TOP 25 Roller Coasters in the World - 2023

TOP 25 Roller Coasters in the World - 2023

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Every year, roller coaster designs are becoming  more unique, daring, and pushing the limits of   what can be achieved on an attraction. But that  also means that the classics are becoming more   rare and special. Parks are trying to outdo one  another - and build coasters that will wow a guest   and work to have a ride become their favorite.  One that they're going to come back to for years   to come. Nowadays, the mix of elements, g-forces,  the theming, trains and restraints, and more have   riders praising different rides and manufacturers  for different reasons and coaster enthusiasts are   getting more and more critical. My name's Austin,  and over the past year I've ridden over half of my   previous top 25 coasters, giving me a fresh feel  at how these rides are currently running. I've  

also been fortunate enough to ride some of the  best new coasters this year, and as of now I've   been on 925 different roller coasters, I'm not  sure that's something to be proud of, but these   are the 25 coasters I would want in my backyard  if I if I could have any. I believe these coasters   are the best at what they do, so two similar  coasters are not going to be on this list. It   gives us a big mix of ride models, the best of the  best, so instead of a more traditional list - this   is more of a list of what 25 coasters I would have  in my home park, if I could have any. And some   things that might matter to some might not matter  to me, I really enjoy negative g-forces; I'm not   a massive fan of sustained positive g-forces;  some restraints bother me because I'm tall,   while they might be just fine for others. I also  judge how the ride looks off ride or when walking  

up to it - what's that hype level like? And of  course the overall theming you experience while on   or off the ride, these all matter to me. Even the  operations and employees really affect the outcome   of a personal ride experience, so this list will  differ from yours, but that's half of the fun,   so let's get to it at number [Music] 25. We are  starting out with a really good one here as all   the coasters in this list are going to be. Can we  just appreciate the fact that this thing was even   built? A now defunct manufacturer Arrow Dynamics,  they were always trying to outdo everybody else   and really just raise the extreme level of their  rides, make them more fun, more insane, and this   ride was way ahead of its time. It's X2 at Six  Flags Magic Mountain. Really a love/hate for me  

here actually, it's genuinely a terrifying ride  and there's nothing like it unless you go to the   other side of the world. The spinning seats really  do work to disorient you, and the restraints are a   bit claustrophobic. But what's so good about  them is they really hold your upper body in,   while the lower half of your body is very free  movement from the waist down, and that's why this   is so terrifying and terrifyingly awesome. There's  a lot of rides out there that really hold your  

legs in and give you that upper-body freedom  of movement, but this one's just totally the   opposite - it kind of just leaves your legs  at the mercy of this ride and that's great. A classic Morgan-manufactured hyper - got  to have a hyper classic steel coaster on   list - and this one really doesn't disappoint.  Superman el Ultimo Escape at Six Flags Mexico.   Coat hanger-like shaped Hills, with the funny  transitions from negative G's to positive G's,   has a really fun prelift through the woods,  and really great restraints that give some   awesome airtime. The ride is long and for what  it is there's hard to say anything bad about it. That is Der sound Des Kärnan. Yes, if you  know what I mean and you know that soundtrack,  

you know why this is in my top 25. Theme parks  are all about immersion, and nothing comes close   to a full coaster experience over Karnan at  Hansa Park in Germany. An unbelievable queue,   a great storyline, great execution, even the  loose article bins are made to be part of   this storyline, and this is why soundtracks  and presentation is so important in Parks.   Many theme parks - especially in the USA -  can really take note from this coaster and   tying everything together into an experience,  just unbelievable. The five senses are a major  

player in core memories and nothing really  comes close to Karnan. I won't talk too much   about this ride itself because it's better to  just go in blind only knowing the soundtrack at   most and the layout really isn't what puts  it in the top 25, it's the full package. This ride once held the record for the steepest  drop but it's about way more than that,   the elevator lift is unique, the layout is  long, and it has moments that are unlike   any other rides. It is a smooth coaster and it  features both strong negative G's and positive   G's. Cannibal at Lagoon really is just a package  of everything, the restraints are comfortable and   the element dubbed the Lagoon roll is just  hilarious fun. I'm a little surprised more  

people don't talk about this ride but it  is hard to get to so it's understandable. An Intamin airtime machine with a hill focused  layout, and those old generation Intamin trains.   This one goes to Expedition GeForce Holiday  Park in Germany. Great airtime moments,   an awesome first drop, weird shaping  that isn't straight Force Vector Design,   you'll actually find a lot lot of Intamins on my  list because they use FVD design less than others   it really does make their rides excellent and if  they ever move towards FVD-only, everything great   from their designs will suffer. This FVD design is  really based around forces instead of just looking   at something and seeing if it will work and  looking at the current Vekoma CenterLine, which is   really all FVD, in my opinion it's a reason many  enthusiasts are a bit bummed when they ride these   newer Vekoma's. They all feel very similar with  every roll and turn just too perfectly forced out,  

