Too much FUN in FIJI ️ [ Fiji Travel Guide from India ]

Too much FUN in FIJI ️ [ Fiji Travel Guide from India ]

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Hello, welcome to a new video Today we are in Fiji Nandi This is the name of the city I am here for 2 days And I have booked 2 tours One is a small island Tibu Island I have already done that yesterday I will show you that first Today I am going to Cloud 9 It is a floating bar The water is very beautiful Blue Yesterday I did a tour It was very beautiful So watch that first Then we will start today's video So these people pick us up I think this is the bus I think this is the bus So we will go in this And this will take us To the boat Then it is half an hour from the boat So they bring us here after the pick up This is their boat And this is my cruise We are going to this island So we will check in here Then we will go inside and get on the boat And then This is our cruise Now we are at some island I had already booked a tour So as soon as I landed I dropped my bag at the hotel And then we came here It was a 90 minute boat ride So Boola is like Hello right? In Fiji So we came here And then the boat ride ended Then we did some snorkeling Swimming We got food and beer I was about to fly the drone But I forgot to download the app So I have downloaded the data It will take around 50 minutes To download So we will fly the drone So this is a small island It is a private island So the group stays here They did glass boat activity Paddling, snorkeling, scuba And here you can get drinks And food Which part did you like the most? Fiji time Like we said India time Our pick up was at 8.30 And it is 9.45 now So if you come to Fiji There is horse riding, water park Golf course How much are you paying for it? You don't know? Maybe her friend is paying for it We found a deal If you book ahead and pay in advance Then it is cheap So if you have money, spend it So we are going back What time did we reach here? We started at 11 and maybe 12.30 something 90 minutes boat ride It was a 1.5 hour boat ride And we reached here at 12.30 12.30 Lunch was at 1

So we snorkeled Lunch was ok I mean I guess it was cooked Before we got here Also on the boat There was a drink Do you know what it is made of? A root from a plant But it tasted like I thought it was spicy Not cinnamon Cinnamon kind of It was like cinnamon That kind of flavor But it was not alcoholic But they say that you can get trippy It numbs your mouth And then it chills you out So it is time to go back We will be back at 3.30 or 3.30 We will reach at 5 She shouted So it is time to go back Now Jacket is looking for His seat It is difficult to sit in the sun So let's go and find A good seat There is some program on the boat Who went? Ready? Yes Ready? Yes And Bye So the tour is over I came back to the hotel at around 4 pm I didn't like it that much The tour I did yesterday was much better Because they take you to an island They give you snorkeling You can go scuba diving with them There were a lot of activities And since it's an island, you can easily chill by holding on to your cone Today, the small bar called Cloud 9 was a small place and it was packed with a lot of people There was loud music on the boat When we were at the bar, there was loud music on the way back If you want to go to a party place then it's fine But if you want to go to a chill place So what I did was, I booked another tour I booked a tour for yesterday I booked a tour for yesterday There is zip lining in that So tomorrow is our last day Then we have to go to our place And Now I am going to the supermarket to buy some food I mean, these two areas are just hotels There is no proper home environment There is only one supermarket ahead Let's go and buy some stuff Then we will do a new tour tomorrow I have to buy curd I haven't eaten curd for a long time Probiotic, it keeps the stomach healthy I saw this for the first time, thorn cucumber Tele cucumber $12 In Fiji dollars, it is around 40 rupees So 40 into 12 480 500 rupees per kilo It is a bit expensive in Fiji, it is not cheap Let's buy some curd And let's leave Curd, curd, curd So this is my hotel We bought curd yesterday So There are some Good restaurants I went there to eat food So there is a bill of around 1000 rupees I saw another place where Indian food was available Indian chicken curry It is around 300-400 rupees I will show you my room So this is a very basic room They have a kitchen type, so I have eaten for a while But it doesn't matter This is the bed There is a wardrobe in the alley And this is their bathroom So this is the room for 4000 rupees So you can see that it is a bit expensive in Fiji Rest Many people speak Hindi here So when you take a taxi from the airport, you will find a Hindi speaker There is a 50% chance that you will find a Hindi speaker So you won't have any problem Rest, I will take you tomorrow Now whatever we have to do, we will do ziplining So I hope it will be fun And Yeah I'll see you tomorrow So this is day 3 And we have reached here to do ziplining But it is raining heavily This is my guide His name is Nat And he has made me wear all this Let's do it in the rain So there will be 16 ziplines They are saying 6 to go up Then there is a cave up there And Then 10 more to come down He has made me wear all this Helmet and harness I think the rain has stopped So yeah, let's see how it goes How was it? It was great Alright Sit Okay Go Pull up Hands off Pull up Hahaha This way or this way? This way Okay So one is done I was a bit lost in this So he said Yeah okay He said keep your hand back And you'll be okay Let's do the second one Okay I have made him wear a lot I had to wear this much I am out of breath But the view is amazing Hello brother My name is Junior What is your name? What is your name? What is your name? Diwan Thank you Diwan I go? Pull up Right here Ready? Let's go Let's go This is fun So we have reached Caves I don't think you can see anything In the camera It's dark here But it's a big cave There are bats inside They are flying So this was the cave I had water I had water So this is the cave behind me You might think it's a small cave But it's very deep And in the olden days The tribal people used to live here They used to kill cannibals They used to kill the enemy There was a stone here Where they used to kill We saw their kitchen Where they used to get married So It's a cool experience And it's a little stressful Because you are climbing so high Now we have 10 ziplines To go down She's been to Fiji? Yeah She came on the fashion On what? So I asked him Who's your favorite celebrity in Bollywood? Sunny Leone Sunny Leone Sunny Leone is famous I'm going to connect to the lift. Perfect landing. Had to pull back.

Just go slowly. Yes, go slowly. Don't worry.

Don't worry. Where are you going? Thank you, bro. Thank you for catching me. No problem. Don't worry, bro. Check again.

Good to go? Yes. Salute, bro. Salute, salute, salute. Are you okay, bro? Hold on. I forgot to brake. You got some Jackie Chan right here. Go.

Go? Yup. Woohoo! So, it's over now. They're serving lunch as well. It's looking good. It was a lot of fun.

The whole tour. All the guides are good here. But the best guide is...

Gura, Nat. Nat. So, if you come here, come to Nat. Thank you.

Thank you, bye.

2024-06-03 20:41

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