This Day I will NEVER Forget S7 EP.33 | Pakistan to South Africa

This Day I will NEVER Forget  S7 EP.33 | Pakistan to South Africa

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O My God It's too slippery for my wheels. There's no place to stand and wait. Could have stopped back there. I'm talking with you, sir. Yes. This man is saying that you can go with him to hire a wife to stay with you. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda.

We got here yesterday after riding for about 275 km from Kampala. The whole thing took about 6 hours. Today we are gonna ride towards Bwindi. It's almost 325 km and gonna take more than 6 hours. Another long day ahead for us. But the good thing is that we are going for Gorilla Safari.

I'm pretty excited for that. Got up early so that we can start our ride early. Better to reach our next destination before dark. And we do get some time to explore the nature and wildlife in this national park as well. Had a wonderful last night.

The lodge was pretty amazing and there was quite some wildlife around. Even right now, I can still some wild animals. Would capture that on camera if I can. Time for some breakfast now... and then we'll set off.

Our breakfast includes juice... fruits... African coffee... Lets see what else we'll have. Looks like we are gonna have a great breakfast today. Much needed, I must say.

You are seeing a big group of impalas that has come inside the lodge. They are enjoying themselves. They are having fun as there aren't many predators here such as lions or cheetahs. We are having a nature walk in the park. You can see some giraffes in the background. This is the first time I'm so close to wild animals.

Because we weren't allowed to go out of our safari vehicles in Tanzania and Kenya. And we could only roam freely in the lodge area. That's because the animals there were more dangerous. For instance, elephants don't like if you get too close to them. Or lions for that matter. But both these animals are not here.

That's why we are here for nature walk. We are accompanied by Ranger Susan. And here's Sarah who works in the Arcadia lodge. Thank you so much for bringing me here. Being so close to the animals is such a unique experience for me. Have never done it before.

We are back to the main gate after finishing our nature walk. And it has been a superb walk. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this good. Especially after having visited many national parks and seen wildlife already. However, seeing everything from inside a car is one thing...

and actually going up close to the animals is a remarkable experience. I always try to experience something new, wherever I go. It could go either way. But, it's always worth a try to share something interesting with the viewers. We have already set up all our luggage on the motorcycle.

We spotted an awesome looking bird on the way, known as Crown Crested Crane. It's the national bird of Uganda. It's also printed on their flag. You can see that it has three colors; yellow, black and red. These are the same three colors that you'll see in the flag of Uganda. You can say that it's as beautiful as a peacock.

Sarah, thank you so much. Susan, thank you. Hope to see you again. Come to Pakistan. Thank you. See you. Bye.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a fun and memorable day for us. Like any other day, we have a rather long ride today. No worries.

I don't think it's unexpected when you are traveling by road. You are supposed to spend a lot of time on the roads. Good Lord The horned cows right ahead...blocking the road. Look at their horns... Wow...

Amazing I don't feel brave to go any further. One hit from them and I'm gonna fall all the way over there. Wow May Allah be my guardian. They are not giving way and I can't see any shepherd around. What should we do now? Would be quite a scene if one of them hits me with their leg. I can see some more tourists here.

Where is their owner? He has left his cattle unattended. They seem to have understood my problem now. This is a bit dangerous. I don't know... The animals seem to be very innocent.

But still, look at the scary horns. Give way please. Nice Finely Thank God.

I hope you have observed this difference. These were domesticated animals so they stood by calmly. The wild ones will either attack you or run away. Welcome to Mbarara.

The biggest town in the region. I have no intention of stopping here. We'll just keep going.

Unless we see something really interesting. Because we have a rather long ride. And if we keep on taking breaks, we'll reach our destination very late. Our last 50 km or so can also be off road. The landscape here is completely different.

Rolling hills along the sides. Passing by the banana fields with the river flowing down there. As we travel northwards... Towards Bwindi National Park... It's gonna turn into a totally hilly area.

Really beautiful green hills. Since the region is known for its bananas, I decided to try some local food. We have got ourselves some mashed bananas and chicken soup. Other than that, we have got some sort of spinach.

And some sort of beans. Don't know about these beans. Not sure which vegetable is this. Anyways, let's see.

I have mostly avoided local food in Africa so far. But I guess, we can at least give it a try. We won't go ahead if it tastes odd.

But it looks nice for sure. Bismillah... It's alright. They rarely use spices in Africa. That's why it's a little bland for my taste.

It was quite healthy so I ate it heartily. Coffee was really nice. Back on track now. It looks like a big town. What got my eye here is the good quality of roads.

All the roads through out this ride are amazing. In fact, it's quite a touristy route. Almost every tourist travels on this road to go for Gorilla Safari from Kampala. That's why this road is so great.

We have reached Gwala. There's a gorilla statue right at the entrance of the city. It's quite rushed at the moment.

I think this is the biggest city we have seen after Kampala. It's rather lively. Market on the left side. Passing right in front of Kabale Central Market. I have spotted a restaurant here.

