This INDONESIAN MYTH got us 100K SUBSCRIBERS (Travel Journey)

This INDONESIAN MYTH got us 100K SUBSCRIBERS (Travel Journey)

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This video is brought to you by  Squarespace. The all-in-one platform   dedicated to helping you build your website  and run your business. This is Satonda island, one of the more than 17 000 islands that make  up Indonesia. But this island is unlike any other. Formed by the eruption of an underwater  volcano, Satonda has quite a unique look to it. It also happens to be riddled  with a ton of mythology and legend. Hey guys my name is Rob And my name is Cheyne. We're the "Lost Boys"

And we just hit 100 000 subscribers!!! After starting our YouTube channel in September  of 2021, we set off on our first big adventure.   Driving motorbikes across the islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, and Flores. Before leaving Sumbawa, we made a quick stop at Satonda, which sits  about three kilometers off the northeast coast. While exploring Satonda, we visited the  pohon harapan. This translates to the  

hope tree. It is believed that if you make a  wish and give an offering here, your wish will   come true. And if your wish comes true,  you must return to the tree and give thanks. I decided to wish for 100 000 subscribers,  and exactly 10 months later on July 24th 2022... My wish came true. So now it's time for us  to return to Satonda. We'll be starting our   return trip from bali and have a long journey  ahead of us. This includes a 52 kilometer drive   up the east coast, a 69 kilometer ferry ride to  Lombok, a 104 kilometer drive across the island, a 20 kilometer ferry ride to Sumbawa, a 360 kilometer  drive up to the small village of Miro, and finally   a 3 kilometer boat ride to Satonda. And the  plan is to do all of this in the next 48 hours.

We have a surprise guest joining us today. These shirts are a little bit of who it could be. From Malaga, Spain. Excuse me?! I'm here! I'm back! We're gonna travel again.

And we're gonna have fun!!! If you've followed our videos, you know Antonio. I'm here. If you follow our videos from February  and March, Antonio joined us for a few of   our travel adventures. Then he returned home  to Spain for five months. I can't wait to be back here with  the "Lost Boys". Now let's hit the road!

We are parked. Cheyne's parking his bike right now. Time to go up and get a seat. It's about a four or five hour ride across to   Lombok. Let's walk up now. Going up the stairs. We are inside. Little table right here in  the corner. Put the stuff down. Cheyne bought a durian. Who wants to sit next to me?

No no don't sit next to me bro. Cheyne bought the durian outside and brought it in. It's to make space. So I get the whole boat to myself. Everyone just gets away. It's a repellent.

As soon as you get on the boat there are so  many people coming up selling everything. People selling hats, sunglasses.  knives, batteries, food, drinks, everything. You name it. They're here to make money. There's a guy  walking around selling durians. I already bought one. We're good to go. So we bought  some rice.

There's some tempeh, noodles, peanuts, rice, and sambal. Finish eating, but a ferry  ride isn't complete without some snacks. My all-time favorite the Bali peanuts from Indomaret.   I like the crackers, but my  all-time favorite  the classic chupa-chup lollipop I love them.  The boys are playing chess right now.

Oh man it's gonna be a ride. We're taking  off, they're still playing chess. I'm gonna   walk you through to the top. It's already noon and we got here at 9 30. It's jam-packed in here guys. Everyone's sitting  on the floor, everyone's hanging out. We're going   to walk outside. Oh there's some other  bules here, some other foreigners. I'm impressed, there's usually not many. Everyone's enjoying this breeze.

Let's say bye to Bali. It's not a ferry ride without some dangdut.  Let's see those moves. We're here in Lombok guys. It's  time to get the bags and roll.

It's sasak time. Making our way off the boat. It's always hectic getting off. Everyone's racing to get  their motorbike or car. Everyone's coming down the stairs here.  Get out the way i'll swing a durian at you.   Guys he's gonna hit you with a durian. All the motorbikes are lined up right here.

