To risk your life for a ski run || Eulogy Of A Steep Skier - FULL MOVIE

To risk your life for a ski run || Eulogy Of A Steep Skier  - FULL MOVIE

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the biggest mountain in Lincoln is yakivada and the yakivada has the South face and it's really big the South face it's the kind of run that the Steep skiing Legend Andreas Franson stood on top of but found too sketchy to ride before his fatal accident on a mountain that he judged to be less serious and now you know my good friend and Main riding partner christer wants to do it [Music] so I'm I've been skating a long time now [Music] and it feels like the people I ride with they sort of tend to like gravitate away from free ride and into steep skiing and now I see Krista like being more and more attracted to that and going down that path and he has been the past four years like one of my main Partners in the mountain that's epic we have aligned perfectly on what we've been wanting to do we've just been on the roll it feels like we got to write some really cool stuff like like really cool stuff but this season I felt like yeah I want to do myself like I want to do the things I want to do like I want to bring to ice axis I like the big grandpas and like do a bit of climbing and do a Repel steep skiing having like death anxiety [Music] free ride is not without risk but just like the level of risk in steep skating is just beyond all right a little bit of icy seats I mean you're basically free soloing but not on rock that stays there you're free soloing on snow and you have a huge Cliff below you if you mess up and you miscalculated the snowpack you're just gone so last season Nico got a girlfriend I think it's not good no snow skit ads for you and he got soft I want to go home to my girlfriend this season he got dumped and he got even softer I've just come to realize that I don't get nearly the same Joy doing slow jump turns over death exposure as I do when I free ride pushing my athletic ability as opposed to pushing my you know knowledge about how to tie a knot I'm the worst at this you remember the knot and that's not what I'm looking for but at the same time there's this Melancholy right I'm sad to lose my riding buddy like now we're going on the same Glacier camping trip but I want to ride lines like crocodon where a fall or an avalanche most likely won't kill you while Christopher's goals are to have a good look at the South face and I have some other lines like on the east side of the aquavada and on a ride you need to accept the risk you're gonna take because it's super exposed with cornices with xorax with everything [Music] oh sad hot ass menu yeah so I brought Eric to ride the free radio lines I'm Eric valo I'm uh two and no I'm not 29 30 years old now holy [ __ ] where is Crystal and Evan are like on the Steeps Mission I might need some help with this one I think it's like a backpack kinda where does this go yeah last time we tried to do a mission like this was 2012 so 10 years ago pulling sleds up a big Glacier and it was such a mess with like a cotton snowstorm had to like bury all our gear and I ended up just like taking everything out of the sets and carrying it up because it was too steep but now we've looked on the map and it's like 10 kilometers of like really flat up to like 700 meters so should be good we're a big crew we're gonna have the big uh the best Glacier Camp the cursor is big time now so he has like his own show going over there with Butler there's so many cameras 10 kilometers of this easy to be able to do a camp like this in Norway like there's no motorized access here so you are human-powered you're not allowed to take a snowmobile or a helicopter into these places okay obstacle the approach was uh horrible this is my situation right here not the best uh sled terrain and it turns into kind of like a little bit of a [ __ ] show so we take one sled two people we get them all up you're gonna have to earn the lines up here yeah and we're in the very beginning of the trip so I'm like is this gonna be the whole day even still just carries it not a big deal strong man tough side Bliss can we take on skis Nico yeah I think that was the worst of it are you seeing what I'm seeing right now the Promised Land been kind of brutal to be honest I thought it'd be more kill you don't need a lot of incline before these sleds are heavy now I'm kind of regretting bringing 80 energy bars a okay well I think we might make it before dark don't you think um what the hell that's a big uphill what do you think Evan oh it's bad that's steep ah but let's uh let's do some work then yeah let's put in the work I love putting in work Crystal's working I'm getting worked thanks for pushing up there Crystal no problem so close now I feel like it's just like the last little Hill there's some cool stuff here holy [ __ ] I think this is the spot can't wait for tomorrow have a cup of coffee in Camp watching the sun set on the foreign I just want to get in my pen you're a trooper I'm dead it's like getting to the Music Festival and you've secured the best spot right between all the best venues and then it's kind of funny like Evan's girlfriend Emma and Christopher's girlfriend Tao is coming in later Savannah you know we've struggled to get up this Valley Amazon [Laughter] we use six hours and they use three we're so in love it's gonna be so close oh my God and I'm like recently not in love or like I'm in love with my girlfriend's not or my ex-girlfriend I guess like we climb in the tent near town and she's like yeah you know what I have she pulls up a bottle of wine I'm like you're chatting all night in the tent and I'm just like trying to sleep putting some earplugs in and like in the cold alone so that was nice for them good night ah good morning oh it's clearing nice it's gonna be a good day person cup s um holy [ __ ] oh my God this is the area with the most Avalanche deaths in all of Norway and this season has been extremely bad it feels like people have been like dying left and right since the racks are coming down we're going up right around campus seems like there's Avalanche Pawn snow but uh we're gonna go up a little higher check that zone this didn't even are gonna go check the other aspect okay for that assistant let's go okay ciao the Avalanche danger that we were dealing with was there because of a rain crusts and facets that had formed on top of that we were hoping