Topic of Tourism - Live lessons - Private Group for Band 7+ GOLD

Topic of Tourism - Live lessons - Private Group for  Band 7+ GOLD

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um hello there everybody hi nice to see you i love a bit of rock and roll in the middle of the day to keep my energy going and uh keep me full of beans for all of this live lesson listen it's wonderful to see you here how are you um we're obviously live in the facebook group um i'm just going to check that's all working in a moment we've got this is our well our second live lesson for the gold course right um that we've ever done you'll remember the live lessons so i turn the music off it's a bit loud the live lessons um are the second thursday and the third thursday of each month so today is the third thursday and it's our second live lesson last week we talked about photography and we answered different questions around that today we're going to be looking at this topic um tourism which is another very popular atomic topic topic a very popular topic in ielts speaking these months so there are a lot of questions in the the bank of questions from january to april that involve tourism and traveling abroad i'm gonna look at those today and go through them with you so lots of exciting stuff um before i tell you more about the lesson let's see who's here in the house um who's here odon good to see you hold on hold on great um also we've got hanyu ali nice to see you again and you too and from facebook from myanmar now if you want your name to appear here then you have to do the following with me right um i'm going to give you a link in the facebook group now and what i want you to do is click on the link okay let me put that in now um and this will take you to the ecam app and it gives facebook for note it gives ecamm the permission to get your name from the facebook group once you've done this then you only need to do it once right for the next year or more so don't worry if you did it last time for example grace grace from ksa did it last time i can see jingfu as well nice to see you judy hello everyone um jake is here as well with his nice avatar and stefano good morning from italy it's 12 o'clock which is interesting because in england after 12 o'clock that afternoon because it's after noon right but here in spain and maybe italy until you've had your lunch it's morning so even though it's like two o'clock in the afternoon if you haven't had your lunch yet people here say good morning or buenos dias it's interesting right different concepts of afternoon and morning so if you um click on that link that i just sent through hopefully you can see it um then your name will come up like this nice to see you again as well sylvia is here hi again good to see you uh timor lovely to see you again i hope it's not too cold where you are and suman hi from south korea lovely people from all over the world very very nice so listen it's great to see you all here nice to see so many people joining us um and what should we do what should we do let me tell you what we're going to look at today okay um i'll put this up in fact shall i get in the screen let me come in the screen as well let me appear i should be able to appear here we are tourism right today's topic is tourism so we're going to look at tourism um we're going to look at the vocabulary so i'll be having a look at the vocabulary um collocations i'd like to look at um i'd like to look at questions some typical questions about what do tourists do and what of course do you do as a tourist right be interesting to find out um in addition we're going to look over at some common questions because as i mentioned this topic is very popular nowadays so it's it's a good one to cover in part two i found at least four questions that students have told me they've been asked which are related for example describe a place you visited on vacation right vacation holiday um so this is a it's a common question that's coming up and one that you're you're gonna find not only for part two but of course for part three as well part three questions like what are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country and would you say tourism is a positive or a negative development we're going to discuss that topic quite a lot today so get your pens and papers and notepads ready to make notes although do remember i will give you a copy of the uh the pdf later as well okay um and we are going to look at some idioms today we didn't do any last time but i feeling that this topic actually has lots of idioms whoops um it has idioms like this one uh to have or to get itchy feet hmm interesting right i wonder what that means well today we're going to find out about these idioms related to the topic of tourism lovely also after popular demand i've decided to make a kahoot so we can finish with the game of kahoot which is a lovely way to revise and review the vocabulary we've looked at and also there'll be time for some questions as well and you may know i like experimenting right so i'm also going to do an experiment at the end of this live lesson the live lesson is normally around one hour to one and a half hours at the end of the lesson i'm going to invite you to follow me to a zoom room and we'll do some breakout rooms in zoom just for 20 minutes breakout room is where in zoom i'll put you randomly with one other person so two two and two a little bit like noah's ark you'll go into a room with one other person where you get a chance to meet them and chat to them just for five minutes and we'll do that a couple of times just so that you can get a chance to meet each other and practice speaking with each other just for five or ten minutes so at the very end of the live lesson we'll do that together we'll do it on zoom i'll show you the way so stick around for that as well if you have time i love to experiment so it'd be interesting to see what you think about all of that as well okay so that's the plan for today let's see how you're all doing who else has joined us here um we've got zaintlias nice to see you hello there um lucy is here who else kaid ishiyaki from japan nice to see you we've also got i might pronounce this wrong marker is it i'm not sure but great to see you ha tranquility as well nice to see you fabio from italy another from italy you've just bought a ticket for a volleyball semi-final good for you my friend nice eva thank you for posting your video in the group that was really interesting seeing your children whip your ass so to speak very interesting juliana is here as well nice to see you juliana welcome okay good excellent so um let's begin well let's begin at the very beginning we're going to look at vocabulary right vocabulary um to start with and i was going to look at collocations get out of the way so collocations let's have a look together um over here so i call this essential vocabulary i think it's you know important vocabulary if we're going to talk