Here we go again. So the time right now is 4 30.   We left a little bit later than we planned.  We've got about a two hour drive across Lombok. We're going to try to get there before  sunset and then get on a boat to Sumbawa. Maybe we stop for food first.

It's good to be back in Lombok. Didn't think we'd  be back so soon, but we are back! In and out. Keep it moving. Drive with caution, baby on board. Baby on board. Yeah out here with those Sasak boys. We've been driving about an hour  and a half, still have about one more   hour to go. We're here on the east  coast of Lombok, making our way up. We had to stop because these  boys need to eat.

Antonio is working on his Indonesian right now. Before the food comes guys, we have to snack on the peyek. The best krupuk or kripik that has ever existed. Especially with nasi pecel. For our non-indonesian viewers, it's just a cracker. But there's also basil and peanuts in it. So happy with the soto! Guys before we take a bite out of that, we're  going to give you sneak preview of   our next video. Check this place out. This  place is amazing. While we're here we'd  

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off your first website or domain. Now let's get back to Lombok. Beef and chicken. It's strong flavor. A little bit spicy but you know i like the spicy. This is spicy soto. We are in lombok where they like their  food spicy. The boys are feeling it. It's not spicy bro. It's not spicy  It's spicy. Does it look spicy? Yeah it's spicy.

Antonio can't handle it. He's taking a smoke  break and he's letting me eat his soto. It's not spicy bro. Look at his eyes. You are fighting with it. We are finished eating that spicy food. Yeah but we enjoy all the food.

Now it is dark so we can't  get video with the gopro. So we'll see you on the next ferry. We're on the night ferry. We were on some crazy roads. Still have the durian. We were on some crazy roads. You couldn't see much.

Squeezing through the bikes. There's some live chickens. Up the stairs now. Do you  hear them chirping? Guys there's a disco right here. Oh my god.

The VIP room. Are we VIP? I think they'll let us in. Look there's karaoke. A bunch of tables out here. Maybe play some card, have a seat. We're not playing cards here it's so windy.

Sumbawa is notoriously windy. Here comes everyone selling rice. Going up another flight of stairs We found this indoor seating area. There's  some AC and it's a little bit quieter.   Airport style seating so we're going to  sit here and enjoy the ride. Should   be about an hour at most it's usually 30  minutes to an hour. We've done this very   few times now. It's currently eight o'clock  so we should get to Sumbawa around nine. Then we've got a two and a half hour drive once we get there.

We're feeling some waves. We're rocking back and forth. Boys are hanging out. Guys we don't have  a place to stay tonight.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Lost Boys sleep tonight. We're here in Sumbawa. The time is almost  10 o'clock. Took longer than we   thought. It took us a while to leave from the port.  Sometimes they take their time   when they're crossing the ocean here in case the  harbor's already filled with a boat. It's about   10. We're gonna get on our bikes and  then drive two-ish hours to Sumbawa besar.

We have a few places that we we've stayed at  before, but we think they're all sold out. So we're gonna drive up, stop at the places, talk  to the people, and see if we can find somewhere to stay. Down the stairs we go. It's packed  as always. Gotta squeeze in here and get our bikes.

Before we get on the road we need some  energy. This is an example of   what our favorite mini mart is. Because all  the way down there is an alfamart. Behind me is our favorite place, Indomaret. Let's go in   there and get some snacks. You guys ever seen a chupa that big? That's a big daddy chupa.

I found the best ice cream ever. Cheers to you guys. All right i'm  ready to drive two hours now. Alright time it. Down the hatch. It's a little past 10 30 p.m and it's time to get back on the move. Let me see it, let me see it, let me see it. Horns up!

We're night driving and we're vlogging. Crossing Sumbawa island. Back in Sumbawa Besar. Our 5th time here. Twice before the channel, twice  since the channel, and now we're back.

We made it. We're at the RedDoorz. RedDoorz is a budget hotel chain here in Indonesia. We've  stayed here before and they've got rooms. We are in Sumbawa but this morning we were in Kuta Bali. My goodness.

