THUNDERSTORMS turn to Northern Lights at the Cabin!

THUNDERSTORMS turn to Northern Lights at the Cabin!

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Good morning. Welcome to northern Minnesota. Right on the border of Canada. We are about as far north as you can get here in the state. We're here for a pretty awesome weekend. This is fishing opener.

So we're going to be casting a few lines out in the lake out there. We're also going to be doing some paddling. And we're going to go for a hike that should take us to some pretty awesome spots here, places that I've never seen before. So I'm really excited. To. Going to just have a little breakfast here, quick. and then we're going to get outside because we're actually expecting some rain and potentially some thunder.

And, yes, once again, I am having an insanely random meal of salami, pepperoni, whatever you want to call it. And, eggs. Well, that was a nice little paddle, but I think I'm going to head back to the cabin before, we get any more rain. Definitely going to come out tomorrow and try to do some fishing off the raft. I think that might be the best way to do it, rather than trying to just catch everything from shore.

All right, so we're going to hunker down in here for a little while. Going to make some lunch and just sort of cozy up inside the cabin. But before we get to any of that, I want to introduce you to this week's video sponsor, Helix Sleep.

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So, for lunch today, I'm doing something that, is a throwback of sorts to when I did my television show, rock the park. It's what I like to call a pizza sandwich. You just take some flatbread, add some marinara sauce, sprinkle on some cheese, throw some pepperoni, whatever fixings you want on there.

You're good to go. All right. Thank you for an amazing day for the cozy rain. And in just a good time.

Then what I like to do is roll it up like this. Almost like you're eating a calzone. It's just not heated. And, you dig in.

I love it. Doesn't matter that it's not heated up. It tastes amazing. It's just been raining nonstop.

It seems, for the last few hours. It's pretty awesome to be taking it in here in the cabin. Well, it would appear as though the rain has stopped for now. I'm preparing some firewood and kindling for the night because, it's getting a little chilly again, and we. We might need another fire. It appears as though the rain is coming back.

I was kind of hoping to get out and do a little bit of a campfire tonight, but, I don't know. I don't think that's going to happen. I'm making one of my favorite cabin meals tonight, doing some nachos. But, I don't have an oven in here, and so I have to make them over the, stove. This weather absolutely calls for dinner and bad. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for this.

So, the trick to making nachos on a stovetop is, to use very low heat and cover the pot. And that way you'll get that cheese to melt on there. So good.

We'll get this. It's only 930. It's not even that late. And their already so visible. That is insane.

I guess we have a fox friend also enjoying the show. I'm speechless. Those lights are unbelievable.

seeing that fox, I actually saw him earlier. I didn't get him on camera, but, That's why I wasn't as startled as I probably, would have been, you know, if it was the first time I saw him. This is why I love coming out to these places. Nature is just like, unbelievable. All right, guys, after an incredible day. I think it's about time for bed.

if we see any more northern lights in the middle of the night, I will, make sure to show you guys. But for now, it's time to get some sleep. Good night. Well, guys, it is a beautiful day today. We've got tons of sunshine, and it looks like it's just supposed to stay like that all day and into the night.

So I figured we could go out and do a little hike this morning before we come back and head out on the water and try to do a little more fishing. I know that Ellie will appreciate this because she's been a little cooped up. and it's also supposed to be just an incredible trail with multiple overlooks, and so I'm stoked to get out and do it. Well, to call this trail spectacular would be a massive understatement.

It's just overlook after overlook. And. And it keeps going on and on. I think this is going to be our end point, though. There's more to do. Back at the cabin. See if we can catch some fish.

Little pre fishing beer. Cheers. It's funny, ever since I moved back to Minnesota a few years ago, I've really started to embrace lighter beers. I totally don't have as much flavor as IPAs and other stuff, but, especially when you're out in the woods like this, they're refreshing and and they don't, you know, take it out of you like some of those stronger beers do. Which, I can appreciate from time to time.

So today is the actual fishing opener. yesterday, I was just kind of fishing for some sunfish and crappies from the shoreline. Today, we're actually going to target some walleye and see what we can do.

However, I want to throw this disclaimer out there. I am not experienced at all, so I really don't know what I'm doing. So you're gonna have to bear with me. Whoa, whoa. Did I lose my bait? Oh, my gosh, I got a bite! Oh, I'm casting out again.

Yup. We got a bite. We got a bite. Oh, he got my bait.

All right. Okay. Whoa! No! So if you take a look, that fish took my bait. And the hook right off the line.

Now, I don't know if that's a pike. I know pike have sharp teeth or if that's something else. You guys tell me if you know what that probably was. Yeah, yeah. Oh.

Oh, I had one baby. did you see that? we're going back in. I shouldn't yell like that because kind of, ruins the wilderness experience for others. But that was exciting. Well, I think that's going to do it for today.

But, man, that was a lot of fun. I was so close to catching that one. he was literally right off the boat. I mean, you saw him, but there's always next time. These tacos. Look! Bomb! I am so excited for them.

So I made these bad boys with cubed steak. I use just normal taco seasoning to, give them some extra flavor. And, tastes great. That's going to do it for the video. Thank you guys so much for watching.

I know we don't normally end videos in the evening time like this, but it's for good reason. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I'm getting up very, very early to hit the road and get back and spend it with Rylie as well as my mother. So, got to do what I got to do here. but we we are so excited to tell you that next week, we are finally unveiling our brand new cabin, and I.

It's it's so great. I cannot wait. So, be ready for that. But other than that, we've got so many great adventures coming up, as well as a road trip which is coming up in about a month now, a little, a little over a month. So, lot of good stuff coming your way.

Summer is here, and, we're just very, very excited. Again, I want to thank all of you for watching. We give a special shout out to our patrons who generously donate to this channel.

Thank you all. So much. It means the world to us, and we're so grateful to have your support so that we can make these videos on a regular basis. with that, I think it's time for me to wind down a little bit so I can get up early and get back for Mother's Day. But, thank you again for watching. I hope you enjoyed this. And, we'll see you next week.

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