This is the price of FREEDOM

This is the price of FREEDOM

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good afternoon my friends, from somewhere in  southern egypt, hello hello, you're here okay and i'm gonna answer your questions, so  first before answering your questions   thank you, i want to thank christian  for giving me... christian from denmark,   for giving me this idea of making a q & a video, my  first one, because it's true my channel has grown   so it's probably time to talk a little bit about  myself, and sorry for those who ask me questions,   because i can't answer all the questions,  so i've selected some questions, quite a lot, but   i can't answer all the questions, so  sorry about that, let's go up the dune   so first question, very simple,  are you going back to ethiopia   yes i am going back to ethiopia, quite soon,  after egypt, first sudan, and then ethiopia   what keeps you going, i think it's just uh  there's no great ideas, no anything, behind   this journey, it's just curiosity, i just  like to travel, i just like to meet new people,   to discover new cultures, what drives me...  drives me the most is probably just curiosity so which is your favorite country, which was your  favorite country to visit, in the countries i   visited in my life, so not only on this journey,  because i've traveled a lot before,   i'm not gonna say only one, but among my favorite  countries to visit will be ethiopia, iran   and i will say nepal, for different  reasons, nepal, the people are friendly,   nature is unbelievable, iran  the hospitality, very friendly secular people ethiopia, just a fascinating culture, the  dancing, the friendliness of the people also,   nature, nature is gorgeous in ethiopia, just  the culture is fascinating in ethiopia,   when it is back home, where  is your final destination   actually i don't really have a final destination,  i just keep going as long as i'm happy basically,   as long as i'm happy with what i'm doing, i just  keep going, so at first i said south africa to   to give um... you need to, you need to have goals,  so i said south africa to have a target, but  

south africa is not going to be the end, for sure,  what country, which country is the most hospitable   and who has the best food, so our  mix of hospitality and best food   i would say iran then, because iran is extremely  hospitable, and has a great cuisine,   so i would say if you have to mix hospitality  and food, iran, bonjour from bordeaux, what school   did you graduate, and what jobs did you work in,  so my background, so i am originally an engineer   i graduated from a small school called sea tech, in  southern france, that is now called sea tech,   then i worked for two years in oil and gas in  paris, in la defense, then i traveled the world   for two years and a half, as a backpacker, and  then i worked... i was laying optic fiber cables,   so first working on french  cable ships for three years,   then freelancing in indonesia for three years,  on indonesian cable ships, and then one year uh   freelancing uh with the americans, on american  ships, during those seven years working   on cable ships, that's when i saved  money to travel basically, to do what i'm doing now so what were the best and the worst experiences  during my journey, well the worst is obviously   uh well the beqaa valley, yeah i got really  scared, i got robbed, they sabotaged my bike, so   obviously the worst experience, and the best  experience, probably the best in my mind is   when i met um dragoslav in bosnia, in  republic of srpska, in rogatica, mlin sorak, so   for me that's the best video i filmed, it was what  i dreamed to film, and i and i managed to film it   yeah that was the best experience, how they invited  me for food, and gave me gave me so many drinks, and   got me completely drunk, and then it was just  unbelievable this afternoon with dragoslav,   dragoslav and his family, that was probably the best  experience on this journey, what inspired your   journey, um probably it's not nothing that fancy,  it's just like, i was working, so as an engineer   in la defense, in a big building, in a big glass  tower, and i was bored, i was very very bored, so   i was looking for things, i was just uh wandering  in the internet, and looking for things to do... just   and i i... i stumbled on blogs of guys  traveling with bicycles, and uh and that's   when i thought ah, that looks cool, that looks less  boring than working in an office, so then i   that's how i got the idea, then ten years ago i tried  with a bike but. after two days, i failed, and  