everything just feels so computerized that  they become a little boring. Back to Expedition   GeForce it's great delivers in fun with great  forces, really good layout, really good ride.   From those old-generation Intamin trains, we also  can't forget about those older generation Intamin   LSM launch coasters, and this one is here for the  great Top Hat, the awesome turns and Transitions,   and the Speedy inversion. It's iSpeed in this  spot at Mirabilandia, Italy. Really one of  

the best flowing rides out there every element  hits so perfectly, the ride is extremely fun and   again there's not much wrong with it. I wish I was  shorter in height so that the restraints were more   comfortable on me, but other than that there's  really nothing too wrong with this coaster. The first Woody on the list - it's Legend from  Holiday World in Indiana. A water park-heavy   amusement park with three of the top wooden  coasters in the world, it's not my favorite Park,   and this is the only coaster from Holiday World  on my list, the Legend is fun and probably has   some of the most famous lateral g-forces in the  world. It's ran better than the voyage this year   in my opinion, and I really need a great night  ride on this list and this is definitely it I   had way more fun riding this back-to-back  than I did the voyage, and I believe that   custom coasters International CCI, will always  be my favorite wooden coaster manufacturer,   and it's really unfortunate that we might not  see that CCI style of layout be built again.

Airtime prevails over out-of-control laterals  for me, it's still the nostalgic feeling and   the comfortable seats and restraints that put  it on the list. There's not much bad to say   about it it's just good fun. PTC will always be my  favorite train manufacturer for wooden coasters,   and this coaster is one that shows off  their trains the best, just your classic   double-out-and-back layout with a lot of airtime  and some lateral turns on each [Music] end. Three Woodies in a row? If you're expecting a crazy  amount of wild-forces for this next ride, like   other Rocky Mountain Construction coasters, don't.  This ride is ranked so highly for me because   I didn't think it felt like all the other rmc's.  Wildfire at Kolmarden in Sweden- an amazing stall,   a layout through the woods, through Cliffs, and  with a beautiful water view from many of the   elements, it has to be one of the best settings  for a ride period. The ride features some slower  

moments that are easy to complain about but it  also makes the ride unique from seat to seat,   and it has a lot of talking points, don't expect  the intensity of iron Gwazi from this ride,   just expect one of the best wooden coasters in  the world. It's also very well taken care of,   it's definitely the smoothest of all the RMC  topper track Woodies out there right now,   really just a fun, and yeah, good ride. It's the  new-age Mega coaster from Intamin, and it takes the out-and-back layout, and puts a little spin  on it, adding a bit of a twister section in the   middle of the ride with some turns and over-b anks.  And then sending it back towards the station with   more airtime, this type of ride could be a number  one coaster in the future but being the first of   this style from Intamin, I think the layout could  be more inspiring, or honestly less inspiring   just do what's proven: more airtime, more huge  elements, and lots of speed, still one of my favorites. F.L.Y. at Phantasialand in Germany  is likely the best themed coaster in the world,   and that's why it's in my top 25, it also  feels just like top-notch quality when   you sit in the trains, you're feeling  like you're getting into a Lamborghini,   just really an incredible ride with a layout  that's hard to follow, elements that are   comfortable for the flying position that you're  prone to ride in, and just elegant, this ride is elegant. I just need a speed machine on the list,  

and the first half of this ride gets it  done - it's too bad the second half is   such a very average B&M otherwise this thing  is one of the best coasters in the world,   of course I'm going to say that a lot while  going through this list but really it's true. The world's tallest coaster,  the hydraulic launch, the speed,   the massive Top Hat - it's a short ride but damn  it is sweet it's Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. I think this next coaster model has the  opportunity to become the best in the world,   again, but it falls short because of the  jackhammering. One of the best ride types   ever this spinning coaster from MACK Rides is one  of the craziest experiences out there. Ride to   Happiness at Plopsaland in Belgium. I'm not sure  if it's the heavy trains or the track type, but  

you are at the mercy of this ride- this thing can  give great rides, but it can also give some pretty   damn rough rides, it is intense, the layout also  just has its shortcomings it's got some excellent   and really unique elements, but it also has a  bunch of elements and turns that just get you   to the next part of the ride, like they couldn't  figure out what to do, or how to get you to the   second launch, so they just kind of put a boring  S turn air Hill, and that's why it's sitting here   outside of my top 10. [Music] The B&M hyper - one  of my favorite coaster models, and why do anything   other than a bunch of airtime Hills, when that's  the best part? Goliath at La Ronde is exactly   that, the airtime is pretty damn good too, it's an  older hyper but it still has great negative G's,   and it's running quite well for its age, plus  the nine car trains without that staggered   seating seems to provide the best hyper coaster  experience. Goliath at La Ronde is always a good [Music] [Applause] time. There is another new  generation Vekoma on this list, it is the most  