about this topic for tourism right so let's begin with the basics and get more difficult okay the basics are tourism is the noun right tourism um it's an uncountable noun let's just make that clear right so tourism for example tourism is getting more and more popular now ever since the pandemic well this is interesting right in some countries let's say in europe as the pandemic situation is improving tourism tourism tourism is getting more and more popular now okay i understand i was looking at the um images in beijing the other day and also hong kong i think has had a difficult time where the the pandemic has shot up again so it's not everywhere that it's getting better but it's an example right uncountable we've then got a tourist which is the person and of course that is a countable noun there are lots of tourists in london of course very very simple okay um there are plenty of tourists even now in london we've got quite a few tourists popping up in santander i'm going to change that because i like that i just realized popping up in santander which is where i live right i'm originally from manchester in england manchester but um i've moved over to spain i live here now and there are plenty of tourists popping up appearing right in santander because tourism is getting more popular the english people are coming to spain on holiday and there's a boat that comes to santander tourists are popping up left right and center another expression let's put that in left right and center we're building up our complex sentences right there are plenty of tourists popping up left right and center in santander great um right good oh i've seen we've got some users from china hello there we can't get your name but if you um listen i'm not sure maybe you're on a vpn i don't know if this works but if you haven't got your name appearing um i'll put the link in again you can press this link to the ecam app give facebook permission say yes and uh i've just put it in the chat and that will mean i can get your name up on the uh on the screen as well okay ecam is the software i use right you don't need it it's just for me great good juliana says tourism used to be hugely popular before the wave of kovid lovely english very very nice i like it good so we can go on from tourism and other synonyms right sorry for tourists so if we're talking about the people right a tourist for example we can also say a holidaymaker a sightseer a backpacker and a traveler now the thing to notice with all of those nouns is the stress is on the first syllable in many languages i noticed particularly in asia when you have a two-syllable noun you often put the stress on the second syllable you say backpacker football but in english we don't we say football football backpacker traveler right you stress the first syllable so practice that make sure you get it right a holiday maker a sightseer a backpacker backpacker a traveler so usually in english with a noun with two syllables we stress the first one usually right most of the time good tip for you to know okay fabio you're pigging out are lovely i love to see you practicing new language okay um collocations let's move on and talk about collocations um with tourist first london is a tourist friendly city so tourist-friendly obviously means it's um suitable for tourists it's compatible or it's it's good it's friendly right we have other collocations like user-friendly like an app or children friendly like a restaurant tourist friendly for a city right so a tourist friendly city will typically have a tourist office a hop-on hop-off bus and tour guides that you can pay an arm and a leg for usually but it's tourist-friendly right maybe if a lot of people locally speak english that can be tourist friendly depending where you are in the world um another collocation um not as a noun but as an adjective taurus spending so tourists becoming an adjective here so not only spending in the uk has dropped but tourist spending in the uk has dropped since the pandemic or we could say if we want to let's make it more complex tourist spending it's excuse me it's two words tori's spending um is picking up again now the covered wave is dying down so taur is spending same collocation is picking up again so to pick up here just means to increase to get better again very natural spoken english right so instead of improving or getting better we can say picking up now the kovid wave is dying down to die down to to read to die down to reduce or to get smaller it's an unfortunate choice of word i realize now with covid but it's the phrasal verb right to decrease okay we're just picking up your english here improving your english lovely great um and we've got an extra on um fabio let me share this because i like this one a tourist trap is another one so a tourist trap is a place or some activity where they charge tourists too much money a lot of money so a tourist trap for example a lot of the tour guides in the city they can charge a lot of money right and it can be a tourist trap so you could say i don't know this tour guide is too expensive [Music] it's a tourist trap the idea that they are ripping off tourists to rip off to charge too much i'm going to emphasize these words rip off picking up dying down are very much spoken english words right a lot of phrasal verbs are spoken english we use them much more in spoken english than writing although it's possible in writing but like ripoff is very colloquial you would never write that unless you're me a teacher but it's something we say right so that this tour guide is too expensive it's a tourist trap it's ripping you off it's too expensive okay nice lovely um we can also have other collocations of course take a holiday book a holiday go on a holiday and again you'll notice what i'm trying to do here is just remind you about pronunciation right so take a holiday if you can start connecting you'll sound so much more natural take a holiday taker take a holiday book book booker holiday and it becomes one sound book a holiday go on go one go one like one like the number one go one go on go on a holiday go on holiday go on holiday right try them with me take a holiday book a holiday go on a holiday boom you notice i headbutt go on a holiday when i stress the words it's because i'm a teacher go i'm stressing with my head go on a holiday obviously don't speak like that in the street okay i'm going to just share a little tool with you it's one of my favorite tools for collocations i've told a lot of students about it but if you don't know it yet do go and check it out um this tool is ostic i've just put a link in the chat um ostic collocation tool it's a collocation dictionary and it is a gold mine of collocations um let me show you if i can i'll just uh show you the website very briefly how it works um so i've put in the word holiday right basically holiday it's a noun so it gives me adjectives that can go with it let me zoom in a bit enjoyable holiday