Three Layers of Security to See This WARSHIP in China

Three Layers of Security to See This WARSHIP in China

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That ladies and gentlemen is the Zhongshan  gunboat, or warship as they're calling it here Sun Yat-Set folks, also known as the father  of modern China. Interesting guy in that he   is celebrated both here in the mainland and also  over in Taiwan with the Nationalists are so yeah   Interesting guy. This whole park we're standing  in is named after him it's called Zhongshan Park, here in Wuhan Chinese call him Sun Zhongshan so "Zhongshan" rather than Sun Yat-Sen as he's more commonly known in the West  Who was this guy if you haven't heard of him, he was essentially a big time believer that the   Qing Dynasty which was the reigning Dynasty  at the end of the Chinese Imperial period   needed to go. Power to the people, democracy and  republicanism and all that good stuff none of this, monarchy Throughout China and other parts of  the world actually there's multiple places   named after him I know here in Wuhan aside from  this park which is named Zhongshan Park, there's also   a, one of the main streets is called Zhongshan Avenue and believe it or not after his death in 1925 I believe,   he even had a boat named after him  and that boat it's a gun boat, a military vessel   saw action in the second world  war and it's on display here in Wuhan   in a museum. So let's head from Zhongshan Park to  the Zhongshan Gunboat Museum. Let's go Now this museum we're heading to which has got the old  gun boat on display is kind of miles out of   town so before we jump on the subway we'll  grab ourselves a cool drink, then we head off Right we've got our drink let's head  on to the subway. Just by the by, actually  

to work in that building back there many years  ago. Alright, subway transfer, bus that's the plan Alright we're here on Line Two jump onto  Line Five all the way to the end and then onto the bus We just missed it. Next one comes in a  minute and a half, line two is busy Well that was my first time taking  line number five and half of it was   above ground that's cool much nicer view than  just I don't know underground tunnels so this   area looks pretty nice, again looks to be  kind of on the outskirts of town we need   to get our bearings and find where the bus  stop is here but the bus doesn't leave for half an hour and that'll get us to 12:00  12:00 before we even get on the bus and   then the bus is almost an hour. Okay I might  want to find something to eat before we get

there oh man are we going to go to KFC? are  we really going to get KFC? okay no there  might be other food we're not going to get  KFC there's a bunch of restaurants here I don't trust myself to not get soup all  over my clothes so, black jacket on, we got   20 odd minutes so, wolf this down head to  the bus stop everyone uses those QR codes  on the table to order but I'm being an old  man I just ordered at the counter Right... God hot bowl of noodles on a hot day wearing a  hot jacket so I didn't get bloody broth all over   my clothes was not ideal but let's see if we can  find this bus I think it should be just over there Yeah first stop we're going all  the way here it's going to be a long bus ride That guy is asking me for directions, I  couldn't understand that much of   what he was saying but I know he  said he's looked that way but the   phone says it's that that way and I can  see a bus. We've been here 15 minutes so   yeah I hope that guy finds his way if he's  asking me for directions he must be pretty desperate One of the streets we just passed was called like  Chevrolet Ave, so guessing that bill Chevies out here Chevies, baking in the sun Holy moly that's the longest bus ride I think  I've ever taken in Wuhan jeez that was an hour but   here we are. There's the old Yangtze River they've  even got a bridge across it out this way, right   thank goodness I brought my passport because I'm  pretty sure that's going to be required for entry   for this place but yeah let's see if we can get  in, The place has only open till 5:00 entries close at 4:00 and it's now 13:10 so we still  got plenty of time but jeez that was a long trek Zhongshan Warship Natural Monument, I've been  calling it a gunboat, warship.. right here we go

