The Start Of A Good Day! - Ushuaia Part 2

The Start Of A Good Day! - Ushuaia Part 2

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Welcome to another video please take a look where we are! Ushuaia.. Right now.. I'm crossing Punta Arenas. No! I'm crossing the ferry.. A lot of people here..

I see the sun is coming from the.. You know.. I drive a lot of kilometers to come here. I came from Uruguay to Ushuaia.. It's almost 5000 kilometers.. Did you see it there? This foggy with the sun there..

The less ISO.. So.. You know.. I got this application.. Can help you a lot to see where the sun is! The camera is already set.. Maybe at the moment this is not the best. I'm here on the coast of Ushuaia.

You know... You can go here and see.. A very nice view.. Interesting place. So finally this is the end of the path.. I go to center my image in the middle of the water Please come! If you see the water is really transparent.. It's really nice.. So I hope in my shot try to remove this brightness..

Yo know.. I came here because there is some tourist behind of me. So, I go to try to.. get some separation.. What do you think about my view from here? Shot! So, I get more detail using a little zoom.. And they still.. eating something..

Let me see.. We are going to Ushuaia! To go to Ushuaia you have to cross.. Using this big boat! You need to pay to cross the vehicle.. The car! There is some seats inside.. Of the ship. I think we almost arrived..

To the other side of this channel I'm leaving the hotel.. Really nice hotel! In the mountains here in Ushuaia. You can see my view here.. I go to remove the mask! Really nice! Did you see? I've been using an application to see.. From where the sun is coming.. I see.. the sun is coming through this mountain..

So maybe I can get a good shot.. I'm going to set up my camera! Maybe from there next to these trees.. To take some pictures..

I will try to get some shot of the city in the bottom You see there? The small light's.. This is Ushuaia city! You see in the water this white section there.. In the water it was really nice.. Ok, I go to spend some minutes here to try to wait for the sun..

And take some good shots.. Ok, where am I? I'm in Ushuaia in a hotel. On the top of the mountains.. Really nice..

Look at this.. What I have in my background.. You see these mountains there.. Really nice .. So, I'm waiting for the sunrise You see? This cloud there is tell me the sun will show in some minutes. Through these mountains.. So, I have this valley here with the city of Ushuaia..

I have a beautiful view of the lake! To wait for the sun.. For this occasion I am going to use zoom lenses.. 70 to 300mm because I see a small house There with a red roof.. You see there? I don't want this in my shot..

So, I will try to take some vertical photos.. And focus on the city and the mountains at the top. So, for that.. I go to set my camera.. I go to set my tripod.

To not get shakes in my shots.. I go to turn on my machine, my camera.. I got to set up the timer.. Two seconds.. delay..

ISO.. Let me see.. is a... Far away shot.. but I go to make zoom.. I go to put something like.. f/10..

To get a really sharp image f/10 or f/9. ok I'm going to try some shots.. I go to set three photos I go to make a zoom. In the city I'm going to start to make some tests.. I will focus on the mountain there..

And I go to start to make some shots. Three shots.. Lower ISO.. I will review what the result was..

If lower ISO is working good.. Or maybe I want to increase the ISO a little here.. Maybe I will go to put.. 0.3 Is.. I mean ISO.. 25... i think.. I don't remember right now..

NIKON uses a different.. ISO range ok Three photos.. I will compare with the previous. .. You see it's pretty similar to what I get.. So.. I will continue with lower ISO..

I go to set again the ISO to.. seven.. 0.7 is enough.. You see there.. When I'm talking the sun appears.. A little more..

So right now I have some clouds with sun there.. So, in a few minutes the sun is going to RISE.. I hope to get a good sunrise in the mountains here.. Next to the hotel.. So, I will try here..

You know, I drive a lot of kilometers to come here. I came from Uruguay to Ushuaia.. It's almost 5000 kilometers To get this awesome mountains there You see the snow on the top. In Uruguay we don't have snow So for me really nice You see there? It is awesome for me.. So, this is one time in life..