exciting holiday dream holiday right it can then give you verbless holiday go on a holiday have a holiday take a holiday like we've just been through you can then have holiday plus the noun holiday destination holiday resort i mean you can see right this is an absolute gold mine of great collocations and how to see the word in context so often i talk to students about learning vocabulary in context don't just learn holiday noun no you need to learn the collocations the words that go together and examples this dictionary i think is is a dream it's a dream um look you can just get lots of information and look at all these examples lots of examples you can practice with right so it's called ostic when you go to the homepage you just put in a word um like tourist click and it goes you there get straight away coach load a party of tourists a coach load of tourists great absolutely love it so go and check it out i think you will learn a lot from that tool if you don't know it already it's one of my favorites it really is right good where are we collocations we were on collocations okay um now i'm gonna move on because we talked about collocations right and i said the other thing i want to look at um is some questions what do tourists do okay talking about what the tourists do what are the typical activities that we may find taurus like to do um what do you think maybe first of all you can tell me what kind of things do tourists like to do put it in the chat and let me know i'll leave the question up and i can finish my coffee i am [Music] right what have we got zayn visit monuments nice stefano this is good i like this there's one thing i'm going to change right is when we say cruise tourism um whoops oh sorry about that cruise tourism take out the take out the it's not the it's just without the cruise tourism is expanding right snap a photo nicely tien very very nice um sightseeing of course sightseeing we can say with the collocation go sightseeing as you did says udita you're almost there but it's great that you have that small mistake because now we can teach everybody it's go sightseeing without the two right i go sightseeing you go to the museum but generally i go sightseeing lucy says take photos of course uh sylvia shopping right absolutely and you're trying local dishes and snacks there's some nice words we can use there i'm going to look at in a moment lucy explore instagramable stories instagramable stores i like shops instagramable that's really nice you can tell you're a millennium a millennia a millennia and i'm not but yeah instagramable moments instagramable shops instagramable pictures absolutely jack they usually kick up their feet on a sandy on a sandy beach right on a sandy beach nice um what else true says relax enjoy the local food yet yang nice um am i still no i'm good good sightseeing enjoying the local cuisine sunbathing great hey paola nice to see you wandering around the city that's nice wandering around the city right love it honestly i guess they tend to do as much sightseeing as possible yes on top of that they might like sunbathing and enjoying the nightlife maybe running after some local gorgeous lasses right sunbathing and enjoying so you've got the sunbathing enjoying chasing running after local gorgeous lassies again young people you guys you're all so young alas of course is a girl in british english by the way this saturday just to let you know this saturday um i do have a video a recorded video on youtube and it's all about how to sound british it's lots of words that the british people use to help you understand british english it reminded me when you said lassies great so brilliant lots of nice stuff there let's have a quick look together um at some of what you said and some extra things here so you've mentioned visit tourist attractions shall i make this a wee bit bigger a wee bit bigger visit tourist attractions go sightseeing remember or we can say these are the same see the sights so the sights of the tourist attractions take in the sights take in do you remember we said phrasal verbs are very common in spoken english to take in is to absorb absorb to to look at um and to enjoy maybe that's the best way to say to take in equals in in this context right to look at and enjoy take in actually has a lot of different meanings but in this context it's to look at and enjoy to take in nice you talked about eating local snacks so you can also say local delicacies delicacies the word the stress happens to be on the first again delicacies delicacies delicacies delicacies you can try out local gastronomy gastronomy stress on the uh [Music] astronomy so the gastronomy is the local food gastronomy just means food it's a bit of a more sophisticated word slightly more professional but in speaking especially in ielts speaking it's a great word to use right the local gastronomy um what do you mean i mean local snacks local delicacies if we're visiting uh italy maybe that could be i don't know could it be um the calzone pizza could it be osobuku could it be any of the famous local dishes that you've got there right visit museums buy souvenirs go shopping you said somebody said um what was it take instagramable moments take photos of instagramable moments or visit instagramable shops right i think was the one somebody said is it instagramable look at that even microsoft doesn't recognize it or apple shops or stores it's all the same absolutely again it's a word you can say although you wouldn't say it zen says no sound sen i'm pretty sure the sound is coming i saw your message it seems to be working double check on your speaker or if anybody else can't here let me know um enjoy local culture i'm going to add that as well because that's much more specific and that's really good enjoy local culture [Music] and of course if you say enjoy local culture you probably want to give it some examples um like visiting museums or going to the going to the theater maybe if you visit london you should enjoy the local culture um by visiting a local theater on the west end go and watch a musical so giving some examples would be a good good idea right great what else have we got juliana says to my mind nice i like that to my mind in my opinion i'd say that tourists are fancy that tourists fancy exploring famous cities and visiting the most jaw-dropping landscapes lovely jaw-dropping great i'm going to take out the r and just make it clear it's a tourists right tourists to my mind i'd say that tourists fancy which means like exploring famous cities nice juliana it's great tourist is the singular tourists is the plural it's very hard to get it tourists you kind of go taurus you stop and then you go a bit like like a snake tourists tourists can you try it's not easy but with a bit of practice you'll pick it up right great zayn it's okay the sound is okay gastronomy dishes um not gastric no gastronomic dishes so uh juliana you would say trying local excuse me trying local gas so