This African City in Rwanda SURPRISED ME the MOST S7 EP.37 | Pakistan to South Africa

This African City in Rwanda SURPRISED ME the MOST  S7 EP.37 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Welcome to Kigali Capital of Rwanda Also known as ... The cleanest city in Africa. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Lake Kivu It's situated at the border of Congo and Rwanda. With half of it in each country.

We got here yesterday. This is an amazing place. Slept rather comfortably.

I slept for more than 10 hours for the first time. I returned to my room early last night after chatting with some folks. Woke up early in the morning.

We are going to Kigali today. Locals call it Chigali. It's the capital of Rwanda. There are many historical places there. Our ride will be around 200 km today.

Most likely, our riding time will be around 5 hours. Rwanda is famously referred to as the land of thousand hills. All the roads are curvy. It's gonna be an interesting ride through the mountains.

It's a bit cloudy today. It rained all night. The morning was no different. Hopefully, the weather is going to be pleasant now. And we'll show you the beauty around us.

So, let's have breakfast and get going. Our breakfast includes crepes... Fruits...

Over here, we have some honey... Lets get some of it over the crepes. And we have coffee. That's our breakfast today. Gonna finish the breakfast before it starts raining again. Let's hope that it will get better.

Since I came here yesterday, it has been raining mostly. Bon Apetite Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* We pray to Allah for a safe and memorable day ahead.

Leaving from our lodge. The road is just nearby. Just a short rough patch.

Rwanda has changed my views about Africa. Not just Africa but regarding many different places. It's not important to have huge resources, to be rich or to be educated. You cannot be that and still care about cleanliness.

It feels so great to be able to enjoy the nature and scenery around you. No trash to be seen around. People greet you with a smile. And are really excited when you talk to them. These guys are clearing the rubble of landslide from the road. Looks like the villagers are doing it on their own.

I saw many tea plantations here. So I thought to go off road for a bit. And enjoy these views for a while before we move forward. Don't see any road further. So lets stop here. Drone Time I was having a great time, standing there, amidst the tea plantation.

Apparently the whole village erupted. It's a strange thing here. As soon as you take out your camera to record something... The locals think that you are gonna film them so they start asking for money.

That's what they were saying. Give us some money. There's a bank up there. Get it from there. And I was like... 'Whattt???' The tea plantations are really wonderful.

The locals are actually nice. If you treat them with respect, there won't be any problem for you. No reason to be worried.

Some people ask me if I ever get scared by the prospect of getting robbed during my trips. You just saw that almost the whole village was there but nobody harmed me. Hello. How are you? Good? Let's go These tea fields seem to be the most beautiful in Africa. I could see some awesome patterns down there.

One of the reasons this place is so amazing is the fact that it's a hilly area. I saw similar plantations in Kenya and Uganda. I felt as if I have reached back to Kerala. Munnar tea fields are my most favorite till this day. Lets see how far do these tea plantations go.

It's such a beautiful area. We are having a wonderful ride. There's greenery and mountains all around us.

It's a bit cloudy though. Had it been a clear day, we would have taken some stunning drone shots. I'd still try to stop somewhere and get some drone shots to give you an overview of this area. I mean the beauty of this area... Most of the mountains are still hidden in cloud cover. However, all the villages here have an amazing location.

And it's really green all around. There is so much agriculture in this area. Everybody is growing something. Although it's a very hilly area but still...

Passing through a small village now. Look at the fruit market by the roadside. Those are all banana trees. On both my sides.

I think banana is the most abundant in Rwanda. Uganda also had some of it. But this whole area is full of corn and banana. We have covered almost 50% of our distance.

Just reached a relatively bigger town. I think it's called Karogi. I may be wrong. If we can find a cafe here...

We can have a short break. And then we can set off for Kigali. Kigali is 109 km from here. There's a fuel station... But I don't see a cafe so far.

Lets Google it while the motorcycle is refueled. Hope to find some good cafe. Full Super I haven't seen any cafe here so far. Let's keep an eye out for this. We'd like to sit for some time if we can find a cafe. Otherwise, we'll keep going.

Look at that beautiful mosque of this village. A considerable number of people here are Muslims. I can see a mosque in almost every village. We are on our way to Kigali now.