then i went as a backpacker, but this time thanks  to the e-bike idea, i tried again, and this time it   worked, so... but originally it was just yeah, just  boredom inspired me, and i looked for things to   do, and i found guys doing that, and i thought  well, why not doing it, a question from gourish,   my friend from india, from my internship in  india, uh how many years ago... 15 years ago, how and   when are you planning to go to asia, for example  pakistan, india, nepal, indonesia, china, i will go to   asia, but uh, so okay let's talk to you about... let's  let's tell you about the real...   my real plan for this journey, because the  plan is so big that you can't really talk   about it, because people won't believe you, maybe  maybe now that you've seen the very beginning,   maybe you think, you'll believe me more, so the  plan is to go first to africa, because i'm young   now i'm still... i'm not so old, i'm 37, so i think  it's better to do africa first because it's   probably the hardest continent to do, so that's why  i start with africa, so the plan is to basically   somehow go down through the east coast to south  africa, then back up to europe via the west coast,   so via congo, cameroon, ghana, senegal, up to  spain, and then once, once i will be back up   in europe, probably cross again  europe towards asia this time, so   then towards iran, india, all the way to indonesia,  but that's a long time... i travel very slowly,   so that's a long time from now, so to answer  your question gourish, i will come, i will come   to see you at some point, but not very soon, so  because probably... i would say africa, i think  

it's gonna take me four or five years to go  uh, to go all the way around africa basically,   and uh i imagine i'll take more time  for europe, next time i reach europe,   uh so i would say probably seven to eight years  before uh, before i reach india, i don't know, that's   what i think now, it could change, i'm... i do... i  don't mind changing my plans, but that would be   the plan now, probably, probably seven or eight  years before i reach india, but once i will reach   india, i will probably stay a long time, probably...  if i can, probably at least a year in india, yeah   so that's the time scale approximately for when  i will reach asia, how do you pay for your trip   savings, well now with the money from youtube,  from patreon, uh the first year was uh, i was   relying on savings, um yeah just savings from  when i was working on the cable ships,   my family watches your videos every week,  what was your motivation for this trip,   so basically my motivation  is quite simple it's just uh,   i do that because i know what i like in life, what  i like to do in my life is to travel, so i just do   what makes me happy, basically that's why, even if  i would not do a youtube channel, i would   live the exact same life, so i just live the life  i want to live basically without caring about what   people think, or what people think what a normal  life should be, i just live the life i like to live,   and that's all, so my motivation to do that is just  to be happy, because i've studied myself a lot,   and i know that that's what makes me truly happy,  that's all, where did your love for travel and   adventure come from, well probably part of  it is from my mother, because she likes to   move also, she did not travel much, but uh but she  has this... she was always talking about that... so   probably a bit for my mother, and then  i don't know, i'm not someone who... i don't   feel i belong anywhere, for some reasons,  so then uh i just like to be on the move   i don't really know where it comes from, that's  just the way i am, it's just... that's it, yeah, it's uh   i observed myself as being like that, like  that, i did not... uh i just saw that that's what  

what makes me happy, i don't know.. i don't really  fully understand why i am like that... how much money   does the overall trip cost, uh the overall trip i  don't know, in average for the... before i was earning   money from youtube i was spending uh about  one thousand dollars or euros per month,   now i'm probably spending more than one  thousand five hundred, between one thousand and   two thousands somehow, per month, so now it's been  uh 15 months i'm on the road, probably let's say   an average of 1 500 euros or dollars per month, you  just multiply by 15 months and you'll see the cost...   hello before traveling to a new country that you  don't know, how do you prepare yourself, which app   do you use... okay so to prepare myself what i did  before going, before leaving, when i was working   on the ships, uh i had i had a job where i had uh...  sometimes it was busy, but most of the time i had  