This is one opportunity to take the best photo that's I can.. So, I will try to do my best effort.. I'm planning for the rest of the day..

Go to Ushuaia city and take some shots.. Around the lake or something like that.. But this is the start of a good day. I'm still waiting here for the sun.. My concern is my battery..

I have almost.. Less than a half... Let me see I have less than half of the battery..

You see there. This foggy with the sun there.. I don't know if you can see there..

Wow, really awesome. Here in Ushuaia.. The weather is really tough.. Sorry, the weather is raining right now.. Whoa you see.. The sky.. The sun is rising.. From there..

And there.. So, I am waiting for the best moment here.. I switch my battery. To stay sure there is no lack of time.. In the perfect moment to take this shot.. So I'm still waiting..

Still raining a little, not too much.. But it's really frozen right now.. My hands are really.. I don't feel my hands right now..

So, I try to get my hands in my pocket .. And keep warm.. So, I can control my machine.. The camera.. So, I go to start to take some photos here... The sun there..

Shining to the mountain there.. Anyway I keep an eye to this this mountains..that's I have here.. Behind me.. But right now I try to focus.. to this sunrise.. Falling from the mountain to the water..

Oh really nice.. You know.. I'm still looking.. To find .. ..interesting areas there.. To take some photos I will try to do my best effort with this lens.. You know for this shot maybe..

75.. Is not enough.. I mean it's too much... Maybe 50 millimeters is the best here.. But I try to remove the glass in the bottom..

And try to focus on the interesting section there.. The problem here with this lens is... Is not the best lens for landscape It is a cheap lens.. 4.5 Is for animals and birds for focusing ..

Something distant.. Around here but it's not the best for landscape.. So, I try to..

Use what I have right now.. That's this lens.. To get the best shot.. You know.. I'm really getting a really nice Sun effect. With the smog.. It's not a "smog".. Is a down cloud. .. In the water .. And the sun is falling there..

So, I try to get all this section in my photo.. But it's not easy.. The weather is not helping.. Wait!.. I think right now.. I have a better contrast there..

In these mountains I try to get.. Some shots.. Close shot to these rocks there.. It's a pretty nice contrast.. The white of the snow and the.. The dark rocks are in the snow..

So, I hope.. I got a good shot.. Maybe some artistic shot! You know.. When a person paints a picture..

With a brush.. And create some kind of strange waves.. So, I'm going to make something similar.. I go to get closer to these rocks.. And try to get some interesting waves and shapes..

You know.. I get this application That shows me where the Sun is. You see this yellow line? So the sun is there! But.. it's behind these clouds there..

So, if you planning to take some pictures in the morning early.. Or in the afternoon.. This application can help you a lot.. You see there? Where is the sun? Where is the sun at 10 of the day? 10 a.m 11, 12, ..

So, you can plan to get some good shots.. Using this interesting application.. The name is Sun tracker or something like that. I go to put in the comments of the video, the name of this APP.

So, this application was incorrect! Can you see where the Sun is? On the top of the mountain.. So, right now.. It's not the best shot.. But, you can see there.. What's interesting sunrise..

I start to get.. So, I got to use this opportunity to take some photos. There are some interesting Sun rays... Between these two rocks.. I set my camera..

I leave the camera to take the photo.. I leave the camera alone to avoid the shakes.. I will try to focus.. In another view.. In this shot.. I have the half from the top.. With the sky and the clouds..

And the half of the bottom of the image with snow.. ..and the rocks.. I will try not to use too much sky.. And focus more on the rocks and the mountain.. But you know..

To get really good contrast you need to use the Sky. And I have some clouds in the back. Can you see the Sun in the back? This is a perfect moment to take some shots .. Ok, The camera is already set pointing to what I want.. There are interesting dark clouds..

