This is The Raw Beauty of Uganda vA 95

This is The Raw Beauty of Uganda  vA 95

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(Kapchorwa, Uganda) - Morning, my friends, from Kapchorwa in Uganda. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Safe journey. - Thank you. Thank you. Let's go. So today, we don't go very far. Actually, in this video, we're gonna go to Mbale, which is about 70 kilometers from here, but we're gonna do it in two days.

So today we just go to Sipi Falls, which is only 16 kilometers from here, but still 300 and something meters of elevation gain, because it's still very hilly around Mount Elgon here in Uganda. Let's go. Hello. - Good. - And look at this wonderful view on the way. And here is my friend. Hello.

- You are going up to where? - I'm going to Sipi, just Sipi today. - Going to Sipi? - Yes. - You're going to climb all these hills here. - Yes, yes, yes. - Ah, man. Okay, man. See you. Safe journey. - Okay. See you. Yeah. Have a good day! Have a good time! - Okay. - Bye-bye.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. Hello. What a landscape, guys! Oh f***. You're okay? Yeah, but... He ran into me. - Yeah. - So... And he did not fall. She fell. - Yeah. - You’re okay? - Safe journey. - For me, I'm okay. I mean...

But he ran into my bike. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, you're okay. - But is she okay? Because she fell. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Is she okay? (Can someone translate in the comments?) It's just, I guess, I slowed down. And he was too close and he ran into me.

I think it's all okay. I just check, but I think it's okay. - He is wrong. - Ah? - He's wrong, wrong. - Ah? - The other man is wrong. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - He was behind me.

I could not see him, but it's... - Yeah, yeah. - It's okay. I just hope... Is she okay or...? Are you okay? - I have pain here. (That's the motorbike driver explaining his version) (Can you translate what he says in the comments?) It's because I slowed down.

So then, he did not expect me to slow down, but... - But it's okay. Okay. - The bike is okay? - The bike is okay, I think. I mean, I'll check... I will see it later. I cannot... - Okay, you are free to go. - Yeah. - Yeah. - I'm free to go? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Okay. - You are free to go. - I will see it later, but it looks okay at least now, so I... - Yeah, that's good.

That's good. - That's okay. - Yeah. - Okay. - Bye. - So hopefully, it was just scarier than anything. - Yeah, yeah. - Is his bike okay? - Yeah. - It's okay. It's okay. - It's okay? Okay? - It's okay. Yeah. - Okay. Okay. - Yeah. - Okay then. Let's continue. - You are free to proceed. - Okay. - Yeah. - Okay. - Bye. - Bye-bye. Thank you. - Okay.

- So what happened? I guess it's a bit both his fault and my fault as well. So he was probably following me too close. I did not see him at all, he was behind, and I slowed down because I don't always go super-fast on the downhill. So I slowed down and he basically ran into the back of my bike. Then, I was originally very angry, because I saw one of my panniers flying away.

I think it was not the pannier with the computer, so it should be fine. And... Yeah, and… Basically, they fell, so... And my bike looks fine. So a small accident.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. Beautiful tree. Wow! Hello. - Hello. - Hey. - Hello.

- Hey. - Hello. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - They are drying a lot of stuff here. Beans, I think. Coffee. That might be coffee beans actually. Hello. - Hi. - Hi.

- That is good. - Hello. - How are you? - It's good. Yeah. I'm good, I'm good. - Well done. - What is that? - Hello. - Hello. - What is that?

- It's so funny how she got scared. - Hi. - Hello. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - We are fine. Oh, wow, guys. Look at these overloaded trucks. - Hello. - Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. Hello. - Hello, hello. - Oh, wow, guys. Look at that.

Sipi Falls Tourist Camp. Wow! - Nice bike. - Thank you. - It's a good one. - Yes, it's a good one. Yeah. - Yeah, you came from Kenya. - Yes. - You're looking for a place to go camping or... - Ah? I know where I go. It's okay. Don't worry. - Yeah, because I can take you to a good place. So you can have a nice place... - Yeah, but I know where I go.

I wanna go alone. It's okay. Thank you. Yes, but that's... Sipi Guesthouse. Okay, that's where I want to go. - Yeah, it's here. - It's Sipi Guesthouse or Sipi Lodge. - Yeah. It's Sipi Guesthouse. - Guesthouse. Okay. How much is it? - You can come find parking. Then, we'll talk. No problem. - Ah? Okay. Wow! Oh my god.

