They Surprised me in Bandar Seri Begawan (BRUNEI DARUSSALAM )

They Surprised me in Bandar Seri Begawan (BRUNEI DARUSSALAM )

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Where are you from? India. Same, same. Same, same. Almost all the staff is from India. This is tea.

Three layers of tea. So this is Brunei's iconic water taxi. We, before we become Muslim, we're Buddhists and Hindus, that's why. Our language is more like Sanskrit. Sanskrit. Yeah, Sanskrit.

The first Sultan is not Muslim before his Hinduism. The first Sultan, he was Hindu. Yeah, Hindu. Much more like Indian.

In Malay, what do you say, Bhindi? Bhindi. So this lady is saying Bhindi in Malay language. Bhindi.

Bhindi, okay. So I was quite surprised to see Mahindra Scorpio in Brunei. Hey guys, very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. My name is Tor Vashu. Right now I am in Asia's fourth smallest country and one of the wealthiest and one of the least visited countries in Asia, Brunei. It's 8 o'clock in the morning. Right now I am with my host Lifong.

So right now we are going to Brunei's capital, the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan. So there is a road like this here. There are a lot of cars.

And there is a lot of traffic in between. It's morning hour, rush hour, office hour, you can say. So a lot of cars are standing in line here. In Brunei, there is one of the highest car ownership rate in the world. In this country, almost every citizen has their own car. Because it's hard to travel around if you don't have a car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what is the price of fuel here? Petrol? Very cheap. One litre. How much? For petrol it is 0.59 or 0.51.

So you can say in Indian Rupees, around 30 rupees per litre petrol is available in this country. This country produces a lot of petrol and gas. Because of this, there are a lot of cars in this country. There is either no public transport in this country or it is very less. Is there income tax in this country? No. No, there is no income tax.

Yeah, I heard about this. Lucky, yeah. Oil was discovered in Brunei in 1929. Brunei's 90% GDP comes from the production of oil and gas. So much oil and gas is produced in this country.

And this country exports most of the oil and gas produced. Because the population is very less. The population of this country is less than half a million. Around 4.5 lakh people live in this country. Brunei is a country where there is no income tax.

If you are a citizen of this country, no matter how much you earn, no tax will be imposed on you. Apart from that, there is no sales tax or VAT in this country. There is no concept of tax in this country. So today we are going to explore the capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan.

We are going to a cafe or restaurant to have breakfast. And as you can see on the way, there is greenery everywhere. This country is covered by 70-80% forest.

There was a traffic jam here, I couldn't show you. Mahindra Scorpio was running here. So I was quite surprised to see Mahindra Scorpio in Brunei.

Guys, we have come to a restaurant called Jing Chu. It's written in front of us. So Lifang is telling us that this is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Brunei. Jing Chu Is it quite popular here? Very popular.

Very popular, okay. Let's go and see. I think it's a combination of restaurant, cafe and bakery. There are a lot of bakery items here.

Bread, cake, burger, bun. There are a lot of different flavors and types of buns here. It's written on it. Peanut bun, milk bun, cheese bun, everything.

What is your name? Satish Kumar Where are you from? India Where in India? Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, okay. I'm also from India. State? I'm from Uttar Pradesh. First time? Yeah, first time in Brunei. 60 years 60? Yeah This restaurant is 60 years old? Oh 30 years He's been working here for the last 30 years? Yes From India? Yeah, from India.

As you can see, there are a lot of staff from India. Hello People are having breakfast with their families. It's quite nice here. Hello Hi How are you? Same Tamil Nadu? Yeah, Tamil Nadu.

Chennai Almost all the staff is from India? Yeah Chennai Chennai, okay. Since 1946? Yeah, 1946. Oh, he said 60 years, but I just saw it. Since 1946. 77 years old.

This restaurant is old. Okay Look at this. This restaurant has a photograph. This is the Sultan of Brunei.

And his wife. Just like we have a photo of Prime Minister and President here, there are a lot of government offices here as well. This is the photo of the Sultan.

Hello This is famous. This is famous. So this is their menu. There are a lot of items to eat and drink.

Let's see. It's quite interesting. I find this restaurant quite interesting. So they have brought an iPad to take orders. It's written Roti here. What is Roti? Roti is bread? Roti is bread.

Okay. Roti in Malay language? Tamil Tamil No, is it? In Hindi also we say Roti. Really? Yeah In Malay also you say Roti? Yeah Okay In Malay language also bread is called Roti. It's written Roti here. Most of the breakfast items here are of egg and peanut.