she says I have to go over here cos I'm  a foreigner, maybe I don't need to use this Right can't use the app, which is kind of  normal because everything in China tends   to be linked to your ID card, and uh because  I don't have an ID card they had to manually   put me in with my passport so yeah Right, there might be some kind of security check up ahead as well? There's certainly a big park around the place What I wanna see, is in there okay two layers two layers of uh  entrance... this is pretty uh secure stuff Inside here is going to be a boat, a warship ordered by the Qing Dynasty back at the   end of their reign in about 1910 but then when  their dynasty came to an end, they ordered it   from Japan they bought the boat from Japan, uh  Japanese ship makers made it for them just like   as a kind of uh Coastal Patrol vessel. Gunboats  are especially important with all the rivers   in China so smaller than kind of ones that you  would expect to be kind of out at sea but mostly   along the coast and um yeah, it was handed  over in 1913 upon completion but by that point   the Qing Dynasty had ended so it was handed  over to kind of the Republic of China but China   at that point was still a real mess Warlords  with the different factions and whatnot China   was very kind of far from a uniform unified  State at that point so yeah the ship had a   bit of a uh interesting start to life and an  interesting end but we'll get to that The reason we came was to see...

that bad boy. That ladies and  gentlemen is the Zhongshan Gunboat   or warship as they're calling it here. Now  here's our guy is the guy the ship was named after Old Sun Yat-Sen, now they named they renamed  the ship after his death because kind of to   honor him as the father of modern China but  also because he at one point was on this ship I mentioned that China was  kind of a divided place at that   time one of the Warlords essentially  tried to put a hit out on our man Sun Yat-Sen at his residence in Guangzhou, which you  might know as Canton but he escaped he   escaped on this boat and then went onto a  British boat where they took him to Hong Kong the scene behind us commemorates the moment that Sun Yat-Sen had to flee for his   life after his residence was under attack and  he had to get on the boat, to get out of dodge   Sun Yat-Sen himself he spent a lot of time  in Japan which is interesting because as he   was a revolutionary trying to bring down the  Qing Dynasty he was always on the run every   time there was a failed kind of Uprising he had  to head back to Japan where it was safe and he   was a big proponent of pan asianism that the Asian  Powers who kind of been dominated by the European   powers at that time should work together to stop  this European dominance so it's kind of ironic   that a ship bearing his name ended up being  sunk by Imperial Japan    The Battle for Wuhan itself, the city proper, only lasted about 3 days  but the preceding campaign in the surrounding   provinces and surrounding areas much like this  one where we are now like quite far removed from   the city took a lot longer that's when the  ship was sunk. On kind of Shore bombardment  

and defense duties as the Japanese both sailed  their ships out the river and brought their   land forces along too. Air power was certainly a  big difference as much as those Soviet pilots   and the Chinese Pilots with their obsolete  aircraft tried, they didn't have control of the skies There's more damage there there was a note   next to the ship down there which said  there were six, six holes found in the ship so it was probably sunk from from  multiple explosions In 1986 planning  began to salvage this thing from the  depths of the Yangtze and they finally brought   it out in 1997 and restored it to  the condition you can see it's in now I guess the museum is partly having the  desired effect because I can hear some of the kids   asking their parents about what happened and how  you need to be kind of strong to protect yourself   because this was bombed by the Japanese, again the  Chinese haven't forgotten any of that, here's a reminder The other day we walked down  that road going past all the concession buildings again that stuff hasn't been forgotten Interestingly they've gone  for kind of full authenticity, the ship   is flying the flag of of the Republic  of China, which is the one that would   have been flying at the time they  haven't switched it to a PRC flag so authentic Most of the places I've gone on this  trip I don't feel like would have been that   interesting for the kids but I reckon my son  would love this I'll bring him next time but   I might have to find a friend who's got a car cos  that was a long drive    Since 1913 Zhongshan Warship witnessed many historical events including when the  counterrevolutionary Guomindang (Nationalists) plotted to   usurp against the forefathers of the Chinese  Communist Party, Battle of Wuhan, against Japan etc  Sounds like the Nationalists use this boat  against the Communists which they also haven't forgotten if I'm not mistaken that's celebrating  China getting the nuclear bomb My Chinese ain't that great  but I think that's what it is "Yuan Zi Dan" should be nuclear bomb Right um that's pretty much all I  came to see, we'll do a quick walk around   see if there's anything else interesting  apart from the big boat, there jet looks   like a MIG what is it a MIG 21 somebody  help me out here... nope not a MIG Chinese   Plane surely it's a variant of some kind of  MiG I don't mean to give Chinese aircraft   designers any grief but surely that's Mig  Generation stuff like 60s 50s 60s migs Right, light tank some artillery, some kind of radar  truck and some basketball courts and some exercise equipment I love how that lady was looking at  the plane and she's like "oh look at all the dandelions" Girls huh? Kiddies playground I really  should have brought my kids today shouldn't I? there's something over there which is kind  of piquing my interest, it looks pretty far   there's a monument that says 1945 that'll be  when Japan surrendered   The rejoicing of the people. Victory 1945 they're dating it back  to 1931. When They seized Manchuria I think that was