- It's nice. - It's a nice bike. Yes. - Yes, you're welcome. - Thank you. Hi. - Peter. - Peter? Yves. Nice to meet you. - Prosie. - Nice to meet you. - Ah? Merci. Yves. - Prosie. - Prosie? - Yeah. - Ah, okay. Oh, wow. - You can see the waterfall somewhere there. - Oh, you can see it from here. Oh, wow! Oh, so the one up is another one because I saw one...

- We have three waterfalls. - There are three waterfalls. - Yes. - That's why... - Why don't you check out the rooms, also? - Yes, I want to see the rooms. But I will need to know the price first, also. You have a menu for the rooms. Okay, good. - We have a menu for the rooms. - Bed and Breakfast. That's 102,000 ($27). Oh, there is a basic room. Oh, because... What's the difference between a basic room and a single...? - It's a dormitory.

- Ah, it's a dormitory. - Yes. - Can I see the rooms? - Yeah, it's okay. - Of course. - There are some people in the guesthouse at the moment or...? - They left today. - Oh, they left today. So it's empty. - Yeah, no one has yet come again. - Okay. - This one.

- This is the basic room. - No, this is not a basic room. - Ah, this is... - The general rooms, like the ones... - 100... - 102,000. - 102,000. Okay. - Yeah. - Wow, it's very big. An instant shower. Okay. - That's hot water. - So does it work or not? Because it's... - No power right now. - Ah, there is no power right now. - Yeah. - Okay.

- The basic room is inside here. - Okay. - So this is a basic room. - Okay. Oh, there is no mosquito net. - Yeah. - So that's my room, guys. I left all my bags, and I have some privacy. And I can also close the door, which is the advantage of a private room.

(I got robbed, 10 years ago, in a dormitory, in Entebbe, in Uganda, by the owners of a guesthouse...) And look at this beautiful place. Look at this view. Wow, it's fantastic. Look at this landscape. And you can see a little bit the waterfall there. The main waterfall. Let's see if we can find a way to go to see it. So yeah, I feel a bit uncomfortable.

I have this guy behind. He's trying to sell me tours all the time. It's... I just don't like tourist places because you always have guys telling you, "You need a guide. You need to do this. You need to do that." Look at these beautiful flowers.

Fruit? - Yeah. - But there is also a meal? - Yeah, up here, it's there. - It's possible to have lunch here? - Yeah, we have... - Yeah. - ...posho, matoke, rice, beans, and vegetables. - Okay. - And chicken. - Can I have matoke? - Yeah. - Yes. How much is it? - And... - Matoke. - ...meat. - With what? - I have meat, beans, and chicken. - So... But matoke is banana, no? - Yes. - Yeah, banana.

- And what did you say you have? Sorry, I forgot. - Vegetables and beans. - No, so with meat. Matoke with meat and vegetables. How much is it? - Yeah, that is 10,000 ($2.7). - 10,000. - Yes. - Okay. Can I have this, please? I can sit there or... Where can I eat? - You can. - I can sit there. Okay. - Yeah. - Thank you.

Oh, nice. - Welcome! - Beautiful. Wow! How are you? - We are good. - Good. - Good, good. - You have a nice camera. - Nice camera. - I can see it. - Yes, it's a nice camera. Yes.

So you came here to have a drink. - Yeah. - Good. - Just a simple one. - What's the alcohol? It's alcohol, no? - It's alcohol. - Oh, Simba. - Taste and... - 40%. Oh. - Taste and discover the secret. - I can have a sip? - Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, it's okay. Hello. It's such whisky. - Yeah, it's good. Yeah. It has a very strong taste, a very specific flavor.

Oh, nice. - Would you mind if, for us, we light our cigs? - Oh, it's okay. You can smoke. No worries. Yeah. - It's okay. - Oh, wow. So here is my first Ugandan matoke. - Yeah? - Look. So you have rice.

You have a banana. Some greens and some beef. So this is very local, right? - Yes. Real one. - Real one.

Oh, the meat is good. So you eat matoke every day or... - We have different varieties of meals. We also have posho. - Posho?

Oh, posho. Yeah, yeah. - Yeah. - That's like ugali. - Yams. - Sweet potato, Irish. - Cassava, Irish. - Okay. - Different. - Okay. - We told you about… Rolled eggs (rolex).

- But in your place, you eat things like cockroaches, frogs. - Yeah, frogs. I've seen... - Snakes. - Oh, yeah. - Yeah, we don't eat that. - Frogs we eat in France. - You eat? - Yes. - But... - Spiders, cockroaches. - But spiders, cockroaches - no. That's the Chinese who eat these. - Chinese. - Yes. In Europe, we also don't eat these. - You also have plastic rice there. - Plastic rice? - Yes. - Yeah.

