings and also look at the top what i see is wood steel and red bricks and how they put the red bricks on this place it gives a nice magnificent look on the top and outside when you look at the outside you see this huge tree with the wind how it is shaking and the nice true class color swimming pool and the greenery of all all around and of course the view of the cryo village from this part i would like to take you to open to line kitchen kitchen is still country style but more modernized by choosing the white color we have the country style franker branded white goods oven two ovens we have here and white finishing items and the these are the bronze color and the brand is frankie here they use the white countertop white shelves all these wardrobes are white and bronze handles here and over we have the modern glass cooker but design is country style and brand is frankie you can put your coffee machines all the items here and even from the this glass wardrobes you see the flower textile they use it it makes the how they use the small details in this house and here in the middle island we have a uh some lightning here on the top and you can put some accessories over here and on these corners it has four lights on the corner and some classic look we have a weight here it remembers the old bazaars when i was child they they were waiting the things over these weights a black fridge here seaman's branded and from this part we are passing to the bedrooms on this floor we have one bedroom and on this floor we have two bedrooms and top floor we have the master bedroom let's start from this one it's a garden floor bedroom again country style wardrobes bites has been used we see all the wooden finishings inside the house double bed has been settled here some walls are limestone paints and some walls are bricks has been used you see natural red bricks has been used and from behind the curtain what you see is the outside beautiful garden each corner of the house is suitable for the magazine maison franchise you can put take the photos of the house and publish on the internet this is the ensuite bathroom of this house of this room they used more modern style in the bathroom white ceramics has been used but still we see the good quality craftsmanship has been used in the house and white when it is set up and shower here and from the ceramics we see the flowers passing from top to down this is the first bedroom of the house and next door we will see the second bedroom this door this wooden door what you see is the main entrance of the house but in the reality i guess you will never be going to use this door because mostly people will come from the front terrace this is the second bedroom i can say is the children room let me take on the lights turn on the lights they put some blackboard here i think this is a children's room because they have the blackboard two single beds even they have the cute small chair here look how cute it is behind the window and even these are country style wooden wardrobes and the small niches details here we see this part we have a bigger bathroom they use the olive green vanity setup we see small details from the handles here and white white top and silver finishings and mirrors like this and to get the light it's like a classic and i'm it's like looking like a film studio design with the lights and these finishings you have the shower set up here different type and shape of ceramics has been used this bathroom is a green bathroom from the design and from this finishing detail why this bathroom is little bigger the washing machine is in this space and you have many other space to easily settle your drying and other machines the tour is going on the tour is ongoing the red bricks still on here again and the stairs limestone and finishing with the woods it is the classic white and wood which means country style and this is the gallery halls upstairs mezzanine floor of the house on this mezzanine floor they put one bed in the middle like this it's not so effectively used but as a decoration purpose it looks very nice it's a big space you can turn this space the master bedrooms sitting area overlooking the swimming pool and the downstairs still same wooden finishings we see on the floorings and we have some historical which is classic additional stuff keeping wardrobe turkey style and here on my behind the cute beautiful master bedroom master bedroom has a natural wood separator between the bed and the walk-in closet and the bathroom area here we have some island in the middle for the accessories and all the wardrobes on l shape designed on the corner and on or behind we have the curtains overlooking outside the green area and behind here we have the master bathroom what surprised me is in the bathrooms they used a very small and nicely designed interesting mirrors the mirror is 20 centimeter by 20 centimeters it is very small normally we could hold the whole mirror so we have the when it is set up here the finishings are the bronze and walking shower here and two walls three walls same ceramic but behind of this shower bronze shower and a waterfall system they have the nicely painted servings here it's like a telephone yes the house we have three bedrooms let's come to bedside here we have a nice double bed again country style we have a one shop in turk it's called caravans right they generally sell these kind of country style furnitures and outside this bedroom has the best view by the way because outside you have it like bigger than romaj juliet balcony easily two people can sit outside your tree and on behind the kaya village historical house and one side of the wall in the room is natural stone behind we have wooden separation and from this space we will go out and show you the library of the house this part of the house mezzanine floor overlooking to the downstairs living room we have these red bricks inside these red bricks this is the library part of the house the wooden natural wooden shelves it can easily keep more than 1000 books in this space and from here it takes us to do beautiful terrace this terrace is around 30 40 meters square and overlooking all the greenery area and downstairs of the garden of the house in kaya village you cannot find more than two floors even the construction is not allowed here to add new houses so whatever you see here it will stay forever like this it's a perfect protection area so today i'm so excited because i showed you this nice house inside my grandmother's village kai village if you are coming to cairo village what you can do you can come for eating ghoslam there there are a bunch of girls lemon places here because it's very nice greenery area to eat turkish pancakes also there are famous turkish kebab restaurants you cook yourself and eat yourself which is the name is jimbal you can come and try here and from this space easily you can go to oly dennis in 10 minutes fetish center in 10 minutes and of course dalaman airport is from here around 45 minutes this is kaya village if you have any questions about this place kay village fetia don't forget to comment under the video ask your questions and don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like this video thank you for watching the broker is out

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