We'll continue to ride until we find a place for stopover. Look at that guy. That's a really tough job to drag his bicycle up all the way. Those without a bicycle are carrying their load on their heads. You'll see similar scenes all along this way.

People transporting fruits and vegetables in this manner. Let's at least get some fruits from these fruit vendors. Lets... Get some bananas.

Hello. How are you? Fine How much? Thank you. The bananas were really good. But if you intend to take a break... Or wanna relax at some spot...

That's quite difficult because people gather all around. People are generally curious and they want to chit chat with you. I think that's nice. I paid 1000 for bananas. That's around 70 or 80 cents.

So the price was fine. But the bananas tasted great. They are relatively small in size and one can eat almost half a dozen. One of the guys asked me if I could give him my motorcycle so that he goes for a round. And I was like... no thanks... Don't wanna be left stranded here. This is the first time that we are riding on a shabby road like this.

We have already covered almost 20 km. Don't know how far this road goes. It's mostly gravel. There's asphalt in some sections.

Some sections are under construction. So it's a mixed sort of a road. Let's take a break here. What a wonderful view this is. It's a muddy river.

Welcome to Kigali. Capital of Rwanda. Also known as ... The cleanest city in Africa. Traffic signal...

Let me show you what's happening around us. We are almost 10 km away from the hotel we booked. But... The traffic is getting denser as we are approaching the city. Anyways, it's fine.

We are in the city now. From the periphery, it seems like a hilly city. Lets what sort of a city this turns out to be. But you cannot find any trash here for sure. You can see it for yourself.

I don't need to tell you. I wish our cities are as clean as this. The city is getting more and more beautiful as we ride. The grass has been neatly cut. A beautiful crossing this is. See how the city has gradually changed from one part to the other.

Back there was the residential area while this seems like a business area. Doesn't seem like we are in Africa. Beautiful and wide roads. Cleanliness. High rise buildings.

Again, here's a residential area. Everything seems to be tip top. Yellow helmets... all around... We are almost there.

Passing through a small market. Almost there. Navigation is suggesting that the building must be here. Where is that? I think that's the one. 213.. Alright...

It's along the left side. I want to call the girl first who owns the apartment. We have checked in to the apartment. I have stayed in hotels for most part of my trip. I have hardly booked any apartment from AirBnB. But here I preferred to go for an apartment.

The area in which I wanted to stay had really expensive hotels. Our room here is very beautiful. It's sort of a studio apartment.

There is a small kitchen with coffee and tea accessories. There's a fridge and a TV. A nice place to sit. There's a clean washroom. The best thing here is the amazing view of the city. It's located on a hill top and you can see the whole city from here.

I paid around 42 / 43 USD per night for this. I think that's quite reasonable. In this price range, you will get some decent place for sure. I have found Rwanda to be slightly less expensive compared to other countries.

Because there, I paid more than average. Let's go out and explore the city. We'd like to have a meal. Let's get a first impression of the city.

I have come to an Afghani restaurant for dinner. It's right next to my apartment. Got here after a walk of 5 to 7 minutes.

I asked them for a Kabuli pulao. But they told me that they have a really delicious biryani. Take a look at this chicken biryani. It has potatoes and some salad. Let me show you.

That's the salad. It has some tomato dip as well. Hopefully it's going to be as great as its aroma. It's good. Of course, you don't expect to get the same sort of biryani in Africa as in Karachi or Hyderabad.

Despite that, it's really good. I like it. We are trying spicy food after a long time. The food we had during last so many days was without spices. However, this biryani is a good option for the next few days. Before you start asking me about the price of the meal... I paid almost 5 USD for that.

That's a very good price. I have been paying a lot more for my meals. I'm loving Rwanda especially Kigali more and more. A very relaxed environment.

It's rather lively out here during the evening hours. Other than being a very clean city, it's also very safe. Mostly African cities close around 7 or 8 in the evening. That's because of safety issues. However, this city is really safe. And you can safely go around.

Will try to explore this in a good way in our upcoming vlogs. There are many places here that I'd like to share with you guys. Especially those with a historical significance.

We still don't know much about the history of this city and country. We'll try to change that. Remember me in your prayers.

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