fun roller coaster that I've probably ever done,  This hobby is about having fun, right? And this   ride is all about a good time, I don't know  how you couldn't get off this without smiling,   amazing ride. Enjoy [Music] your 205 foot drop  on-. HersheyPark might have the best roller   coaster collection in the world, I know that the  restraints are a big complaint here on SkyRush,   coming in at number nine, but without these  restraints that come down on your thighs the   ride could really lose a lot of its terrifying  nature. SkyRush is so good because it's just a bit   scary while riding, the upper body movement that  you're allowed with these high positive G moments   are just the right amount of unsettling. You need  to fight-back to ride Skyrush. And that's what's   so great about it, it's exactly what a coaster  should be, it's fast, it's got strong g-forces,   it's extreme, and it's still fun, an amazing  ride. And it seems to get better with every   ride on it. A bit opposite from what everyone  else thinks but I'm pretty sure it's actually   the restraints that put this ride so high on  my list. It's unlike any other coaster in the

world. -- It's the first LSM launch coaster from  manufactur Intamin, it's short in height but   awesome Maverick at Cedar Point. There's still  no coaster that gives you what Maverick does,   and I don't think there ever will be. It's got  a great drop really fast transitions dueling   moments when it works, and I really wish they'd  fix that problem, and then a crazy launch halfway   through the ride. The ride's long and both  halves of the ride are fun and they give off  

a little bit of a different vibe, it's a very  balanced coaster and even though it's intense,   it's a comfortable intensity. This next ride  is all about the trains - the best roller   coaster trains on the market, from Intamin, it  is Gotham City Escape at Parque Warner Madrid,   Spain. These short and Nimble trains. I think  three or four car trains make the best ride,   so these three car trains are just  perfect. New carbon fiber restraint bars,  

similar to the ones on Falcon's Flight that have  just been announced, plus the slight stagger from   the seats on the front of the car, versus the  back of the car, just a little bit different   of a ride from front to back of each car. And  the launches as well, they're extremely Punchy,   these launches feel stronger than possibly any  other LSM launch out there. Elements like the   wave turns feel strong and pointy, versus just  the wave turns that you're used to feeling,   and I think again that goes back to the force  Vector design that I was talking about earlier,   this coaster really has its special moments in  those little odd quirks and turns and forces that   you really remember from the layout instead of  it all just blending together. It's not all FVD,   it's a very fun and unique layout, the layout  could maybe benefit from some quick s-turns,   and it also feels a little short with just a few  elements after each launch, but I really love   this ride and it makes me extremely excited for  future rides that use these type of trains, these   nimble cars and these Punchy launches, it really  has a means to be a number one coaster in the future. There's not one standout moment on this  next one because the whole thing is just total   chaos it's Wonder Woman at Fiesta Texas. This  ride still has me so shocked more than any other   coaster once you hit the brakes. It's Relentless  and each part just brings something different to  

the Circuit. It's an incredible layout and it  feels like like a massive backyard coaster,   which is a good thing; it feels way taller  than it is, it feels way faster than it is,   and it is just as out of control as it  looks. New trains are coming next year it   might change this ride experience but it also  might make it better, so it'll be interesting   to head back and ride it again in 2024. It just  brings the right amount of scary, anticipation,   and also that out of control-ness. I'm not  a fan of the McDonald's color scheme but I   can look past [Music] it. The trains are heavy  and huge, it's another unique Intamin coaster,  

Hyperion at Energylandia in Poland - this  thing has so much power behind it the layout   is your out-and-back into a twister-style layout,  probably proven to be the best way to do a layout,   with this out and back start, and then a Twister  finish, the massive elements at the start are   great and then those semi-quick transitions  in the second half are really felt with these   wider Vehicles, especially on the edges. And  if you're looking for a smoother ride you can   just sit in the center of the seats, and then  if you want that out of control ride you can   sit towards the sides. I always just imagine  this one with that one slower airtime Hill   on the return run split into two airtime Hills  and really like again this is one of the best coasters. The next one on the list and it's just  outside the top three, it's a very talked about  

