The road that destroyed all ... Malawi is NOT for beginners! [S7-E106]

The road that destroyed all ... Malawi is NOT for beginners! [S7-E106]

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Oh it's only hanging by one.. Oh no, oh it completely came off What! Chintheche, MALAWI Season 7 - Eps.106 Good morning Internet, it is 7:00 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here to Lake Malawi and I am really, really looking forward to today And I'll tell you why, I am riding to a place called Livingstonia, which is almost at the lake still A little bit north from here about 230 kilometers. I am now over here and today I'm riding to.. .. Is it indicated? I'm going around this area, so I'll be following the main road over here to Livingstonia But that's not the reason that I'm really excited about this I am more excited about who I am going to meet for breakfast. I'm not going to have my breakfast here But I'm going to continue about 40 kilometers north from here and there I'm going to have a breakfast with a very special person   So I'm going to finish packing up and then I'll tell you who it is Off I go! Okay it is.. a little bit slippery Okay so who am I meeting? I am actually meeting my best friend Um my best friend, Mandy and you've seen her on the channel actually a few times already First time was when I went to visit her in South Africa, because Mandy is South African And uh, she was also there at the Kalahari Rally to support me and at the Baja Rally and also the Dinaric Rally So she's also been to all the rallies with me Yeah, Mandy and I met each other 14 years ago, when we were both solo backpacking through India And we have consistently been meeting up every single year at least We've traveled together.. well, in India, we traveled together in Asia

We went up Mount Everest together and um, I actually also traveled East Africa with Mandy So Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and well, this year we haven't met up yet And the cool thing is, is that Mandy got inspired and got her.. hi Motorcycle license and bought a motorcycle, it's actually already her second She now has a Honda CRF 250. We were actually going to just miss each other because she booked a boat trip to go on Lake Malawi But it was actually yesterday it got cancelled because of the bad weather They're predicting really strong winds, I think for today It's just actually too dangerous to go on the lake right now because of high winds and waves and everything So then suddenly we realized, wait a second we are quite literally 40 kilometers away from each other It just would be so silly if I pass her today without you know seeing each other So that's the plan now. I'm going to just go there now and then we can have breakfast together

How random is that? So yeah, obviously I am super looking forward to seeing her And uh, having a breakfast with my best friend that doesn't happen so often To get to my destination, I have to take a left here later But to see Mandy, I am just going to go right here to Nkata Bay Yeah it's here Hi! Hellooo! Dude! Ha ha ha Oh it's so good to see you! What do you have for breakfast? - I'm having Shakshuka - Shakshuka And I have the biggest pancake in the world Yeah I had that pancake yesterday, it was really good It is massive I had it after a huge pizza Okay - Okay show us your bike Go little Honda! This is the small.. - It's the small, yeah - Mosko Moto bag The bike looks good! So is this your new phone holder? Yeah, that's the new one 'cause the last one broke off. It's probably also going to break off I couldn't find much else. Um, but it's good and then like, look at my little tank bag

I really like it - It's very cute - It is perfect, like you can put your wallet and passport and then a phone Because I had a huge one and I didn't like it Yeah - So I'm much happier and then I  added this charger so I can charge my phone while I'm riding Oh so nice to see you dude - You too! Safe travels - Thanks you too I mean I hope you still get to see the island - Yeah, I think I'm going to wait. Maybe today and tomorrow 'cause she said maybe Monday Tuesday Yeah - So I will wait a few days And see, I am not in any hurry Send me nice pictures - Yeah, I hope I get there And I will scout ahead for you - Yeah look for tires as well Okay I'll look for a tire - Yeah I'll look in Mbeya but I don't think there's going to be anything until.. Sorry? - I don't think there'll be any tires until there's big city You can be lucky - Yeah Your bike looks so big compared to mine! It is hey I need your help! Can you help push.. push