just some things to watch... just watch  computers and make sure everything goes right,   but it was not active, it was passive, so i had a  lot of time to kill, because i was working 12 hours   every day, seven days a week, so then during my last  job, what i did is i... i briefly, i quickly read all   the lonely planets in the world, and i made uh  summaries of them, so that's my basis about uh   to know where i want... what do i  want to visit in the country, and then for   more practical things, for money and visas, i  mostly rely on... now on facebook groups, for   uh the middle east and africa, also forums,  there is a forum called voyage forum in french   for the visas, but then i don't prepare  that much actually anymore because   in the end the only things you need to know, if  you don't really care what you're gonna see,   if you just want to see normal life in the  country, because it's what i want to see now   then i the only thing you need to know is how to  get money in the country, and how to get the visa,   so yeah that's it, you just need to get those  informations from somewhere in the internet, mostly   on facebook now, from facebook groups, so and for  the money, it's just about knowing whether you can   use your credit card or not, in the country, if you  can't use the credit card, then you have to   come with cash, or use western union, but what  app do i use, then yeah facebook, um i overlander   also for the visas, that's it, do you miss your home  your friends, no now i'm just used to my life,   for me it's normal... i don't  miss home, i don't miss friends, i just... that's  

the way i live since more than 10 years, so it's  normal for me now, and yeah and home actually, it's   funny because that's actually one of the reasons  why i like to travel also, actually i don't   like to have a home, if i have a home  and i look at myself in the mirror, and   i think 20 years from now i will be in the exact  same place, in front of the same mirror, i want to   kill myself, i think this is... this cannot happen, i  have to do something to avoid this situation, so   so then i just... that's why i just move and go  to travel, i don't like to have a home actually   what has been your favorite country  to visit so far on your journey,   so if i talk about this journey on  the back the journey you've seen   uh in youtube, my favorite country so far is  lebanon, have you ever peed at any attractions from doo doo da la la, do do da la la, justin oh my  god, so it's a friend, a malaysian friend from cairo not recently as far as i know... the  bike name, um it's an azub ti fly 26  

you have been solo traveling for a long time, do  you ever feel loneliness, do you ever feel lonely,   sometimes, not often actually, but uh yeah like,  when you spend a long time in countries where you...   like when i was in iraq, people are very friendly,  but you don't really make true connections with   the people, so in the end you... every  day, during three months, you go back to your   hotel, you have no friends, nobody to talk to, and  so it gets lonely yeah, when it's like this for   three or four months, after some time you start  to feel a little bit lonely, but then in normal   countries let's say, in other places, then i go to  hostels, and then i have friends in the hostels,   i meet, i make new friends, and then you don't feel  lonely anymore, so most of the time i would say no,   but yeah when, if it's like a long time without  going to a hostel, or without without making like   normal friends, then uh yes after three or  four months, then i start to feel lonely, but   i am very solitary, i'm someone who is... i'm happy  with myself, so i could stay like two three months  

with like not many people to talk to, i  do i don't care, i'm happy with myself   from your experience, which country has the  best food, so i will take from... not from this   journey, but from where i have been in  my life, i would say, for me, definitely china   hey i watched since your first videos, why  did you choose uh e-bike over a normal bike,   uh e-bike over normal bike, because i tried with  a normal bike 10 years ago, and i failed, i pushed   too hard at the beginning, i had a very strong knee  pain, but also it was probably just too brutal for   me, so i chose an e-bike because i don't  look for the physical effort, i like to do some   sport on the way, so i'm happy with the effort i do,  but i'm not looking for a huge effort, and i'm not...   i don't try to prove myself that i can cross  continents on a normal bicycle, for me the bike   is just a tool to meet people, because it's so much  easier to meet people with a bicycle than   when you travel with a car, so yeah, basically for  me the bike is just a tool to force myself to   travel slowly also, because i like to travel  slowly, and to force myself to go through uh   areas where tourists don't go, and to to...  to make that i'm more open to   to the outside world, and to meet people  basically... name one place in the world   where you have not been in which you are most  excited to visit, without hesitation afghanistan   if you had to stay in one country for the  rest of your life, which one would you choose   also also almost without hesitation spain, they  have great... they have probably the best quality   of life in the world, i would say, their culture  is uh, it's just the most pleasing country to   live in, i think... are there any countries you  would like to visit but are too dangerous  