So here are the drinks. Coffee means coffee. Tea Tea means tea in Malay language. So in Malay, tea is called tea.

One Chennai tea? Chennai tea? India tea. Okay. So she is ordering. I will show you everything today.

There are so many options. So much confusion. What should I order? What should I try? Price starts from around $1.

Some dishes are for $1, some are for $1.5, some are for $2. It's like that. It's not too expensive. According to Brunei.

So our Indian tea has arrived. Here we say Indian tea. You can call it Indian tea. Some people are calling it Chennai tea here.

And this dish has arrived. I will tell you. And she has ordered.

Tea Tea Tea Tea Ginger Ginger tea with milk. Okay, okay. It's ginger tea. Tea is ginger tea. And people have decided to order this for me. This is with.

This is bun with butter. I don't understand what it is. But it looks very yummy and tasty. There is a lot of butter in this bun.

And this yellow-yellow is something local. I don't know. This is tea. It's a three-layer tea. They haven't mixed it yet. It's something like this.

There is milk below. Tea or tea on top. Something like this. It also looks very different. Although he is saying Indian tea. But it's very different.

Let's mix it like this. Our Indian tea is ready. Let's try this local bun.

Look at this. It's very tasty. It has a very different flavor. It's fun to eat. The taste of this tea is also great. I enjoyed the tea after drinking it.

The exact Indian taste is coming in this tea. So now one more brother has joined. So this brother is Adi. So Adi, where are you from? I am from Madurai.

Madurai. Tamil Nadu. Okay. How long have you been living in Brunei? I am here for 13 years.

For 13 years. Your family also lives in Brunei? Yes. And what is this which you have ordered? This one is called Roti Kunning. Roti Kunning.

Yes. Roti means bread. Kunning means yellow color. Yellow color. Yes.

So once you open this one, you can see the people here. This is a very crowded place. All the people used to come here. Starting from the top. Sometimes ministers used to come here.

Oh, ministers as well. This Indian tea is very famous here. Even ministers also come here. All types of people used to come here. They love to enjoy the food. Adi brother, what is your profession, your business here? I am doing construction, interiors and construction.

Construction. Construction of the houses and different... Houses, schools. Okay.

Hello. Good morning. How are you? I am fine. Roti Kunning. Kunning.

Kunning means married. Okay. Married. Married.

Okay. Because these two rotis are together. So it is like married. Okay. So there are so many varieties of buns here. This is a bun.

It is filled with red beans. It is filled with rajma. Fry me hun. Fry me hun. Fry me hun.

So she has ordered some local food. Rice noodle. Rice noodle. Made from rice. And it is called rice noodle. And then it has got bean sprouts.

It has got egg. And some tiny bits of veg. Okay. Okay.

What is this? This is fresh soy bean milk. Fresh soy bean milk. Soy bean milk. Okay. Very nice.

Very nice. Okay. So we have left the restaurant.

The people of Brunei are saying that this restaurant is an icon of Brunei. It is an icon. How? There are two state mosques in Brunei. Or you can say that there are two national mosques. We have come to one of those mosques.