Cheyne's in there negotiating for us. Let's do an MTV Cribs style room tour. One bed, two beds, they got an  extra mattress for us because there's three of us. Yeah 50 000 extra. So total 250 000 with the extra mattress.

Not a bad price. Around 17 18 US dollars. It's around 12 30 right now it's pretty late. It's very late. We hoped to be here earlier. We were planning on  getting on an earlier ferry from Bali to Lombok. It was delayed a few hours and that's the way things go, this is traveling.

We're gonna get some sleep and wake up early tomorrow. We've got about a five or six hour drive up We're up. It's about 10 a.m we had a good sleep. Antonio's  playing chess on his phone in his underwear. We have some food in here let me  show you the brekkie today.

Antonio went to the market and bought some papaya and dragon fruit No better way to start your day. We're  slowly getting ready here catching up on the edit   of our newest video, coming out this Friday. We're gonna hit the road soon. Are you ready? Cheyne hasn't opened his durian yet.  Getting on the road. Six hours. Making our way out of Sumbawa Besar. Back on the open road.

There's a lot of goats on  Sumbawa and they're crossing the road. Hey Cheyne. Rob gave me the camera bro. See you soon. The "Lost Boys" and Antonio. We go to Sumbawa. Oh look at the monkey! We have crossed the flats of Sumbawa. We're now  in the mountains it's beautiful. All these peaks and valleys. We're parked right  on the side of the road. You can  

see all the water and the mountains out in the distance. It's time to eat. Here eating the cilok. It's our first  time ever eating cilok. It has kinda  like a tangy barbecue sauce. How is it? Yeah it's got like a sweet   and it's tangy though. It's almost like barbecue. It's strange. I never tried this before. We're going to finish our cilok and if y ou guys hear that in the background, it's the ice cream man. Maybe we're  going to wash it down with a nice cold ice cream

on this hot hot day. We just got word there's bakso  from Cheyne. Bakso guys, I found the bakso. We have now driven a few hundred meters down the road to the bakso This is the spot guys. Another ice cream guy pulled over. A bus stopped on the side of the road, everyone's  stopping for some snacks. How you guys doing? They were saying hi before but now they're a little shy. Antonio's Indonesian is improving.

This is good bakso. Bakso over cilok. He's the only bakso man here. Everyone else is selling cilok. I just ate but getting another  portion. Getting that big cow leg .This boy is hungry. We've had a long day so far it's only getting longer.

It's a hoof. Now we've got the ice cream. The watermelon ice cream. This guy thinks it's funny. Are we getting back on the road?

Done with our truck stop quickie,  let's go. Now we're cruising down the back roads. We're off the highway and in the  wilderness. Going through the villages. We're pulled off on the side of the road and we made it to Africa! We are finished making our way west across  Sumbawa and now we're heading north up the coast. We're in this crazy area like you can see behind me. Up there in  the clouds is Mount Tambora. There's some  conflicting information about this. Mt Tambora

s either the first or within the top three  largest recorded volcanic eruptions ever in human history. The eruption took place in the 1800s and  unfortunately it was incredibly deadly. Thousands of people died directly as a result of the  eruption and tens of thousands of more people died indirectly because of famine and a tsunami  that was caused. The eruption was so large   that all the ash and smoke that went up into the  atmosphere traveled around the world and blocked   the sun over parts of europe and north america and affected food supplies. They called the   year after the eruption the year without summer. You can see this whole area there is nothing here

for kilometers. We've been  driving around here for almost two hours and there's absolutely nothing. Look how dusty my face is. Are you dusty? He's pretty clean. Oh cause Antonio wears  a mask, I just wear sunglasses. Are you dusty? Cheyne wears a mask too. I'm the only  one dusty. I'm a ninja bro.

No dust for me. I always  look like this. I feel bad for whatever   woman decides to marry me and has to see this every day. We're gonna buy a really nice mask to make sure that his face is still white. We're going up the coast. Hopefully  figure out our transit to Satonda. Let's go.