We can have a cup of tea here. And there's a lake in front. This is Lake Bunyonyi. You can see how happy I am, even after such a long ride. Because it's a wonderful lake. A remarkable place.

And honestly I didn't know about this before. I just knew that our route passed from this area. I just hoped to find a nice cafe to get a cup of tea or coffee. The way clouds are rumbling, it's pretty likely that it's gonna rain soon. Fortunately, we have found a pretty nice cafe here. As well as African coffee.

Let's drink our coffee while enjoying this peaceful evening. Let me tell you that it's the deepest lake in Uganda. And the second deepest in Africa.

The deepest one is Lake Tanganyika, located at the border of Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. We hope to visit that soon. The most curious thing about this lake is that it has quite a few islands. These are proper mountains with terraces and agriculture.

I think there are numerous tea fields here. And that makes this lake even more beautiful. There is no wind at the moment. So all you see is the reflection of islands in water. It's an interesting and peaceful place.

I'm savoring my coffee. Still need to go for another 50 km from here. And the likelihood of rain is getting higher.

I can feel that it's raining pretty heavily up ahead because of the moisture in the air. It's a sign that somewhere ahead, the rain is waiting for us. We need to cover another 27 km. According to Google it's gonna take up to an hour. Quite likely it will be off road. Goodness heavens...

It's started to rain. But it's still a light drizzle. Hope to be able to enjoy our ride...

Even without a jacket... It's not just the rain that concerns me but the fact that it's getting dark as well. Because the cloud cover is really thick.

Otherwise, we should still have another hour of daylight here. Lets see how it goes. The upcoming off road section may cause problems for us. No worries. May Allah be with us. It's off road from here. We need not to worry if the road stays like this.

We hope to get through. Only if it gets muddy. And it's getting worse by each kilometer.

Just see how wonderful the nature is. People here are giving me amused and amazed looks. If the rain gets any heavier, we might have to stop and put on the jacket. Looks like we are gonna get wet.

Heavy showers now. Don't see any signs that this rain is going to stop any time soon. Why on earth did I put the jacket in the bag today... I assumed that it's not gonna rain today. Abrar is riding his motorcycle in Africa and it won't rain...

Quite unlikely Good Lord Now, I just hope that we are on the right track. It's raining cats and dogs ahead. It's relatively better here.

O My God It's too slippery for the wheels. What's wrong... Shouldn't be so slippery... What's the matter?? It's beyond me. There's just too much rain. And our wheel is a bit too slippery today.

21 km to go.. Wow Well... Looks like... We are in for some big adventure today.

Allah Lets keep going nice and slow. If we get stuck somewhere, we can call the tour guide. He's probably reached there already. The lodge where we are gonna stay for the night.

There's no place to stand and wait this rain out. Could have stopped back there. Let's just park the motorcycle here. Hey. How are you? To Ichumbi Lodge? Yeah.

This is the ..? Ichumbi? Ichumbi? No. No. Wait. Wait. Rushaga? Yeah.

Rushaga ... This one? I'm recording you. Are you really? What's your name? I'm talking with you, sir. Yes. This man is saying that if you go with him, you can hire a wife to stay with you.

O... Hire a wife? I have a wife in Pakistan. You can hire a wife or a girl. No.

No. Don't need to hire a wife here. Looks like they are gonna get me kicked out of my house. It's raining cats and dogs here. I'm just praying for it to finish soon so that we can get on with our ride. The rain doesn't seem to stop any time now.

But it's getting dark. Don't wanna do the off road in dark. Still another 20 km to go. Better get going now. It may stop along the way.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... Allah 'Water Water Everywhere' The problem is that I might not know if there's a ditch in the road if it's filled with water. The rain seems to have stopped now. It's a complete world out here. Quite a large village it is.

Everything is coming back to life after it has stopped raining. O God... Looks like they fell down. Careful Abrar They might start clapping if I fell down. Here? OK God This road is in shambles.

We are almost there. O My God Allah This last 1 km seems to be the most challenging. Well...

Ichumbi Lodge... That's there. Thank you Allah... Praise be to Allah After a long and tiring day, we are in our room. Honestly, if one tends to embrace such days with a positive attitude... They are sure to be the most memorable days of the whole tour. Gladly, the off road was not too tough.

But I'm really pleased to be able to spend the night in this beautiful lodge. This room is a pretty amazing one. You can say that it's a luxury room. We have a balcony as well but it's dark outside. The washroom is also very beautiful and clean. We have uninterrupted supply of hot water.

The first thing I did here was to get a much needed hot shower. Let's go to the restaurant for dinner. Thank you very much. The dinner was awesome. We started off with a salad, followed by soup and then the main course.

Right now we are having dessert with tea. Trying to make peace after an exhausting day. Hopefully you must have enjoyed this vlog. And if you did, don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. In Sha Allah, We'll go for Gorilla Safari tomorrow.

That you'll see in the next vlog. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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