or unstable to do so... right now countries that  are too unstable to go, and where i really would   like to visit, i would say yemen... what are the  perks of a trike instead of a bike for long   distance traveling, i mean the perks is you can't  fall, obviously, so then you have much   less chances of having an accident, then with  the seat, it's much less painful for   the wrists, for the neck, it's a little  bit painful for the knees and for the back,   but uh it creates... there are less uh strains  on your body with this type of bike,   and also it's much easier to handle, the problem  with an overloaded bicycle, a normal bicycle,   is when you have heavy bags on the wheels, it's  very hard to handle the bike, while as i have   three wheels i don't have this issue with my bike,  so just comfort, i would say, in general, the perks   how often do you use the electric boost your bike  has, uh all the time actually, oh yeah, and does it   make it a lot easier, uh so to give you an idea of  the effort i make, from what i've seen when   i was in europe, when i was riding next to other  cyclists, sometimes, normal cyclists with a normal bike,   i go a little bit slower than a normal cyclist  basically, so somehow the engine almost compensates   completely for the weight of my bags, so it's  almost as if i was traveling around the world   with just my bicycle, and no bags, so yeah it just  compensates for the weight of the bags, wouldn't   your journey be more pleasant if you had a company,  a friend of yours, not at all, for me uh,   a company in my journey would be a  weight, would be a liability, it would be a   burden, no i like to travel alone, because it's...  i think you see much more the countries because  

basically the difference is, if you're not alone,  if you are two person, you will create a small   cultural bubble around the two people, so you will  live inside your... if i have another european   traveling with me, we will create a bubble of  european culture, and we would still be inside   europe in our small bubble on our bicycles, so then  you just... and then you just watch from your bubble,   you watch the country, and so you see the country,  but you don't really feel it, you don't really...   it's much harder to get into the country, while  you when you are alone, you have no one to talk to,   so you need to talk to people, so that breaks your  bubble, when you're alone you don't create this   small cultural bubble because you need social  interactions, and so and so you see the   country but you also interact with the country,  you live in it truly, so you really, you feel it   somehow, also, so that's why for me traveling is  only alone, i don't want to travel with anyone else   who is your favorite arabic and english singers arabic singer, that's probably why i love lebanon  also, it's fairuz, i was amazed, it's just fantastic   to every... breakfast you have to listen to fairuz  and... yeah it's just i love fairuz, so fairuz  

english singer, i don't really have a favorite  english singer, maybe if i would understand the   words maybe i would be a fan of bob dylan, but  i don't speak english good enough to understand   what he says somehow, so no, so then i will answer  for the french singer then, french singer obviously   jacques brel, in what country was it the  hardest to find english french speakers   so strangely enough because it's quite  a... well it's a very developed country,   but strangely enough, for me, well in turkey  people just don't speak english, if you go away   from uh from istanbul and the main tourist areas,  absolutely nobody speaks english, it's unbelievable   and they were... actually it's very funny because  they were saying sorry sorry, it's just they don't   teach us at school... would you consider your e-bike  reliable overall, yeah definitely it's extremely   reliable, well uh well, yeah it's true i  broke the engine, so i would say no, i don't...   i mean it's... i would say everything is very  reliable except the engine, because i broke it once  

so is it reliable, yes everything  is very reliable, except the engine...   uh ciao yves, i've just uh, are you married, no i'm  not married, what's your job, my job now is to make   videos on youtube, so have you contracted  some type of travel assistance in case you need it,   the insurance thing, i'm not very good with  insurance, so no i don't have a travel insurance   though i do have a health, french... i have  the french social security, but i paid for it   on a voluntary basis, and then i have it  worldwide, it's called the cfe, cfe for the french,   maybe it's stupid, i don't know, maybe i'll get it  i'll get... maybe i will get one at some point,  

if something happens to me, i guess  i'll pay for it and that's all   what can i do... out of all the countries you've  been in what's the most safe country and the most   friendly and the most hospitable and generous,  uh the safest country i've been to in my life,   it's probably new zealand, i would say, the most  friendly, the most friendly countries, that's...   it's very subjective, because it depends a lot  on your own culture, i mean for me i was...  