- Plastic rice. What's that? - Plastic eggs. - Oh, plastic... - That's the Chinese. No. - Chinese. They brought one time to Uganda that plastic rice the people enjoyed. - But always for... - Plastic rice? - Yes. - Yeah. - What's that? I... Plastic rice. That's funny. - One time, you will remember us in Sipi.

- Yes. For sure. Yeah, this place is nice. I like it. Because where I stayed, I was not happy because you could feel the guys... They come to talk, but they just want to sell you something. So I know, "Okay, if you..." So then, what's the point of talking? Because I know you just want to sell me something. But here we just talk, you know? - Whereas we don't...

- So how do you say "hello" in your language? - "Mwene". - Hm? - "Mwene". - "Mwene?" - Yeah. Yeah, you greet... - But that's in the local language here. - Yes. - Yeah, "mwene". The Kupsabiny language. - Kupsabiny. - Yeah.

- Is it part of the Kalenjin or...? - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah. - Ah, you're also Kalenjin. - We are part of the Kalenjin. And for us, we see whites as the people who are near God. I think God also blessed you more than us. - I don't know.

So you consider us as people who are near God. - For real. - Really? - God has blessed you with very many things. - Because Jesus is a white man. - The white man. - From Israel. - All the things we usually say... - Actually, he's brown. He's not that white, because he's from the Middle East. - You want to deny an African message. Let's give him a book.

- Just live the book. - Then the rest. - And it will work. - That's the message hidden inside of that. - So you like the books. - Yeah, I like them. I did history. I also read the history of Napoleon Bonaparte.

- You read the history of Napoleon. Really? - Yeah. I read European history. - Oh my god. European history? In the modern world. - Whites are different people, man. - They are different, but... - It's the culture that's different. It's not the color. I mean, we are the same. - The culture.

- No, also... - We have one blood - the red blood. Yeah. - The wisdom. - No, no, it's... Yeah, but that's cultural. It's because of the people... If I take you and we raise you in Europe, you're gonna be completely European.

You will be the same person, but you'll be completely European because you were raised in Europe. So it's just the culture that makes us different. It's not the skin color or anything. We are the same. You are as smart as me. We are all... - But that's so... - On average, we all are smart. - That's why we have...

- But it's the culture, it's the environment that makes us different. - Different colors, one people. - Exactly. - Yeah. - Because we are the same species. - We have the... - We are the same.

We are all homo sapiens sapiens. - It's the culture there you... - But it's the culture that makes us different. - Yeah. - It's the way that you're raised, what you are told when you're a kid, what you see people doing when you are a kid, how people behave: that's what makes us different. - Yeah. - It's the culture in general.

But if you take me when I'm one year old, and you make me grow here... - Yeah. - ...even though I'm white, I will become exactly the same, I will behave the same as you. - That is it. That is... - I will become Ugandan completely. - That is it. - Even though I have a different color.

And if I take you and I raise you in a French family from one year old, you'll be completely French. You'll have nothing African except for your color. - Yeah. - So it's the culture that makes us different. - Culture. That's what we know. - But yeah, we are quite different in the end,

because our cultures are very different. Yes. - Very different. - Very, very different. Yes. - But it's also good to know different cultures. - Yes. - For us, the most common one is now circumcision. - Okay. Yeah.

- We dance the whole night. And then, they come and cut you live. - Oh my god, what...? - Live. They don't inject you... - Live? - ...anything. - I know you fear that. - What age? At what age? - Yeah, you fear. - At what age do they do this? - Like starting from 16. - 16? - Yeah. - Oh my god, that must be so painful. - You come and stand. - You stand. - Ah, you stand. - Yeah.

- If you haven't done that, then you're not a man. - You're not a man. - So you both did it. - That's our culture. - Yeah. - We did it. - And you have to stand and show that you don't feel any pain. - They don't inject you. Like someone can come... - It must be so painful though, no? - Yeah. - It's painful, but... - But some also die, no? - ...we have to.

- They pull your penis, and they cut live without injecting anything. How do you feel? That is the most difficult. So we are very different. - This is a very difficult thing in your culture. - Very difficult.

- Yeah. - And if they tell you to do that, you won't manage. Completely. - I mean, for me, because it's not my culture, yeah... - Yeah, it's not... - ...if they tell me to do this, I'll say... I'll run away.