if we climbed a little higher we would get up so high that it had been cold and you wouldn't have that same problem feels like we don't have those facets up here it doesn't feel like it no I'd say that to go up up we go hop up we go we're working out those sled legs yep but halfway up to school all right 80 kind of gets the bad vibes thinking a little bit just going over there and turning around uh it was a gut feeling like my first experience with riding in Lincoln I was 15 and it was a big Avalanche and had to dig out two people I've been caught in Avalanches but got out and they got two people last year who died just understood that if I'm gonna do this my entire life I have to like crank it down a little bit no I think that's a good call I I still feel okay for this last section yeah the thoughts were just getting into my head even though I know it's pretty safe was I missing christers nerves of Steel wishing he wasn't busy staring at that death ramp on the other side of the glacier yeah a little bit but I totally respect Eric trusting his gut beyond our training that's the only thing keeping us alive out there a lot of good riding down from here anyways it's best just to do what feels best like in the end this is all about feeling good and staying safe low tide cracks action skinny rocks this is Rocky too well back in the space okay I'm up top it's gonna be fast through the joke but the rest looks super nice oh Nikolai let's now was so [ __ ] good okay let's go two one drop foreign yeah a good first run how's your day oh good good so what are you gonna do are you yeah ramp tomorrow you're doing the wrap tomorrow okay even though it's super scary it's a lot of exposure okay well I think we're gonna go skiing some mini golf tomorrow yeah like seeing you guys up there I was like [ __ ] it mainly those look good [Music] it was 5 15. and we have a long day ahead of us hey dick and I we're gonna ride the mini golf lines of the balgasvari pass this snow is pretty good which also happened to be the starting point for Avian and christers long climber yakubara thanks for making tracks yeah of course stay safe up there you have to do yourself kinda but I feel it's really weird Nico dropping we're on this Glacier trip I'm doing mine project Nico is doing his project foreign [Music] [Music] foreign oh that looks good they've already done two crazy good lines this morning and we're not in the start of the ridge yet foreign at this point I've lost crystal to the Steeps and now I'm losing my new partner to sled induced fatigue so yeah I was feeling a little lonely up on that Pinnacle Echo dropping more than me [Music] you're not polite and then all of a sudden like I hear on the radio the fog is rolling in on the equivalence so it's a no-go for us we don't want to put ourselves in that situation being on top of the excavator with the crevasses and cliffs in the white belt it sucks but uh what shallon do yeah bummer but yeah you should ride a line over here the snow is super good yeah I know one guy that's uh interested his name is avian onens Here Comes K dog oh kind of glad you guys turned around you got some of this you guys are killing it okay I have one idea though so the Steep boys can get some Steeps if which reverse over there we'll get to the bottom of the gash the snow here is FB wow just around the corner here even onens is a good friend of mine he's a really good skier and we have been doing some lines in Lincoln before where we went really exposed and some first descent but there's been so many close calls I just see the worst case scenario all the time and it's a special feeling you know when you have the persistent weak layer when slabs and you're seeing the biggest rain we have we start the question everything yeah I think this one would be cool good like lunch run yeah then I'm like oh I'm back with Crystal now we're back on the Free Ride game here I like where this trick is going okay well you're up if you want it no no no I'm just here to be with you yeah Rico dropping [Music] [Music] oh my God time for lunch boys I think I had like 12 liters of water ready for when the other guys came down you're the man Eric was like being on the hotel I have six sandwiches like this and they're all frozen solid well lunch is not as easy as you might think in -18 I don't know if it's even 12 o'clock and we've done like four lines now we're joining the Nico project Nico Project's way easier it's all about just chilling and having a good time let's go chill yeah let's go chill just the fifth run of the day like swimming pool of snow I've never had like this kind of snow in Lincoln like for a whole trip everything's just blower yeah your run looks sick have fun yeah you too be safe we're gonna be top side boys separate but together holy [ __ ] decoy look Steve it is pretty steep there's a little bit of a Crux going on up there and some rocks I gotta skim past they go dropping no way Nico is going fast oh man the snow is so good that even if you're in like a 50 degree slope you can just turn them sideways and regain control kind of whenever you want it's super steep but it's really really really really good yeah just reached the top now I'm on the east side of uh clock on top and you see clock on it just like oh my God so here crystal radio like chocolate was in condition drop it that mountain was the reason I hauled that sled the whole way up on that Glacier and like even though christer claims he prefer slow jump turns over exposure tell just by watching him ride the score he was going to have a good time on crocodone if we actually got to do it it looks like the weather's coming in tomorrow around 10 a.m so it'll be the last chance to ride oh good work you guys good pushing here machine come on up here right then yeah take care ride safe ciao [Music] it gets dark so I can see the stars thank you there's a lot of wind is pretty gnarly like it's blowing I can't hear what's been said on the radio and oh [ __ ] it's my turn now yeah Chris there oh my god oh it's fine come on oh that's fine oh wow look at your sloth oh that's funny come on you guys yeah nice oh what a morning you guys that was super good I think we nailed this trip thanks for your good work up there hope on this is happy too [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it gets dark so I can see the sky [Music] it gets dark so I can see [Music] foreign

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