The name of this mosque is Jame Asr Hassan Mosque. So you can see this is a very beautiful mosque This mosque is named after the current Sultan of Brunei And this mosque was completed in 1994, around 30 years ago Is the most beautiful mosque in Brunei? Yes, it is You can see there are many domes in this mosque There is a main dome, there is a dome on top of the minaret And as you can see the golden dome, they say it is made of 24 karat gold So we have come inside this mosque This is the mosque This is the male praying hall It is completely empty, no one is seen I think people will come only when it is time for prayer But this mosque is very beautiful It is beautiful from the outside, but this mosque is also very beautiful from the inside So this mosque is the biggest mosque in Brunei At one time, around 5000 worshippers can pray here together Thank you so much What is your name? My name is Torvashu Torvashu You were telling me you watch Indian movies Yes How are you? How are you? Go try Which is your favorite Indian actor? Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan I cannot remember Devendra Dharmendra Dharmendra, yes Dharmendra Dharmendra Dharmendra I don't know Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan Khajur Rani Rani Mukherjee Khajur Rani Mukherjee And then Kapoor Karishma Kapoor Yes, Karishma Kapoor I told you that around 80% of the population in this country follows Islam And Islam is the state religion of this country Before Brunei, the name of this country used to be Barunai Which is derived from the Sanskrit word Varun Varun means Hindu god of water or Hindu god of rain Something related to that If we talk about the capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan According to many sources Bandar means port in many languages And Seri Begawan is also derived from the Sanskrit word Seri is derived from Seri Begawan is derived from the word Bhagwan Many sources say that The capital of this country is derived from the word Sri Bhagwan Bandar Seri Begawan Before Islam came to Indonesia and its nearby islands The people of this country used to follow Hinduism and Buddhism So the name, culture and traditions here are related to Hinduism and Buddhism Even today Although their religion has changed So now we have taken this isotonic electrolyte drink Its name is 100 Plus It is located in Brunei Borneo Island Which is the third largest island in the world After Greenland and Papua And is the largest island in Asia Which is located in Southeast Asia Borneo Island is shared by three countries Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Asia's largest island, Borneo Island Around 73% is under Indonesia And 26% is under Malaysia Only 1% of this island is Brunei Only 1% So this is Brunei's iconic water taxi This is the whole water body Actually this is the part of the Brunei River So this is the whole Brunei River We are going to sit in this water taxi on the Brunei River This water taxi is the public transport of the Brunei River It looks like this To balance Okay Oh my God Now it is ok Now it is ok Just one dollar per person Yes Okay So the fare of this water taxi is one dollar per person 61 rupees Okay Thank you This water taxi is shaking a lot So now we are on the Brunei River Brunei River is also like this country This is a very small river Only 41 kilometers long And this river comes completely inside Brunei Now we have come to Brunei's Kampong Ayer Which is the largest water village in the world This is Brunei's traditional village Even Kampong Ayer means water village in Malay language This Kampong Ayer was the capital of Brunei for many centuries And this was the center of the Bruneian Empire for many years At one time, all the Brunei people used to live in this floating village At present time, approximately 10,000 people live in this floating village This entire Kampong Ayer is spread over an area of 10 square kilometers And people have been living here for more than 1000 years Balance Balance yes Okay Okay Now we are going back to the land You can see that there are more cars than people on the road Brunei is one of the top 10 countries in terms of vehicles per capita Everyone has a car here Cars of all ranges are available here At least in the budget And the most expensive luxury cars are also available here We have come to a market There are many shops here There are cafes and restaurants of different utilities We are going to a restaurant to have lunch It is written here that this is a vegetarian restaurant The menu of this restaurant is vegetarian No meat is used here Not even milk and eggs I think you can call it vegan It's like a vegan restaurant There are many varieties of vegetables, tofu and mushrooms There is mock chicken and mock fish here You can call it vegetarian chicken and vegetarian fish The price is also not very high I think on an average it is around $5 per dish One item has arrived and one more item is coming Are these noodles? These noodles are fried with sauce and vegetables This is mock chicken or pork I don't know, it looks like pork to me But it's vegetarian Mushrooms, cabbage and carrots I ordered rice for myself But she told me to taste everything So she is making me taste everything I also ordered iced tea This is iced tea Thank you This is claypot tofu Claypot tofu with rice This is the soup she ordered Everyone is trying rice This is claypot tofu Rice is also coming This soup is very yummy My rice is also here Claypot tofu with vegetables and mushrooms We have come to the Royal Regalia Museum of Brunei This is the entrance of the museum Our language is more like Sanskrit Many names are derived from Sanskrit We call it Singhasana In Sanskrit? Yes, it means throne Singhasana, Patra Patra means something plate There are many words derived from Sanskrit in your language Yes, because of the first sultan Yes, that's my name The first sultan was not a Muslim He was more Hindu The first sultan was Hindu Yes, Hindu That's why the Sanskrit pattern is more like Indian Because he married the princess of Johar That's when he converted to Islam He married the Muslim princess Then he converted to Islam He couldn't convert everyone to Islam Until the third sultan of Brunei That's when the official religion changed to Islam Are you from India? Yes, I'm from India Originally from India? Yes, I'm from India Hindi? Yes, Hindi Nice to meet you So you're from Brunei Originally, I was raised, studied, born Maybe died here Born in Bandar? Yes, Bandar Alright, thank you Nice to meet you Thank you What is your name? You can call me man I'm one of the licensed guides over here Mohammad Noor Aziman You can call me man, this long name Man, nice man Nice Thank you I am inside the museum. Entry is free for residents but for non-residents, entry fee is 5 Union Dollars. In this museum, all the artifacts related to the Sultan are kept here. All the gifts he received, his life, his marriage, etc. There are a lot of photos of his marriage.