It's 5 45. We made it to the north coast here in the small village of Miro. All the way out there is Satonda you can see right there. Now we're gonaa walk in here and schedule our transit for tomorrow morning. Last time we came here there's a guy named Mr BomBom. I want to walk up to him with the camera rolling and see if he   remembers us. This guy's hilarious so let's  see if he's here. Oh no...

Yes, I see him!! We are back guys! We were hoping Mr BomBom was  going to be here. He's here so it's awesome. He runs this little area here. It's kind of like a nice warung. A cool area. We're gonna stay in this pink cabin right here. There's just a couple small  beds. Five stars check it out. One bed  

and then there's also some beanbags. But it's ocean front. Oceanfront property. You get the sound  of the waves. They'll rock you to sleep. So we're gonna hang here. Eat and maybe  sing some karaoke. There goes the music. Everyone's chilling right here Then tomorrow guys we're gonna get on the boat and go to Satonda. We'll see what  we get into tonight, it should be pretty funny. Antonio is going for a swim. I might be next.  Look at those green highlighter shorts. Yeah look at that guy.

We're swinging now. It's been a trip. It's been a journey. Although this video is about us getting to the tree, it's really about the journey and the trip and all  the crazy times we've had over the not even 48 hours yet. We're just hanging out guys  we got the lights set up from yours truly mr BomBom.   Feels like it's Christmas here guys. It's a winter wonderland. It's Christmas in July.

This is magical, this is spectacular. The newest member of the "Lost Boys" Just a boy and his chicken. Out on the farm. Just a boy and his chicken.

Mr BomBom is cooking right now. Sitting here. Fish is getting cooked. Everything is getting prepared. It's time to eat. Now the real fun starts. Now we're talking. This is a classic. The guy knows how to pick them (songs). Red snapper guys it is delicious. This is the best food in town. I cannot find words to describe this. This is amazing.

Now we're getting snacks. The chachas: Indonesian m&ms We still have the durian. We're saving the durian. It's starting to smell. Smells so good. Better everyday. There's a substitution on the karaoke. This is Japanese. This is not Italian.

Oh my god I love mas Rob. Front row for mas Rob. It's happening guys. It's happening. On the way to the island. As you can  see behind me, there's a big luxury charter boat.  Like we said in our first video, the majority  of the people that visit Satonda are actually stopping in on a transit between Bali and Komodo, which is just a little further east from here. Not many people come the way we did. As  you can see, it's quite the mission. Last time   we came here there was no one else here. We had  the island to ourselves. It looks like today  

we're gonna have some guests with us. We are  getting close here to the shoreline about to go on . We're on land, we are on the land. We are  back. Look at this sign there. I can't believe we're already back here. So Satonda used to have a  small population that lived here. They actually

had a home stay here and you could come and spend  the night. Within the last few years it's been abandoned. You see a lot of buildings that are empty and look a little bit dilapidated. It's got a bit of a spooky feel. We're gonna  keep on walking because the

hope tree is right up this trail. Last time we  were here, we almost did a full lap of the island. We also gave a lot of scientific facts about this  place, a lot of the other folklore and mythology  that exists here. So if you want to hear the full  story, definitely go check out our original video. Today we're repping our batik t-shirts. Ny Londo batik in Solo.

Now we're coming down this final set of stairs that's gonna lead us down to the lake in the center of the island  where the tree is. We are almost there. Look at all these wishes guys. Antonio has the most beautiful one of all. Look at this. I'm gonna make my wish come true for sure.

All right guys we made it here in  just about 48 hours. We made it guys. Traveling so far, it's crazy. Mission complete. My wish came true. 100 000 subscribers.

I wished it here but thank you all so much. We could not have done this without all of you. All your support, it's amazing guys. I'm making another one, what am i wishing for next? But my first wish  didn't come true yet maybe we'll be back!

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