i was amazed by the serbs, like how friendly  they were, uh in the past i find like of course   iranians are extremely friendly, i get along  very well with iranians, armenians also extremely   friendly, ethiopians are not, i mean, sometimes  it's a country which is very difficult   to travel, but in the big cities, i find  ethiopian people extremely friendly, really,   really, for me i make friends very very easily  in ethiopia, yeah that's it... the most   hospitable and generous, i would say, oh yeah  definitely, definitely it's tajikistan, tajik   tajik people are unbelievable, in the mountains  when i was in tajikistan 10 years ago, i would   not even need to book an accommodation, you arrive  in the village you just sit on the sidewalk, and   someone is gonna tell you, just come to my house, so  i would say tajikistan, and that's probably one of   the reasons why i'm also fascinated by afghanistan,  because i think afghan people are probably   among the most hospitable people... are probably,  maybe the most hospitable people in the world   it's very related to the very harsh climate,  tajikistan has a very harsh climate also in   the mountains, so probably... that's surely why... but in  the... yeah in tajikistan the hospitality was beyond  

belief, really... oh yeah i have a quick question  from barefoot jeff, barefoot jeff, do you have   your route planed for africa, the whole way, or just  plan as you go, i just plan as i go because, i   mean, i have a rough route, but then i plan as i go  because it depends on so many things, so you have   to be flexible, so i just plan as i go.. a quite  different question, hi yves, i hear you have a lot   of interest in the arts, i was wondering what are  your favorite french writers, indeed i like, i love   art, so favorite french writers, that's something...  very good question, i really like this question,   for the poets uh, Arthur Rimbaud, of course, that's  actually why i discovered ethiopia, i discovered   ethiopia thanks to him, because he lived  for seven years in harar, in eastern ethiopia, so   ethiopia somehow is a kind of poetical pilgrimage  for me... poets, of course charles baudelaire, probably, i   mean, they're very different, Rimbaud revolutionized  the international poetry, because he destroyed   all the structures, so he's in unbelievable in  this sense, and he wrote the one among the most   beautiful poems in french, but Baudelaire, as a poet,  is... has... his work is much much bigger and much uh  

and also fascinating, so yeah Rimbaud and Baudelaire,  for the writers, for literature uh i used to be a   huge fan of balzac, i still like him a lot, but i  don't consider him as the greatest french writer   anymore, during covid, covid gave me the  chance... the lockdowns gave me the chance to   actually discover Proust, Marcel Proust, so it's the  longest... he wrote the longest, i think probably   the longest book ever written, and during the  lockdowns the french... some french actors,   french theater actors were reading it  during the lockdowns, so i listened to   this book during five months, one hour every day,  and it was a pure beauty, i mean french language   written like that is unbelievable, it's  unbelievably beautiful when it's so well written,   but the best one in terms of quality of writing  would be probably, well very controversial but   Louis Ferdinand Celine, which i read not so  long ago actually the voyage au bout de la nuit, unbelievable, it's like, Proust is more like all  the beauty, and all the cancan, and all   the all the bourgeois france, all the beauty  of the sophisticated french culture, of   the... and celine is the opposite, it's the beauty of  the dirt, the beauty of trash, the beauty of...   i don't know how you say that in english, yeah  the beauty of the horror somehow, it's like   but... it's... for me the voyage au bout de la nuit is the  most beautiful book i ever read, it's like...  

it's very hard, very rough, very dirty somehow,  very filthy, but it's unbelievably beautiful, so   my favorite french writer, i mean his life  was of course very very very controversial   because he participated in the third reich, but  as... if you separate the man and the writer, as   a writer celine, is probably the best, for me, the  best french writer ever, and i will finish with   some extra questions from the man who inspired  me this video, so from christian from denmark   do you only use paper maps, or what about google  maps when traveling... i use google maps almost all...   i use in... actually in europe i was using google  maps, now i use like maps me, or i don't use maps   me, i use a mappy dot cz, uh it, but it's the exact  same, it's just the display, the map is a little   bit different, but basically it's offline maps like  maps me, so that's what i use all the time for   when i bike, when i ride the bike, google maps was  very good in europe because you could choose ride   with a bicycle, and google maps would find  your way to go with a bike, so your google maps was   great for that, but google maps outside of europe  doesn't have the option for a bicycle, so then, then   i have to pretend to be a car, and then it's  a bit complicated, so i'd rather use offline   maps then... do you keep contact, phone call with  your family at home, i am not a phone person at all,  