The Sultan married his first cousin. So there are a lot of photos here. As I told you, there are a lot of names here. There is a big hall downstairs.

It is not allowed to make a video there. I heard a falling sound from there. As I told you, in Brunei, Indonesia and neighboring countries, there are a lot of Sanskrit-related words and names.

Their culture and traditions are closely related to Hinduism. Before Islam came to this region, their language was Hinduism and Buddhism. This is the first cousin. There are a lot of photographs of the Sultan.

Color photographs were taken after a long time. This is the present Sultan, the 29th Sultan. This is his son. This is his wife. This is the wife of the Sultan. This is his first cousin.

We have come to a local market in Brunei. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits in one shop. This is eggplant.

This is bottle gourd. This is cucumber. This is potato.

This is bitter gourd. This is ginger. All are the same price. 3 dollars per kg.

180 rupees per kilo. Although it is not a big market, but it is sufficient for the population. There are a lot of shops here. This is not the only shop.

There are other shops here. Cauliflower is 2 dollars, 2.5 dollars and 3 dollars per piece. What is the name of this market? Tamu Kange.

Tamu Kange. Yes. Tamu means market. Tamu means market.

Yes. Kange is the name of this place. This place. Okay. Look at this banana. Such a small banana.

The size of our finger. Such a small banana. What kind of banana is this? Queen Elizabeth II visited this market in 1998. What do you call it? Okra? No.

Okra? Lady's finger. Lady's finger, yes. We say Bindi. In Malay, we say Bindi.

In Malay, what do you say? Bindi. Bindi. She is saying Bindi.

In Malay language, it is called Bindi. Bindi. Okay. And what do you call it? This one. In India, we say Karela. Karela.

Oh, India say Karela? Yes. Oh, because everybody say Karela. This one. Oh, this Karela. Oh, this small one is saying something else. But the big one is Karela.

Here also, we say Karela. And this vegetable? This is Labu-Ai. Labu-Ai.

Yes, Lauka. Lauka? Lauka. Lauka is Nepali and India. No, no. In India, we say Lauki.

Oh, Lauki. Lauka is Nepali. Lauka is male. Lauki is male. Lauka male. Lauki female.

How do you know Nepali and Bangla language? Because I have many friends. Many friends. Many friends. Many friends. Many friends. Many friends.

Many friends. Many friends. Many friends. Many friends. Because I have many customers Nepalese and Bangla. And Indians? Indians have, but Indians is many, many Indians.

Many, many Indians. Many, many talking, but I don't understand. Okay. Yeah, I have many customers Indian, but I don't understand. Okay. Because I have Hindi, I have Tamil, I haveā€¦ Many Indian language.

Yes, that's why I don't know. I cannot guess. In Nepal, Bangla is only one language. Yes. In Brunei, the local rice of different varieties is famous, look at this There are different varieties of rice here, they are called, what do you call it, barrio, barrio rice Look at the local rice here, they are very thick and white in color And this brown colored rice is the local rice here What do you call it? Barrio Barrio, barrio rice This is 10 dollars 10 dollars? 1 kilo 1 kilo? 1 kilo of rice for 600 rupees, 10 dollars per kg So guys, Lipang is telling us that there are a lot of Indian stores in Brunei, so we have come to an Indian store Lipang wants to purchase something, I won't say Indian store But maybe a store operated by some Indians There is a shop here, maybe Indian Hello How are you? Fine Where are you from? India India? Where in India? Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, okay Most Indians are here from Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, Bangladesh Bangladesh, Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka No, Pakistani? Pakistani, Adana How long have you been here? 3 years Just 3 years, okay What is your name? Shah Jahan Shah Jahan, and yours? Syed Abu Dahid Owner of this shop is Indian or? Indian Indian, from Tamil Nadu, okay It's a very big store How many Indian staffs are here? 18 18 staffs Yeah, a lot Indians Nice to meet you Nice to meet you, bhai Nice to meet you, bhai Nice to meet you This is a very big store And the owner of this store is not Indian, he is from Tamil Nadu He says that within the capital, within Bandar, they have a total of 6 stores Hello Hello How are you? Good Good, good Good, good What is your name? JJ JJ Yeah, just say JJ Full form? Go Chong Chun Ye Okay Chocolate for you Yeah, you have to say JJ Thank you Nice to meet you Nice to meet you His name is Washu, and this is Zeng Jing Tenzing Zeng Jing Zeng Zeng Tenzing Not Ten, it's Zeng Zeng Zeng Ten Okay, okay, nice to meet you Nice to meet you

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