(Laughter) Got it - Thank you Safe travels! - You too! Bye! Bye! Oh that was so much fun! That was really, really good to see each other All right hitting the first rains It was going to come at some point right I just did 100 kilometers in the rain. That was a shame But now it is dry. It's actually really pretty everywhere Because of the rain, I really couldn't see much anyway It's all a bit misty as well But now it's clearing up, let's hope it will stay dry so I can film something All right Hi! So somewhere I think Livingstonia is somewhere on top of those mountains   I think so now I am descending and then I have like a tiny bit   alongside the lake and then I am going to ascend again Kind of on the other side But I believe there, the road is unpaved, so that's a little trickier It's also a lot steeper.. wow Oh there we go 15 km Are you ready? This is going to be interesting Because I'm pretty sure that I have to get up on that plateau That's where I'm heading Woo! Oh it is washed out.. like you wouldn't believe Wah I got to do something about this tablet. It's going to fall off

It is completely falling off Oh dear! Oh, it's only hanging by one.. Oh no. Oh it's not.. it completely came off Oh I'm sad That's no good Okay tablet is secure I don't need  it anyway I think there's only one way up. It's eight and a half kilometers To go So.. it's going to be fun

Okay Alaska you can do this You can do this Don't make me say.. I wish I was here on the KTM Don't make me say it Alaska It's essential to pick a good line but that's sometimes easier said than done It's been a while since I did something this rocky Especially on Alaska Are you asking me why am I not Standing on the pegs It's because I'm riding a fully loaded bike And then the rear just bounces If I had no luggage I would stand on the pegs and go But with how my bike is loaded it's not always better This is crazy What a track Am I doing the Dinaric Rally? Feels a little bit like that Crazy rocks Chickens.. move out of the way On the footage you probably also don't see the size of the rocks they probably look like pebbles It's pretty hard work.. I have to say I have to be fully focused all the time What! Okay this is getting ridiculous Thanks Technically I was riding on his side of the road. But you just take whatever line is best

Yeah how many passengers did he have? I didn't even look. At least one or did you have two people on the back? It's crazy right? Did you think, oh.. I'm riding a pretty technical road Oh no there's a local with three people on the back as well Easy for them They are just pretty good at this stuff Come on, come on Alaska I was thinking about it now, these guys on the bikes they're probably moto taxis Bringing people to and from uh, Livingstonia Because I don't really see like those minivans traveling this road You need a 4x4 I'd say Yeah, on that stretch where I was coming down, I was already thinking like.. wow, this looks like a proper rocky cliff Like how is this road going to look like But yeah um, not surprisingly it's all rocks This have been quite a job to cut out this road from the mountain Just nowhere to really take a pause It's still on an incline although you probably can't see that This is just loose stuff again... Woo! Malawi is not easy! Hello! Wow, I have just entered Jurassic Park What a ride! This is crazy Oh boy oh boy... [Dutch]

It gets me every time, every time I'm thinking.. I think I have the worst behind me From now it will be easy, and then get another stretch super washed out Oh.. mushroom.. Ah that's where I'm hoping to stay So before I check out uh.. Livingstonia. I'm just going to try and secure a place to stay for tonight So I made it, I made it to the Mushroom Farm and this is where I'll be sleeping tonight   How cute is this safari tent. I have a little outdoor area and then here I'll be sleeping  

Cute right? And then the lake is just behind there I've also decided that I'm going to go in to Livingstonia for the next video because I just want to first uh, fix my tablet See if I can fix it. And well, it's now already past 2 o'clock. I want to have a lunch and anyway I decided to call it a day  Or actually let me show you the view from here, it's really cool. See there is Lake Malawi Beautiful right? People are singing there as well, they're having a barbecue and singing some songs Okay, let's see if this is salvageable. I got my bag with like little screws and stuff but not sure if it's going to cover it this time So what I don't quite understand, you could see   that these are already not original, I already put these. But how did this come out completely   But that's beyond me, because you can see the nut is still on there But that was supposed to sit on either side of those rubbers so don't quite understand how that happened And then the original two both of them on the other side have just gone. More loctite than ever See so the little bushing or whatever  you call that. This thing was still on there 

I really don't understand how this  happened and you can see, you can even see   the loctite still on here, you see that I don't have.. I don't have two of number eight So now I'll just do it like this. I also have this one so it'll work Okay it is sorted. I can't say.. it's not  probably the best solution But I added some washers and some longer bolts, so it's now pretty tight so hopefully It's going to hold this time So with Alaska sorted again, I'm going to wash my hands So with Alaska sorted again, I am going to end this video. I really hope you liked it If you did please give me a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

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