my family don't like phone, i think, either, so no i  don't call, i never call i send a whatsapp message   from time to time, that's all, but phone calls, no  i don't like phone calls... how do you edit your   videos, do you carry a laptop around with you, yes  i edit all my videos myself, so i do carry a laptop   with me... do you use wi-fi on hotels to upload  videos or do you have a phone with unlimited   data... no i use all weather wi-fi from the hotels,  or otherwise i buy a sim card in the country where   i am, and i use the data from the  from the sim card... do you buy new cloth as you go   yes i do buy, i'm very bad with buying cloth, well  now this is new for example, but as you saw before...   and you maybe you didn't see the videos yet but... uh  i have a lot of t-shirts with a lot of holes now,  

and uh, and i still wear them because i  don't like to buy clothes, so it's really...   i only buy clothes when i really really need  it, when there is no other option, but yeah i   buy on the way then... how do you know so much about  history where you go, uh basically what i do is oh   i've traveled a lot before, so in the places  where i've been before, i probably know   already a bit of the history, you know the history  also by talking to other people, like   in hostels, other the tourists, or the other locals  running the hostels, and if i don't know enough,   then what i do is, i read a little bit the  wikipedia page about the country, about the city,   and and then i know a little more, and so yeah so  it's whether by talking to people, or in the past   to know the history i used to read always... i used  to have guidebooks, now i don't have them anymore, i  

don't use them anymore, but when i had guide books,  i used to read the history pages, very good to have   a very short version, a very brief version of the  history of the country, now i use wikipedia to know   a very quick version of the history of the  country... what other interests do you have uh   it's funny because actually my hobbies when i  was working... well now i'm working actually, but   it doesn't feel like working because  i do what i like actually, it's funny...   my hobbies, well i used to love... i love cinema,  so now what i'm doing is not cinema, but still   i do films... so it's funny because i was very  very passionate about cinema, like yesterday  

today is the 14th... yesterday Jean Luc Godard died,  i'm a huge fan of Jean Luc Godard, Pierrot le fou,   breathless, oh my god, le mepris, so i'm a big fan of  cinema, mostly old cinema, the french new wave, the the hollywood of the golden age  of hollywood, the 30s 40s 50s ingmar berman, iranian cinema, nowadays,  probably the best cinema in the world, i would   say, for me is iranian cinema, they  have an amazing inventivity, so it's   really crazy what they do there in iran, well the  artists, what the directors do in iran   so hobby cinema uh, and my hobby was traveling  but now that's what i do of my life so...   except that i don't really... i just like to do a  bit of sport just to keep myself in a correct   shape, but that's just for health... at what age  did you start becoming a normal type of person,  

at 26... what other country have you lived in  besides france, uh actually i only lived in   france, but i worked three years in indonesia,  but i was working on ships, so i was... when i was   in indonesia i was always on the ship, so i saw  the people on the ships, but i did not really   visit the country, and i did not live anywhere  really, because we were moving all the time,   so but still i kind of lived in  indonesia, a bit of malaysia also,   so i kind of lived in indonesia malaysia, a little  bit, but i didn't have a stable home when i was   there... what do you really mean when you say nomad,  did you live in another country, for one two years   and then moved to a new country before... when i  say i'm a nomad since 11 years, it's because   just physically i was moving all the time, all  year round, so and i would never settle somewhere   for more than two or three months basically,  so in this sense since 11 years i've never   lived in the same house for more than three  months, probably three consecutive months,   yeah, when i mean nomad, it's because physically  i've been moving all the time... since 11 years i   don't really have something you call home  basically, personal question do you have...  

and that will be the last question, do you  have a wife and kids, no no wife, no kids,   and my lifestyle... i know that's what i like,  so i will never change my lifestyle now,   uh well i think i will never change my  lifestyle, so, so so, it's probably complicated   with the lifestyle have to have a wife  and kids, so i doubt i will have... but who knows

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