I won't do it. Yeah. - That's why our cultures are different. - Some people always run away, or they... - Some run away. - Yes. - Yeah, some of us run away. - That thing is painful. - I mean, I...

I think I can't even imagine how painful it must be. - Yeah. - I don't know. - Just imagine that you get a... - But you must be bleeding for so long. - We bleed... - Not for so long. - For how long? - Not for long. - How long does it take before…? How many hours before it stops bleeding? - Not even an hour. - Not even an hour. - Circumcised, you then sit on a chair like this. You leave your penis down. - You let the... - And they tie you over there.

- Ah, okay. So you hide everything. - They cover you and hide everything. - Yeah, right. - And the blood is falling. - The blood is falling down. - And after a while... - But it's like 30 minutes. - After 30 minutes. - But how much blood do you lose? Like one liter. - Ah, no.

- You can't lose... That's too much blood. - Not, no... - Just like a quarter. - A quarter? - Yeah. - Well... So it's okay. - Just a little blood, but some... - But it's the pain that is very... - It's the pain. - Yeah, and they all let you... - Oh my god. Because already...

You're a grown man. - Yeah. - So you have big veins and... - Yeah. - Oh my god. - Then you just put on a skirt like a lady. - Okay. - You become like a lady... - Okay. - ...for one to two months.

- ...a skirt because if you put on trousers... - Oh, really? - Yeah, one to two months. - Ah, because it's painful. - Yeah. - Because it's painful. - Painful. - Anything you touch is painful. - Yeah, you don't need anything to squeeze you. - Something... - Yeah. - ...which is... - You don't need underwear. - You can't wear pants.

Yeah, because it's... - You can't. - Well, you can't put on that. - It must be so painful. - Yes. - Okay, I think I need to get going. - Let me call the man. - Yes, I need to... - Let me call a person who made it for you. - So I can't go this way down, you think, or...

Do I need to pay something to go there or what? - Entry fee. - They ask you for an entry fee. - Yes. - You want to enter somewhere. - The other side. - Ah, okay. - But now, starting from here up to there, I guess you'll need someone to guide you.

- But if I go down because there is a way that goes down the hill. - There's also some entry fee there. - There's an entrance fee there. - Yeah. - Oh, there's a ticket there. - Then only the person to walk with because you'll need security... - Because there... - ...for a local person

to stop some other people from disturbing you. - I need... So it's really compulsory. Oh, really? - They don't charge even more money. - Okay. - Just like something... - How much do you pay for the walk?

- With a guide? - Yeah. - Yeah, with a guide. - I mean, if you say you need someone to escort you. - Like security. - Like security. - Yeah, escort. - So you need security. - Yeah.

- So how much is the security? - You can pay... You can give 50,000 ($13) plus... - 50,000? - Yeah. With the entry fee. - Yes. - That is just once. - Once. - With the entry fee. - You just go in... - And then that's all I pay. - Yeah.

- Okay, so do I really need to go with someone in the end? - Yeah. - You can go with me. - Yeah. Do you wanna come with me? - Yeah. - Okay, because you're nice. And that's why I prefer to... - Yeah. - ...go with someone who is nice. Yes, exactly. - Yeah, I'm just like... - Yes. Okay. So you come with me? - It's okay. - Okay, great. What's your name again? - I'm called Elijah. - Elijah? Elijah. Okay. - Yeah.

- So I will go… We'll go with Elijah. - We can even go with him because we are free. - Latif. - Okay, so we... Let's go. - Latif. - Okay, Latif. Okay, Latif and Elijah. I'm going with both of you. Yeah, they were nice. So let's reward nice people. I pay you for the food?

Ah, no. Ah, it was for you. Yeah. - Yeah, you pay for this. - So you are going for viewing. - Yeah, I'm going to view the waterfall. Yes. - Yeah.

- See you. - See you. Have a nice day. Thank you. Thank you. - Wait for me, and we'll go. - Okay. It's okay. Yeah. Oh, there are some tourists. Oh my god. It's been a while since I saw tourists. Hello. - Yeah. - How are you? - I'm okay. - Good. - Welcome! - So... Okay.

So that's why there is no gate or anything. - Yeah, there is no gate. - Okay. So this is 10k, no? - Thank you. - Thank you. So that's the ticket for the...

- Yeah, you're now free. - I'm now free to go to see the waterfall. Okay. - Thank you. - Thank you very much! - So we can... - Let's go in there. - …go. - Hey.