i'll put up your question because it's a good question gastronomic is the adjective trying local gastronomic dishes okay nice excellent go camping says yeah go camping absolutely so there's lots of things there great um now in the facebook group the other day in our group i shared this link with you i'm going to share it again and i'm just going to show you because i think it's worth having a look at for the vocabulary you can find there right it's a very interesting website i'll just show you there's the link i think you can see the link but let me just show you as well what the site has to give you a flavor of it it's quite an interesting article [Music] where is it website come over here website 26 weird things most tourists usually do the mistakes they make but shouldn't shouldn't um it's got some interesting language right travel gurus who seem as though they live on the road traveling must be a piece of cake but is it the same with non-professional travelers so it goes on to talk all about the things like this the travel hacks there's another collocation travel hacks that will save you lots of throbbing headaches and it goes on right staying on the outskirts in a cheap hotel big mistake it's cheap but actually it's a nightmare because you spend more money um and wasting time getting to the interesting tourist places so don't stay on the outskirts and then it says what we suggest spending cash for things that are free this is the tourist traps right it talks about the typical tour guides or guided tours that are often free in many cities but tourists don't know that and they end up paying for a lot of them they talk about the free walking tours available at almost every destination around the world so it's interesting um not checking out user reviews right so checking out user reviews on on the website before you go to a hotel or a destination not bringing a bottle of water so important right you're going around the city having a bottle of water when you've checked in at the hotel you've you must have been exhausted to think of what you'll be doing first thing in the morning the last thing that rarely springs to mind i mean the vocabulary is great and this is the thing about blogs as well right is that many many blogs are written in conversational style so although it's writer written english or writing a lot of blogs especially travel blogs and the lifestyle blogs they're written like we speak so the language you're picking up here is actually very good spoken language as well so you know it is worth visiting it is worth visiting um blogs to pick up language and i think this one i mean i'm not going to go through it right going crazy with the packing you should travel light and it talks about traveling light as well which is another great idiom so listen it's there you can go and have a look at it it's i think it's a really interesting um website worth having a look at travel blogs for picking up language and collocations it's nice okay excellent let us move on um [Music] i'm going to move on to the next bit which is what's the next bit let's come up and have a look we've had a little bit too fast we've had a look at this let's have a look at common questions that's what i wanted to look at common questions for part two first of all okay so um some of you may know the questions that are being asked at the moment people are not allowed to publish the questions and i don't publish them because it's copyright we're not allowed to do that even though students tell me i've been asked this question i cannot publish that but i can share with you in the private group some of the questions that students have told me they are being asked at the moment and i found four directly related to this topic right um and here they are a time when you visited a new place now that could be a tourist question right a new city um a new museum right it i it doesn't have to be touristy you could talk about visiting a new school or visiting a friend in a city no a new place new uh maybe a new cinema or a new shop that has opened but it could be tourist describe a place you visited on vacation clearly tourism describe a place in a village that you visited now this one is a strange question right um describe a place in a village so there are two key words here and that's place and village so you must be talking about a place that could be a shop or a museum but the problem is it must be in a village so what do you find in villages well maybe you find you could find a a tourist center in a village if it's a popular village it could be a mountain it could be a view it could be a river it could be a special shop where they have local delicacies and local gastronomy but it must be a place in a village not in a city so do be careful if you get this question don't start talking about theaters and museums because the chances are in a village you probably don't have a theater probably but you know just be careful with your description and the last one describe a city that you think is interesting so of course you could tie that into tourism the key words here are city and interesting so although you may not be talking about your holiday or tourism there could be overlap with that right always pick out the keywords right for the second one it must be a place it must be a place you have visited not a place you want to go to but have visited and here the same must be visited and it must be a new place okay so picking out the keywords in part two is really really important last one is my part two question says donald right okay describe john all says the last one describe a city that you think is very interesting right i wonder donald which city did you talk about okay good so that's part two part two questions let's have a look at part three questions so again these could be tied in with some of those um the first three are more tied in with the village question okay would you prefer a or b classic question in ielts would you prefer to live in a village or visit as a tourist right so that's connected to the village one why do people want to go to the countryside common question developing the discussion about countryside villages and what people do when they visit a village what do people usually do when they visit a village now that may be tourism but it may not i mean that's it's developing the conversation right in part three maybe you're talking about well we what do people do in a village wow maybe they what do people do when they visit a village i think they go and visit the countryside around the village i would say probably they like to try the local food so the chances are you'll you'll seek out a very nice petite local restaurant that has some local delicacies and then probably pig out on your favorite gastronomic dish that you can find on the menu something like that there are questions here um about popular attractions so what are some popular attractions that people like to visit and here's a