The camera can see some dark clouds there.. I mean.. This is a perfect moment thats Im been waiting for.. Now I'm really happy about this moment.. This is why I drive a lot of kilometers..

To get here and enjoy this moment.. You know some people can tell me: Ok Nicolas.. What are you doing? You know.. The best shot is there.. Can you see? Can you see the sun in the top of the mountains You see the city..

I have to say for the photo .. Maybe at this moment this is not the best.. The sunrise is hiding all.. It covers my shot..

So I think the best moment now is this mountain.. To take some photos.. I mean, right now I am trying to get multiple shots.. Vertical shot to get a panoramic view.. You know another problem of taking photos here.. Near to the hotel is..

There are a lot of buses coming for the people.. I think that is a shuttle for the airport. So I try to.. To focus..

Waiting for the best moment to take the photo.. Perfect! I mean... This is a perfect moment.. I got some.. Sun rays.. there.. Really.. A little.. Not too much.. To only get the light in the top..

For this moment.. for this morning it's all.. I go to the town around the town.. Around the lake.. And try to get some pictures..

Please continue with me! I'm here on the coast of Ushuaia.. That we can find some beautiful views.. San Cruisers (ships/boats) look there..

Same mountains Some houses.. In the valley.. From here.. I can see my hotel there.. The green roof.. there.. In the bottom of the mountains..

I've been tooking today some pictures.. To this mountains And you know.. I'm not sure if I should take some pictures here because.. There are too many constructions.. Too many houses..

Can you see the airplane there..? What a nice and small airplane.. Go down..

There are some... Woow, can you see this mountain there.. Really nice.. I'm looking for landscape photography..

But here.. I see... Too many people... Too much cars.. too much.. I am not sure 100%.. if I want to take some pictures here..

Maybe I want to look for another place.. Can you see the train? Really nice.. To take some rides.. Here is a touristy place.. Where the people came to..

To get information.. This warning is very nice. So, there is some kind of tourist and information place.. You can choose excursions.. In these boots.. "Patagonia adventure" Sea boat,.. Port williams..

You can choose to make excursions.. Too many places.. Look at this..

I think.. it's a hotel or something like that.. You know.. We are not in the main season.. The main season for this place, but there is a lot of people..

We already took some pictures.. In the previous viewpoint.. "Platform", I don't know what's the correct name.. But you know there are a lot of people.. A lot of tourists.. They want to take some pictures with the beautiful background..

And it's really difficult to get an opportunity.. ... to take a picture So, I will go to another place.. Seems the name is "La balsa" Here in "Tierra del Fuego" park You know there are a lot of paths here.. You can go here and see.. What a very nice view.. I love this kind of woods you see? It's really different from what we have in Uruguay..

Can you see the colors? Oh give me a sec.. There are a lot of mugs.. Can you see the colors? I mean it's not autumn yet. But .. The next month start the autumn here. The season.. Can you see these plants? Are really nice.. So I still.. looking for a place.. To take some pictures..

Can you see these colors? There is another bright day.. It's a cloudy day.. We need to fight with the white colors for the picture.. So, you can see? We are still crossing people here.. A lot of tourists There are a lot of brazilian people here.. And some north american people too. There are no people from Uruguay like me..

In this season not too many Uruguayan people are here. Im still looking.. What a nice view! If you plan to go to Ushuaia, remember it's not cheaper. It's expensive. If you try to enter national parks..

They ask you where you are from.. If you are from Brazil, Uruguay .. Or another country not from Argentina.. They charge you double.

So, to access here I pay almost.. $4.000 "argentina pesos" It's like 40 or 50 dollars.. You know...

There are people working here.. The "Guarda Parques".. is like ... In other countries with the big parks.. There is a person living in the woods. That's is in charge of the place..

So I think that's good to charge you for the access.. In this way they can maintain this space.. This beautiful space..