I'm thinking 1937 when the kind of  endless war stopped, because between 31 and   37 there was a break but Japan certainly  occupied parts of of China like the   the mainland since long before 1937 when  they set up their puppet state in, in Manchuria On September 18th 1945 a surrender  ceremony of the Japanese Army in central   China was held in Zhongshan Park Hankou, Zhongshan Park, that's our guy again Sun Weiru, commander of   the sixth war zone of China accepted the  surrender of the Senior General, Naozaburo Okabe   Commander of the Sixth Front Army, of the  Japanese Army. Okay so there I guess there were   a lot of surrender... is it a ceremony? Because  there's the main one which all the big wigs   attended but then I guess all around the  country there would have been smaller ones it's a nice view Looking at how high that thing,  is if you can in fact get to, it I'm assuming   there are some stairs in my future under this  beating sun I'm not that enthusiastic but I'm curious Battle of Wuhan was at a time of the Second  Guomindang / Communist Corporation, Chinese Communist   party propagandized and called upon all walks of  life to raise anti-Japanese campaigns all over   Wuhan anti-Japanese torch parades contributions  of capital performances newspapers and periodicals   for anti-Japanese war displayed on grand scenes  of anti-Japanese and the participation of all the people That's right, come together despite your  own differences to fight your mutual enemy the Japanese That's it's always so easy when you've  got a common external enemy to look at right   everything within your own borders seems much more  trivial when you've got someone else to to worry about The guys didn't exactly sell  it to me. I asked them what's up here   and they said nothing much but  get some exercise into ya alright, let's go Okay even if that's crap, that's a nice  view okay here's the memorial the guy talked about Battle for Wuhan lasted 5 months, it did  start with an air attack.... yeah history of the  

the boat nothing really we didn't even know  although it does talk about how the battle for   Wuhan was kind of longer than the 3 days, 3  days was the city itself Well, there you go folks... a bunch of white rods... I  don't actually know what that signifies but cool, cool for white  rods the view, more impressive yeah that guy didn't seem too sure  about what these are about either... but yeah Well folks that's it the end  of the road from the Zhongshan Warship Museum oh I'm not sure if I'm allowed  out this way might be walking the wrong way How's your English? um not bad not bad oh  good good good I should speak to you in English   uh how to say uh uh what should I say? Do you have  English class now? Yeah. At University? Yeah Is it important?   Does every student at your school have to study English? Yeah Even in university...

uh even even in uh High School yes or middle  school yes English English English yeah oh we   need we need... we need learn a lot a lot of  classes in China. Yes I know it's difficult uh how to say every uh term or maybe semester uh more than 8 classes. Really?  Yeah. Computer Science. English. English   uh politics, yeah. uh maths yeah okay. P.E. P.E? Ok uh that's five history no uh no  no history no history okay uh what else uh Chinese no no no no how you physical? physics physics yeah uh I uh too many too many uh oh wow too many Well folks that was the gunboat museum we're  now back off the bus getting ready to get on the   subway but I've de decided to stretch my legs a  little bit went to buy a coffee and then I'll   head home. Happily just bumped into a couple of  University students who were also out to see   the gun museum for the day so they've gone off  to buy some food downtown but I'm going to head   home they've offered to give me a tour of their  University at some point which is kind of also   out in the middle of nowhere so maybe we'll take  them up on that offer before we head back to New   Zealand but um yeah if you're ever in Wuhan the  Zhongshan Gunboat Museum especially if you have   access to a car I would highly recommend it and  don't be like me take your children there seems   to be plenty there for the kids to do who wouldn't  like to see a big old gunboat and go on some little rides we are heading directly.... into... a tunnel....

I hope she's not going to rob me

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