classic question right it's the advantage and disadvantages disadvantages would you say tourism is a positive or a negative development what advantages can tourism bring do you think an extensively developed tourism industry will have negative effects so there are lots of questions about the positive and the negative and this is a question we're going to have a look at in more detail how will tourism change in the future another classic part 3 question asking about the future so this is what it looks like now what will it look like in the future okay so all of these are part three questions that you could be asked around the topic of tourism or villages for example okay then let's talk about part three right um before we dig into some answers i'd like to go with you excuse me and have a look at some tips for ielts speaking part three so i've given you some tips here below what i want you to do is to try and fill in the gaps in the words below we've got four words here to discover the best tips for ielts speaking part one let me read develop your answers for example give opinion uh speak blabla not just about your you and your life giving lists so this is the first letter of the word right can you guess what the missing words are put them in the chat box and let's see donald keith you mentioned all my part three questions it's like magic right it's like students have told me so of course you don't want to be memorizing questions but it's useful to know what's coming right nin says reason lovely very very nice sabbah says reason example nice sabbah layla has that as well judy is putting the plural but the same idea um we've got ahmed saying reason example and abstract oh abstract is interesting reason explanation avoid ah interesting let me give you the letter here i haven't given you the letter speak sure it begins with a g reason an example good i reasons explanation okay fabio on the ball very much on the ball my friend reason example generally and avoid okay fantastic listen let me put that in there because you're absolutely right right reason or reasons uh an example whoops i've done two e's example um explanation well yes why not i think explanation it could also be give the opinion give the reason and explain why you think so yeah so i'm going to have that as well you could have either of those but that's a very nice simple thing to remember o-r-e opinion reason example it's a simple thing that you can use you don't have to use it but it can be a guide to help you part three speak generally right not just about you and your life so be careful part one is about you and your life part three is much more abstract and speaking generally okay avoid giving lists so if they say what are the disadvantages of visiting a village right you don't want to just give a lid list don't say villages are small there's no people well there's no communication it's difficult to get there local people are ignorant right don't just go through a list that's not a good answer go back to the opinion reason and example well i think a lot of people don't visit villages because villages are hard to get to for example in england the rail network mainly connects up the big cities but all the villages are left behind so often when you get off a train you then have to get a bus to visit a local village so communication is really difficult transportation communication right so instead of giving five examples give one or two and then reason and give an example and explain maybe just develop your answer that's the key thing right develop your answer avoid giving lists nice great you've all got that i can see lots of you've got that excellent um more things you can go into details like i did there um give very what's the s i forgot what the s was give very significant examples i forgot what i said well it could be simple or significant um so your examples simple is good because it's easier for you and the examiner will most likely know that example rather than an obscure one the next one the examiner will listen to what you say and often make up the next question based on what you said so they this is really important right um because some people think the examiner has all the questions that they're going to ask you yes and no but actually what happens is in part three the examiner will follow the first question but then if you answer the examiner may go oh you said da da da can you explain more about that or you said what do you mean exactly and so the examiner is pushing you to develop your answer more and also they're making up questions why well for many reasons but one reason is examiners are aware some students memorize answers and if i have to stick to the same questions you're just going to give you me your memorized answer but if i'm allowed and examiners are allowed to change questions i can you know i can catch you out i can push you to just speak naturally so examiners will make up questions based on what you said so be prepared for that right if you've prepared your answers very bad because you may think oh i've given my memorized answer next question but maybe not just be careful right finally another important thing don't worry if the examiner cuts you off so to cut off somebody is to interrupt right to interrupt um because double r thank you because examiners will always cut you off i do get a lot of students who get very nervous because they said oh the examiner was just cutting me off cutting me off question after question that is normal be ready for it okay okay good cut you off good good i'm just looking specific ah juliana specific as well let me add that because i think that's a good one specific specific examples are also very very good they can be simple significant and specific okay right okay so um excellent we've been looking here at uh some tips and ideas for part three okay let's move on and have a look at some questions i'd like to brainstorm some questions with you and get some ideas the way we're going to do this is i'll give you a question i'm going to give you a link to a a website where you can post your answer and then we'll look at it together and we can discuss further okay so this is the website right we're going to work on and i will post it in the group as well it's called lino it i love lino it linowit looks like this okay so basically when you get the link in a moment you can go on here and you can you'll find the question i've put the question at the top this is my question so i can move it hopefully you can move questions around what are the impacts of tourism on a local economy what i'd like you to do is if you have a positive answer then click you just click on the green thing right you write down an answer for example it can boost local jobs for example right make sure the font is quite small i would put it maybe the second font i think is best and then just post and then move it over here in the green section you can move this board around actually hello somebody's