For the tourists.. For the future... For the next kids.. What kind of wood that's we have here.. it's interesting place I love it.. but.. For pictures.. For landscape photography..

I am not fond yet.. Something interesting so I continue.. What do you think about these woods.. Is really close, no to much light.. So, It's a really scary place ..

Really I love this place.. it's really close when you come here driving.. There is some kind of rustical highway.. The street.. I mean it's not a highway..

But you you need to see the woods at the side of the of the path .. On the street.. it is really.. close woods.. Really dark..

A lot of dry wood on the floor. It's really typical.. take a look at this.. woods..

It's not usual.. There are warnings to keep you in the correct place. So at the end of this path.. We have some kind of lighthouse or similar.. I mean.. Maybe it's a more rustical lighthouse..

Here the name is "Baliza" So "baliza" is a small lighthouse.. Not a big construction.. With many meters tall. So, I think we're almost there yet.. We keep walking..

You see these interesting wood's? Dry wood's.. So here the winter is really.. important! This place is turning all white with the snow.. Can you see the mountains there? In the back.. So, finally.. this is the end of the path..

You can see? A really nice.. beach.. A small beach here.. Look at these rocks/stones here? Maybe I can get a good shot here.. I think this is a really nice place..

To take some pictures.. Can you see these rocks? These woods? The water.. The rocks next to the water.. You know, It's really nice .. I'm going to set my camera here.

For this shot.. I go to center my image in the middle.. Middle of the water..

And the right middle of the rocks, woods, etc. So, let me set this.. You know, the view here is really nice.. I go to set my tripod..

Really tall.. So, I get a good shot from above.. To bellow.. Take two photos. One normal.. Another with a CPL filter..

I already set the CPL filter Here in the camera. So, in this way.. I go to remove all the brightness of the water.. Using the CPL filter I go to remove.. .. some brightness that we have from the sky. Really is not the best brightness.. So I will try to rotate the CPL filter..

To remove this shiny from the bottom.. So, I can get more detail inside of the water.. Please come! Can you see? The water is really transparent.. It's really nice.. So, I hope in my take (shot) To remove this brightness .. To see what we have in the bottom.

So, this is the result.. Right now I'm going to change my view. Really nice.. I got to take a picture from here.. There are some rocks..

In this place there is no end to the beauty. You can find a lot of things to take photos.. Look at these rocks.. These rock's call my attention..

Maybe I can use these rocks to get some good shots.. But I will walk a little too there.. Maybe I can find another spot here..

You know I came here because.. There's some tourists behind me.. I go to try to get some separation from the tourists. And maybe this is a good place.. Look at these rocks.. with this yellow. What do you think about my view from here? Really nice..

So I will focus .. I want the mountain.. I want the rocks.. The yellow.. This yellow color.. in the rocks.. I want the water but not too much shine..

So I got to use my CPL filter to reduce the brightness... reflect. Let me set here.. I use my wide lens.. I will focus on the yellow rocks there..

And I set my camera to three shots.. Delay two seconds.. and shot so okay Really nice I got to make some closer shots.. So I get more detail using a little.. zoom..

To 45 millimeters Remember if you use a 17 lens like this.. You can get a deformation in the image The center is go to compress So here I not use 17 I use.. 35 millimeters to get all more correct. And keep the mountain size correct in my image.. I go to take many photos So you can see the difference.. I go to use.. take some photos with reflection .. I want to remove the CPL effect..

And I go to use in another photos the CPL effect So, you can see.. What is the result? What do you think? You know these ducks are not concerned about us. So they don't think we are (threat). So we're really close. Let me show you.

You know! It's almost one or two meters from me. And they are still eating something there. There are other ducks there.. They have different opinions about humans.. But pretty interesting and really nice ducks.. Did you see the colors? They have some kind of dots.. White dots in his wings..

Really nice! okay fellows.. Thank you.. thank you for watching. You know, if you want to write something . Please write down in the in the comments of this video And keep on tracking..

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