- Are you okay? Ankle okay? - Hello. - Baby. - Oh, we can see the waterfall a little bit. Oh, wow! - Here. - Coffee. - Some coffee.

What a beautiful place! - 100 meters. The height. - 100 meters? - 100 meters. - Wow! Oh my god. Look at that, guys.

- Do you see it all? - This is powerful. Oh my god. It's very wet. Oh my god. - The pearl of Africa. - You cannot swim here, no? - Yeah, you cannot swim there.

We also have a swimming pool up there. - Ah, there's a swimming pool up there. Ah, yes, before. Yeah, yeah. - Yeah, up there we have. - Yeah. - Latif. Nice. Thank you very much! - Welcome! - Nice to meet you. Yeah. - Thanks for your time. - Thank you very much for your time as well! - Okay. - See you next time. - See you next time. Yeah.

Have a good time, guys. Thank you. - You're welcome. - Morning, my friends, from Sipi Falls. And to finish this video, let's go to Mbale city. And as you see, I'm wearing a helmet. So we are starting with a big descent. So today, it's 52 kilometers to Mbale. So another short day to finish the video. On the way to Kampala.

Let's go. Let's go to Mbale, guys. Hello. - Good. - Hello. - It's fine. - Hello. - Hi, hi. - Hello. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - Yes. Hello. - Let's go.

- Hey. - Hello. - Thank you. - And that's it. We reached the lowlands, guys. Hello. - You! - Hello. - Hello.

- How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - Fine, how are you? - Good, good, good. Hi. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hello. - Hello. - From where?

- It looks like I might not be able to avoid a shower today. Hello. Hello. Hello. - Hey. - Hello. - See you, man. - Hello. - Yes. - Go.

- Hello, man. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Yeah. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hi. - Hello. - Hey. - Ah, it's raining, man. I stopped a bit because I have some time. It's a very short day. Hopefully, the rain will stop. Oh my god.

But it's good. It's warm here. So the rain is not cold anymore, not like in Kenya. I'm not that high anymore. Hi. Hi. Hi. - How are you? - Good, good. - How are you? - Fine.

Very nice bike! - Nice. Yes. - Ah, electricity. - Yes, it's electric. - You have dirt on your ass. - What? - Your ass is very dirty. - Yes, it's okay. - Yeah. - This is okay. Bye. - Bye. - So, it's been two hours I've been waiting for the rain to stop. And the rain doesn't stop. So I'll just resume.

And I will just accept to ride in the rain. Anyway, it's not far. It's just 15 kilometers left to Mbale city. Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi. - Hello. - Hi. - Oh, the joy of the rainy season. (Spot the bananas) Oh, nice market. Very nice. Hello.

What the hell is that? Oh, it's a market. Oh, wow. Mbale city. Here we are. Oh my god. There are so many people on the streets. That's crazy. There are so many people. Hello.

It's a festival of colors. This hotel is hidden in the middle of nowhere. Hi. Do you have rooms here? - Yeah. - Yes? Okay. Thank you. - Welcome! - Thank you. Hi. - Hi. - Do you have rooms? - Yes, we have. - For how much is it? - 100,000 ($26.5). - Ah? - 100,000. - 100,000. Okay.

That sounds good. Do you also have Wi-Fi? - Yes, yes. - You have Wi-Fi. Very good. Fantastic. It's quiet here. It's nice. It's not common. Yes. - It's not common. - Yeah, yeah, it's a tricycle. Yeah, electric. Hi.

- You take that all and see. - Yes, can I see the room, maybe, first? Yes. - Sitting room. - Okay, nice. - Fridge. - Fridge. Oh, wow. Okay. Oh, very nice. So all this is for 100,000. - 100,000. - So, guys, here is my place to stay. Beautiful. Do you see? Living room area where I put my flags, some bags. Very nice. And then, you continue.

And here there is even a sink. Almost like a kitchen. Hop. Some more bags here. Nice toilet. Very clean with a beautiful shower and some, yeah, nice hot water that is not dangerous like the instant shower. Very nice. And a very beautiful bedroom with something for the mosquitoes. A nice painting. Very nice white bed. And I even have a balcony.

And all these for barely, I think, $25. Something like that. And I even have a view over the surroundings. Very nice. On my balcony. Look at this, guys. A beautiful courtyard.

And you see a nice view over the mountains there. Beautiful. Several waterfalls. Yeah. Awesome. From Mbale city. See you for the next adventures. Ciao, guys.

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