in generate income i'll move you around green not blue oh green for go like the traffic light is a good one right not blue so put the green ones here um but your example is very very good if you want to give a negative one then click on the pink right again and then you can write what's negative um too many tourists can lead to uh excessive littering glitter ring to double t wt single r come on come on keith and then we're going to move that you can just put your hand when your hand appears and drag it across too many tourists as a noun can lead to excessive littering right excellent boost the local economy nice somebody's giving me yellow not yellow green but your example is good increased job opportunities excellent spoil natural resources let's put them over here give a bit of space excellent nice so you can add your ideas here and let's see let's get some ideas together do a bit of a brainstorm excellent now i know it's going to take you a while to do it juliana you've given one boost up skills in language that's great yet you can post in the chat as well juliana that's great boost up skills in languages nice brings cash flow to the tourism sector lovely tourism is important for the economy so i'm going to just help you here right i'll just make small corrections for you we should say the economy increase job or i don't know how to change the color perfect public infrastructure the impacts yeah nice good so i'm just going to embellish your answer encourages the local government to create a perfect public infrastructure nice right so that people um can move around the city and the city wants to look good it can contribute to a more diverse economy with different currencies you've pinned it ah sorry i didn't mean to unpin it how did you pin it i don't know how you pinned it but well done you i've got you've got my attention it can contribute to a more diverse economy with different currencies yet possibly i'm not sure about the currencies but possibly yes boost the sales of local food products and handcrafts very nice very very nice love it good let's move over have a look at some of the negatives we've got a nice one here many tourists cause noise pollution lovely excessive littering good get the roads more dirty great price of foods and products probably increase overcrowded cities are at risk of much more pollution yeah good for tourism august is the worst month in summer restaurant and beaches are too crowded great so restaurants great lovely noise pollution destroy the ecosystem that's nice tourism helps to expand one's history around the world ex all right i see you're sharing your local history with the tourists who then take it away right expand right good yeah absolutely any other there's one hidden here i think an opportunity for new development projects yeah lovely new development projects save nice somebody's right written about schools develop foreign language schools well very good yeah absolutely that can happen absolutely what else have we got price of foods and products increase there was another one down here the house prices might go higher which would lead to local residents not being able to afford their own houses oh that is so true let me just help you a bit the house prices so we talk in the plural i think might go higher which would lead to local residents not being able to afford their own houses that's really good i like that i mean i've heard about that in a lot of cities we've had here local i'm not sure what that one is local culture hey what happened local culture might be affected have to receive a lot of external influence after right local culture might be affected after receiving so remember when you've got a preposition the verb must always be ing after a preposition that's an interesting point yeah very good urban sprawl is a good one urban sprawl is just too many um what do you call that it's just too many ah too many i'm gonna get it bigger too many buildings across a large area the urban sprawl i'm going to get this a bit bigger so you can see local transports become heavy produce traffic conjunction jam nice so local transport trans i would say local transportation becomes heavy produce traffic jams and produces traffic just say traffic jams people can you can talk about traffic congestion but i think spoken english traffic jams is actually even better traffic jams anything else loss of affordable housing right similar thing similar thing um on the positives again we had let's bring down some of these and the positives oh you can't see these now because i've zoomed out let's put it over here promote local cultures and expand the economy by creating a by creating abundant of opportunities let's have a look promote local cultures and expand the economy because it's a specific economy by creating an abundance you need the noun here an abundance of opportunities that's very nice good like it okay guys i'm gonna stop here right um there is a lot of stuff there how can i move you around i don't know i zoomed out okay great there we go so we've got a lot of vocabulary there about the impacts of tourism on a local economy um so that website okay you can that website is okay it's public but nobody is going to find it um i will keep that open so you can keep that you can go back in you can take a screenshot you can pick out paste and copy if you want the phrases you can keep adding stuff um that is really really nice i think there are some great phrases that you can use to develop your answers for that question right i'm going to take some of the key ones and put them in the pdf so that we can have that as a record as well but keep the link the link will be in the pdf and you can keep i mean the website will stay open right it's a bit like my facebook page it just stays open and you can see stuff there okay right good so let me just um tidy up that um just sharing some of the ideas um we had it can increase the number of jobs for local people too many tourists leads to excessive littering um positive positive that's not positive that's negative let me take that down to the negative there's a direct impact on hotels restaurants and shops so that's just a general statement tourism provides or creates jobs boosts sales okay we've got boosts or enlarges profits is a source of revenue somebody talked about cash flow brings cash flow to the tourism sector strengthen the economy remember the because it's a specific economy boosts local trade okay um there's lots of stuff negative some of the negatives you had there were dum-dum let me just change that i'm just doing it while i'm here on the go too many tourists lead to excessive littering destroys local culture brings noise pollution can raise the local the price of local property instead of housing maybe okay lots of expressions there um i'm gonna i won't do that now i think i'll save us time i will leave that for the moment i'll come back to it later i'll tidy up the pdf and then you can get that