Intamin. And among coaster enthusiasts it's  very well-known, but maybe not so well known   to the general public of the world. it's  Taiga at Linnanmaki in Finland. This one is   number-one-in-the-world material again, yes this  has also replaced velocicoaster on my list. I'm   definitely spoiled with velocicoaster as I ride  it quite often, and then those six car trains   just feel a bit too, clunky, and just everything  is very gray on this ride. Let's talk about Taiga,  

really just absolutely incredible layout, it  has everything you could want in a layout,   there's not much wrong with it. and the Nostalgia  is immediately there after you ride. it's also got   the Four Car trains that work very well, and you  don't have these weird pulls in and out of each   element because of this. But I will say there are  two elements that are really stopping this from   being my number one coaster; and it's the Top Hat,  and the Immelman. I think just a little bit of  

tweaks in the shaping of these two elements, and  you really do have the best coaster in the world,   again, it's just small tweaks and these  coasters are incredible. But of course I'm   just nitpicking - but you do lose airtime over  this Top Hat, and then I think if you had a roll   point on this Immelman that started earlier, and  kind of made it like a non-inverting Immelman,   then you would again just have an unbeatable ride.  Also an awesome soundtrack that I do sometimes   just put on in the background. I'm not going  home, and playing Queue music from Velocicoaster..

It's also on a hill in a Nordic country - this  Swedish coaster doesn't do many things wrong,   and it's different enough from everything else  to definitely be in my top three. A coaster from   MACK rides, it's a lovely ride experience with one  of the best soundtracks in the world again. Helix   at Liseberg in Sweden. The layout has almost  everything you could want out of a coaster,   you have great forces, positive and  negatives, there's some lateral forces   thrown in that are still comfortable,  two massive air Hills that are unbanked,   there's some quick transitions through the first  half of the ride and the second half of the ride,   and there's that setting like no other on the  side of the hill with the view over the city   the entire ride. The launches do feel slow,  but again it's kind of hard to complain about   that when everything else on the ride is just  so so good. If it was built today I imagine  

there'd just be a few elements switched out  for some of these newer elements that are on   MACK's now but also with some onboard audio  of the soundtrack this would be amazing. It   gives awesome night rides, it gives awesome  morning rides, it's really long incredible coaster. I always slightly ranked iron Gwazi  higher than this next RMC,   but having ridden both this year quite a few times, I'm giving  number two to - ZADRA at Energylandia - the overall flow in and out of each element on Zadra places it  here, this roller coaster really features a bit of   everything, you have the unique airtime moment at  the start, this awesome stall with the beautiful   lift structure, the wild outerBank, straight  and huge airtime Hill, and the turn into the   structure, an amazing zero-g G turn, and then  that ending that is out of control but not in   an annoying way. The ride is non-stop crazy but  still comfortable and it's hard to complain about   anything on this ride. The layout's satisfying  from above, the theming is lackluster but still  

epic enough, and the operations are very [Music]  [Applause] good. It's the final coaster number one   and it's still ranked highest for me it's Taron at  Phantasialand in Germany. Near misses everywhere,   an incredible pace and flow throughout the  ride, Air Time on many of the hills where   you don't expect it, plus lateral G's, and the  amazing atmosphere with probably my favorite   soundtrack. It's the closest thing to Perfection  yet, and I do believe that one day it'll be beaten   or maybe I will just ride it more often my mind  will be changed, but for now, Taron just gives   me goosebumps just when I see the ride walking up  to. It's incredible and you could argue that it's  

similar to Taiga, but it is so different from  anything else on this list. It doesn't invert,   it's all about the turns, and there's still  a bunch of airtime, low to ground. It relies   on the close proximity to everything around you  to enhance the ride experience and nothing just   beats this thing, it's intimidating yet it's also  still a Whimsical and; a happy place. I don't see   anything wrong with this coaster. I feel all the  rides on this list bring something different to  

the table than all the other coasters in the world  - whether it be the imaginative storytelling or   the incredible layouts and elements that are  only experienced on these select coasters,   they really do what they do best. Here's a little  breakdown from my list - this breakdown is kind   of interesting because I did try to mix up how  the coasters feel and pick a different coaster   for every single number, so it really shows me  that I do really really enjoy Intamin's models,   they really do feel different from one another,  they build them differently, and they make very   unique rides. We've got some really exciting new  attractions coming next year that will change this   list again I'm sure, and it's always exciting to  see what the future will bring in this industry.   We have Thorpe Park (England) getting a new MACK,  we have Europa Park (Germany) also getting a new   MACK, and then we've got Zamperla with Top Thrill  2 (USA), probably the coaster that has everyone's   eyes on it in the industry, and it's going to  be extremely exciting to see what these rides   do next year to this list and a very exciting  time in coasters to see another manufacturer   breaking the 120 mph mark. As always, thank you  so much for watching this, let me know what you  

think of this list below, what I got wrong, what  I got right maybe? And until next time, see you. [Outro Music]

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