later in the course um to review all of this okay good excellent now a drink i've got earl grey tea as well okay [Music] good this is a bit like the um fast and furious have you seen the film the movie fast and furious where they drive these cars really fast um they have car races it's about adrenaline i'm being in a fast lane in life sometimes i think my life lessons are fast and furious it's bum bum bum more language more language keep practicing um so i apologize if it is quick but the reason is is to keep the pace quite quick because also if it's too fast no problem you can go back and watch it again right remember um we've not finished but just to let you know if you're in the facebook group right which you are if i show you the facebook group here i'm just going to show you i think i can change this here's the facebook group right this is where we are now later if you go to the very very top and to the media you'd click on the media button if you can see that right and that will take you to the media in this group and if you click on the videos button you'll find all of the videos the live lessons that we've done so this is today's that is last week there's a video a student put up um but if you want to watch again you can do that by just going to the media and video in the group right just to let you know so don't worry if it's too fast you can review everything and it's a good idea okay nice so i'm going to move on i think because of time i'm going to move on to the next thing so we've looked at part two we've looked at part three um what was next now we looked at part three we've looked at lots of questions there i'm gonna move on and look at idioms let's spend a bit of time looking at idioms on this topic around traveling and tourism for example to get itchy feet okay it's an interesting one idioms let me share some with you and you can share some that you may have as well okay this is a little bit small let me see if i can make it bigger oh i can delete it that's not what i wanted to do i did not want to do that that's what i wanted to do make it even bigger okay we can do two at a time um first one i think a lot of you will know this to get off the beaten track is to go to less visited places i.e where few tourists go for example when i visit a new city i prefer to get off the beaten track and it's true actually because i do find where was i years ago i was in venice oh my god venice beautiful city but the tourists were left right and center i could hardly move right jam-packed like sardines in the saint what was it the same marco polo marco square um and i was just overwhelming there were so many people there so i decided to get off the beaten track i went down some back streets and found some local restaurants that were hidden away absolute gems right hidden away cheaper probably better food but they really i really enjoy getting off the the beaten track idiom number one idiom number two very very similar idea to get away from the crowd now it's not a specific crowd it's an abstract idea so it's idiomatic and it means to escape the tourists for example venice as well after two days in venice i decided to leave i needed to get away from the crowd there you go great i just look at your comments very interesting idiom is my life and my cup of tea very very funny juliana san marco square thank you i got the name confused i was i was thinking of marco polo maybe that's why is it because of marco polo maybe not san marco square yes hidden gems finding out hidden gems hidden gems are these beautiful places that not many people know about so whenever we go traveling we're always looking for the hidden gems right an undiscovered place as you say jake nice very very nice so those are the first two let's have a look at two more to travel right i've got three more okay to travel light to take few things on holiday i prefer to travel light for weekend trips i just take a toothbrush and comb now i'm lying about the comb because as you can see from my hair i don't really need a comb but it's true about the toothbrush often if i'm going for a night trip or even a couple of days i'll take the same clothes maybe a hat maybe some sun cream but just my toothbrush i don't need lots of different things in my suitcase i travel light to hit the road number two or number four is to start the journey start a journey or the journey a particular journey um so very often when you're getting ready to begin your holiday and everybody's getting organized they're packing their bags and you're nearly ready to go you say ripe let's hit the road in one hour or it's time to hit the road let's get going to hit the road um to have itchy feet itchy i don't know if you know itchy but itchy is when for example if you know sometimes your your skin can get red and you have to scratch so why do you scratch because it's itchy right my finger or my hand my palm is itchy scratch different meaning but if my i don't know my shoulder is itchy then i scratch so to have itchy feet means you want to scratch them or move them right so what it really means is you want to travel or you want to change the place you want to move to a new place or start something new so this can be used in different ways right we could say after two months back home in manchester i already had it defeat i wanted to go live in china this was an interesting story when i was younger right i lived in spain for many many years and then in my 20s i think it was my late 20s i went back to manchester i kind of left spain and within two months i thought i don't want to stay in manchester i want to travel again i want to go to china and i went over to china i had itchy feet i have always had itchy feet right i've always wanted to travel to different countries and cities that's one example the other is we sometimes use it talking about jobs after three years in the job she was getting itchy feed which means after three years in that job she wanted to get a new job to change and start something new so we often use it about changing a job starting a new project starting something new right ichi feet very interesting great bente says itchy feet is traveling a lot exactly yes paola says i'm scared to get off the beaten track in some cities because of the high rate of crime right yep it's a good point powder very good point i've got some more let's move on two more or maybe three more two more let me make these a bit bigger to have the travel bug now a bug can have different meanings but one of the common meanings is a sickness if you have a bug or a stomach bug then you're sick or you're ill so the idea that you have a travel bug is that you are sick with travel because you love it so much it's not it sounds like you hate travel because you're sick right but it's the opposite to love traveling i have the travel bug it's true my sister has the travel bug actually i'm going to change that because i don't think it's true my sister doesn't have the travel bug her brother me i have the travel bug and the last one is to travel on a shoestring a shoestring if you take a shoe and the lace that you tie that's the string if you only have a shoestring and you don't have a shoe you don't have much money right think about it you don't have a shoe you just have the string you don't have much money so to travel on a shoestring is to travel with very little money sometimes we say a shoestring budget to travel on a shoestring budget wow try saying that quickly to travel on a shoestring budget or just travel on a shoestring so if you're a millennia as many of you are very young and maybe you're maybe university students you may be traveling on a shoestring and say i had to stay in cheap hostels because i was traveling on a shoestring okay nice those are lots of idioms there's a lot of idioms there about traveling great juliana says after a year of study in the uk i already had itchy feet nice that said i wanted to hit the road and visit back my hometown and visit my hometown you wouldn't say you can't say visit back visit my hometown you can say go back go back and visit my hometown you can say it like that if you want back in there january lee says i have the travel bug 100 percent fabio says after three days in a job sometimes you get itchy feet if the job is not good you're absolutely right yes great examples brilliant okay guys so where are we where are we we have been looking at idioms right um itchy feet now come on it's not changing it won't change please change it's stuck why is it stuck oh well never mind it's decided to be stuck nothing i can do about it never mind that's what i wanted just to go back we've been looking at vocabulary we've been looking at common questions we've been looking at idioms on this topic of tourism whoa now um i've got a couple more things to finish up with we've still got maybe 10 minutes or so um so what i'm going to do is we'll play a game of kahoot together because some of you like kahoot and it's a great way for you to review some of the vocabulary we've seen today after that we'll do questions so if you have any questions to me about the course the gold course or about the ielts exam we can look at those and then we'll finish by moving when this closes we'll move to the zoom room and if you want to join some breakout rooms i'm going to put you together in groups of two maybe three actually where you can just meet each other and chat to each other and practice you can get to know each other you could practice some of the topics today just for five minutes or ten minutes to give you a chance to practice your speaking and once you've met people face to face it might be easier to message them on facebook and say hey we were in the zoom would you like to practice more with me right so i'm just experimenting i'm not sure how it will go but let's do the kahoot first i don't know if you all know kahoot but basically it's a very simple game we're going to play what you need to do is go to this website put in your name and the pin i will give you and then you get a choice of four answers you choose one for the question if you're correct you get points and we'll play the game okay let me show let's do it the best way is just to go in there and do it so bear with me we'll get it set up and then we can go in as i'm doing this let's get some caribbean music going in the holiday mood already and it's only april i mean i don't think we're going to get holidays until july or august but never mind can always get in the holiday mood early on something to look forward to most likely we'll be going back to back to the uk why did that fail tourism okay so let me show you um i'll turn that off so you go to kahoot um but stay with me here so you kind of need another browser or another device and what you'll do is you'll go here this is what kahoot will look like i'll just make it a bit bigger and you can see the pin so you need to put in your name right the pin is 582 481 okay so once you put in your name and the pin then you will appear there you go joanna is in coffee is in paula's inn farida is in so you can join us here and when we've got most people in we can begin pengli the code is yes five eight two eight seen your question i'll come back to that question it's a good one we'll do that in the question session very shortly so loose is in judy's in tea we've got tea and coffee nice saba is in 23 of you there's 36 of us here i mean you don't have to join in but you're very welcome agile octopus 19 seriously i know who boris fine is i can guess oh good question juliana yep i'll come to your questions shortly so i think most of us are in um so let's begin if you're not in don't worry you can always put your answer in the chat as well that's absolutely fine okay great let's get cooking i mean let's get started first question i'll read you the question and you choose the answer which is the odd one out tourism backpacker sightseer or holidaymaker you've got 30 seconds to choose which is the odd one out or which one is different tourism backpacker sightseer holidaymaker this is a tricky one actually you'll need to be on your toes [Music] the answer was two oh the answer yes is tourism i see a few of you put sites here in holiday maker why is it tourism the reason it's tourism is because the others are all people or countable nouns a backpacker a sightseer a lot of holidaymakers they're countable nouns tourism is not a person it's an uncountable noun that's the reason okay next oh so who was first sarabjot you were the first you were the quickest one to get the right answer followed by toy lin hanyer and joanna question number two when traveling i like to try out the local souvenirs sites gastronomy attractions to try out the answer is yes the t is silent in sightseer well done the answer is gastronomy to try out the local astro gastronomy right souvenirs you can't try you have to buy sites you can't try you have to visit attractions you can't try an attraction you have to visit so it's the verb to try or to try out the local gastronomy well done hey let's check the leaderboard oh hanuel's jumped up into first place judy has stolen into second and boris is fine has leaped up into fifth place third question i don't take much on holiday i prefer to travel blank low little less light i prefer to travel blank low little less or light whoa fantastic 21 of you got travel light and i think also in the um i can see in the chat box as well i think all of you got light yes well done brilliant um so to travel light right is not to take much the more interesting question is who is at the top of the leaderboard hang you here holding strong at the top but look out because boris is coming up close here we go it's the last question guys i can't wait to go traveling again i've got blank feet scratchy itchy aching or moving i can't wait to go traveling again i've got blank feet [Music]

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